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So, I'm finally owning up to the fact that I don't really like what Steve/Tony fandom's become. I still love the characters and the whole pairing and chatting about them and spinning the wheels about maybe and what if. I love scans and spoilers and I'm dying to see IM3, and when I'm with select people (not naming names, but you probably know who you are) I'm able to dig up that same old enthusiasm.

Because what I love is what Steve/Tony used to be. I wallowed in the long, plotty fic where the romance was often parallel (or secondary! gasp!) to the action plot, I reveled in trivia and character dissections, in long threads about fic ideas and plot lines. And while the fic might have been thin on the ground, there was a pretty good chance that whatever came through would be good quality.

Now... IDK. I'm getting tired of feeling like 95% of the time when I run across a Steve/Tony post, it's not talking about the same characters, even when we're referencing the same universes. The characterizations are barely recognizable, at best. WTF is with SuperFamily and how do I burn it with fire? And Deadpool/Spider-Man? Does anyone even know who Deadpool is anymore? And Natasha does have a personality, you know! It's occasionally cute but for FFS, it's OOC, at least admit that. It's all weird and disconcerting and leaves me feeling like I tried to climb some stairs and my feet slipped out from under me.

I don't even read the fic anymore because the hit:miss ratio has gotten incredibly heavy on the miss. Sturgeon's Law has taken effect. And since most of my fandom engagement is in reading... IDK what's really left for me. Writing is great, but it's mostly solitary work. I can't fangirl on writing alone. Some can; I'm not one of them. So yeah, I'm just BOFQing it up over here and finally admitting something that's been bugging me for a while. No one wants to be that fan, and I bit my lip a thousand times to keep from proving the "comics/old fans are meeeeeeean" whiners true. But here it is: I'm not happy with fandom, and it doesn't seem to be going away. :\
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No, really. Why?

Quick backstory: I recently got an eReader as a gift to myself! (Kobo Touch, am in love with it thus far, though I had to sell a couple of souls just to get my hands on the damned thing.) Change jars build up over time, yo! So I was looking for books to add to it and thought, "Hey, the Teen Wolf novelization is out there! Maybe I should take a peek at that."

And then I hesitated and had to ask, Do I really want to spend money on a book I won't finish? Because, mark my words, I won't finish it. I already know this without even having looked at the previews or any reviews. I am not one of those people who will trudge through a book solely for completion's sake. If it sucks, I will throw it against a wall and then pawn it off on a relative or, in extreme cases, Goodwill. (I may eventually find and designate an "instead of eBook" throwing object for these occasions.)

I've read novelizations before. I've read the Sailor Moon novels (rehashes of the US episodes, poorly written, unimaginative), started the Iron Man II novelization (absolutely unreadable, dull, full of both plot holes and SPaG errors) and backed slowly away from many others after just glancing through them. Why is this a thing?

Ideally, novelizations should be another way to lure people into the franchise. "Oh, I liked that book, I'll give the movie a try!" Alternately, they're a way to get current fans to give you money. "OMG THEY MADE A BOOK!" There should be no How Desperate Am I? question. No wrangling with yourself over purchasing sub-quality material, no rolling your eyes because "they made a book out of that?", secure in the knowledge that it will suck, and you will be glad to have saved yourself a couple of bucks. Setting aside for a moment the "I can get better shit for free on the internet" issue, it's just a matter of common sense. You wouldn't go to a T-shirt company, have your logo printed on a t-shirt and just sort of shrug when the shirts show up holey with the logo smudged, then expect people to pay $20 for it!

I'm not expecting Terry Pratchett or Stephen King, here. Just something entertaining, readable and tied into an existing franchise. I don't get why this is so hard! Fans do it all the time. Track down a popular author in your franchise with work you like and say, "Write me a story with these specs and I'll give you Real People Money, with bonus bragging rights and maybe some merch." Hell, hold a fanfic contest and say that the top however-many will get published in a short story anthology. (Trickier, but not unfeasible, I think.)

Or at fucking least make sure your questionably chosen author has a fucking editor.

