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FIRST! Meme from [personal profile] kijikun.
Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is futile."
  • I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
  • Update your journal with the answers to the questions
  • Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

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Next news. I still don't have my hands on Reborn. I am so close to throwing a hissy fit over that, oi. My comic book store absolutely sucks at stocking things. And I mean sucks. They keep selling out the day they get it in, and now they're not getting any more. I'm going to have to trawl around for it. HMPH.

Finally. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMFG [personal profile] stormseye drew me fanart homg homg homg! Dragons! Steve! Tony! THREADSCARS. You have no idea how happy this makes me. No, really, you don't. It's love and win and so many levels of shiny I could scream and did squee. ♥ Everyone go tell her how amazing she is!
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Wow, this seems topical. :D I typically bring along the same thing I always read, with an option on printed fanfics. Fantasy novels or maybe a couple old favorites fill my bag, at least three. I figure that way I have a better chance of having something I feel like reading. Just in case, I usually also bring along some drawing materials, even though drawing on a plane is a PITA, but I usually default to reading. This year, I'm planning on bringing along American Gods (never read it before— I know, I know, Gaiman is god, etc, that's why I'm bringing it), a book by a previously-proven author who seems to have seen Furuba and been inspired, and possibly a Discworld book. No printed fics this time, since my laptop will be with me, thus removing the need to murder trees for my own amusement. I plan to write while I'm in the air, but I need something to have out so I can make the stewardess frown at me during take-off and landing. I'm also bringing along Essential Iron Man 2 and some TPBs (New Avengers & Ultimates) to assist in converting the SPN masses keeping entertained.

Hmmm. I need to get around to posting goldrider!Tony before I leave out tomorrow. ¬.¬ I'm bad, I know. Also, Halloween!Fic is almost to the point where it will need a hardcore beta—it's down to tweaking the draft. D: Eeep! (hides)

ETA: Gold Rider Tony posted! :o I'll probably wait until tomorrow to post to the comm. ¬¬ Give it a day between posts.;; Parts 1 & 2 and part 3 are over here. (It was too big for one post!) A Pern Overview is here, for those who aren't familiar with the 'verse.

homg SHOW

Sep. 11th, 2009 09:25 am
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(headdesk headdesk headdesk) I was all prepared to flail over Supernatural and then I got One Of Those Calls. Dear Person: I e-mailed you a link, person. So why did you write it down and then Google it? And wrote it down wrong, no less.

To make it worse, someone brought in doughnuts and the smell is making me feel kind of ill. Didn't we already do the icky "puking up your guts" part of this cold, body? (sighs) One of those days. I can feel it building.
okay, SPN s5e1 SPOILERS )
In fic... I wrote. D: Man did I write. 2000 words. Normally I struggle to ooze out 500 in a day. @-@ I'll probably have to re-do the porn, but IDK. I always have trouble with perspective there, and I don't even have McCaffrey to guide me, since she was fond of fade-outs. I'm starting to see why. Porn is hard! I will persevere! Somehow. (eyes it)

And of course Mom is bugging me to see what I'm doing, because "DRAGONS". This means that an extra special non-explicit version will be passing by via the internet soon lol. I love my mother, but... yeah, no. Some things you just do not share with Mommy, no matter how open-minded she is. Though letting my dad see it might be fun, if only to have him curl up into a ball of horror and denial. (Still bitter? Me? Nah.)

Hopefully the rough draft will be done soon. (hums happily) Why can't I write like this more often? I am not looking forward to when this goes away.

ETA: Edited non-pornographic version shipped off to Mommy! @-@ She's probably going to kill me when she sees where it leaves off. It's her own fault for wanting it naonaonaonaonao.
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I have to give myself a cookie for my restraint. Yesterday Vince (coworker) commented that Pixar is interested in doing a Giant Man movie (to which I woohoo'd). This announcement was immediately followed by a comment on domestic violence not being kid-friendly. Before I could go frothy, I had to take a call and then he left the building. My cookie is for not hunting him down to yell at him. I'm still tempted to do it.

