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I'm home. I've actually been home since last Tuesday night, but finding time to sit down and type up a DW entry has been a pain. I left out around 7-ish AM and arrived home around 9-ish PM, which wasn't too bad for having to make a bajillion stops. See, the kittens are at the Escape ALL THE THINGS stage, and it turns out that there's few things more terrifying than going 80MPH down a highway and checking your rear view to see a kitten in your back window. AHHHHH. But we made it home, everyone's safe and snug, family driving me to contemplate murder, etc. So pretty much SNAFU. Which I've just decided needs to be a tag.

Kittens do well, and I really do need to take more pictures of them. They actually look like kittens now instead of rodents! Working on getting them weaned, because Duzie looks so pathetic whenever they nurse with their sharp little kitten teeth. So far, no dice. I'm keeping a close eye on them because the ever-present flea problem is still a problem, but flea combing is the best thing I can do right now. I need to chat with a vet about if some medication I have is safe for them. The box says it is, but I'd rather ask first.

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Anyway, such was my return home. :\ Happy New Year, I guess. 2011 sucked, so with any luck 2012 will be different. Of course, I said that at the end of 2010. D:

Normally I do some sort of end of the year writing summary, but so much of my writing this year wasn't published, it would just be a mess to work it out. D: I'm just going to have to crack on finishing/posting stories for a while.
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I... just... IDK. I hate my life and it hates me?

These last two weeks have been hell. Just top-down, inside-out hell. So be warned: whining and a pity party below, as well as some possibly triggery stuff by way of pet death.
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We lost one of our dogs today. It was Jace—the one with cerebral palsy. My uncle Richard ran him over while I was out picking up groceries for my birthday dinner. Apparently they weren't even going to tell me at first. I'm not even sure what to think about that. What am I, six? And Mary tried to hide that Richard was the one who did it. As if I couldn't make the connection between his drunken ass on the couch and one of the dogs dead.

No one else seems to really give much of a damn, and I'm the bad guy for being upset. Apparently I'm behaving childishly, and ruining my own damned birthday party. (I may have also told Richard that the next time he hurts one of the dogs I'd take a sledge hammer first to his car and then to him, but I was the bad guy before that so it hardly makes a difference. This is the second dog he's killed this way that I know of, and he's crippled three others.)

Anyway, I have jury duty tomorrow, and I'm waffling between incoherent rage and tears, so I'm not going to be good company for a while, when I'm available at all. Head's up and all that.
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Remaining cousin (Louise) will Remain until February.


(sighs and clutches internet)
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TL;DR, stressed Faerii is very stressed, and needs some peace and quiet, or unreasonable overreactions will likely continue. (Ask anyone who has heard me complaining about the Kudos system for details.) I did treat myself to a couple of pretty bras and bath stuff, which has helped a bit. Cannot really afford it, but IDEFC right now.

In good news, my mother tells me that my great-grandchildren do well. Two of them have the sniffles, but a vet has been seen and antibiotics are being administered. One of them is just like their grandmother Zena, and has already made multiple forays outside the Box to explore the vast world of the master bedroom, including once to track down her mother because she was hungry and Mama just wasn't there fast enough. I also saw Green Hornet, which was amusing and fun, but not very heavy. Worth a view, IMO.
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My family still isn't completely gone. A cousin lingered, and as a result so did four extra dogs, on top of the three of their dogs that they are dumping on us permanently.

Yes, I said that right. Permanently. This brings our grand total up to twelve. Because I don't have enough trouble caring for nine, I guess. And one of them? Tries to eat my cats. We are so not doing this. :| This is the third week that my cats have been locked back in my bedroom, and I'm getting really, really sick of it. Steps are going to have to be taken, because my cats are not living in terror.

I have not yet begun attempting to knit. Instead, I am attempting crochet, because apparently I win that way. I keep bringing my shiny new needles and (admittedly cheap until I can manage decent stitch) yarn to work, and then keeping on with crochet because it still is wonky, which drives me wild.

