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Another "I LIVE DON'T LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOONE" post lol. I have no idea where my will to babble went. Can I blame Holmsian fandom? I've been reading a lot of Holmes/Watson fics. Hm.

In RL, there's a few things happening. I turn another year older soon (awkward; will be less awkward if coworkers manage to forget the date). But I'll get my tax refund about the same time, so yay! (You! Money! Into savings! Okay, maybe some of you goes to bills, but the rest into savings! *cracks whip*) I'm due to upgrade my phone soon, and am considering this hot little number. I may get this baby instead, if I can get over my squirms of spending more on a phone than I do on my monthly car payment.

Work is running surprisingly smoothly, other than a few drama llamas,Turnitin being annoying and the usual intrigue. (eye roll) Seriously, students, if you go a month unable to login and don't tell anyone, do not expect me to be very supportive when you wind up in your Dean's office in tears. When I say, "I'm very sorry, but if you don't call we can't know there's a problem", just know that I am facepalming at you behind my phone. ♥

In fic, I'm selling out to the Blame [personal profile] valtyr culture. I have signed up for two big bangs. This is all her fault!

For [livejournal.com profile] comicsbigbang I'm doing the Amnesia Tony fic. That one's minimum is only 10k though, and the first check-in is end of February, so it's been shuffled a little. (pets it) After having written a bit of it though, I think I'm going to do it in first person. oO Which... IDK, it bugs me a bit. First person is hard. It's difficult to manage the details, and having an interesting voice is so so so so important, since you're basically staking your fic on your character's internal monologue being catchy. But third person would be doing the fic a disservice I think. :\

For [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang, I'm falling back on my love of cliché. Always a girl Ults Steve. \o/ This is interesting, in the "fighting the characters back with a spoon" sort of way. Seriously, Gail is stomping her foot dangerously close to my muse's head. She's a persistent sort; I've actually had to not write a scene because I couldn't think of a way to keep her from taking it over. YEEK. Jumbling up the opening/backstory for artistic reasons is going to be pain though. Le sigh.

Finally, to apologize for long silence, I give you all something truly amazing and a pony.

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