Poor Hank. He catches almost as much crap as Tony. :<

Next! I have managed to finish a scene! HUZZAH. Tony is still reluctant, but Marroth seems happy to shove him down the road to marital weyrmate bliss. Caimareth too, but he's not as sneaky as Marroth. Truly, he has S'teve's sense of subterfuge. I think I might have to cut Pepper & R'hodey though. :( They are shiny shiny, but they are also pointless and don't get any follow through. If I do, it shall be posted here because I am a sucker. 11k and counting. (headdesk) That means a minimum of two more scenes. Hopefully, they will be easy scenes.

Here's some Marroth PoV that doesn't fit in the story and is therefore a dangling thread. She insisted it be posted so she can explain her side of things. (Gods, I'm being bullied by my dragons now. ._. This does not speak well for my sanity.)
Marroth speaks )


Sep. 8th, 2009 02:51 pm
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Happy Tuesday!

I will be doing a Pet Post as soon as I get my grubbies on pictures of said pets. I have 8 out of 9 dogs, but one of them is being elusive. Huffle. I'll get a photo of him yet! (determined face)

In the meantime, whining about Tony. (eyes him) Why is he not cooperating? This is supposed to be a simple, three-scene fic! Now we're half way through scene four and I have no idea what he thinks he's doing. He was supposed to be having smutty, dragon-enhanced sex by now! Instead he's thinking of finding a stand-in? No. No no no. What gives, Tony-cakes? You like S'teve. You like him lots and lots. Is this about that Ista thing I'm refusing to write? Nuh-uh, we're skipping the boring parts, I told you that. But— oh no, that's R'hody's spot. And that would be another fic all it's own. Can't you be satisfied with what I'm giving you?

Of course you can't. *sigh*


*sigh* 10k and counting... (mutter)

Adopt one today!
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I has a problem. D:

Not too long ago, the question of the name of Steve's dragon came up. (This post, for ref.) CLEARLY, Steve's dragon and Tony's dragon are going to be BFF and whatnot and basically as gay as two dragons can get. I am a sap that way, and Rinnamoth would probably eat me if I tried to do it any other way.

Anyways, then an AU-verse came to light, wherein Tony gets a queen dragon, because AUs are made for rule breaking. Rinnamoth is Tony's brown, and Marroth is the gold. Originally, I liked Caimareth for Steve's dragon. It has a nice ring to it, but then discussion happened and I settled on Bykuceth for Steve's bronze. There's pretty good reasons for this that have to do with plot-y things barring a human Bucky. Making him a dragon works, though, unless I want to do very very very handwavey plot things. Handwavey plot things are pretty tempting though. (sweatdrop) ANYWAY. In light of this, I sort of forgot all about Caimareth. >>;

And then I finally got to the point in the gold!AU where it actually makes a difference. Tony is lining up to be Weyrwoman, and Steve's dragon was about to be mentioned... and then Bykuceth threatened to stomp on me if I tried pairing him with Marroth. HE WANTS RINNAMOTH RAWR. *eep* And Marroth says that Byucketh would just ignore her because he's only interested in golds when they rise and she's going to be the mastermind here whether the author likes it or not. =|

In short, my dragons OTPed. So it looks like Caimareth gets his appearance after all. *sigh* I shall rationalize this by the fact that Steve's history is totally different in the Gold!AU.


Marroth: :D I AM. Caimareth is pretty!

._.;; I think I need a lie down...
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Today, I ramble. (Shut up, I know I do it every post, so :P) I ramble because... Tony is distressingly stable. wtf.
allow me to explainate )
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FIC POSTED! HUZZAH! It's AkuRoku reincarnation fic.

I finally figured out why I like crossovers so damn much. It's what happens when I try to multitask in fandom. For example, let's take take a look at my fic-writing history.