That's... kind of it for me. I'm tired, sniffly, cold and frustrated, and that seems like it will continue until the last cousin is gone and I can properly train our new additions. I am making a half-assed effort towards NaNo, but I do not think proper writing is going to happen until things settle again. :(
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Finally returned the doggy home! (collapse) Google Maps hated me. It shot me past the right address by about a mile, and traffic was terrible enough that turning around was hard. D: But doggy is returned, and all is well with at least one world. The owner seemed happy enough, at least.

Yesterday we had our holiday party at work. TL;DR, free food. Omnomnom. I sat with the two people I share a wall with, so it avoided most of the awkwardness that comes from attending office parties with people you largely don't know.

In spite of free food, yesterday was so boring that I actually got excited about paying my bills. :| I told myself that I would take a brief break from writing in order to Renew Myself. I'm finding out that Renewing Myself is Bullshit. I don't know what to do with myself when I'm not writing or avoiding writing. D: At least at home, there are Other Things to do. At work? LOL, nothing. We're so dead right now. I may even go watch the Daily Show in order to pass time. (Usually I avoid things like that at work.)

Heck, maybe I'll even start editing my NaNo. Or go beg for a new [community profile] fanbingo card. Troll the Meme That Shall Not Be Named? Something!

D: So very booooooored.
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Yesterday, I called Doggy Owner, verified that he owns the dog, and attempted to make plans to meet him and return the dog. On the phone he didn't even really sound eager, or all that interested in getting the dog back, but IDK. Maybe he'd just woken up or something. No matter, it's his dog and I'm interested in giving Doggy back. The problem? The guy doesn't have a car. Okay, I can deal with that. It just means I have to meet him somewhere within walking distance of where he lives. No problem. I asked him to e-mail me with a public place that was convenient for him, and we'd meet there before work (around 7:30AM).

By midnight last night, I had still not received an email. I emailed him twice asking him to contact me, and once telling him that I was going to bed and to contact me. As of this moment, I still have not heard a peep. No call, no email. I've just deleted the Craigslist ad because I don't want other people seeing it and getting hope for their lost dog (it's sad how many chihuahuas went missing from their homes this month). But he still has two email addresses and my phone number. Son of a %$#&*.

At this point, I almost think he doesn't want the dog back. And if that's the case, why contact me at all? I am incredibly close to emailing him and saying that he can either contact me by tonight, or I'm keeping the dog. The only thing I am asking is that it be before work, and he said that was fine. I don't want to be an ass, since I know how much most people love their pets. But I am really questioning if this guy cares. The dog is sweet, but clearly not well socialized or at all trained, and pretty quick to growl if you do something he doesn't like. No biting, but I don't put up with aggression at all, and IDC how teeny they are. (For example, he was burrowed in my sweater last night, which I needed, and growled when I took it away from him. Should have seen his face when I flicked his nose. Shock.)

TL;DR, I am annoyed that this guy doesn't seem to give a damn about his dog. Am I over-reacting? It's only been a day, yeah, but if he couldn't meet me for whatever reason why didn't he call/text/email?
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Wow, I'm just racking up the Niece Points™ this week.

Yesterday, my aunt happened to open the newspaper and see a picture of a woman holding a (different) chihuahua on Saturday (we found the dog Friday), and she was absolutely adamant that I track this poor lady down and ask if she knows anyone who lost a chihuahua. Then she chewed me out for posting a Cragslist ad, because it's "useless". (It is also apparently my fault that the local paper is having issues and could not take my ad.) Just now, she called telling me to hand out the house number (rather than my email, office number and cellphone number, because she wants to control everything. Also, I'm to invite anyone who claims the dog to come out to our home so we can "see them interact". Because inviting total strangers out to our place in the middle of nowhere, rather than meeting in a public location in the city, is a good idea.

TL;DR, I may have hung up on my aunt twice in the past two days, and am now ignoring her calls.

Oh, by the way, that "useless" Craigslist ad may have already worked. I placed it yesterday afternoon, and I got an email asking after a dog that fits the description.