Note: Copypasta'd to Tumblr, since that's where Teen Wolf hangs, and I feel this is Relevant.
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I'm home. I've actually been home since last Tuesday night, but finding time to sit down and type up a DW entry has been a pain. I left out around 7-ish AM and arrived home around 9-ish PM, which wasn't too bad for having to make a bajillion stops. See, the kittens are at the Escape ALL THE THINGS stage, and it turns out that there's few things more terrifying than going 80MPH down a highway and checking your rear view to see a kitten in your back window. AHHHHH. But we made it home, everyone's safe and snug, family driving me to contemplate murder, etc. So pretty much SNAFU. Which I've just decided needs to be a tag.

Kittens do well, and I really do need to take more pictures of them. They actually look like kittens now instead of rodents! Working on getting them weaned, because Duzie looks so pathetic whenever they nurse with their sharp little kitten teeth. So far, no dice. I'm keeping a close eye on them because the ever-present flea problem is still a problem, but flea combing is the best thing I can do right now. I need to chat with a vet about if some medication I have is safe for them. The box says it is, but I'd rather ask first.

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Anyway, such was my return home. :\ Happy New Year, I guess. 2011 sucked, so with any luck 2012 will be different. Of course, I said that at the end of 2010. D:

Normally I do some sort of end of the year writing summary, but so much of my writing this year wasn't published, it would just be a mess to work it out. D: I'm just going to have to crack on finishing/posting stories for a while.
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I... just... IDK. I hate my life and it hates me?

These last two weeks have been hell. Just top-down, inside-out hell. So be warned: whining and a pity party below, as well as some possibly triggery stuff by way of pet death.
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I really. Really. Really detest IT.

Okay. I'm back from WinCon and I had a blast. (Shall post on that laters. I need to run around collecting pics and permissions.) Anyway, while I was gone, I was supposed to get Windows 7 installed on my work machine. I was running XP, most of the students were on 7, and the OS are different enough that it makes things confusing. Plus, my machine hadn't been upgraded since the stone age, and while it worked well enough, it pays to keep up with these things. Unfortunately, the scheduled update didn't happen. IT managed to fuck over the systems in general while I was gone, so my boss had been dealing with that all week. It's no problem, really. I can do a simple upgrade myself, I had already backed up everything important. No sweat. So I got the installation disk and got to installing.

My monitor stopped working.

Okay, I have two monitors. It wasn't the end of the world. I could wait to have it fixed. I really need two, but I managed to hobble along. I did a but of poking and figured out that the problem was with the driver for my graphics card. Simple. All I needed to do was crack my tower, see what sort of card I have, go to the website, and download. But I was feeling lazy, and this really isn't my job. So, like a genius, I called IT yesterday.
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(headdesk headdesk headdesk)

Someone tell me when my country was dropped in the Twilight Zone. Please. Because this is just too dumb even for me to swallow.

This is the article that just made me choke. You probably don't want to read it if you value your braincells, so I'll give a quick summary.

Former State Senator Rod Beck is a bitter super conservative who's failed three times to get through his party's (Republican) primary elections. He blames this on his rivals, who "don't support party ideals".

At a state convention last month, Rod Beck staged a revolt with the Tea Party and old school conservatives (I suspect that "old school" here means "Civil War Era"). With their powers combined, Beck managed to drag the Idaho Republican party into a big spiral that is best described as a Magic Eye Picture (it only makes sense if you look at it out of focus and squint). From this, according to the article, arose a platform based on, "a spasm of anti-fed outrage — and anger at Republicans who Beck thinks have strayed from the fold". Included in this platform are the following goals:
  • The seizing of federal lands located in Idaho.
  • The repeal of the 17th Amendment.
  • A return to the gold/silver standard.

Fortunately, they (barely) stopped short of supporting an unregulated State Militia. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it's all in the name of "States' Rights" and "State Supremacy"? Also given a nod is a return to hard labor in exchange for meals for inmates (and I thought I wanted to kick Joe Arpaio in the nads — just let me in kicking range of Beck). Of course, there's the usual social conservative splattering of anti-abortion, pro-gun, pro-war, etc etc bullshit. One remarkably hammer-headed ass would like to get rid of the federal income tax (you know, that thing that pays for our government).

