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(curls up into a sleepy ball) Is it Saturday yet? (yawns) I did not get much done this weekend. I meant to, but damn it, it was hot. D: All I could manage to work up the energy for was to write up an outline for a fic (a one-shot, relatively short, no sequel, thank you gods I can write without ten pages of notes), rant about Sarah Palin, and fail resisting picking some new strawberries and blackberries. (They're so yummy! :o)

I did manage some thinky thoughts for girl!Steve that make me sadpanda. Gonna cut 'em, because I know some people on my flist haven't had a chance to read her yet and would likely prefer not to be spoiled.

Soooo, I was pondering Ultimate Red Skull, which pretty obviously didn't happen in a strict canon parallel. (Unless I am hit with an irresistible impulse to write Stevie/Gail Fempreg DO NOT MAKE ME DO THIS I AM WEAK.) Of course, the second I realized "didn't happen", my brain went "OR DID IT?!" See, because I've already set the USA and Project Rebirth as ethically shaky (understatement), I can completely imagine them harvesting some of Stevie's eggs and pioneering artificial insemination, surrogate mothers, etc etc. Which would be completely and totally relevant to her story, because she desperately wants to be a Mommy, and that would possibly end more Badly than canon did.

But then it comes down to the DNA, right? If the serum altered canon!Steve on a genetic level, that would easily explain why he passed it on to Skull. But (and correct me if I'm wrong please), girls are born will fully-stocked ovaries, right? When a man makes sperm (wow, I'm feeling about six years old right now), he's using his current DNA pattern, whereas a woman (hypothetically) would only have eggs based off of her original DNA. (Unless, of course, Project Rebirth also affected that, which I suppose is possible, but we're already so far beyond my SCIENCE that I am dizzy.) Now, if Stevie were to become pregnant and carry to term, it's more likely than not that the resultant child would have her abilities (assuming the SSS can "infect" the fetus). 'Course, she's got a good chance of being infertile, so that's moot, and she'd know if she had a baby (spoiler: she hasn't!). So if I use a parallel, Ultimate Red Skull is either the result of fempreg!Gail or Grand Theft DNA. :\

I'm so horrible to my characters. D:

Related thought: Would a kid fathered by Ult!Tony have the same issue with massive brain that Tony does? And how would a Stevie/Tony child work through that? Biology paaaaaaaain. IHU Marvel Science.
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