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I am incapable of writing short stories any more. I started on a quick fic just to make myself get words down. 2000 words later it's still only starting and I may have to create an entire holy order.

GDI I just wanted to explore Asgardian marriage rituals.

This post brought to you by the committee for incredibly misleading posts.
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Here and here two of my most favorite enables [personal profile] jazzypom and [personal profile] valtyr have started a meme trying to get people to discuss their writing methods, and I thought I'd toss in.

Currently, I'm in an odd position because I let so much build up that needs editing. One fic has a deadline that's unavoidable, but the other two (vampire!Tony and girl!Steve) are essentially at my leisure. And boy, do I leisure. D: Of those two, vampire!Tony is actually a victim of not following my SOP, so I'll start there.
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So, that's it. What about you, oh circle?
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And this is why we're so awesome. Because we're srs writers.
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WTF how did I get so busy? At the start of the week, I had one long-term commitment in the Cap/Iron Man bang. Now I have three. :| Fail at keeping the summer uncluttered, self.

What would the world think of a Podfic-ish Big Bang? The whole idea is to merge the art and the story/audio into one file, along with subtitles for PWD and people who just need something to keep their eyes busy. It's kind of entirely an experiment. Apparently there's been some wank about a podfic fest where the trasncript wasn't released with the podfic. It'll be available in a month, but PWD with hearing trouble and people who just don't like audio stories are out of luck.

Of course, the problem is that if you simultaneously release them, a lot of people (outside SPN fandom, which apparently is weird) will just ignore the podfic and head straight for the text. So to make it work, you have to make the podfic experience more interesting, and also resolve the various problems people have with podfic. (Can you add subtitles to EBooks? Must look into that...)

Anyways, first step is learning WTF this is going to entail. Second step is doing it, and third is guilting people into helping me run a beta. :D Guiltguilt. If this works, no doubt I will be posting more on it. If anyone can think of suggestions though, I'm open to them.

In other (more important) news... I need a non-[personal profile] valtyr beta. D: See, a long long time ago (back in August) in a galaxy (not so) far away, I put myself up on the auction block to [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan. 5,000 words, starting bid $25. Let's just say that she is evil and selfishly bid $100 to charity, effectively buying me outright. And then, unlike almost every other person on the internet would do, encouraged me to write everything but her fic. Almost immediately after winning me, the Blame Valtyr Culture produced Speaking in Code, kink meme fills (which I should post unanon one day...), NaNoWroMo... Yeah, she's the original Life Ruiner. (Or perhaps Life Maker, IDK.)

Anyway, I have the last laugh. Her fic is finally done, but it needs a beta. A beta which isn't her. It's Ults, but it only takes a quick glance at the current Ult Canon before zooming off on its own. Knowing Steve & Tony's characterizations is about all you'd need. It's ~9k long, and fairly lighthearted. (I like fluffy Ults, hush.)

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TL;DR, I've been struck by the My Little pony craze. And now, you all have to put up with it. I'm not sorry. You may blame [personal profile] stormseye and [personal profile] valtyr. I probably won't do this regularly, so be grateful.

The Elements Of Harmony

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As you can see, this series is love and sparkle and rainbows. GO WATCH. NOW. I'm only up to Dragonshy, though. Working on it!
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Apparently once a week is all you're getting from me. ._. Burned out Faerii is burned out, I guess. Even reading is sort meh. D: I have no real excuses, and will be bludgeoning myself into getting back on track. Finish re-reading DfaD by Friday, and then start on the edits this weekend. I will not actually get money until Monday, so I have no excuse to go out and do other things.
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And that has been your State of the Faerii.
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Today, I finally accepted that my major form of music is about 20 years late at all times. "That fly girl got some back"? Really? Has anyone ever, ever said that sentence? It puts me in mind of when you're a teenager bringing friends over, and your parents call them "homies" and ask if they like that Nin-Ten-Doh thing. All you can do is shake your head and pray for it to end.