For my non-USA people, the 17th Amendment is the one that covers the election of the Senate. It goes thusly:
The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures. It's so much easier to bribe a small group.

When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.

This amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution.
So, TL;DR, they want to end popular elections of Senators. WTF. How fucking out of touch do you have to be to think that re-writing the US democracy is a good thing? Of course, it makes sense if you're Rod Beck, who kept losing in the (popular election) primaries for some unknown reason. No word on what they want to replace it — probably back to being elected by the state legislators.

Remember kiddies: voting directly on the people who represent you is bad. Real Americans vote on the people who vote on the people who represent you. That's how Great-Great-Grandpa did it! It's not like the 17th Amendment was passed in part to prevent corporate interests from putting Senators in their pockets like certain people are accused of now or any...

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(headdesk headdesk headdesk) Oh LJ. Why you hate us?

Okay, no, LJ doesn't hate us. Some of us (namely, me) gives LJ monies, and LJ does not hate people who give it monies.

What it does seem to hate are slash-based communities.
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I'm going to be fair. I really don't believe this is out of any policy-oriented maliciousness. It makes no sense for LJ to be screening content, because if they start that means they're liable for anything that doesn't pass muster. On a site like LJ, that's a recipe for GLADoS-style cake ("fish shaped volatile organic compounds"). They're not going to mess their own bed like that.

Currently, LJ's ToS says that, upon reporting:
"Should any Content that you have authored be reported to LiveJournal as being offensive or inappropriate, LiveJournal might call upon you to retract, modify, or protect (by means of private and friends only settings) the Content in question within a reasonable amount of time, as determined by the LiveJournal staff. Should you fail to meet such a request from LiveJournal staff, LiveJournal may terminate your account. LiveJournal, however, is under no obligation to restrict or monitor journal Content in any way" (point XIV—emphasis mine).
Might is the key word here, I think. They might send you an e-mail. They might not. It's completely arbitrary. Really, this whole part is so wrapped up in indistinct mumbo-jumbo, they're basically saying "eh, we'll decide each case individually". Which I would normally approve, since it gives room for leniency. Unfortunately, it also gives room for prejudice and just stupid decisions.

Of course, LJ's ToS hasn't been updated since 2008, and gods know we've had some mix-ups since then. They could have changed policy behind our backs again.

The way LJ is currently set up, all it takes is one asshole with a grudge, and one homophobic asshole with a job, to completely lock down a community that really should have been given other options. It smells like a troll targeting communities, flagging them for the lulz, and then someone in Abuse going "ewwwww gay". What bugs me is that it shows the complete lack of coherent policy LJ has, and it's incredibly shady. [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants has a far lower level of explicit content than many slash dedicated communities. It's an example of how arbitrary and callus this is. Discussion of sex =/= explicit, unless my elementary school sex ed courses were a lot less boring than I remember.

The problem is that, not only does LJ not lay down SOP for these situations, which opens the way for abuse, it also doesn't define "adult content" in any way that a mod could use to make rules. Back when the flagging system went into place, LJ said they wouldn't define it because the 18+ markers were supposed to be voluntary. We are now seeing exactly how well that works—especially when it's increasingly obvious that the flagging isn't as voluntary as all that. The arbitrary enforcement is ridiculous, and inexcusable. LJ needs to sit down and define an SOP for these situations that involves contacting the maintainers and discussing options. (Use a damned form e-mail. You do for everything else.)

I don't like this sign of backsliding. LJ has been so good lately, with keeping us informed, not knee-jerking and not running around with its pants down. This, however, is definitely knee-jerk territory, with a sprinkling of not informing and a threat of imminent ass-exposure. I hate that I'm glad I have DW already set up. I don't want to move; I've got way too many friends on LJ, and some of my favorite communities aren't likely to shift any time soon. But really, LJ, didn't we already go through this BS about targeting content one twice?