Finally, I won an internet. Again. :D For On Top Of This Upside-Down World. I cheated. It's expected.
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Update on the car: it turned out to be a radiator hose. Altogether, this mess cost me a bit under $300 (for the fix, the part, antifreeze and the tow). On the plus side, I'd been told by another mechanic that the motor on my radiator fan was going, but after the hose was fixed that problem seems to have vanished. Maybe it was a domino effect of some sort—I don't know cars well enough to be certain. But fixing that could have run me over $600 (the part seems to run about $300+), so this is very good news. I had $800 in savings that was supposed to help me get through the holidays, so money will be tight, but I'll be able to keep eating. \o/

The foundling is still with us. We looked around for his owner, but no one had had put up signs in the area we found him or called the shelters, and he didn't have a microchip. The people at the shelter took my information, and said they'll contact me if anyone calls looking for a lost chihuahua. Tomorrow I'm going to put up ads on Craig's List and in the paper. On the advice of the shelter people, it'll only say "lost chihuahua", so no one calls and fraudulently claims him. A real owner should be able to identify him by his markings and what he had on him.

In the meantime, he's been following me everywhere, and may as well be attached to my hip. My right arm aches from trying to type around a lap full of puppy. Also, he insists on sleeping under blankets, and does not appreciate it when I leave openings for air. Breathing is optional, I guess. My aunt has taken to calling him Bum, and it seems to be sticking. x.X

Speaking of typing, I have finally finished the rough draft on my fic. (I say "finally", when it's really only been a couple of weeks.) Is there anyone out there in Cyberspace whose goodwill I can shamelessly take advantage of? It's roughly 22k, and probably PG13 at the worst. A few curse words is all. I'll need it done inside a week, to meet the deadline. Anyone want to help a Faerii? :D?

Icon post

Mar. 26th, 2010 01:33 pm
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I hate data entry. No, really, I hate it. I've spent the last two days mired in it up to my eyeballs, and it's making my head spin. This is making the editing of Amnesia Tony go very, very slow, as I typically do not want to think after a long day of data entry.

Zena had her stitches out yesterday, much to the relief of all involved. She was also supposed to have a follow-up, but my Aunt (who offered to take her so I didn't have to miss work) missed the appointment. (facepalm) Anyway, it took three people to keep her pinned for stitch removal. I shouldn't be so amused that a Shih Tzu gave them that much trouble. She's tinies! Well, she's 15 pounds of muscle and grit and fur, but tinies! (And Greebo is an old softy, I know. ^~)

Hopefully, this shall be a quiet weekend, during which editing shall be accomplished. \o/

But none of that's why I posted. My reason is my icon. YAY ICON.

The return

Mar. 11th, 2010 03:18 pm
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She's home! Finally. (collapses) Today went... badly. Not terribly, because she's home, but badly. First, I got to wake up at dark o'clock to swill down coffee like a pirate does his rum and stagger out the door to the vet's office. Got there and waited for a while before actually getting to talk to anyone. Zena was fine, she was being fed and they were doing some chesks on her to make sure everything was normal. We could go home!

As soon as someone came in to handle my paperwork.

For, you see, because the the insane hours this lady works, I got there before the clinic was technically open, and no one knew how to check me out. (twitch) So I set around for a while and as soon as someone came in, I was at the desk. I put down a year's worth of car payments (no, this is not an exaggeration, though I should note that I have a low car payment), signed away a spare soul, got The Lecture ("keep the cone on, high protein food only, here's the pills, here's a razor we have a handy bucket if you want to suicide") and I finally got to see my baby again.

They had the cone attached to some gauze around her neck. I thought it looked kind of unsteady and easily removed and asked if I should put it on her harness instead. See, Zena is a bright puppy. The kennel she was in probably didn't have room for her to work at the cone, but running free she would have a lot more tricks at paw. I was reassured that it was fine, the cone wouldn't come off, etc etc. So we finally escape to make our way to a pet store to purchase her food and maybe a little puppy-retail therapy. Zena curled up in the back seat on a blanket I'd brought for her.

