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Oh, DW, I missed you baby.

So, I have been a quiet Faerii lately, so a quick run down of life:

Everything's groovy.

No, really. I haven't seen Richard in weeks, Teen Wolf is just active enough to keep me from languishing while I wait for the Avengers to chill, and I'm very (omg so much!) pleased with my artists for the Cap/Iron Man Bang.

I'm going to [livejournal.com profile] wincon in October (leaving the 16th, return the 23rd). Current plans are to attend as one of the scarlet stockings. This isn't a costume I should have put off to the last second, so we'll see how it goes in real life.

Other than that, kittens grow well. They're more than old enough to be sent to new homes, but I can't find anyone who'll take them! If anyone has friends in the Florida Panhandle who are interested in a kitten, hit me up. If worst comes to worst, I may end up catapulted into being a An Old Cat Lady before time time. Ah, well, it was inevitable.

On writing news, the submission to the Teen Wolf contest went off without a hitch, and I will post the fic as soon as I lose the contest. C/IM Bang needs editing, but not terribly bad. It's less horrible than I expected. (Still need to add a sex scene, gdi.) I'm also working on [community profile] polybigbang. This is where it gets trickier. I'm going to use Poly Bang as an impetus to force me to finish that massive monster of an Ultimates Fairy Tale AU. But [personal profile] sunspot and I are bros and I don't want to let her down by not submitting. So I'm doing two polybangs, for an estimated total of 100k new words. Due by October 10.

With a Big Bang in need of editing.

And ears to create and sew onto hoodies.

While cobbling together a decent costume.

I'll give you a second to pantomime about how you can't believe I'm this stupid. No, it's cool, I get it.

(twiddles thumbs) ¬.¬

If anyone needs me, I'm curled up into a ball under my desk wondering how I keep doing this to myself.

ETA: VH1 is being shipped with AfterElton by Teen Wolf, after having been set up by Entertainment Weekly. I feel like we've crossed some sort of fannish event horizon.


Apr. 13th, 2012 09:14 pm
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And I also had a fandom birthday that I completely forgot to post about, other than to write a story featuring Steve at his sluttiest. (In Steve's honor, I will be painting my nails slut red this weekend.)

I finally got around to upgrading my phone. JARVIS was a Droid first gen, my first ever smartphone and passing two years old. He still worked, but was starting to have odd little glitches, so it was time to get a new one before "minor annoyance" became "cell phone emergency". Now I'm on a Droid 4 (finally). My first attempt at getting a Droid 4 resulted in a DOA. :| I have to ship the corpse back now, ick.

My first cell phone was an EnV. Not a smartphone, but handy when I needed it; I'm considering this the Mark I. The second was JARVIS, which is technically Mark II. I'm thinking this one will either be Mark II, Mark III, War Machine or Rescue. The trick is that JARVIS might end up donated to a good cause, which would turn him (as the Mark II) in to War Machine. On the other hand, the new droid is larger, heavier, and has a lot more unnecessary accessories than Jarvis did, but is otherwise the same phone. So War Machine would suit it. Rescue I can't justify in the naming system other than my love for Pepper. Which, I should mention, is a really good justification.


In other news, I've finished the RBB. I hate naming. Hates. But otherwise, it's done and will be posted some time tomorrow, pending artist contact with the art links. (I've seen the art, y'all, and man are you going to love it. It's amazing.) I had a lot of fun with this one, I just wish I had time to explore the before/after on it.

And now that that's done, back to Echo Bazaar Fallen London, Girl!Steve (which I really need to plan two/three fics ahead for at this point) and Vampire Tony. Editing. So much editing. And also Monster Fic of Monsters. (dies)
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I am exhausted and stressed and Richard's ass still isn't in jail. (sigh) And I wasn't able to get a restraining order, so I'm pretty much just left waiting for him to fuck up again.

(takes a shot)

Other than Richard, I'm enjoying having the house to myself. I have the bathroom, the hallway and the laundry room sparkling. I also have the sewing room, kitchen and back bedrooms crammed full of stuff I took out of the other rooms. One room at a time, Faerii, one at a time. But it's lovely to be able to make dinner and not have people sniping out of my plate even though they'd already eaten, and to clean without being nagged, or to not clean because there's no point in scrubbing counters when tomorrow I'll be covering them with junk. I could get used to this, minus the freaky asshole uncle part.

Kittens grow well. I'm going to miss the little shits. D: I wish I could keep them. They're snuggly and sweet and go through fire and babygates to follow me around. Two more weeks. :( If I had a house of my own, I probably would keep them, but with a zillion dogs and two cats already it's just too much.

