Nov. 23rd, 2012 12:52 am
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No shiny graphic this year, because I am lazy.

Do you want a card from me this year? (You know you do.) I've not bought any yet, but I plan on buying secular cards sometime soon and (hopefully) getting them mailed off. Also soon. Since I'm kind of running late on this, please hurry?

If you'd like one this year, drop your address here. Comments are screened. If you're uncomfortable with commenting, feel free to email me (my DW username at Gmail) or PM me.

ETA: If you don't do cards, give me your address anyway and I'll glitterbomb you instead. :D You'll be thinking of me for as long as the glitter lasts. (I.E., forever.)
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This is one of those posts where I tell you what WinCon is, and why you should go there. Mostly so that I can lay out my travel plans now. :D Here's the blurb from the website, so you don't have to click.
Wincon is a by the fans, for the fans operation. Our goal is to provide an annual multi-fandom gathering for fanfen and provide a safe space for women and under-represented fans of pop media in all it's infinite varieties (just like us) to come and meet, hang out, discuss their shows or fandoms, the fic written about them, the fanart made for them, party and have a good time. In other words, a giant slumber party where we can all do the fannish things we do online in person and in our pajamas (or whatever you feel like wearing!) No official personnel from any show or fandom is affiliated with this convention, nor will there be any appearances by any show actors, celebrities, writers, or other personnel.
It started out for the Supernatural fandom, and has now expanded. Last year was the first panfandom WinCon, and I think that it can be definitively said to have rocked. I had a blast, and I know a lot of other people did too. We had some wonkiness with the hotel, but it was sorted out pretty fairly, IMO. So far, I've yet to meet anyone there that I've had a personality clash with. The attendees are usually fun, enthusiastic and caring, and the conmods are incredibly supportive. They work their asses off for us.

This year, WinCon is in New Orleans. If you've never been there, I recommend going just for the city. Hell, just go for the food and spend a week eating at different restaurants. It's amazing, you have no idea. Add in the history and the culture, and even I (who kind of sort of hate cities) love visiting. It's one of those places that you really have to see to believe.

Apart from this specific city, WinCon does all sorts of things to keep you occupied. Apart from the panels, vidshow, tinhat pageant, crafts and drinking, there's generally groups of fen gathered around just chatting or writing (or drinking), people going out to eat/shop/be tourists (and drink), WinProm and a straggler's dinner. Usually there's karaoke and a ghost tour as well, though those haven't been announced yet. My usual group makes a habit of getting tattoos as well, so even if you don't want one you can always come and mock our pain.

Did I mention the drinking? Though if you're a teetotaler (for whatever reason), it's pretty much awesome either way. Last year I was barely ever blitzed, and I had a hard time telling the difference in terms of fun had, except at Bad Fic Idol. Drinking was sort of necessary for that. Speaking of (Bad) Fic Idol...

Idol is an annual WinCon event usually hosted by the lovely and talented [ profile] missyjack, and presided over by a panel of judges. In it, the putative author write a fic of 1000 words or less. This fic must be the most terrible thing ever scribed. My winning (preen) entry last year can be found here. (Warning: Fic may include ponies.) This fic is then given over for a public reading and even more public judgment. The worst fic wins. In addition to that gem, last year's contestants included two different version of angels laying eggs, dolphin porn and llamas. The only rule is always warn for leopard sex. Naturally, there is usually unwarned-for leopard sex. If you would like to see a typical reaction, this vid here says everything.

WinCon is a miracle of conventions. It's small, and almost never really has booths or the like, but it's much less rushy. If you can only take one trip a year (like me), try to make it that one.
Now for the personal Wincon stuff )
And here is personal non-Wincon stuff )
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I just made at least three people on my flist wince just with the subject. :D

But yes, the cats have caused a Take 2 on my knitting project. I wasn't even knitting at the time! I keep everything in a wicker basket under my TV stand, so it's out of the way. Around 3:30AM, I was woken up by a crash and a screech. Duzzie had decided to investigate the basket, and had gotten trapped. (facepalm) Luckily, being a N00B means that I wasn't very far along, and the remains of the first attempt will have jingly bells sewn onto it as a kitty toy (thus rewarding bad behavior—I am sure this will end well). I will also invest in a top for the basket. I thought that it only stuck out a few inches would save it. Apparently not.