Jul. 29th, 2009 10:27 am
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You know, I hate being harsh to people. Really, I do. Even when it's necessary. I kind of suck at it, actually, in some pretty spectacular ways. Which is why I hate having to make this post. This actually has nothing to do with most of you, but it seems like people like to track me down after years and years, and I feel like I need to say something about appropriate methods.

General statement, fandom =/= personal life =/= professional life. Sometimes they mesh, yes, and this can be wonderful and fun when it happens. That's great. But there are limits, especially seeing as I work at a school, which is surprisingly less liberal than you'd expect.

Some of you know my RL name, or enough about me to find it. Whether it's through school, an e-mail, a convention, etc, the information is out there. I even have a super-special locked post with all my contact information in case I go incommunicado and someone panics. If you actually have access to this, it's because I trust you not to misuse it. I mostly have no problem with having only a thin layer between RL/Online, because we're all adults or at least adult-like people, and I sincerely thought that was enough. Seems like it's not.

My family mostly knows that a good number of my hobbies fall into the "it's about anime/manga/movies/books/comics and you really don't want to know anything else" category. Some of them don't, notably my grandparents. My bosses know that I'm fannish in a vague "she has interesting posters and occasionally takes time off to go to conventions" sort of way. I don't post much about either, because I try to keep those parts of my life in separate boxes in my head. It keeps things organized, and I don't have to deal with the fallout of "you write what" from anyone.

Big rule: If you have or can find my RL information, for the love of all that's ever been dear to you, do not contact me via work in relation to fandom things. Don't even mention fandom things in vague proximity to my official capacity as an employee of a community college. No yaoi/slash. No pairings. No wank, or tropes or fics. There's other ways to contact me. USE THEM. They're not always fast, granted, and I may or may not ignore it depending on the situation, but they exist. I have a personal e-mail, a cell phone, a home number, LJ, FFN... any one of these is enough and will reach me eventually. The next time I have to explain to Beth from IT what a fandom-specific term means because the word caught in the e-mail filter, heads are going to roll. I'm damn lucky that the HP movie just came out and she didn't know the significance of the slash identifier.

In other words, unless specifically stated otherwise, what happens in fandom stays in fandom.

Gr face

Jul. 21st, 2009 11:06 am
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You know, I usually love my job and coworkers, but right now I'd really just love to (verbally) ream the lot of them, and I can't even really call them out over it because the topic of conversation isn't a protected class.

Long story short, the question of homelessness came up. (It might be significant that this topic arose among the higher-earning, white, middle-aged employees, but maybe not.) The three participants hold opinions I find very offensive, namely that homeless people are either mentally ill or just trying to make an easy buck and that they could get jobs if they tried. I'm not even going to start with everything that's wrong with this, because I'll just get upset and I'm not really sure anyone at work even knows I can get upset except perhaps Melanie (who is my cousin's girlfriend and straddles the "co-worker/family" line). I'll just say that I'm very well aware that in any given situation there is going to be someone trying to take advantage of people. In this case (as someone who does give money to people who ask for it when and if I can afford it), I feel that it's better to be wrong 199/200 times, just to be right that once.

Health Care

Jul. 7th, 2009 10:56 am
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Note for the unwary: I'm an American. This is relevant.

Today's rant! Health care. That is, my utter lack of it. (headdesk) My owner boss was asking for doctor recs, and I just sort of stared at her for a long time and then blurted, "I haven't been to the doctor in five years". You know, pity is not a fun thing.
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*sigh* MS Office 2007 came out how long ago? And people are still confused about .docx files. (Also resistant to using .pdf, which is so much more convenient for our purposes that I could scream. Why? "I don't do it that way." ARGH.)
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The point of this is, for the sake of my quickly growing headache, if someone in a tech support position tells you "don't do that", please please please don't argue with them unless you're buying their aspirin. If you really, really think you're right, ask to speak to someone else. It may not save lives, but it keeps the dents in desks from growing too big.


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