While I was showering, I had an epiphany about how I think I can get my vampire NaNo to work. \o/ It will require a fuckton of rewriting, but I think it'll flow much better. And it'll set me up easier for that universe to click together. Polybang is completely and utterly done and turned in and all is shiny, but if it weren't this is what I'd write about it: In Polybang, I came up with a name. It is a wonderful name. I also have four and a half scenes to write, two and a half of them containing porn. I got some written today, and some yesterday, and if Faculty Training will just stop being so useless I might manage to get a good chunk hashed out tomorrow. (crosses fingers)

Finally, if you're in South Carolina, vote Stephen Colbert Herman Cain in the primaries. You know you want to.
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Which team are you on? (You should watch as many as you can. Fabio's hair blows in the breeze... in a bathroom.)

The rough on my Big Bang is practically done. I only have to do a couple hundred words of epilogue, and since I was just given the official go-ahead to goof off for the rest of the day, I plan to get it done.
For work babble )
Plus, Bang. Bang is almost done. And really, this is the easy part. I can babble it out, no problem. Now it's just a matter of finding someone willing to Alpha and Beta, and to hold my hand when the inevitable "I HATE IT I HATE IT MAKE IT GO AWAY" happens. (This fic and I have relationship troubles.)

And after Bang... figuring out what comes next. Cap!movie makes me want to work on Girl Steve, but I had an idea for a fic with Hatemonger as the villain, and there's a few tempting prompts floating around the place... And, of course, villain Tony. Choices, choices.
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(mumbles sleepily)

I've been terrible about life. And updating. And life. Especially life. I spent this weekend cleaning. All of this weekend. My significant breaks included a trip to the hardware store and a very long bath on Sunday evening. :( I'd meant to work on NaNo and sex pollen (yes, [personal profile] cookinguptales, I haven't forgotten it!), but instead I mostly just got sore muscles and frustrated. NaNo got some editing done. From the bathtub. Which is terrible for my laptop, I know, but it's the only time I had when I wasn't getting called to do something. (And even then I'm getting called for, I just have to yell back that I'm in the bathtub.)

AU BB and C_IM BB are looking like they're going up. I'm definitely doing C_IM ([personal profile] valtyr would stalk across the Atlantic and kidnap me at pony-point if I didn't). I'm wavering on the AU BB. I do want to do it, but it looks like they're making the same mistakes that burned me last time (low word count bar, very wide rules for what counts as AU). While I adored my girl!UltSteve fic, I admit that I'm a bit :\ over how the whole Bang was handled, enough that I might just throw up my hands and save myself the pain. Plus, it's on LJ, which I've sort of forsworn other than Cap/IM and my flist, which is also a factor.

Thoughts? Opinions? Threats of dismemberment?
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(curls up into a sleepy ball) Is it Saturday yet? (yawns) I did not get much done this weekend. I meant to, but damn it, it was hot. D: All I could manage to work up the energy for was to write up an outline for a fic (a one-shot, relatively short, no sequel, thank you gods I can write without ten pages of notes), rant about Sarah Palin, and fail resisting picking some new strawberries and blackberries. (They're so yummy! :o)

I did manage some thinky thoughts for girl!Steve that make me sadpanda. Gonna cut 'em, because I know some people on my flist haven't had a chance to read her yet and would likely prefer not to be spoiled.
Did I just gender my fanfic? )
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Okays, I'm dead tired, so fly-by. Without Irony, go! Apologies to everyone who has suddenly found themselves spammed.

Part One & Link to Art.


May. 8th, 2010 02:25 am
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I'll see about crossposting, when I'm not ded of ded.

Title: This Woman's War
Author(s): tsukinofaerii
Fandom: Marvel 1610: Ultimates
Pairings: Stephanie (Steve) Rogers/Gail Richards; pre-Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, Genderswap, non-explicit Femslash, pre-Het

Word Count: ~37,000

Summary: Stevie Rogers, the only known survivor of Operation Rebirth, has spent four years masquerading as Captain America, the hyper-masculine symbol of America. When she wakes up in a strange military hospital, surrounded by people who insist on the impossible, Stevie assumes what any right-thinking person would—that it's a secret Nazi base. All that's left is to break out and find her way back to the war. After all, she's got a promise to keep to the girl waiting on her back stateside.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Art | OST

Note: No artist claimed this one, so it's all the product of a single creator.
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So. I was linked into this vid. And the plot bunnies charged en masse.

Warnings for AU Bang spoilers (sort of). Locked because the main story isn't posted yet, whee! Unlocked, since Girl!Steve is posted.

