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Well, that was an exciting day. I am increasingly disenchanted with young people and current fandom. :\

IDK how many of you follow me on Tumblr (hiii from the hellscape), but there was An Incident. Mucca sums it up beautifully, saving me the time. TL;DR, n00bs in fandom who don't know what they're doing and think this is all Brand New!!!1! who then proceed to make problems for the rest of us. Hilariously, this mostly was resolved because the smallish core of old!fandom remains pretty well intact, and we all knew damned well that we hadn't given permission. If it had been just me, without knowing Valtyr or Pen or anyone, I might have spent ages looking to find if I'd missed an email and then would have likely let the giveaway slide. At least, until/if I caught the commercial angle. IDK then; probably an explosion to rival potential of the supervolcano under Yellowstone, wherein none would be left standing and it would just be a mess of ashes and regret.

And I keep coming back to the fact that it's a good idea. If the poster in question had just been polite and asked, not left it up for money (even if at-cost), not abused NaNo... This is not something I would be unhappy with. In fact, done well, I'd be all over it. Even though that's not the fic of mine I would have chosen for inclusion, just having a printed collection of high quality old favorites would have been so cool. I've got boxes of stuff I printed off back in high school that I still comb through now and then.

As it is, I've updated my blanket statement to be a little more serious and a lot more specific. Still kind of pissed at the way the whole mess went down, but I feel bad for the OP, and I hope the internet isn't too hard on her. Permission is Important! Let this be a lesson to you, internet!

Hopefully, someone will take the same idea and run with it in a more informed way. When/if that happens, my money is ready.
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.. jail is weekends only!
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So... Um. Yeah, that's been my month. If I sound stressed or inexplicably freaked out of small things, that's probably why. Sometimes I think my life is some sort of TV drama, and then I realize that any script writer worth their salt would toss it as too unbelievable for television. Also, long periods of "I should write/edit this but meeeeeh too lazy OMG PEOPLE ARE WRONG ON THE INTERNET" followed by brief bursts of "WTF IS THIS SHIT" is terrible pacing.
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From [personal profile] gigglingkat. Because reasons.

1. Put Your iTunes/Windows Media Player/ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.
6. Tag 5 friends (be sure to comment in their LJ to let them know you tagged them!)
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And this is what happens when you use the word "Clown" in reference to sex...
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And this is the kind of conversations we have. You're welcome.
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... you realize that you have to choose between a well-written scene and historical accuracy a.k.a. every bad porn trope ever. (Definitely NSFW, warnings for everything from Noncon and Incest to Pumpkin fucking and I think I skimmed past some watersports. Fandom clearly takes cues from the Victorians.)

Needless to say, I think historical accuracy is going to need a short vacation. Prickle! Prick I can manage, but prickle is a step below "whazzit" and "hoo-ha", something I previously never thought possible. There's a limit to my dedication to accuracy, and it stops right at using words like "aperture" when describing a sex act. This is worse than Hallways. So much worse. Though I'm happy to say that apparently Tony's letter wasn't that over-the-top after all, though making Steve and Bucky brothers is, apparently, much less a barrier than I supposed.

omfg staircases now. Someone remind me why I thought this was a good idea?
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I want a mainstream media outlet to quote and link to my fanfic without asking permission!


For record, I sent an admittedly snippy comment (titled Manners and Etiquette, no less) explaining that it's polite to ask and I don't really like being surprised with my stuff being suddenly splashed across a potentially hostile forum without warning.

Shockingly, I received an apology, an equally snippy comment about fair use ("I doubt you asked permission to use the characters from their owners.") and an offer to take it down. Since my real worry was courtesy, I said that he can leave it up. Legally, he's got every right to quote & attribute me without permission and there's jack shit I can do about it, but really people. Courtesy! This is not hallways! When you're using something that could get someone trolled, or in legal/parental/work trouble (which yes, slash can do all of those things) it's only polite to ask.

Now that Ms. Manners is satisfied, it's safe to sit back and bask in the unwarranted publicity for a fic series I really hated writing. (Seriously. Me and first person? Present tense?! Talk about loggerheads.)

On Sunday two of the kittens went to new homes. :( I miss the little rodents. The one that's left is the shorthair, who is sweet and needy and still nurses homg! We're going to have to do something about that. She goes to a new home on Valentines day, so I have a week to snuggle.