Anyway! You may blame [personal profile] valtyr for any pain I put certain characters through in the near future. She has a way of poking my brain and making me write her crack. One of the major problems I'm having is how to handle a plotline that will slow around the middle. Yay for me, Valtyr loves me and got my brain rolling. In the meantime, I'm still getting going gah! According to my outline, I am on scene seven. Of thirty. :| We are just about to have Major Revelation, which should get things moving, but in the meantime there is a lot of chaff. (sigh) I am a day ahead of where I was at this time last year! Or maybe two. I didn't do the math exactly, just glanced at totals.

My total word count is... 25,079! YAY! (bounces) That means I wrote 3,187 words, and have technically passed my halfway point. It definitely doesn't feel like a halfway though. Not at all. D: Scary.
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I has a Mommy! \o/

She came in on Saturday night, and she'll be leaving next Monday. In the meantime, my at-home internet time has been severely curtailed. I love y'all, but Mommy > Internet. Shocking, I know. In the meantime, I'm doing what I can to keep up with everything at work. This is made difficult by the fact that the new Parasol Protectorate book by [livejournal.com profile] gailcarriger came out. I keep getting distracted by things like Lord Maccon (a werewolf) drinking all of Professor Lyall's specimens (sheep embryos preserved in formaldehyde), and commenting that he likes the "pickled crunchy snacks". And also Alexia's everything. (rolls in it) If you have not read the first two, don't read the Amazon blurb when you inevitably seek to purchase this awesomeness. Consider this series highly recommended by your friendly neighborhood Faerii. Steampunk Supernatural Mystery with a kickass heroine and a good dose of humor? Fuck yeah.

On Sunday, I dragged my Mommy out shopping. :D We picked up sunglasses, Tropic Thunder (always wanted that movie), a couple of hats, some inexpensive yet adorable clothes, purple leggings, a plaid bodice, one teeny top hat, an Athena Costume and a purple petticoat. Today, I shall take a trip to the craft store for fabric paint/dye, tulle and ribbon. My mother is an artsy sort. With our powers combined, we can have a lot of fun with this.

In related news, I've decided to let my cousin chop four inches off and layer my hair. :| It is a trial run, and I only agreed because she said it would look awesome with the rainbows. She will loan me her Super Expensive Professional Stylist Curling Iron for the trip, and show me how to use it. This is how dedicated I am, you guys. I'm cutting my hair.

RBB proceeds. (eyes it) I. Um. Well. Let's just say that things became easier after words like "skllllpt" started being dialog. And I keep being lured into kink meme fills by She Who Has Her Own Tag.

ALSO! It's cold you guys! It was 57°F/14°C this morning! I am in a sweater! And as a result, my throat hurts. (grumble) I will only put up with fall for the sake of Wincon and Halloween. Then I will proceed to whine about missing summer. You have been warned.
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Hello, internet! A few quick updates. Because I am lazy, they are in bullet form.

  • Valtyr won 5k words off of me at [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan!
  • Blame Valtyr for this.
  • Papa came home for a test run. We still have a long way to go with him. :(
  • Related to above, I am urging Mary to sue the rehab place that Papa is at. He's coming out worse than he went in, and he is not as recovered as he should be because they have been playing Shenanigans.
  • Spent much of the weekend cleaning, when I wasn't working with Papa.
  • We finally got a new TV to replace the 30 year old one! In accordance with the laws of balance, our microwave broke immediately thereafter.
  • I have gotten.. IDK, maybe five hours of sleep in the last 72?

  • And thus went my weekend.
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    I've offered myself up for charity, y'all!
    User Name: [personal profile] tsukinofaerii
    Email address: tsukinofaerii AT gmail DOT com
    YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): AIM: tsukinofaerii GTalk: tsukinofaerii
    You can see things I've created at: [livejournal.com profile] tsukinoniwa & http://archiveofourown.org/users/tsukinofaerii/works

    I am offering: 5,000 words of a single fic, or multiple fics adding up to that.

    Fandoms: Marvel (Universes 616, 1610, 6490, MA and movie), Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts (through KH2), Supernatural (through S4)

    Additional Info: Any rating.
    Primary pairings: Captain America/Iron Man, (movie) Natasha/Pepper, Larsa/Penelo, Axel/Roxas, Sora/Riku, Sam/Dean.
    Cannot write first-person perspective porn.