Young Years: Sailormoon, DBZ & GW. They all smushed together into horrifically cracky multi-parters that thankfully will almost definitely never see the light of day.

Next Couple: HP, KH & Various Anime/Manga. I moved from HP to KH. During that transition, I wrote this and this. Art occurred.

More Recent: Literary, Game and TV fandoms started appearing more often; manga is bought less. I'm still in the throes of KH, but Final Fantasy XII has muscled in a bit. HP holds on weakly. This happened.

Today: Marvel Comics (Avengers), Movies, TV and Games hook me. Old Fandoms start reviving. SPN still clings. This is in-progress, as is this.

In conclusion, when I focus on one fandom, I focus. But when my attention is split, I tend to crossover, fuse and crack my way through things lol. I kind of like it, even though I know it makes it a lot more unlikely that I'll be read. I'm trying to care, but... well, dude. I got Sam & Dean in Hogwarts, with a J2 mention. I am writing Tony & Crossroads fic. My brain was just smacked with a desperate need for Buffy/SPN/Anita Blake/Potter/Marvel crossovers with VAMPIRES and if that isn't the definition of wtf I'm not sure what might be. It could only be worse if I put it on the Enterprise ohgod.

My head is a happy place to be. :P @ everyone who doesn't like crossovers.
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Posting is clearly getting to be habitual. I had this open and was typing before I remembered that it's July now lol.

Note to self: THIS is an excellent source of crack fuel for future writing. Especially note the section Reptillian Agenda. "'I am not a creature from an alien world', says Hillary". Doesn't that just scream for fanfic? Or possibly it's just Skrulls.

In other news, I love talking to my mother. Yes, 90% of it is sane, but then she randomly mentions something in one of my stories and things come together amazingly. How did I forget the Ruatha subplot? Unfortunately, this is probably going to result in a sort-of redemption for the Mastersmith. (facepalm) Did not plan that, but it totally makes sense. I didn't create a Dr. Cid, so someone needs to fill in, and Stark fits the bill. Sort of. Except for the whole "god riding around in his head" thing, and Pern really can't reproduce that sort of crazy anyway. I consider this a good thing.

Waitwaitwait... I forgot about the Basch-Noah thing. Can I even do that? I don't think I can... but mistaken identity plots are so much fun!

... (notes this for later consideration)

The S'teve becomes a Weyrleader thing will have to be shelved for another fic right now. He has waaaay too much going on for the sort of politics that would be needed. Plus, I need to think of people for him to displace. The only currently identified Weyrleaders I have are L'eon & Rinoa (Ista) and F'ury & Maria (Fort). J'mes and Lily might still be in at Benden; I really don't know how their arc is going or where it went. There's wiggle room, but I'm actually trying not to let the relationship stuff take over the plot. (I'll give you all a few minutes to stop gaping.)

Separating out S'teve gives me at least seven potential stories in this 'verse. Gods know how many I'll write, since some can be combined pretty seamlessly and a couple are pretty obvious excuses for porn lol. Larsa is an impatient little monkey though.; (eye roll) And I'm pretty sure T'ony managed to sleep with half of my named cast, including S'ora of all riders. o-O; He definitely takes advantage of helping out with the rejected riders after a mating flight, and Rinnamoth just seems to like snuggling. S'teve needs to hurry up with his plotline before I have to label them both something derogatory in my notes.

Also, I need (NEED, there is not enough emphasis for this) to find a comic book store around here somewhere TODAY. This is non-negotiable and I am fully willing to bite someone in order to make it come to pass. :| Not sure if I'll actually read it (what if they get it wrong?! D:), but at least I'll have it, right? Wow, here goes my disposable income for the next few millennia. ^^;; I should be more upset about that.

ETA: Tony insisted that SR Beta Version be four drabbles rather than three. And now I'm depressed. ._.; I think I prefer Pern!Tony. He has less creative ways to not-really-suicide.