Fics continue... well, they continue, mostly due to [personal profile] valtyr egging me on. Girl!Steve is in beta/edits process. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, defiling all things holy in Echo Bazaar fics. I'm going to feel weird when the series is over and it takes up a chunk of the EBZ fandom on AO3. D:
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With much blame to people who shall remain unnamed (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), I may or may not have posted the First Story in my new Echo Bazaar/Avengers fusion.
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In more immediate news, I need a beta. D: The Girl!Steve fic is ready to be shaken until the Terrible falls out. The trick here is that if you sign up, you have to be willing to get spoiled for the next Girl!Steve fic too, because they're linked, and I can't explain certain choices I made without explaining future plot twists. It's a bit over 50k. The plan is to edit Girl!Steve, and then post it in bits while I work on the Bazaar fic and all the massive work needed for Vampires. Then, posting Vampires in bits while I work on the Bazaar fic and fairytale. And then posting the fairytale fic while my soul curls into a fetal ball and cries.

So, anyone up for part one of the plan? :D?
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I've been meaning to post this and failing horribly. TL;DR, Saturday saw the Sweet Miracle of Life happen on my bed and me. :| Yeah, ew. She wanted me to hold her, which was so sweet and so gross. I'm pretty sure she's decided that this is a co-parent thing, because she made me take care of the placentas too, which a less strange cat should have eaten. But nope, that got to be my job. Ick ick ick.

The whole litter was six, but we lost three. Two were huge and got stuck, and I just couldn't get the third to breathe. :( But that leaves us three squeaking little rodents, which all seem to be doing fairly well. Duzie is a shockingly good mother and barely leaves the box (now that I've convinced her that the box is a good thing, and she's convinced me to sleep with my arm dangling off the bed into it). She lets me pull them out and handle them all I need to, but gets hissy when anyone else even looks in. I feel special, even if it's nerve-wracking that no one else can get at them in an emergency.

Unfortunately, all of this combines to mean I've gotten precious little sleep total since Saturday evening, and will probably have to self-medicate tonight (alcohol) if I want to sleep. D: If their little cries aren't keeping me awake, their sudden silences snap me out of a dead sleep every time, and when I do manage to sleep it's only for a half hour before I have to check on them. I do this every time there's furry grandbabies in the house, but still. I'm dead exhausted. Their mother can take care of them for once. Grandma needs rest.

Now, for what you've been waiting for! Pics! (Warning: they really do look like rodents.)
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Nov. 21st, 2011 10:57 pm
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No kittens yet. I've had a serious talk with my cat about how rude it is to keep us waiting like this, but she's a cat. She'll do it whenever she damned well pleases.

I'll probably be putting up my card post soon, so start thinking if you want one. No take-backsies once they're stamped. :P
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Finally, a confession.

I OTP Darcy/Loki in movieverse. No, I don't have any fricking clue how this happened, other than that it's beautiful crack and I have a habit to support. I may have to write it, just as soon as I write LokiPreg fem!Loki/Doom.

And then perhaps fem!Loki/Doom/Darcy, as the next logical step.

... Yep. I've been broken.

Like Tony's dick.
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I... just... IDK. I hate my life and it hates me?

These last two weeks have been hell. Just top-down, inside-out hell. So be warned: whining and a pity party below, as well as some possibly triggery stuff by way of pet death.
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My family still isn't completely gone. A cousin lingered, and as a result so did four extra dogs, on top of the three of their dogs that they are dumping on us permanently.

Yes, I said that right. Permanently. This brings our grand total up to twelve. Because I don't have enough trouble caring for nine, I guess. And one of them? Tries to eat my cats. We are so not doing this. :| This is the third week that my cats have been locked back in my bedroom, and I'm getting really, really sick of it. Steps are going to have to be taken, because my cats are not living in terror.

I have not yet begun attempting to knit. Instead, I am attempting crochet, because apparently I win that way. I keep bringing my shiny new needles and (admittedly cheap until I can manage decent stitch) yarn to work, and then keeping on with crochet because it still is wonky, which drives me wild.

That's... kind of it for me. I'm tired, sniffly, cold and frustrated, and that seems like it will continue until the last cousin is gone and I can properly train our new additions. I am making a half-assed effort towards NaNo, but I do not think proper writing is going to happen until things settle again. :(
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I'm baaaaaaack.

I've spent the last two days on a roof. :| The house needs new shingles, and Mary is not one to look askance at free labor. (sigh) On the plus side, I now know how to shingle a house. Yay, learned skills?

Otherwise, we've been spending a lot of time outside burning things and such, though one night we went ghost hunting. That was fun, and I will try to post some of the pictures we took. I ended up sitting in the middle of the graveyard all by myself for a while, which was not much fun. But I had a definite feeling that I shouldn't go near the graves they were going to investigate, and I've learned to listen to my gut on these things. (Turns out, the graves had Jesus Fish on them, sooooo...) Also, one of the recorders got its battery drained about 7 minutes in. Which was weird because we were all constantly checking to see if the power light was on.