Five minutes later, she had the cone off and had popped the stitches on her ass end. Fucking hell. If I hadn't stuck a hand back there to pet her and gone "wait--cone? NO CONE?", it would have been much, much worse. I, being the panicky puppy-mommy I've been this week, almost caused a crash getting my car off the freeway and into a parking lot. It was pretty much like I'd worried. The gauze was good to keep it on in the kennel, but once she had room to move all bets were off. I think what she did was put her paws on the collar-edge and pushed until it popped free. That's what she started trying to do when I put it on her harness.

So, back to the vet we went. I got another Lecture (because the surgeon refused to believe she could take it off), and she went back in to have her stitches taken care of. (For those interested, the khaki-colored jeans I was wearing are going to be ruined, unless I can get the blood out.) A few hours later, we were free once more, and I footed another, thankfully smaller, bill. This time, the cone went on her harness, even though I got amused looks from the nurses. Then we went to the pet store, and I got her a new collar, a new tag, pill pockets and her food. Yes, I should have saved the money. But it made me feel less inclined to throttle her, so I consider it well-spent.

Now, I am home again, and any good will I'd gained from the initial rescue from the vet was squandered in the return. She won't even share a couch with me. Still, she's home, I'm poor, and we have another appointment next week. All's well that ends well.

Now, I have a few thousand words to write before I crash and burn. Not to mention an entire writing system to rethink. Oi. Perhaps I will post about comics bang later, if I'm not passed out in exhaustion. We'll see.
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Quick update on Zena:

No one told me when I dropped her off or in any of the phone calls that for this sort of thing they keep them overnight. So I showed up at the pre-arranged 5PM and was asked to please step aside so I could speak to a vet in private. Needless to say, I started to panic, but it was just about the "whoops, should have told you, we could have saved you a 40 mile round trip. Our bad" thing. :\

According the the vet, she's doing pretty well. They let me see her and she nearly jumped off the table when she saw me. Apparently they thought that dosing her up with morphine would somehow make her dozy. HA. Not my baby. She lunged for me, and then spent ten minutes telling me all about the horrible things they did to her. The vet on duty pretty much admitted that it was exactly the opposite of what she'd been expecting for a dog as drugged up as mine. I managed not to cry when I left her. The parking lot, however, was another matter. :( I just want my puppy to come home.

In writing: [livejournal.com profile] comicsbigbang is at 15k. 5k of that was frantic, worried-sick-and-trying-to-stay-busy writing today. I think I have plot? Sort of. Osborn is reaching for the stars! Here's hoping he gets burned.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] coiledsoul & [livejournal.com profile] sherriaisling!

I have LJ userpics I haven't used. Huh. /random

Okay, less bang-specific rambling than recently posted. Reading up on the 1940s has made me incredibly grateful for modern advances, and also reassured me that if it's useful yet disgusting, the Egyptians did it first.

I have read Sleeping Beauty porn and it makes me want to write my own. (facepalm) It was really bad porn too. Aching manhood and internal "shield" hymen bad. So bad that it even managed to butcher some of the most famous lines of the movie. This makes me want to do it right. I'm a bad, bad person. And I was just given the DVD for my birthday, so I could even watch it without risking my ancient VHS tape.

Cheese & crackers = nom.

I seem to have been adopted. o_O We've had two dogs wandering around our property for more than a week now. They have collars, but no tags, and we can't find any trace of their owners. There's not a no-kill shelter anywhere even remotely close, and they seem content enough to hang around on our porch. One's a big black rotty-mix, and the other is a brindle pit. They're both really sweet, but the black one is going to need some work on the inter-pack dynamics, because he gets psuhy and agressive with the other animals. (My horse has tried to kick him several times and he hasn't learned yet.) We're trying to find their owner, but if no one shows up, I guess that's it. I'd love to keep the brindle, because he's a cuddly little doll and I miss having big puppies, but the black one is going to be A Problem.

So... Yeah. Been adopted. We'll see how this works out.