    Starting Bid: $25

    My thread is here!
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    I have been a pest to my bosses lately. Yesterday, I was officially given permission to:

    1) Dye my hair whatever crazy color I can think of. I have been under a false impression that we have a dress code; this is, in fact, a lie. We had a dress code, which only my previous boss continued to enforce after our prior director moved on. I have been officially informed that "blue hair is not unprofessional, and [my boss] is not interested in policing self-expression". I translate that as, "I am not interested in policing self-expression enough to not allow your blue hair, so don't please don't make me have to" and I can roll with that. Current plans are for purple and blue highlights. WE SHALL SEE HOW THAT TURNS OUT.

    2) I am allowed to take October 14-18 off from work, so long as I remain available on GTalk for [other boss] to occasionally beg for help when id:10-t errors happen and she needs someone to complain to. THIS MEANS I WILL BE AT WINCON THURSDAY THROUGH MONDAY. FUCK YEAH.

    3) Stop cheering that I have a vacation. Really, permission to stop granted. Some of us have kids, and see "a vacation" as any time they're both asleep for more then two hours at a time.

    4) Take off my heels when walking over a hard surface, as the clicky-noises make everyone think A Certain Person is coming to corner us all in a desperate attempt for attention, and it makes them jumpy.

    5) Converse with Marlynn over our shared wall, as long as we are careful and cease all attempts at amiability at the first signs of any disruption in the time-space continuum.

    TL;DR, I love my place of work.
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    Marvel Folk: Has anyone seen a piece of art floating around where Steve has cowl-lines instead of tan-lines (or sunburn lines)? I have been reliably informed that it exists somewhere, but I am feeling leery of posting a search at the comm, for both reasons of laziness and another reason I don't want to drag out. (Suffice to say, I am feeling ignored in a specific instance, and right now I have only the energy to handle this by not doing anything that would usually attract attention. It makes sense in my head.) I will, however, search there if my flist comes up empty-handed, because I want that art.

    I still want fic.

    Finally: Doom/Loki OTP. FML.
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    The Blame Valtyr Culture has taken a new and terrifying turn.

    [livejournal.com profile] marvel_femslash


    So far, it has only my wee little post. But perhaps it will grow. Later, I will post Girl!Steve to it, since she has Gail. Then it will have two whole posts!
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    Valtyr and I have the weirdest and yet most awesome conversations.
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    First prompt of [community profile] hc_bingo is up. Full headers and link under the cut, but it's the Eating Disorder one, so heads up! I'll be saving them to post to the comm in a batch, so there's no issues with flooding. (Which reminds me; I need to post a link list to all the little things I've thrown out into the internet and never crossposted. Whoops.)
    Prompt Headers )
    [personal profile] jazzypom is amazing and wonderful, and deserves gifts of shiny things and chocolate, no lie.

    I've completed the rough on five prompts for a vertical bingo, and am going to let it rest there unless I hit a block on one of the other major stories. I've achieved a bingo. Everything else will be gravy.

    Today Papa is being moved to another facility. (sigh) And he just got used to this one. But apparently Medicare won't cover a longer stay at the current place. :\ Oh well, we will adjust. Just as long as we can get him home soon. He'll be sharing a room this time, which doesn't thrill me, but I suppose it'll be better for him. When he's alone, he just sort of sinks in on himself and stares at a wall, unless someone turns on a TV or the radio for him. He's been that way since Nana died, and it just can't be healthy. Daily trips continue, to the detriment of my gas bill. (I'm adding an extra 20 miles a day to my travel, ouch.)