TL;DR, my last few days have been a mix of fun and pain in the ass.

I received a care package from [profile] devious_lint, [personal profile] lupusdragon and [personal profile] cursor_mundi. I think the CIA got it. It was wrapped really oddly and some of the cookies had bites missing. oO I have not yet tried the Turkish Delight, as it looks rather gooey and I need ungooey'd fingers.

And now, a meme to pass the time.
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All that stuff I posted earlier about how it sucks that my car is broken.

Ignore it. It is amazing that my car broke down when it did. Yes, I will be singing a different tune when the bill comes in, but for now, I'm thrilled. A bunch of horrible dominoes toppled against each other, and resulted in a Good Thing.

Okay, here's how the day went, and tell me if this isn't a damn miracle.
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TL;DR, 1) if my car hadn't broken down, 2) if I'd had my GM motor club card, 3)if I'd been able to get ahold of Mary, 4) if the tow truck scheduling hadn't screwed up, 6) if the bookstore had been willing to take my cousin's book and 7) if traffic had been lighter, a little doggy would have probably been dead tonight. Instead he's warm and curled up under a wrap in my comfy chair with me.

Nearly Roadkill.


Nov. 28th, 2010 03:15 am
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I should have been asleep hours ago, but twitter is no longer dial up friendly. (sigh) There is a reason why I should not combine chat, alcohol and creativity. The reason is as follows.
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TL;DR, so angry I could spit.

As everyone and their long-lost Grandcousin's Brother's Nephew's Best Friend's Former Roommate knows, I Do Not Like the place Papa is staying at. I haven't liked it from the day I walked in there. My dislike is only being more cemented by evidence. Every damned day, I have to chase down a nurse to correct something, from "why wasn't the rash on his back treated this morning" (the answer: They don't know) to "where is his dinner" (the answer: Oops). I also have to battle them about my right to ask questions and give directions (the paperwork has mysteriously gone walkies).
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(curls up at her desk and snoozes) Another attempt to clean was foiled this weekend. I wanted to take care of Papa's bedroom. We need to get it dusted, cleaned, vacuumed and rearranged, so that when he gets back, everything will be convenient for him. Instead, I somehow got side-swiped into doing a thousand other tiny chores (we're talking things like "take the screwdriver out to the garden shed") and Papa's room remains untouched. RAWR.
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In more fanfic-y ramblings, I am going to get started on UnDeleted Tony today. I am, I am, I am. D: Why is writing so haaaaaard. ;-; /whine I think maybe it's the first person present tense eating at me. That made the first time through hard. I do not flow well in first person, and present tense eats my soul. *huff* I am seriously regretting making those choices the first time around, no matter how necessary they were.

:( At least I know that it'll be much easier once I start rolling. It's the Getting Started that's hard.
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Did I say Pepper/Natasha was going to be ~20k? I meant ~25k. Bit it's not going to go up to ~30k, at least. Really!

... (headdesk)

I just tapped 19k 20k, and the plot still needs to wrap up. Another day of in-fic time, I think. I figure another thousand for this scene, and then two thousand for the actual porn (should I manage actual porn; I have never written femslash porn!), and then one/two thousand words of wrap-up. Maybe a scene inserted in the middle to prop up a plot point. Cut some (most—all?) of the drunkenness... Four scenes more, tops!

... *whimper* What happened to 10k?!

ETA Which No One Will Care About: I posted a non-Marvel HC_Bingo thing. Prompt was "accidents", series is Final Fantasy XII, focus character is Larsa. Ye of Little Patience is over yonder.
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Referencing this.

It's definitely a broken hip. Well, "splintered" was the word used, which does not fill me with sunshiny happy bubbles. He's 86 years old, and so a broken anything is Serious Business. The doctors are looking at surgery, but they want to run some tests first. He's had heart attacks before, so they want to assess the risks. :\ According to Doc #3 (seriously, I don't think he saw the same person twice), the life-span for a broken hip without surgery is about 6 months, due to complications/immobility/etc. Obviously, we're really hoping for the surgery, but realistically, it might not happen.

I won't know more until I visit him after work (assuming anyone even tells me this stuff—it's ridiculous the amount of things I'm still "protected" from knowing; hazard of being one of the youngest grandchildren). When I left last night (at around 1:15) he was pretty heavily drugged, and other than some nausea seemed to be doing well. The nurses were all very nice, even though I had to translate a lot. (I have no idea why. They would ask a question, Papa would look at me, I'd repeat it verbatim, he'd answer. Wash/Rinse/Repeat. This got interesting when the "are you abused" questions came around, because I couldn't help.)