Jun. 26th, 2009 01:04 pm
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D'oh. I started working on Pern!Tony's little drabble, just sort of teasing it into life... and then it looked up at me and said, "Hi, I'm the middle of a much bigger fic you didn't think you were going to write yet. Oh, and just to confuse you, here's some plot you didn't know about. Ha ha!" ._.

Of course, I immediately tossed it down into the Pit of WiP, because another 20k fic is not getting started right now, thank you. So instead here's 350 words of a Pern!young!Tony character piece.
Set Apart )
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First off! Yep, the layout changed, but it's not staying changed forever. I switched it to green for several reasons. Yes, I know: profile change. Woohoo, big statement. :| But actually this is mostly for me. It's so that I remember to be grateful for what I have, and as a reminder to keep my eye on things. I get distracted sometimes, we all know. Yes, I'm participating as well as I can to help. No, I'm not going to bombard my flist with it for once lol. Quixotic will be back once this is done. (crosses heart) I love my layout too much to ditch it easily.

I have a plot bunny nibbling me. It's been nibbling me since I put together my list of characters in the Pern thing. :x I am resisting temptation to write it. Really, really I am. But it's haaaaaard *whinewhinewhine*.

This is going to make me sound crazy... When I settled on some of the characters, they kind of wrote their own backstory. That's about the only way I can describe it. I didn't actually mean to think "hey, I wonder what his/her deep dark past is all about". They're meant to be minor characters for now—many of them are just names in a crowd. But the characters poked over my shoulder and said "hey, what about between times" and "don't you know my father's Mastersmith?" and now my brain hurts.

It is not fair for these things to poke me right now. D:

For the record, current series involved include: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XII, Good Omens, FAKE, Harry Potter, the Avengers, SPN RPF & Gundam Wing. (breathes)

Wow, just dealt with the WEIRDEST OF WEIRD ERRORS at work. (shakes fist at Embarq) Stop blocking us! We're a school here!

ETA: Bugger. I might have to give in and admit that what I want to do with a fic isn't working. I hate it when that happens. ;~;


Jun. 3rd, 2009 10:01 am
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It's written. IT IS WRITTEN!



Coming in at 21k, 46 pages in Word, the Pern fic has been finished in its rough-draft form. I think I'm going to go bake my brain on a sidewalk now. What the hell moved me to write that monster? And now I'm seriously thinking "you know, this could be a three parter" and why? No, no, no self. It took me how long to write this thing? I'm not tripling it. No way, no how. Other stories in that 'verse will just have to wait, thank you kindly. So you bunnies, get off my lawn! (shakes a cane) And you too, Larsa, you haven't even been mentioned in-verse yet!

CHARACTERS. *huffpuff*

This, I think, needs special attention for how awesome it is. ♥ Go Obama!

Finally, to tie up today's bout of crazy, there is a Mary Sue Amnesty Post over here, y'all. Just in case you've got a Sue on your lawn with the bunnies. ^~

OMG though, it makes me want to sink back into Angelus Aequus. Not that any of you except [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89 have any idea what that is. Count yourselves lucky, probably. It was 100% cracked-out wish fulfillment. When you can look your co-author's character straight in the eye and call her eye color aquamatanger, and then you look at yours and then you look at hers and her hair is calico... When your character list has to be numbered and was repeatedly thinned out to get it below 200... when "I reject your reality/canon and substitute my own" isn't a phrase so much as a summary... This is not just a land of Sues. It is a Sue Black Hole.

And dear gods was it fun. XD
Cut for Vegeta's Name: 57 words, 2130 characters, 0 shame. )
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(kicks herself) This is precisely why I should have gotten into comics ages ago. Why did it take me this long to figure out why the terrorists in the first Iron Man movie were named "Ten Rings"? If that isn't a set up for the Mandarin to appear in movie 2, IDK what is. (This is, by the way, based mostly on a suspicion that vaguely middle eastern terrorists are considered a more acceptable target than the Chinese.) If I'm wrong, I will offer myself up to RDJ as a sex slave.