In bang-specific notes, I've touch 16k and Stevie has yet to even get out of her dirty, stolen Evil Nazi Ducky scrubs and meet a Significant Plot Point. Actually, it's only just about two days since she was hacked out of an ice cube. She still has soul-searching to do! People to talk to! Teeth to brush! Incredibly slimy CEOs (Tony) to threaten! I think I've under-estimated a word count somewhere. D:

At least I've got the break-down under control?

Also, can I get someone from the other side of the Atlantic to take back their spelling? Today I've misspelled not only donut, but also theater and favorite. I'M CONFUSED NOW.
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First actual post of the year! I'm being a productive member of society! Okay, so the December calendar on my sidebar is bugging me. Hush! Huge thanks to everyone who sent me cards! ♥ Special love to [livejournal.com profile] kijikun and [livejournal.com profile] stormseye for the extras that came with. (hugs tight) You all rock! I shall be purchasing a corkboard to display them all. :D

Wraps! I arrived safely home in the company of Mom and three pets, yays. Set handled the trip down much better than the trip up. I splurged and bought a dog carrier for them, and he was miserable but not messy-miserable. Mom and I chatted and got lost on the way down, luckily remembering enough geography to know which roads to take when we'd missed our turn by five miles. We had real food for supper (a stop a Ruby Tuesdays) and got in around 10-ish. Unfortunately, She Who Is Called Dragon hadn't left for her lair yet. (facepalm) Luckily, no one had a brilliant idea to make me sleep on my own couch, or there would have been War. We worked it out. Sunday was spent prepping for Monday, and Monday was spent wishing for coffee. Thus has gone my week.

I'm very tired lately. I blame my uterus, but I also blame that I haven't slept well since getting home. The Dragon has doggies with her, one of which is Sensitive (meaning I roll over and she starts barking) and all of which Eat Cats. This is my not amused face.

How is it fair that my cats have to stay back in the bedroom (with the lights off, because surely they don't mind being locked up all alone in the dark and it saves the cost of a tiny bedside lamp) while her dogs get the run of the house? Pardon me for my presumption, but if they were my dogs, I wouldn't expect my host—family or no—to put their pets away. I completely understand when you can't leave them at home, but it's not right to tell me that my pets are the problem and to keep them locked up, when its their home and those dogs are the ones doing the terrorizing. GRRRRAWR.

(breathes) But, cheery news, She Who Is Called Dragon left this morning, taking her dogs with her. I'll be able to have my home back, thank goodness, and my cats can come out of the bedroom. Huzzah!

Okiedoke. This holiday season, a gift from my boss was a gift card to Borders. (She knows me well. :D) I spent it on three books for the trip, and in the process of the trip I finished all three. Here are my thoughts:
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Jace is coming home! \o/

In short, he was anemic. The vet claims fleas and I'm inclined to agree. He likes to crawl under the house and shed, which is precisely where the sand fleas lurk. Worse, our fleas laugh at our control methods, since it's 29 acres and we can only even attempt to keep 1 acre clear. He also had an elevated white blood cell count, so he's getting antibiotics for that. (A cold..? They didn't say.)

However, I had to have a long, involved argument with the vet about his condition. Warning for Strong Language and F-Bombs )
TL;DR, my dogs are my children, and you do not fuck with my children.

ETA: Vet called back and tried to prescribe it again. KSA;FHDKLJHLADFHJKHEW'HFDSJKDSJK STOP THAT. Worse, this time they couldn't even tell me why, which I suspect translates as "we know you'll refuse". There is also a mystery Third Medication which no one seems to be able to tell me what it's for, never mind why I should pay $100 for it.

BRB Raging
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This is already building up to be a wonderful week. So much, in fact, that I'm considering stringing some cords bunking down in the barn until it's over. We have hay in there. Hay is comfy. (Hay dust will probably be hell on the laptop though.)

I was late coming in to work this morning. Jace is in a bad way—his gums are seriously bloodless and he's lethargic. I'm hoping it's something treatable. :( So I took him to the vet this morning, but walk-ins don't start until 9, so hello, late to work. Luckily, I'm never really late and I don't take sick days, so everyone was very understanding. (hugs her grandpuppy) He has birth defects, so he was already a special needs puppy. Right now he's at the vet, and my cell phone is glued to my hip. Updates will come as I have them.