Money appeared in the bank today, and more money (from tax returns) is due later this week. I am most pleased. Being down to $8 was uncomfortable, to say the least. Now, I just have to talk myself out of buying this scale and this lunchbox with my ill-gotten gains. So shiny...

For those of you wondering, yes, indeed I am on [ profile] comics_anon. This surprises... probably no one, though I have so far escaped being caught or called out by user name. My troll (who recently netted me a free sample of baby formula) seems to have limited itself to RL.

Family-wise, it was a busy weekend. In wonderful news, they've finally left, glory be! (revels in freedom) Mary may be taking Papa up north to Visit People over spring break, and possibly for longer than spring break. Translation: It will literally be me, a cousin and the dogs for at least a week. (more reveling) I may also have a surprise!niece from my brother's younger shenanigans, but we are looking into that.

Editing in earnest begins today. (puts on sweatband and begins stretching) I cannot work on pollen!Porn at work, so I will edit NaNo. Oi.
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Remaining cousin (Louise) will Remain until February.


(sighs and clutches internet)
selfish whining goes here )
TL;DR, stressed Faerii is very stressed, and needs some peace and quiet, or unreasonable overreactions will likely continue. (Ask anyone who has heard me complaining about the Kudos system for details.) I did treat myself to a couple of pretty bras and bath stuff, which has helped a bit. Cannot really afford it, but IDEFC right now.

In good news, my mother tells me that my great-grandchildren do well. Two of them have the sniffles, but a vet has been seen and antibiotics are being administered. One of them is just like their grandmother Zena, and has already made multiple forays outside the Box to explore the vast world of the master bedroom, including once to track down her mother because she was hungry and Mama just wasn't there fast enough. I also saw Green Hornet, which was amusing and fun, but not very heavy. Worth a view, IMO.
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My family still isn't completely gone. A cousin lingered, and as a result so did four extra dogs, on top of the three of their dogs that they are dumping on us permanently.

Yes, I said that right. Permanently. This brings our grand total up to twelve. Because I don't have enough trouble caring for nine, I guess. And one of them? Tries to eat my cats. We are so not doing this. :| This is the third week that my cats have been locked back in my bedroom, and I'm getting really, really sick of it. Steps are going to have to be taken, because my cats are not living in terror.

I have not yet begun attempting to knit. Instead, I am attempting crochet, because apparently I win that way. I keep bringing my shiny new needles and (admittedly cheap until I can manage decent stitch) yarn to work, and then keeping on with crochet because it still is wonky, which drives me wild.

That's... kind of it for me. I'm tired, sniffly, cold and frustrated, and that seems like it will continue until the last cousin is gone and I can properly train our new additions. I am making a half-assed effort towards NaNo, but I do not think proper writing is going to happen until things settle again. :(
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Emma's still here.

WHY? Why cruel world? D: Hopefully she will be leaving today, but that it what they said Wednesday. And Yesterday. :|

Question for the Circle: Is it or is it not creepy when someone hits on you by leaving a note on your car in a parking lot? The note has a yahoo email and the lines:
Hi, your nice looking... Would you like to talk more?
Email me [redacted first name with Xtreme Kool Letterz]
Love your hair by the way. I am 33 white male.
According to my family, I am weird for feeling oogy about this. :\ But I was jumpy in the car all the way home, and I couldn't get through the door fast enough. Why is it that guys always hit on me via note? I'm not sure what bugs me more. The misuse of "your/you're" or the obviously skeevy email address.

Speaking of WalMart... Knitters of the DW, UNITE and save me from myself. One of my resolutions this year was to learn to knit again. I used to do it with Nana when I was little (I would start things for her; this was a source of much pride), but I've lost it. This tends to happen with skills learned when you're 4 and never used again. While I was in WalMart being hit on long distance, I browsed through the craft aisle looking for some sort of Learn To Knit Kit. All I wanted was maybe a pamphlet, a set of needles, a teeny thing of yarn and plans for some ridiculously easy project to get me started. I found nothing of the sort. Nothing. The internet has not helped. D: [personal profile] sophie_448 has told me that a scarf is a good first project and offered to show me some things, but that still doesn't tell me what size of needles, type of yarn, etc etc would be good for someone with 22 years inexperience. Looking over the journals of knitters I know, I know that some yarns are easier than others and needles make a difference. How and why? IDK.