Please, please, please let me be wrong.

You have no idea how strong the urge to tvTrope is right now. D:

My poor, dear beta is in need of help. She wants another fic from me. (eyes [livejournal.com profile] lyakahime warily) Okay, so I already got five hundred words in on it, but really! Does that seem like the request of a sane person? Course, I got another 2000 written in the Pern thing. ¬¬;; 500 of it doesn't count though, since it's prologue-thingy and pretty much skippable. (pokes it) A little too doomsday, but that's what Lyaka and her various implements of torture editing are for.

In that vein, I'm almost done! I... kind of meant to have it done with the last scene, but then I realized "bugger—other plotlines to tie up!" I blame Riku, of course. And possibly Cloud, though his story line is... different. I'm kind of falling in love with my dragons though. :D Seriously. I'm through the Impression moments (which should tell you how close I am to finishing this puppy kitty dragonet) and just trying to figure out how to wrap it all up. Endings are hard?

I wanted to post a quote, but I can't find anything that doesn't give away secrets. :( So here: Star Trek fic quote instead.
Sometimes it felt like ninety percent of work on the Enterprise consisted of babysitting the captain and getting out of the way when things started to explode. The other ten percent was evenly divided between pulling someone's fat from the fire or throwing in their own. WiP Star Trek 09
ETA: I meant to add this in. Gods know why I didn't. Anywhoo, last night I woke up in an absolute panic. I remember it being absolutely imperative that I remember the word "succinctly". I had to scribble it down on a pad of paper before I could go back to bed.

Psychic moment, message from my subconscious, or Just Plain Weird?


May. 30th, 2009 09:38 pm
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OMG I WROTE. *-* And not just "stared at the screen all day and eked out 500 words" wrote. I managed over 3,000 words today! \o/ HUZZAH.

I am just... over the moon about this lol. Normally I have a really hard time oozing out words. I think it's that I over-think my writing. But today, it just flowed. :D Okay, so it flowed over three different stories, one of which I'm not supposed to be writing because it's a sequel to something I'm still debating even owning up to, but writing was accomplished!

I think I'm going to revel a bit now. And post bits, because (as prior experimentation has proved), posting bits makes the writing happen more often.

He didn't know how long they'd actually been fighting with a bass bellow of agony tore open the air overhead. Mercifully, it cut off as the dragon winked between.

One... Two... Three... Ice froze Cl'oud's guts when the dragon didn't come back.KH-Pern WiP
Big blue eyes looked up at him from under a tangle of dark hair. The boy only came up to Steve's ribs, and he looked so fragile that he should have been just a wisp of thought. A black suit fit like it had been tailored to his small frame, the stark color relieved only by his snowy white shirt. One finger crossed his lips to signal silence, resting against the neat sutures that held them closed. The job had been professionally done, but it looked like he'd tried to rip them out more than once. In some places the rips were still bleeding, and others had scarred over. WiP Untitled 1 Avengers
That explained the ice cream Jarvis had brought home. Steve had thought it was because of the mad scientist. The mood-enhancing bombs hadn't had much affect on the men, other than making them a bit edgy, but Jan and Toni had locked themselves in a room for three days. Thor had gone in to try and talk them down, but after five minutes and a lot of screaming, he'd come out mumbling something about the fury of Valkyries and chocolate. WiP Untitled 2 Avengers
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I wrote! \o/

Okay, so I'm still slowly oozing along with the writing thing, but at least it's flowing. That's better than usual by a long shot. I also figured out my characters for he most part. Of course, now they're all hitting me over the head with their own side stories (NO, LARSA. BAD. You're still young and squishy for gods sakes stop), but I can deal with that. :D Now if I can just get the other bunnies to leave me alone...