Thank you all who've replied with hugs and kind words. My flist rocks. ♥
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I am posting from the emergency room! Fun! [/sarcasm]

Papa took a bad fall today. He was trying to take off his pants, of all things, and lost his balance. We've only told him a few million times to sit down instead of bend over. X.x IF ANYONE WONDERS WHERE I GET IT, NOW YOU KNOW.

We had a fun time getting him up and into a wheelchair to get him outside, but there was just no way in hell that he was getting in my car. So, ambulance. Ambulance that was 5 miles away and yet managed to take 40 minutes to arrive. They got lost, OI. I know we live in the middle of nowhere, but really people.

According to various people, he's probably broken his hip. Hopefully it's not too bad. They're also doing a CAT right now, in case he hurt his head in the fall. Then they'll take him for the X-rays. So all I can do is wait and try to be useful. (And now you know how I've found time to type all this out with my thumbs. YAY FOR MY CELLPHONE!)

Actually, there was a fun part. I got to follow the ambulance. In the process, I found out my car can go over 100MPH. That was very much fun, though I might have appreciated it more if I hadn't been worried sick. I feel bad for all the drivers I cursed out. Do not get between me and the ambulance that has my grandpa.
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Hold me. I'm frightened. D:


In a more serious take on this, I can't say I fully approve, but I think that might be because I'm in shock and keep re-reading looking for the catch. Not rereading the article, but rereading the bill itself, which is linked. Not being a lawyer, I can't say for certain, but it looks clean.

I'm just... sitting here, feeling stumped. I'd honestly sort of given up on a public option. Just yesterday, I told someone that our best hope was that a few states would pass it, and in a few decades the federal ball would be rolling again. I hope that this isn't another disappointment.

(In case anyone can't tell, I'm a US version of a liberal. If you disagree, you disagree and I'll be happy to chat about it sanely. Please, no one make me test the shiny new Close Commenting feature on LJ.)

The return

Mar. 11th, 2010 03:18 pm
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She's home! Finally. (collapses) Today went... badly. Not terribly, because she's home, but badly. First, I got to wake up at dark o'clock to swill down coffee like a pirate does his rum and stagger out the door to the vet's office. Got there and waited for a while before actually getting to talk to anyone. Zena was fine, she was being fed and they were doing some chesks on her to make sure everything was normal. We could go home!

As soon as someone came in to handle my paperwork.

For, you see, because the the insane hours this lady works, I got there before the clinic was technically open, and no one knew how to check me out. (twitch) So I set around for a while and as soon as someone came in, I was at the desk. I put down a year's worth of car payments (no, this is not an exaggeration, though I should note that I have a low car payment), signed away a spare soul, got The Lecture ("keep the cone on, high protein food only, here's the pills, here's a razor we have a handy bucket if you want to suicide") and I finally got to see my baby again.

They had the cone attached to some gauze around her neck. I thought it looked kind of unsteady and easily removed and asked if I should put it on her harness instead. See, Zena is a bright puppy. The kennel she was in probably didn't have room for her to work at the cone, but running free she would have a lot more tricks at paw. I was reassured that it was fine, the cone wouldn't come off, etc etc. So we finally escape to make our way to a pet store to purchase her food and maybe a little puppy-retail therapy. Zena curled up in the back seat on a blanket I'd brought for her.

Five minutes later, she had the cone off and had popped the stitches on her ass end. Fucking hell. If I hadn't stuck a hand back there to pet her and gone "wait--cone? NO CONE?", it would have been much, much worse. I, being the panicky puppy-mommy I've been this week, almost caused a crash getting my car off the freeway and into a parking lot. It was pretty much like I'd worried. The gauze was good to keep it on in the kennel, but once she had room to move all bets were off. I think what she did was put her paws on the collar-edge and pushed until it popped free. That's what she started trying to do when I put it on her harness.

So, back to the vet we went. I got another Lecture (because the surgeon refused to believe she could take it off), and she went back in to have her stitches taken care of. (For those interested, the khaki-colored jeans I was wearing are going to be ruined, unless I can get the blood out.) A few hours later, we were free once more, and I footed another, thankfully smaller, bill. This time, the cone went on her harness, even though I got amused looks from the nurses. Then we went to the pet store, and I got her a new collar, a new tag, pill pockets and her food. Yes, I should have saved the money. But it made me feel less inclined to throttle her, so I consider it well-spent.

Now, I am home again, and any good will I'd gained from the initial rescue from the vet was squandered in the return. She won't even share a couch with me. Still, she's home, I'm poor, and we have another appointment next week. All's well that ends well.

Now, I have a few thousand words to write before I crash and burn. Not to mention an entire writing system to rethink. Oi. Perhaps I will post about comics bang later, if I'm not passed out in exhaustion. We'll see.


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