Apr. 13th, 2010 04:00 pm
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(handwaves Marvel readers all Jedi-like) This is not the post you're looking for.

Anyway, for anyone who's interested (maybe one person?), [livejournal.com profile] moontear and I have posted part 2 of the Final Fantasy XII AU. The fic is here!
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First, Happy April Fool's! I hope everyone had a good one. (No, no, don't worry, I'm not participating this year. Mostly because I am too sleepy. Cross my heart.)

Today was mild. My aunt had an appointment with the people-vet today to have her gall bladder removed, but they had to reschedule. :( Hopefully, she'll be able to get to get it done soon, as it's really hurting her. (Health care-wise, she's luckily covered as a vet of the US Navy, thank goodness.)

Bangs went up for artists, and one of mine (Tony) has already been claimed! (runs around flailing) I AM NERVOUS. That draft is so very, very rough. D: PAIN. PAIN AND TERROR. I hope my artist will be gentle with me. (fistmouth) Girl!Cap yet languishes in captivity, but I've no doubt she will break a window and come out kicking at her convenience, art or no art. On a meta-level, I get the feeling she's amused by all of this. (You may now worry for my sanity.)

Finally, the biggest news of all...

(dramatic pause)

I FINALLY BEAT FINAL FANTASY XII!!!!!!! (rolls over and DIES) It took me more than a year and 322 hours of game play, but I got total completion and went on to beat the damned thing. YES. \o/ Yes, internet, Basch does in deed live. (significant look)
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This is... bah. I should have been working on my bangs. >> It's just a character piece; something that I tossed out to make Writing Happen, and to flesh out Larsa's voice. Final Fantasy XII, Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, not long after the end of the game. ~700 words. Dark-ish.
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Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:35 pm
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News News: This is relevant to my interests.

Writing News: In other interests, I'm finally finished with the rough for Amnesia!Tony. Well, I say finished, but I still need to go in and edit Tony, which means mark-up times! This gives me two longish stories to finish up, one at 37k and the other at about 28k. And then I want to get cracking on a Valtyr!prompts and sequel!vampires. And overused!exclamations is somewhere in that list too. With intentions to fluff. I want to write a good fluff fic. This will likely involve crack. Or, at least, kittens.

Puppy news: Zena is doing well. She's taken to crawling into bed to cuddle at 3AM, when she seems to think I am too conked out to notice. (Protip: I notice.) She's always back on the floor by the time my alarm goes off, so I suspect this is some sort of stealth maneuver, designed to satisfy her emotional needs while still punishing me. The cone is still on, and an object of much hatred and disdain. And yes, I'm still feeding and watering by hand. (is whipped)

Kittt News: Duzzie seems to be doing well. Bladder issues may have been me being panicky, but I am still keeping an eye on her. After having my water tumpt due to kitty inquisitiveness (my glass tastes better than their bowl, I guess) I have invested in a reusable aluminum bottle. This too has already been toppled. My cats do not approve of this escalation in our usual arms race.

FFXII News: I have Balthier and Fran to finish leveling. After that, I can wrap up my Clan Points and it's smooth sailing to the finish. (Watch. Vayne is going to kill me dozens of times, I know it. It'll be worse than that damned Demon Wall.)

Now, I'm off to play Robot Unicorn Attack, toy with FAQs, upload fics to AO3 and generally acknowledge the uselessness of Monday.

ETA: QUESTION. Should I or should I not upload my Halloween Drabbles to AO3? There's 15 of them! D: And they're tinies. Is it worth it?
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Because I completely failed at Internet this weekend, d'oh! (facepalm) Quick Recap:

Thanksgiving went... well, it went, and the less said about that, the better. *sigh* Family wank was avoided, but only because Certain People didn't come over to visit. Papa was upset. :\ However, the turkey came out wonderful, if I do say so myself. :D Jace is feeling better, but I'm still keeping an eye on him. He resents his iron supplements. Plans have been consistently made to get some Internet Shopping done, and Internet Shopping Shall Be Done. I also need to make my Holiday Card Post. (makes mental note)

Friday was spent Being Lazy, notably Being Lazy While Sort of Cleaning, playing Final Fantasy XII and insisting that This Weekend I Shall Bake Cookies. (Hint: The cookies are a lie!) Evening was spent window shopping with Cousin Devon, because I was broke until today. I saw many things I want, including a PSP and this game to go with it. >>; Because buying a system for one game makes lots of sense.

Saturday was devoted to Yiazmat. No, I mean that pretty literally. I got up and went, "I know! I'll beat this boss in the first half of the day, then spend the rest of the day baking cookies/writing". FAIL. GIGANTIC FAIL OF FAILINGSWORTH. I knew Yiazmat would take a while, but fourteen hours WTF SELF? By the time I finished beating it, I collapsed in a puddle of exhaustion and proceeded to dream about video game characters. First, I was Balthier (?!) exploring a Final Dungeon with the other characters. Then I woke up, went WTF and went back to sleep only to be Mario reaching for those damn mid-air coins in a water world. Woke up again, repeat WTF moment, thought "at least I wasn't jumping through hoops" and... next up was Sonic and jumping through hoops. (headdesk)

Sunday was devoted to Things Around The House. A little of this, a little of that, and a lot of crawling through storage and discovering dead mice. Ick. Writing was self-promised and utterly failed. I wish I knew why. :\ I'd say "just not in a writing mood", but then I'd have to call even more fail on myself, so I'm just going to own up and say "lazy+procrastinating". I also need to get started on the Editing Of The NaNo. D:

Other than that... well, I'm 2 for 3 in my holiday exchange fics? Maybe I can, you know, accomplish something this week...

lols raeg!

Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:00 pm
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People amaze me. *sigh* Here at work we've given people two weeks to do something that not only takes five minutes, but that shouldn't even have taken that if they'd done what they were supposed to be doing. And now we're still having last-second issues. (headdesk) People!

In other news, FFXII! :D I'm passing through the Salikawood, and of course I had to make a run for the Zodiac Spear. Worst comes to worst, I die horribly and wait to try again later, right? So I made a jump into the Nabudis Deadlands... and I survived! Not easily, I admit, but I managed to make it to the incredibly annoying Crystalbug in the center of it. Of course, I killed the thing (eventually) and saved. Yay! And then I pressed onward, because I am nothing if not stupidly stubborn. And, again, worst thing I could do was die before I got to the Spear.

I made it to the Necrohol. I made it through the Necrohol. I made it to the Cloister of the Highborn. It took me hours after that last save. Hours of hacking through enemies that just keep coming. Of using Raise like it was breathing. Of giving Penelo a distance weapon even though she's my highest-level character because she's also got the best magic and I needed her alive. (I got sick of her dying everytime I turned around, so I leveled her way up. Fran is next.) My Bestiary was getting all sorts of new entries and everyone had gone up at least a level. I'd even picked up some good equipment and gambits. I guess I could have just thrown down and made a break for the next room to save myself some time, but I wanted the EXP, LP and Bestiary. Not to mention the loot.

And then I got the Spear.


And then I died. And I'm going to do it all over again tonight!

Good times. :D

ETA: Related to work... beta browsers are the bane of my existence.

ETA2: But they make for excellent stories. XD OMG LOL.

ETA Strikes Back: I misspelled Necrohol. o.o!


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