But! I just realized I need two more characters. 18 eggs. -.-;; I'm probably not going to mention everyone by name, but this definitely has other stories nibbling at me. Being able to drop background characters by name would be fun, and I don't want to use OCs because they would be horribly out of place in the mish-mesh of transposed characters.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to pretend my flist pays attention to me (lol) and ask for characters. They need to be male (I'm sorry, but only gold riders are female, and there's only 5 max golds per Weyr) and theoretically capable of being aged down to 13-14 years old. There must be two of them, and I'd really rather have them come as a set. These are the series I've already mined for characters (not all of them are dragonriders btw), so you know what's been done.

Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy XII
Harry Potter
Gundam Wing

Also, very very important... OMG KITTEN IN THE OFFICE. (flail) Marlyn brought it in an dit's got to be only about 3 days old. The umbilical cord is still attached! She found the poor thing in her yard; she thinks the feral Momcat that was living in her garage moved the litter and lost it. D: So she's taking care of the baby, and that means bringing it to work.

So. Much. Squee. I ♥ my job.
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Soooo. Yes. Dragons. ¬¬

While speaking with my Mom this morning (I call her on the way to work), she mentioned my Pern fic. The conversation went something like this:
Her: How's that story you've been working on? The one set in Ista Weyr?
Me: Um. I haven't worked on it in a while. Been kind of busy.
Her: Did you decide on the dragons?
Me: Yeah, I even worked out how it happened, but I kind of think Anne McCaffrey is going to hunt me down if she sees what I did to her genetics. Variables are pain.
Her: You were really close to finishing.
Me: It's not really at the top of my To Do list. I want to get caught up on blah blah blah ramble blah, and we're switching servers at work blah blah.
Her: You were really close to finishing.
Me: D: Yes? Three scenes to go. Joy joy wanst, I think I mentioned...
Her: (pointed silence)
Me: ... this is a hint, isn't it?
MY MOTHER SCARES ME. You know that moment when you can feel someone staring at the phone, just like if they were staring at the back of your head. SHE DID THAT.

GODS, my mother is a fangirl HALP.

In other news, I think Reddas (FFXII fame) might be awesome running Nerat Hold, but idk if it'll be used except in passing in this one. Balfonheim is a pretty good Nerat analog (or is Nerat the analog?), as well as those things go. But Reddas keeps annoying me by randomly attacking other monsters wtf I WANT TO KILL THIS ONE, HELLO, GET BACK HERE, so maybe not. Also, I have ideas for Boll, it's because Boll can be directly traced to Fort and Ruatha. It's the second established Hold under Admiral Benden. This is significant for what I'm doing in Ruatha and is it sad that I don't need to look this up? For spoilers, look under the cut for current plans about who is what and where they are. Not all of this is going to be used. Not even most of it. *sigh* I've over-planned.
Things no one cares about. :D )
Look, I made notes! :D


Mar. 20th, 2009 09:47 am
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Updating for the sake of it as work ooooooozes along lol. In other words, I'm bored out of my gourd. I should get some writing done today. I really, really should. >.> Though I think I figured out what I'm going to name Sora's dragon, so that's a start. \o/ I woke up saying it. No, I really don't know where it came from, though I still need to google it to make sure it's not something I subconsciously picked up from somewhere. (The method of choosing is kind of suspicious, after all.) Roxas is still up in the air—I want a symmetry there (for many reasons), but I'm not sure how horribly cliché that would be. I was thinking of an (xyz)th/(zyx)th sort of thing. Opinions?

I need a KH-pern icon. No, I really don't know why.

I think having my Mom visit got my brain rolling on dragons again. She and I both love them, so of course it came up. (Plus, I'd just finished reading the Hurog Duology and fell pretty much in love with Oreg, plus another dragon-related but kind of disappointing novel. Then she read the Joust series, because I had it, and then I had to pimp Termeraire and... Yeah. Anyways. There were a lot of dragons on our brains.)