A shopping we will go )
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So apparently it's poetry month? Here's one to throw out there. It's just something I dtumbled over while looking for Tony's elegy for Dying. Which means, yep, it's about death.
Vast amounts of rambling below )
Speaking of bangs, my poor artist for amnesia!Tony. D: I hope she doesn't hate me by now. That fic is a mess, and poking at it doesn't help me. I know it's missing something, but IDK what. D: And I can't figure it out. GRAH. Between that and girl!Cap, I am feeling very flaily and useless. Perhaps I should make a list of ideas for writing next to get my brain rolling. Or do a meme. Or something.

Finally... I need to get to work on my [livejournal.com profile] cap_ironman Women's Month post! (flail) Tony and Steve's mothers have so little to go on. D: I MUST WORK ON THIS.

WOW, hello rambling. (sweatdrop) Not feeling well makes me babble. Not that I need much excuse to babble, but a thousand words of nothing is pretty spectacular, even for me. I didn't even get to "HOMG WINCON IS ONLY SIX MONTHS AWAY", which is due pretty much any day now. I also have sort of good intentions of writing a "this is how I plan a fic" one day, just to make myself think about how I do it. Also the breaking out of girl!Cap costume for the wearing of to IM2, in addition to finding someone to drag along with me. Ah, intentions.

Huh. I have a lot to do. D: EEP.
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First, Happy April Fool's! I hope everyone had a good one. (No, no, don't worry, I'm not participating this year. Mostly because I am too sleepy. Cross my heart.)

Today was mild. My aunt had an appointment with the people-vet today to have her gall bladder removed, but they had to reschedule. :( Hopefully, she'll be able to get to get it done soon, as it's really hurting her. (Health care-wise, she's luckily covered as a vet of the US Navy, thank goodness.)

Bangs went up for artists, and one of mine (Tony) has already been claimed! (runs around flailing) I AM NERVOUS. That draft is so very, very rough. D: PAIN. PAIN AND TERROR. I hope my artist will be gentle with me. (fistmouth) Girl!Cap yet languishes in captivity, but I've no doubt she will break a window and come out kicking at her convenience, art or no art. On a meta-level, I get the feeling she's amused by all of this. (You may now worry for my sanity.)

Finally, the biggest news of all...

(dramatic pause)

I FINALLY BEAT FINAL FANTASY XII!!!!!!! (rolls over and DIES) It took me more than a year and 322 hours of game play, but I got total completion and went on to beat the damned thing. YES. \o/ Yes, internet, Basch does in deed live. (significant look)


Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:35 pm
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News News: This is relevant to my interests.

Writing News: In other interests, I'm finally finished with the rough for Amnesia!Tony. Well, I say finished, but I still need to go in and edit Tony, which means mark-up times! This gives me two longish stories to finish up, one at 37k and the other at about 28k. And then I want to get cracking on a Valtyr!prompts and sequel!vampires. And overused!exclamations is somewhere in that list too. With intentions to fluff. I want to write a good fluff fic. This will likely involve crack. Or, at least, kittens.

Puppy news: Zena is doing well. She's taken to crawling into bed to cuddle at 3AM, when she seems to think I am too conked out to notice. (Protip: I notice.) She's always back on the floor by the time my alarm goes off, so I suspect this is some sort of stealth maneuver, designed to satisfy her emotional needs while still punishing me. The cone is still on, and an object of much hatred and disdain. And yes, I'm still feeding and watering by hand. (is whipped)

Kittt News: Duzzie seems to be doing well. Bladder issues may have been me being panicky, but I am still keeping an eye on her. After having my water tumpt due to kitty inquisitiveness (my glass tastes better than their bowl, I guess) I have invested in a reusable aluminum bottle. This too has already been toppled. My cats do not approve of this escalation in our usual arms race.

FFXII News: I have Balthier and Fran to finish leveling. After that, I can wrap up my Clan Points and it's smooth sailing to the finish. (Watch. Vayne is going to kill me dozens of times, I know it. It'll be worse than that damned Demon Wall.)

Now, I'm off to play Robot Unicorn Attack, toy with FAQs, upload fics to AO3 and generally acknowledge the uselessness of Monday.

ETA: QUESTION. Should I or should I not upload my Halloween Drabbles to AO3? There's 15 of them! D: And they're tinies. Is it worth it?


Mar. 7th, 2010 12:15 am
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Hey. Psst! You. Yeah, you. Wanna know a secret?

My rough draft of [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang is done. :D

It clocks in at 37k. I had to adjust it slightly, though, as character developments came to light. (glares at Fury) But it's done, and I'm happy! I accomplished something today!

Now, for the other bang. :o Eep!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] coiledsoul & [livejournal.com profile] sherriaisling!

I have LJ userpics I haven't used. Huh. /random

Okay, less bang-specific rambling than recently posted. Reading up on the 1940s has made me incredibly grateful for modern advances, and also reassured me that if it's useful yet disgusting, the Egyptians did it first.