So... halp? Plz? ILU all?

In work this week I have been a mix of busy and bored. When I am busy, I am very busy. Mostly, I am bored. (sigh) Students returned to my domain on Thursday, and I was also greeted with delicious scans, the gift exchange reveals, bangin' art (check out Luke!), and beautiful fic which I still need to review. I also discovered that Ao3 now allows us to use custom stylesheets for our fic, which means I was finally able to post Betwixt and Without Irony, in addition to updating . I'm pretty sure this means that all of my Marvel fic (save one) is now available on Ao3.

So overall, yesterday was a Good Day. :D And since the reveals are up, I can (not) shock you all by admitting I wrote...

Engaging the Enemy by [personal profile] tsukinofaerii for [ profile] brilligspoons
Universe: Marvel Adventures: Avengers AU
Beta: [personal profile] penumbren
Rated: PG13
Warnings: None
Prompt: AU in which villain!Tony pulls Steve's metaphorical pigtails to get his attention! (AKA: The best prompt evar homg.)
Summary: Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to find out more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.

At work

Jan. 3rd, 2011 02:34 pm
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I'm back at work! \o/

And bored as all Hell.

At least family was keeping me busy. Now I'm staring at the internet, wondering what I used to do with myself when I wasn't writing. I have worked on a cowrite with [ profile] moontear today, and we're almost at the end of this chapter now, but I'm boooooored and out of things to do.

Bah. I should edit my NaNo, but thinking about that makes me want to flail in terror. I need to reread DfaD before editing it, as I'm pretty sure my voices are way off. And then editing... I have seven large sections set for replacement, nevermind actually tying in Wanda & Pietro, and getting that whole Name Change business rolling. So much to do! D: But... IDK. Post-holiday blahs have me, I guess.

At least Emma & co will be leaving sometime this week. :\ I'm in the doghouse with Mary (I dared call her on her bullshit), but she's easy to avoid when the house isn't crammed with People.
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I'm baaaaaaack.

I've spent the last two days on a roof. :| The house needs new shingles, and Mary is not one to look askance at free labor. (sigh) On the plus side, I now know how to shingle a house. Yay, learned skills?

Otherwise, we've been spending a lot of time outside burning things and such, though one night we went ghost hunting. That was fun, and I will try to post some of the pictures we took. I ended up sitting in the middle of the graveyard all by myself for a while, which was not much fun. But I had a definite feeling that I shouldn't go near the graves they were going to investigate, and I've learned to listen to my gut on these things. (Turns out, the graves had Jesus Fish on them, sooooo...) Also, one of the recorders got its battery drained about 7 minutes in. Which was weird because we were all constantly checking to see if the power light was on.

TL;DR, my last few days have been a mix of fun and pain in the ass.

I received a care package from [profile] devious_lint, [personal profile] lupusdragon and [personal profile] cursor_mundi. I think the CIA got it. It was wrapped really oddly and some of the cookies had bites missing. oO I have not yet tried the Turkish Delight, as it looks rather gooey and I need ungooey'd fingers.

And now, a meme to pass the time.
Stolen from Jazzypom )
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Gais! Gais gais gais! I LIVE.


And -ish is about as good as it's getting. I'm tired and achey. :( Right now I'm at work, slowly deleting old courses. Click-click-click-wait. click-click-click-wait. That slow. D: The past few days have been not too bad. Mary and Emma are at each others throats, which means the rest of us are collateral damage. But if you tell them that they're bickering, they'll both deny it to high heaven. So for the past two days, I've just been staying out of the way along with the other "kids". (Anyone under 40.) Unfortunately, my fortress is not so much of a fortress, and I couldn't leave the younger boys to be snapped at. Mostly we stayed outside and tried to look busy burning brush or fixing my car's headlights.