    Pepper/Natasha has reached 16,000 words! \o/ The last thousand of which may have to be cut. The crack is strong in that one. >_> [personal profile] valtyr bunnied me, as [personal profile] valtyrs do, and then it just got out ridiculously of hand and started abusing the word "ninja", though I made myself remove all use of the word "babe". Drunken!Pepper likes run-on sentences, and for some reason Natasha is adorably snuggly and deceptively capable of appearing sober when she is far beyond it. Honestly, I could cut the whole scene, jump to the after-math, and maintain mood with minor drunken flashbacks. Eh, we'll see.
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    For the past two days, I have had data entry, which I finally just finished. *rawr* Luckily, everything else is slightly less rawr. I woke up to only mild bitching from my girl bits, and in a few days should even stop hemorrhaging from them. My car is running. Papa proceeds well. The coffee pot has been replaced by one from The Other House. (It is a long, long story, but basically we have a whole second house on the property that no one lives in for various reasons. It's kind of creepy, and reminds me of Roanoke a bit. There's still a glass on the coffee table, but whatever was in it is long gone.) Pepper/Natasha is slightly less blocked. I have achieved two squares on H/C Bingo, and will attempt a third today.

    Beta? Anyone? They are short. (dangles) Pica!Tony and a bit of Natasha/Pepper that won't fit in the story.

    All in all, I am notably in a better mood. :D I haven't growled at anyone today! The only downer right now is that my aunt has asked me to put my credit on the line to purchase a riding lawn mower. Just so this is in context, we currently have at least 5. All of them are broken ("but they'll be fixed one day!"), because they're badly misused. One of them lasted only three months in winter. And I'm supposed to purchase a sixth and trust that she'll handle the payments, when her husband keeps screwing everyone else's credit over by ignoring his own bills. (And of course, if I say "no", I'm an ungrateful bitch who doesn't remember/care how much trouble she went through when I was a kid to make sure I could visit. Can't forget that—the only reason to be nice to people is so they'll owe you. Family Unfriendly Aesop!) I have an appointment to meet her in a half-hour. Hopefully, this will fail miserably.

    In the writing meta (still untitled), I have two written up roughs, and am considering jumping to headers & betaing. Betaing is a current topic, since Cap_Iron had a post on concrit recently, and... Well, what is a beta except really good, deliberate, begged for concrit pre-posting? On top of that, it's important now, since people are hardly going to wait months for me to bestow my questionable wisdom before writing/posting. Whereas setting/characterization/etc are the sort of thing you have to think about while you do it. It just feels a bit backwards, since that's post-writing work and I'm starting at the beginning on everything else. Grah!

    As a contrast to Cap_Iron's ancient November 2009 post on beta reading, I was thinking of offering up one of my own shorts as an example. Five hundred words, ruthlessly posted on LJ in all their unpolished glory, with the beta notes included (with permission from the beta, of course). Beta reading is hard, and everyone's different in how they handle it and what they expect. So I figure, the academic approach is good, but sometimes an example is good too, you know?

    Also, will someone please stop me from signing up for [livejournal.com profile] werewolfbigbang. Please? It's four months to write 10k, which is easy-peasy if it would just stay 10k. But Pepper!femslash is going to be 20k (I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE 10k!!!), Amensia!Tony2 is going to be 20-30k probably, then Vamp!Tony2 will be another Huge Fic Of Pain and Angst and I can't forget girl!Steve2...


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    Papa is doing pretty well. He rested a lot yesterday, and today he's probably going to be moved to a therapy center for his recovery. Moving him on the Friday before a three-day weekend seems iffy to me, but maybe there's a secondary reason for it. I'll find out later, I'm sure. I didn't even know he was going to be moved until I got home last night and my Aunt asked when it would be. o.O Way to keep me informed, guys.

    DW layout is coming. Slowly. The coding makes me twitch There does not need to be fifty bazillion renditions of DIV CLASS INNER, damn it. I may end up switching the sidebar to the left, IDK. I do not like the way it squishes, and the random things with background colors where background colors do not need to be make me RAWR. *huffle* So if you look at my DW, and it looks strange, that is because it's a WiP.

    Portal, I am on Level 17, thanks to Papa's Very Long Naps yesterday. I ♥ my Companion Cube.

    This is a long weekend, and I have monies! I intend to celebrate by retiring myself to my bed, occasionally with my laptop, and not coming out again until Tuesday rears its ugly head. Well, that and Papa-visits, but those are a given.