Family Wank is happening, and of course I'm in the middle listening to both sides vent and nodding along, while silently I just want to yell "GROW UP" and stuff my head under a pillow until they go away. If Papa's Thanksgiving is ruined because of them, I will do exactly that. I have no problem playing "willing and non-judgmental ear", but if they're going to let it spill over, we're going to Have Words. :| Do not make me go all srs bsns on you, people. You won't like me when I'm srs.

Work-wise... Dear Flist. Please do me a favor. If you call a support line and are shunted to voice mail, it may be because the staff is horribly under staffed (which is to say, there is only me). Please, please, please leave a voice mail. Ten seconds of silence (or curses) do no good whatesoever for either of us, and without some way of knowing how to contact you, I cannot help. Especially do so if your other choice is to call back a gazillion times in the next ten minutes. I swear that if I am able, I will indeed answer your call and help you. Cross my heart.

In fandom... Two prompts written! Neither one are of the explicit variety, nor are they long, but they have been written. *\o/* So there's something to cheer about.
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@.@ I hate writing on weekends. BAH, family. Okay, so they need me, and I love them, but one day I'm going to lock my door and do the emo "playing music really loudly to ignore them while I write angst-tastic things" thing, and that will show them. It might be more effective if the music weren't highly likely to be country.

I meant to post about this before, but it completely slipped my mind. We lost one of the puppies. :( As far as we can tell, Zippo accidentally suffocated and then ate him. (We are assuming he was eaten, seeing as we can't find a body, but we did find a mysteriously bloody spot in a box of old rags, and Zippo had bloody paws.) At least, we're hoping that's the way it happened, because if she just ate him then we're likely to lose another one, and maybe both. She's really bad about not laying on them, though, so maybe...

Anyway, less depressing news: NaNo. Writing wasn't easy today, even taking out family-based reasons, but I think that's because it's combining my two weaknesses: Steve PoV and Action. We are now firmly in the Dramatic Climax arena, though, so there's nothing I can do about that except slog onward. Using the reward system helped a bit (every 100 words I gave myself some mint M&Ms), but not much. The End Is Nigh, however, and it looks like I am actually going to write my very first story that tops 50k. \o/ Unless all of my characters mysteriously die sometime soon, there's almost no way I can tie up the loose threads in less than another 5,000 words. This is very exciting, since previously all of my stories topped out at roughly 20k.

This has been incredibly different from normal writing. Not just in the "sit down, stop whining and keep going" way, since I got used to that back in college, but in the way it developed. Looking back at my now almost completely redundant outline, I had a ton of filler material. The story itself is really pretty straight forward. I also picked an event driven plot, when usually I go for character driven, so that was new (and painful), so I did need a hard outline of what happened in what order, even though I ended up veering wildly from it. But I had room to play, to toddle after a tossed one-liner and see where it went. The characters had room to expand, and dear gods did they expand. I'm noticing patterns in my writing that I never have before (I need to stop using the "he did X, and then he did Y" sentence format), and also finding out things about my own headspace that actually make me feel a little uncomfortable (I enjoy hurting my characters in creative fashions way way way too much).

Even if I end up sitting down in a year, when I have some more objectivity, and deciding that this story is utter crap, I'm glad I did it. It broke my head open and let me poke at all the gooey things that spilled out.

Okay, now that I'm done rambling, totals! Total word count: 46,740, which means I wrote 3,722 words today! Tomorrow, assuming all goes well, I will top 50k. *\o/* I barely managed to touch three quotas, but it counts, so ha! Spoilers, ect, does anyone care or am I just paranoid? Also, warnings! Torture. Violence. Blood.
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Day Ten

Nov. 10th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Eventful day was eventful! First, tomorrow is Veterans Day, which means I, as a worker bee at an educational institute, will not be working. I plan to sleep, eat, and write. Not necessarily in that order.