As a result of this, we've played Ghost in the Graveyard for the past two nights. Much fun. And also the source of my pain. One cousin tackled a trash can, a couple of others ran into walls, more than a few people tripped over each other... And lots and lots of running. Last night I got in around 3AM, and the night before it was 2AM.

I've also been told I'm "drunk and carousing" because I had a glass of whiskey and Dr. Pepper last night. (eyes roll) But all of the above are the reasons why I've been AWOL. And why I will likely continue to be so. I doubt I'll be able to finish all of today's work in one sitting, so I'll have at least one more quiet day at the office, but otherwise... :(

TL;DR, this holiday is fun at night, and would be much more fun in general if I could just get my Aunts to leave us all alone. Even the teenagers are better behaved, jeez.
tsukinofaerii: All I want for Christmas is a stiff drink (Christmas: A stiff drink) will come to my house and do something drastic.

Emma arrived today around 11AM. This surprised me, because it means they drove through the night on a 26 hour trip. WTF. My battles today have included the right to sleep in my own bed and to have surprise!birds removed from where the cat can get them, among many others. I have been on my feet since 8AM, and most of everything that followed 11AM has been Arguing.

Seriously considering forting up, you have no idea. The only reason I didn't today was because my bedroom was taken over before I could retreat to it, and then I was given Unavoidable Tasks such as babysitting, cooking dinner, decorating the tree for "Santa", etc. My feet are killing me, as is my head.

On the plus side, tomorrow is The Day. No more presents to wrap. No tree to decorate at the last second. No speaking in that "adult voice" when talking about Santa. (Seriously, people, just use frickin' air quotes and be done with it.) I can just grab a loaf of banana bread, a bottle of rum, and retreat for a week. Right now, I am curled up in my comfy chair with a glass of whiskey, my cats and dog, and have threatened Vengeance if I am disturbed before tomorrow morning. I am thinking I will watch an episode of A:EMH, or possibly read some fic, and them crash. No doubt tomorrow will be an early morning.

In happier news, I'm a great-grandma. My dog's daughter gave birth at 5AM; Mom called me to give me the news. (preens) A litter of five, and her first. If I get pictures, I will try to remember to post them.
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By all accounts, The Dragon left the Lair around 11AM today.

It is roughly a two day drive—a day and a half if they push it.


Did more cleaning today. D: May bake cookies tomorrow. Went and saw Tron Legacy, which included the Thor trailer. I may have stood up with victory arms and shouted "YES!!!!!". :D Brief spoilers for Tron below )
On the way home, I got pulled over for a headlight out. D: No ticket, but gods bless it. (huffle) On the plus side, the timing worked out so I saw a shooting star. So yay that.
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Arrrrgh paaaain. :(

Happy Yule, y'all. I am currently on holiday break, as I work at a Community College, and therefore we do essentially nothing between mid-December and the start of January. So if you do not see me online when I usually am, that's why.
Weekend report )
If things play out the way I expect them to, I may end up barricading myself in my room for a few weeks. Emma is always a huge, huge chore, and she thoroughly hates me. This year I hope to not accept her shit, though I know I am a push-over, and they all know they can get me to do damned near anything under the banner of "don't upset Papa". (sigh) Just in case, I have laid out food and water supplies. I still need to get my hands on a working TV (the cousin who "borrowed" mine is resisting my efforts to get it back), as well as some way of heating tea/soup. Yes, I will be the person responsible for "ruining Christmas", but the way I see it, it is either Ruin Christmas by being a cave-dwelling Scrooge or ruin it via a screaming match. Their choice.
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Today, the Senate voted to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. For the first time in what feels like forever, my country did something right. Of course, there's still a few hurdles, and gay service members aren't immediately free to come out, but it was repealed. Happy day. :D

While contemplating this, and how hard it was to make it happen, it occurred to me that the USA is essentially a nation founded on taking our toys and going home. oO Which explains a lot. Most of our government is arranged to make things as difficult as possible. On one hand, it means that really bad laws are hard to push through. On the other, really good laws are too. :\ But what else can you expect from a country that started out with "I don't like the rules in your club, so I'm gonna make my own! And it'll be BETTER than yours :P".

One of these days, I'm going to put down my thoughts on how US Americans strangely manage to combine founder worship with a near complete distrust of what our founders created.

