Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:12 pm
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:( I has a sick. I'm all stuffed and oozing and achy. (Like Tony Stark's dick after that thing in college with too much booze and not enough attention paid to who and how he was getting laid. So, like Tony Stark in college, really.) So work kind of sucked. Yesterday I ended up passing out way early, and I will probably do so again today. Running a low-grade

The kittens continue well. Still squeaky and rat-like, I hope to see them open their eyes soon. :D

I may or may not have descended into Fallen London with [personal profile] valtyr. It's a marvelous time waster, while at the same time making it hard to waste all day by the limits. Right now, I've seduced a struggling artist and am moving on to his model. I'm a bit aimless, truthfully. Just building up stats and being an opportunist. Nightmares are a bit of an issue (I managed to reach 4 on day one. 4! HTH), but my goldfish helps. Being an Intimate of Devils, however, probably isn't going to do me any good. Well, except the goodies they toss my way sometimes.

I am having trouble choosing the options that look most fun. I keep looking at them and going, "Cap wouldn't like that. :(" Which I think we can all agree is a silly thought when I'm deciding between things like whether to give some poor heartbroken artist the blood of the guy who betrayed him or slip him a bit of mine instead. I mean, really now.


Nov. 21st, 2011 10:57 pm
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No kittens yet. I've had a serious talk with my cat about how rude it is to keep us waiting like this, but she's a cat. She'll do it whenever she damned well pleases.

I'll probably be putting up my card post soon, so start thinking if you want one. No take-backsies once they're stamped. :P
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Finally, a confession.

I OTP Darcy/Loki in movieverse. No, I don't have any fricking clue how this happened, other than that it's beautiful crack and I have a habit to support. I may have to write it, just as soon as I write LokiPreg fem!Loki/Doom.

And then perhaps fem!Loki/Doom/Darcy, as the next logical step.

... Yep. I've been broken.

Like Tony's dick.


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