First, Zippo finally popped! @-@ And she did it all over the house. New mothers, sigh. There were four total, but we lost one. :\ The other three are looking a little scrawny, but honestly, they always do. I don't know why. The good news is that it probably wasn't incest. Two of them came out black, and the other is really dark. That suggests that Teddy was the culprit, and thankfully he is not related to Zippo in any way. If anyone is in the Southeastern US area and interested in a companion around, oh, Christmas, PM me please. They're going to need homes, because I am not keeping them. I bring you pictures (with my shiny shiny new camera) under the cut: Before, After, and The Munchkins.
I also had an interesting talk with my aunt that kind of made me go oO. We were talking about how I was never really a social animal as a kid; I'd find a corner and read or draw rather than share gossip or whatever it is kids do when they're on the playground, and she shared a story. When I was little (okay, for like, 90% of my childhood), I had long hair. My mom, like many moms who have never had long hair, was kind of rough brushing it. She says that one time she asked how I stood it, and I told her that I "go away to a place where it doesn't hurt". That... um. Doesn't sound good to me. o.O; I'm not really worried, but it's just one of those weird things that make you look back on your childhood with new eyes and a wish for a manual of some sort.

I may have also had one of those upsetting moments when you look at a grainy old black and white photo and go "HEY, she's hot!" and then you read the text and find out it's your grandmother. D: TRAUMATIZED. I will get a copy of said pic up one day.

NaNo! NaNo hated me. No, really, I walked away from work today with words that I was certain I'd have to highlight and trash. I had no idea where I was going, wtf the boys were doing, and I was about a thousand words from breaking something--possibly Tony. It Was Not Working. They had veered so far off track that I had no clue what to do with them, and ended up spilling out a day of writing that I believed was horrifically OOC and, worse, would completely neuter a later scene that I actual need! I had huge chunks of text highlighted in green for later removal, and had reached the point where I'd considered randomly killing someone for the sake of plot. It was that bad.

And then I got into one of those conversations that make everything clear up. Well, I say conversation, but what I mean is that I monologued at my cousin until she gave me a solution just to shut me up. Not only did this salvage MASSIVE OOC CHUNKS OF TEXT, but it also moved the story along and gave me a reason to hand Steve some info he'll need for later. I still had to leave some chunks highlighted, but they're only about three hundred, rather than an entire day. So this plot twist around 25k? That's all her. I will name a villain in her honor. Maybe even one that lives. (collapse)

Totals! Today's word count is 30,877! Meaning I wrote 4,031 words, and I don't have to throw away a ton of it! *\o/* I only passed two quotas, but I'm so close to the next one that it's a gimme. :D Excepts/spoilers, of course.

Bad Zippo!

Oct. 27th, 2009 10:51 am
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Trick or treat!

It'll be cross-posted later, probably. :x

Yesterday was very much a Monday. x.X I walked into work and my main monitor wouldn't turn on. WTF. Okay, so I have two, but I actually need two. So I got to toddle around, and the result is a new widescreen that is just a little weird to look at, but works. (I know, bitch bitch bitch.) I also remembered why I hate Spidey's costume. Damned toga. (This will make sense come Friday.)

In more headdesky news... Zippo is pregnant. VERY pregnant. She needed help getting into my very low-set car. She bulges. (facepalm) This, sadly, is the unfortunate result of my grandfather forgetting that she was in heat and my Uncle just not caring enough to leave the puppy-panties on her. I am not doing "up all night with the puppies" again. Do you hear me, dogs?



Mar. 20th, 2008 11:08 am
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I keep meaning to say this, but in the fury of LJ drama, I keep getting distracted. Really, distraction is a good thing right now, so I'm grateful. So a quick blub, and then I'll put up my Strike info and whatnot.

One of our dogs passed away this week. She was old and sick, so she was finally put down. I didn't know her very well - I'd only moved in towards the end of her life, but I knew her as a puppy and visited when I was growing up. I disagree with pet-euthanasia because they can't give consent, but I know she was in pain and it was only going to get worse. That doesn't exactly make it easier to handle. :/


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