More personally, today I ran around doing Holiday Stuff. Picked up gifts for people who have finally been confirmed as visiting, shipped things, sent off cards, etc. Busy day. I have such a gigantic headache from it. :( Holiday shopping blows, lemme tell you. The perfumes/lights/noise/cold... About the only sense that wasn't thrown through loops was taste. As a result, I rewarded my tongue with a Cinnabun. Omnomnom. Fattening, but so worth it. Cinnabun, you keep me from going postal. Also chatted comics with the cute guy at Hot Topic. He's a Cap fan, whee!

Stopped by Borders to spend a little of the gift card my boss gave me. Got a book & Josh Groban single (on the gift card) and a few more gifts (paid cash). Hidden Away is so gorgeous. I love his music. ♥ While at Borders I managed to lock my keys in the car, but fear not! I keep a spare set in my purse for exactly that reason.

Fic Exchange story will be polished and turned in by tomorrow. Then it's time for NaNo to be edited. Oi. I may console myself tonight with a couple of drinks to drive away the memory of Jingle Bells being played from five different stores at once.
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Yesterday, I called Doggy Owner, verified that he owns the dog, and attempted to make plans to meet him and return the dog. On the phone he didn't even really sound eager, or all that interested in getting the dog back, but IDK. Maybe he'd just woken up or something. No matter, it's his dog and I'm interested in giving Doggy back. The problem? The guy doesn't have a car. Okay, I can deal with that. It just means I have to meet him somewhere within walking distance of where he lives. No problem. I asked him to e-mail me with a public place that was convenient for him, and we'd meet there before work (around 7:30AM).

By midnight last night, I had still not received an email. I emailed him twice asking him to contact me, and once telling him that I was going to bed and to contact me. As of this moment, I still have not heard a peep. No call, no email. I've just deleted the Craigslist ad because I don't want other people seeing it and getting hope for their lost dog (it's sad how many chihuahuas went missing from their homes this month). But he still has two email addresses and my phone number. Son of a %$#&*.

At this point, I almost think he doesn't want the dog back. And if that's the case, why contact me at all? I am incredibly close to emailing him and saying that he can either contact me by tonight, or I'm keeping the dog. The only thing I am asking is that it be before work, and he said that was fine. I don't want to be an ass, since I know how much most people love their pets. But I am really questioning if this guy cares. The dog is sweet, but clearly not well socialized or at all trained, and pretty quick to growl if you do something he doesn't like. No biting, but I don't put up with aggression at all, and IDC how teeny they are. (For example, he was burrowed in my sweater last night, which I needed, and growled when I took it away from him. Should have seen his face when I flicked his nose. Shock.)

TL;DR, I am annoyed that this guy doesn't seem to give a damn about his dog. Am I over-reacting? It's only been a day, yeah, but if he couldn't meet me for whatever reason why didn't he call/text/email?
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Update on the car: it turned out to be a radiator hose. Altogether, this mess cost me a bit under $300 (for the fix, the part, antifreeze and the tow). On the plus side, I'd been told by another mechanic that the motor on my radiator fan was going, but after the hose was fixed that problem seems to have vanished. Maybe it was a domino effect of some sort—I don't know cars well enough to be certain. But fixing that could have run me over $600 (the part seems to run about $300+), so this is very good news. I had $800 in savings that was supposed to help me get through the holidays, so money will be tight, but I'll be able to keep eating. \o/

The foundling is still with us. We looked around for his owner, but no one had had put up signs in the area we found him or called the shelters, and he didn't have a microchip. The people at the shelter took my information, and said they'll contact me if anyone calls looking for a lost chihuahua. Tomorrow I'm going to put up ads on Craig's List and in the paper. On the advice of the shelter people, it'll only say "lost chihuahua", so no one calls and fraudulently claims him. A real owner should be able to identify him by his markings and what he had on him.

