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tsukinofaerii: Whosoever findeth this hammer, if she be hot, shall wield the power of the gnarly Thor (Whosoevereth findeth this hammer)

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Created on 2009-10-28 14:52:18 (#454005), last updated 2018-12-07 (19 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Feb 17
Website:Me @ A03
I'm an old-enough-to-drink-young-enough-to-know-better fangirl in northern Florida, who is (against her will) more from Phoenix, Arizona, than anything else. (My birthday is visible - beyond that, you don't need to know the actual year. If you pay attention, you'll figure it out.) I always welcome new friends, but I'm not very good at keeping up with them. I am the lurker on your page, the stalker of your fiction and the secretly jealous admirer of your art. If that doesn't creep you out, feel free to friend me. Even then, I may lurk.

Within these pages you'll mostly nothing new. I've been AWOL from DW for years now, but like many the Tumblr fiasco has seen me return to my roots. I'm an old-school "police your own damned experience or tell your parents you can't be allowed online unsupervised" fangirl. I try to tag thoroughly, and I use read more cuts. If you need me to warn for something, let me know! If you expect me to stop creating something, meet me in the pit.

I roam Fandom freely, having started in Bisjhoujo Senshi Sailormoon and evolved from there. At any given time I may be following anything that catches my eye. Right now I'm very much into Dungeons and Dragons, but I've existed on a steady diet of Steve/Tony, Kingdom Hearts and Harry Potter for so long that it's in my DNA now.

I can't even remember why the interests is as weird as it is. Probably an LJ-hangover. Oh well.

Interests (113):

accidental gen, adult things, adult-adult things, animate object porn, animated travesties, art, axel, axel/roxas, bad, badfic, badporn, basic accounts, battery powered fantasies, beer bottle, bisexuality, bitchfests over carpet fuzz, bondage, boys, candlestick/colonel mustard porn, censorship, chocolate advertising, coffee, computer mouse, cookie/cake sex, corporate honesty, dah-nah-nah dah!, depression, draco, dragons, epistles, escaping little minds, everyone loves duct tape, faeries, fanboys, fandom, fanfiction, fangirls, femmeslash, fiction, fighting child molestation, freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, furuba, girls, graphics, gravitation, great honking mixed-media project, gundam wing, hardcore, harry, hogwarts, icons, inanimate object porn, incest, jack sparrow, james, kingdom hearts, latvian heathens, lycanthropes, mixed media, moony, mpreg, nobody, not ignoring peter, org orgies, organization xiii, orgies, orlando bloom, padfoot, pain, peter, pirates, politics, porn, potc, potters are stalkers, pretty pretty boisex, prongs, pussy cats, reading comprehension, remus, remus/sirius, riku/sora, roxas, roxas/axel, rubber bouncy ball festish, ryuichi, sex, shuichi, sirius, sirius/mcgonagall, slash, smut, snapshots, sora/riku, supposedly devonshire, the marauders map, the shoebox project, theirloveissobeingredefined, themadfangirl, twincest, unbirthday drunkenness, unicorns, vampires, voluntary netslaughter, wallpaper incest, werewolves, whosiface google, will turner, wormtail, yaoi, yuri
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