I have read Sleeping Beauty porn and it makes me want to write my own. (facepalm) It was really bad porn too. Aching manhood and internal "shield" hymen bad. So bad that it even managed to butcher some of the most famous lines of the movie. This makes me want to do it right. I'm a bad, bad person. And I was just given the DVD for my birthday, so I could even watch it without risking my ancient VHS tape.

Cheese & crackers = nom.

I seem to have been adopted. o_O We've had two dogs wandering around our property for more than a week now. They have collars, but no tags, and we can't find any trace of their owners. There's not a no-kill shelter anywhere even remotely close, and they seem content enough to hang around on our porch. One's a big black rotty-mix, and the other is a brindle pit. They're both really sweet, but the black one is going to need some work on the inter-pack dynamics, because he gets psuhy and agressive with the other animals. (My horse has tried to kick him several times and he hasn't learned yet.) We're trying to find their owner, but if no one shows up, I guess that's it. I'd love to keep the brindle, because he's a cuddly little doll and I miss having big puppies, but the black one is going to be A Problem.

So... Yeah. Been adopted. We'll see how this works out.

In bang-specific notes, I've touch 16k and Stevie has yet to even get out of her dirty, stolen Evil Nazi Ducky scrubs and meet a Significant Plot Point. Actually, it's only just about two days since she was hacked out of an ice cube. She still has soul-searching to do! People to talk to! Teeth to brush! Incredibly slimy CEOs (Tony) to threaten! I think I've under-estimated a word count somewhere. D:

At least I've got the break-down under control?

Also, can I get someone from the other side of the Atlantic to take back their spelling? Today I've misspelled not only donut, but also theater and favorite. I'M CONFUSED NOW.
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Well, I hit 15k on my AU Big Bang! But trouble lurks in the waters ahead. I never thought I'd have this problem. Really. Not ever. It's... Um. Well...

I think I broke Captain America.
Spoilery Ramblings for AU Big Bang )
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Sekrit: I had a birthday yesterday! Okay, not so secret, because it's listed openly, but I usually don't bandy it around loudly. (handwave) People forget, or are thoughtless, or whatever, and it's just easier to keep it to myself than deal with it. They didn't know because I never told them, right? So it's not personal! Still loved, let the shiny continue. (Yes, it's a negative view of things, but it works for me.) This does not work so well with my family, but TBH, I'm used to my family spacing on personal issues. (Yes, Emma, I'm still sixteen. Ignore the credit card/car/job/etc. It's all in your head.)

That being said, yesterday was very Twilight Zone )

No writing was done yesterday, but that was deliberate, so I don't count it as a failure to write. Updates in that regard: )
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Another "I LIVE DON'T LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOONE" post lol. I have no idea where my will to babble went. Can I blame Holmsian fandom? I've been reading a lot of Holmes/Watson fics. Hm.

In RL, there's a few things happening. I turn another year older soon (awkward; will be less awkward if coworkers manage to forget the date). But I'll get my tax refund about the same time, so yay! (You! Money! Into savings! Okay, maybe some of you goes to bills, but the rest into savings! *cracks whip*) I'm due to upgrade my phone soon, and am considering this hot little number. I may get this baby instead, if I can get over my squirms of spending more on a phone than I do on my monthly car payment.

Work is running surprisingly smoothly, other than a few drama llamas,Turnitin being annoying and the usual intrigue. (eye roll) Seriously, students, if you go a month unable to login and don't tell anyone, do not expect me to be very supportive when you wind up in your Dean's office in tears. When I say, "I'm very sorry, but if you don't call we can't know there's a problem", just know that I am facepalming at you behind my phone. ♥

In fic, I'm selling out to the Blame [personal profile] valtyr culture. I have signed up for two big bangs. This is all her fault!

For [livejournal.com profile] comicsbigbang I'm doing the Amnesia Tony fic. That one's minimum is only 10k though, and the first check-in is end of February, so it's been shuffled a little. (pets it) After having written a bit of it though, I think I'm going to do it in first person. oO Which... IDK, it bugs me a bit. First person is hard. It's difficult to manage the details, and having an interesting voice is so so so so important, since you're basically staking your fic on your character's internal monologue being catchy. But third person would be doing the fic a disservice I think. :\

For [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang, I'm falling back on my love of cliché. Always a girl Ults Steve. \o/ This is interesting, in the "fighting the characters back with a spoon" sort of way. Seriously, Gail is stomping her foot dangerously close to my muse's head. She's a persistent sort; I've actually had to not write a scene because I couldn't think of a way to keep her from taking it over. YEEK. Jumbling up the opening/backstory for artistic reasons is going to be pain though. Le sigh.

Finally, to apologize for long silence, I give you all something truly amazing and a pony )


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