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29 years prior to this day, I was forcible expelled screaming from where I had been held captive in a uterus for nine months.

In other words, it's my birthday! And a lovely one it's been. Last night I got my hair done back up in rainbows (pictures pending, thanks dial-up internet >:[ ), went to dinner with a cousin and her boyfriend (other cousin & her attachments skipped out, completely predictably; at this point, I'm neither surprised nor hurt) and went to see Warm Bodies (good movie, not great, but worth the admission).

Today, the day of the Birth itself, was nice and peaceful. Twitter people kept saying nice things to me, and [personal profile] cookinguptales and [personal profile] valtyr both got me Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spiders in Fallen London, which were enough for me to get my very own Green-Eyed Devil and to keep one of the darlings for my own. Isn't it adorable?

I also finished reading a truly atrocious romance novel: The Naked Viscount by Sally MacKenzie. I may do a review of it, either on here or on Tumblr. Let's just say that I'm glad I only paid $0.47 for it. I can't believe there's a series, and this one's supposedly the best according to reviews. Most of that less-than-fifty-cents value was in snark.

The major downside to having read it is that I am all out of patience for questionable writing for a while. Tried to read a fic and got thrown out by one tiny mistake. :( Hopefully I will recover quickly.

Other than the above, matters move slowly. I'm inching along in the Auction Fic (20k and counting), but due to The Matter of My Birth, I've not written or done anything really productive this weekend. And it's nice.
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... you realize that you have to choose between a well-written scene and historical accuracy a.k.a. every bad porn trope ever. (Definitely NSFW, warnings for everything from Noncon and Incest to Pumpkin fucking and I think I skimmed past some watersports. Fandom clearly takes cues from the Victorians.)

Needless to say, I think historical accuracy is going to need a short vacation. Prickle! Prick I can manage, but prickle is a step below "whazzit" and "hoo-ha", something I previously never thought possible. There's a limit to my dedication to accuracy, and it stops right at using words like "aperture" when describing a sex act. This is worse than Hallways. So much worse. Though I'm happy to say that apparently Tony's letter wasn't that over-the-top after all, though making Steve and Bucky brothers is, apparently, much less a barrier than I supposed.

omfg staircases now. Someone remind me why I thought this was a good idea?


Feb. 12th, 2012 12:28 pm
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So I meant to be productive today. Then I woke up and the house was freezing and the heaters are doing a bang-up job of nothing. (huddles) Well, okay, hyperbole aside, the heaters are keeping the edge off, but a couple of space heaters aren't really good in a place with poor insulation. It's 43 degrees. You can't expect me to function when it's that cold!

... Stop laughing at meeeee. It's cold for me, okay?

So instead I'm going to curl up under a blanket and write more ridiculous Victorian-esque adventures wherein everyone has pretty much slept with everyone and Steve is kind to rats, cats and urchins, in no particular order. I've too many plot lines to juggle. (sigh) The Steve/Tony plot is a big one, obviously, but things are never simple in the Neath. :\ Honestly, I'm not sure I'll be able to do the complexities of it justice. There's a certain looseness of the game that's d--ned hard to replicate in prose, simply because a narrative must have a logical progression (except when it doesn't) and a game doesn't much care if you're working with the constables to arrest smugglers one second and then being a smuggler the next, or being Intimate with Devils while having Firm Convictions regarding souls and actually working to recover them.

Also, Steve is inconveniently moral. :| If he were anyone else, he'd have been killed so many times he'd make Tomb Colonists wince.

After writing, maybe make I'll cupcakes for Valentines day. I want to try making Red Velvet from scratch, except it's going to be rainbow velvet because I'm developing a dislike for normal colored cakes. Blue makes them taste better, I swear!
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With much blame to people who shall remain unnamed (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), I may or may not have posted the First Story in my new Echo Bazaar/Avengers fusion.
The Titles Were Hard )
In more immediate news, I need a beta. D: The Girl!Steve fic is ready to be shaken until the Terrible falls out. The trick here is that if you sign up, you have to be willing to get spoiled for the next Girl!Steve fic too, because they're linked, and I can't explain certain choices I made without explaining future plot twists. It's a bit over 50k. The plan is to edit Girl!Steve, and then post it in bits while I work on the Bazaar fic and all the massive work needed for Vampires. Then, posting Vampires in bits while I work on the Bazaar fic and fairytale. And then posting the fairytale fic while my soul curls into a fetal ball and cries.

So, anyone up for part one of the plan? :D?


Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:12 pm
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:( I has a sick. I'm all stuffed and oozing and achy. (Like Tony Stark's dick after that thing in college with too much booze and not enough attention paid to who and how he was getting laid. So, like Tony Stark in college, really.) So work kind of sucked. Yesterday I ended up passing out way early, and I will probably do so again today. Running a low-grade

The kittens continue well. Still squeaky and rat-like, I hope to see them open their eyes soon. :D

I may or may not have descended into Fallen London with [personal profile] valtyr. It's a marvelous time waster, while at the same time making it hard to waste all day by the limits. Right now, I've seduced a struggling artist and am moving on to his model. I'm a bit aimless, truthfully. Just building up stats and being an opportunist. Nightmares are a bit of an issue (I managed to reach 4 on day one. 4! HTH), but my goldfish helps. Being an Intimate of Devils, however, probably isn't going to do me any good. Well, except the goodies they toss my way sometimes.

I am having trouble choosing the options that look most fun. I keep looking at them and going, "Cap wouldn't like that. :(" Which I think we can all agree is a silly thought when I'm deciding between things like whether to give some poor heartbroken artist the blood of the guy who betrayed him or slip him a bit of mine instead. I mean, really now.


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