In the meantime, he's been following me everywhere, and may as well be attached to my hip. My right arm aches from trying to type around a lap full of puppy. Also, he insists on sleeping under blankets, and does not appreciate it when I leave openings for air. Breathing is optional, I guess. My aunt has taken to calling him Bum, and it seems to be sticking. x.X

Speaking of typing, I have finally finished the rough draft on my fic. (I say "finally", when it's really only been a couple of weeks.) Is there anyone out there in Cyberspace whose goodwill I can shamelessly take advantage of? It's roughly 22k, and probably PG13 at the worst. A few curse words is all. I'll need it done inside a week, to meet the deadline. Anyone want to help a Faerii? :D?
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It's officially decided: FML.

This morning on the way to work, my car started overheating. Ir was 27 degrees outside, and my car overheated. :| Those of you who were with me over the summer may remember repeated posts detailing essentially the same thing, except in the exact opposite weather. (headdesk) As a result, I parked it in a church that was handy and called for HALP. Luckily, one of my cousins was on the way to work, and conveniently shares a workplace with me. So I hitched a ride. Right now, I am trying to get ahold of my Aunt, who has a motor club membership that will get me free towing if I can verify the account.

Luckily, I actually have a stash of money that should cover the cost of repairs. Should. It will leave me ridiculously strapped over the holidays (as in, I will cease purchasing groceries with my own money), but what else is emergency money for if not emergencies?

On the positive side, I've been given permission to work past our noon closing time next Friday, and I may have a work day mid-holiday. It won't do me any good until the end of January, but a couple of extra days can make a huge difference in a short paycheck. And also, I count myself very fortunate that this happened on a Friday. If I can catch a ride home, I'll have all weekend to get my car fixed. And this time, unless its ridiculously expensive, I'm just going to tell them to do it all. Let's stop with the babying and just do it.
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D: I have the fic open, and I don't want to write it. I don't know why. I just sort of stare at it and go... Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Maybe because the Massive Climax Approaches, and I feel like I've been doing nothing but a long, long string of climaxes. After this and a fic for [personal profile] valtyr, I will become a relieved consumer for a while again.

Anyway, I have successfully acquired holiday cards and such! They are sitting here with me at work. Hopefully I have enough to go through this year's batch. IDK, what are everyone's thoughts on sending cards types two years in a row? When I send them to family, it seems like a silly worry, but fandom... Maybe it's because physical things seldom pass between fandom people, so a card becomes a bigger deal than with family. (Plus, TBH, I like most of you more than I like my family, which may be part of the issue.)

So now a poll.
Poll #5305 cards
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

Is it tacky to reuse holiday cards from last year?

View Answers

0 (0.0%)

9 (64.3%)

3 (21.4%)

Only for internet friends
1 (7.1%)

Only for family
1 (7.1%)

What should be done with excess cards?

View Answers

Throw them away
2 (14.3%)

Donate them
3 (21.4%)

Rotate them, so new people get last year's cards
11 (78.6%)

Stop worrying about it!
6 (42.9%)

Just send the damned cards, Fareii.
7 (50.0%)

I checked all of the tickies. I am:

View Answers

A jerk. :(
0 (0.0%)

A ticky addict
2 (15.4%)

A person at a keyboard
2 (15.4%)

Why are there no tickies here?
4 (30.8%)

A snowflake-shaped unicorn
5 (38.5%)

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Last call for cards. I am doing all of my holiday buying this week or weekend and getting the pain over with, so if you want a card, let me know please.
Click me to see holiday shopping rambles! )
Fic Exchange Fic proceeds slowly. So slowly. I got it planned out yesterday. [personal profile] valtyr sucks lollipops. She knows why. If all goes according to plan, I shall be hated across the interwebs. Or at least in [community profile] cap_ironman. ¬.¬ I will probably post about it under lock and key.

Finally, a question for the internet in general. Regarding FSTs, what are the thoughts on including two songs from the same artist? Not something like, "Evanescence, Evanescence, MCR, Linkin Park, MCR", but just one set where you honestly can't decide which to keep. I am weird in that I find specific artists I like and glom on, and then rarely look around for others. So my music selections are not well varied at all.

Specifically, I'm trying to decide between It's Not My Time and Live For Today by 3DoorsDown for an Ult Tony mix. So, thoughts? Or you all can pick one. *g*
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I am back from a full and eventful weekend. \o/ With exceptionally minimal hangover, I should add.
A weekend rundown )


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