I have to finish with the kitties first (insert determined face here) I'm on the last bloody scene. Why is it so hard to finish? DX


Feb. 20th, 2009 10:35 am
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My mother is pushing me for a fanfic. I don't even know how to begin describing the wrongness of that. Specifically, she's pushing me to finish a fanfic. The Pern/KH one. o.O I knew she was a Pern fangirl, but really, Mom! This is what I get for letting her read it as I wrote it and then leaving it at the start of the dramatic climax. >>;; (Thread menaces! Things crunch! Breakfast is interrupted!)

It's only 15k along, and I can't find my notes on the plot! I have a vague-ish idea of where it's going (it's very nearly done) and so many notes on mechanics, character attributes, background... I even mapped out a possible way for dragon colors to work out, so as to explain a plot twist. (Not a white dragon, I swear. Not even an oddly-colored dragon.) I just can't find my "Scene 7: Person X does this really awesome thing that I will explain in 3 hundred words or more" type of notes. I'll have to re-read everything or randomly stumble on the file. *sigh* Maybe I have it on my laptop at home, or a different flash drive. Gods know my filing system needs to be cleaned up. If not, I think I remember what I'd been planning well enough to continue on. I hope. :x
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I just realized that I have 3.3 scenes left to write in this thing! Huzzah! This means about six or seven days to first-draft completion. This also means that I have a pretty good chance of hitting the 20k mark—assuming my beta doesn't feed too much to the grammar monster in the polishing process. Even if she does, less can be more. (Example: "RUN!" versus "USE YOUR LEGS IN AN EXTREMELY EXHAUSTING FASHION IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE AN ESCAPE FROM THIS UNHAPPY AND POSSIBLY DANGEROUS LOCATION!")

On the downside, I'm still running 500 words behind because I didn't get my usual writing time last night. :\ But yay almost done with first draft? Oh well, that's what an hour hiding out at Burger King is for this evening after work. 500 words now, 500 words then... I'll catch up. Happy happy.

Today's spoiler: I played with a thesaurus. Which is a type of dinosaur, obviously. :D

He'd been right. The Hatching Grounds were huge. Bigger than the Great Hall of Ista Hold—bigger than the harbor of Ista Hold. There must have been room for every dragon and person in the Weyr. The roof was so high that it vanished into shadow, even though glowbaskets lined the walls every few feet, filling the place with their clear white light.WiP KH-Pern
ETA: Also? Subway sounds good right now. o.o Or possibly Wendey's. Mrmble.

ETA2: I was right. Subway is good right now. NOM.

ETA3: I have been informed by my beta to remove "enormous". This just shows exactly how valuable she is, to be pro-actively catching my goofs. (squishes her)
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To sum up last night's writing endeavors...

Riku: MOTHERFUCKINGHOLYSHIT this place IS HUGE. ._.; (feels insignificant)
Sora: o-o AS;LD—
Roxas: —F:KJHG! o-o

(Headdesk) BUT I ENJOYED WRITING IT. Even if [livejournal.com profile] lyakahime is going to chew it to bits later. I know this is superfluous text. But... It keeps me writing. That's important, ne desu ne?

Today's Wordcount: 10,900

In an odd sidenote, people in my office are talking hauntings and supernatural stuff. They're normally sane people, but... I feel awkward. o.O Not that I don't believe in spirits and whatnot, but we're coming from two widely different perspectives.

Them: Ghosts. Demons. Angels. Good v. Evil.
Me: Psychic impressions. Vibrations. Spirits. Moral ambiguity.

It would feel... kind of weird, stepping into the conversation. Which makes me sad, because I love freakiness like that. But really, when one of the phrases used is "sent by the Devil" and I don't accept the existence of absolute good/evil outside a philosophical concept, especially not a personification of such, I feel like we don't have much to say to each other here.

So... very weird. Hm.


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