    For lols from a very old post, I recommend reading this. It is from 2004, and deals with the Bleeding Times. (Which is to say, she says what many of us are thinking about our periods, and says it hilariously. My favorite quote is, "For Fuck's Sake! I am bleeding from my vagina, not HANG-GLIDING!")

    There is more good news! The best news, really. I would like to direct all of your attention to a this. I'll just be over here, breaking out party poppers. Join in my glee!

    Finally, a meme! Why? IDK. It looked fun? Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sinnerforhire
    First line of last 25 fics you wrote and try to find a pattern.
    Done as best I can, since my posting times are somewhat wonky.
    Meme-age )
    What I have learned from this... I vacillate between short, snappy openers (often dialogue) and setting the scene. I really like my descriptions. Also, [personal profile] valtyr has had a noticeable effect on my writing; most of these are prompts from her.
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    That's a bad question for me. I don't WiP as a rule. So perhaps I should say "to abandon or not to abandon". Or to put off to write a new story. I have lots of stories bouncing in my head that need kicking around. Right now, I'm really focused on finishing my bangs. Erm, okay, that's a lie. I should be focused. Instead I'm procrastinating. But still! There will be life after May, and writing will happen, I swear. >:[ SO. I need to think about what will spew onto the page.

    This is mostly me pouring my brain onto the page. Don't mind me! :D
    A look into my WiP folder... )
    That ends it for actual WiPs. I had less than I thought. Now, for VALTYR (Variously Acquired Literary Thoughts Yukking Randomly). None of these have words attached to them yet, but they are floating around my brain. PH3AR.
    Unwritten ideas on board! )
    Excellent. (checks that post off her list) Now I can reference back to this, remember my Bangs, and re-focus. Supposedly. >.>; I also need to round up my comment fics and put them in the relevant comms. Whoops. (lazy)

    Hey, why is my Valtyr tag weird? oO
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    Another "I LIVE DON'T LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOONE" post lol. I have no idea where my will to babble went. Can I blame Holmsian fandom? I've been reading a lot of Holmes/Watson fics. Hm.

    In RL, there's a few things happening. I turn another year older soon (awkward; will be less awkward if coworkers manage to forget the date). But I'll get my tax refund about the same time, so yay! (You! Money! Into savings! Okay, maybe some of you goes to bills, but the rest into savings! *cracks whip*) I'm due to upgrade my phone soon, and am considering this hot little number. I may get this baby instead, if I can get over my squirms of spending more on a phone than I do on my monthly car payment.

    Work is running surprisingly smoothly, other than a few drama llamas,Turnitin being annoying and the usual intrigue. (eye roll) Seriously, students, if you go a month unable to login and don't tell anyone, do not expect me to be very supportive when you wind up in your Dean's office in tears. When I say, "I'm very sorry, but if you don't call we can't know there's a problem", just know that I am facepalming at you behind my phone. ♥

    In fic, I'm selling out to the Blame [personal profile] valtyr culture. I have signed up for two big bangs. This is all her fault!

    For [livejournal.com profile] comicsbigbang I'm doing the Amnesia Tony fic. That one's minimum is only 10k though, and the first check-in is end of February, so it's been shuffled a little. (pets it) After having written a bit of it though, I think I'm going to do it in first person. oO Which... IDK, it bugs me a bit. First person is hard. It's difficult to manage the details, and having an interesting voice is so so so so important, since you're basically staking your fic on your character's internal monologue being catchy. But third person would be doing the fic a disservice I think. :\

    For [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang, I'm falling back on my love of cliché. Always a girl Ults Steve. \o/ This is interesting, in the "fighting the characters back with a spoon" sort of way. Seriously, Gail is stomping her foot dangerously close to my muse's head. She's a persistent sort; I've actually had to not write a scene because I couldn't think of a way to keep her from taking it over. YEEK. Jumbling up the opening/backstory for artistic reasons is going to be pain though. Le sigh.

    Finally, to apologize for long silence, I give you all something truly amazing and a pony )


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