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Apr. 9th, 2010 02:08 pm
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89
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In other news... Whoops, I missed the AU BB deadline. I could have sworn I turned it in. Luckily, I was e-mailed and able to get it in, so no harm done. And working with [livejournal.com profile] moontear on a FFXII AU fic is amazing fun, FYI.

Finally, an SPN ficlet I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89, who is having a bad day. :(
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homg SHOW

Sep. 11th, 2009 09:25 am
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(headdesk headdesk headdesk) I was all prepared to flail over Supernatural and then I got One Of Those Calls. Dear Person: I e-mailed you a link, person. So why did you write it down and then Google it? And wrote it down wrong, no less.

To make it worse, someone brought in doughnuts and the smell is making me feel kind of ill. Didn't we already do the icky "puking up your guts" part of this cold, body? (sighs) One of those days. I can feel it building.
okay, SPN s5e1 SPOILERS )
In fic... I wrote. D: Man did I write. 2000 words. Normally I struggle to ooze out 500 in a day. @-@ I'll probably have to re-do the porn, but IDK. I always have trouble with perspective there, and I don't even have McCaffrey to guide me, since she was fond of fade-outs. I'm starting to see why. Porn is hard! I will persevere! Somehow. (eyes it)

And of course Mom is bugging me to see what I'm doing, because "DRAGONS". This means that an extra special non-explicit version will be passing by via the internet soon lol. I love my mother, but... yeah, no. Some things you just do not share with Mommy, no matter how open-minded she is. Though letting my dad see it might be fun, if only to have him curl up into a ball of horror and denial. (Still bitter? Me? Nah.)

Hopefully the rough draft will be done soon. (hums happily) Why can't I write like this more often? I am not looking forward to when this goes away.

ETA: Edited non-pornographic version shipped off to Mommy! @-@ She's probably going to kill me when she sees where it leaves off. It's her own fault for wanting it naonaonaonaonao.
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I feel blah. Seriously, seriously blah. Gods, I'd better not be coming down sick, though it would explain a lot. ._. I can't afford get sick. No, seriously, I can't—my aunt borrowed money this month (Papa ruined another lawn mower *sigh*), so I'm cutting it close on the finances. One day's work = gas money. If I actually need a doctor, I'm seriously SOL. Plus, I'm kind of proud that I've only had two non-vacation half-days off in a year and a half: one for Tropical Storm Fay and the other because my owner boss said I looked so miserable that I was making her feel guilty.

(soldiers on)

Anywhoo, here's the Vet Waiting Room original scene from Boxes. It's the SPN cameo that includes Kitten!Dean. It was snipped because 1) too long for a cameo and 2) Dean's mouth was messing with the tone. It went through some changes before it got snipped down, so this is the original un-beta'd.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

SPN Quest

Mar. 18th, 2009 01:55 pm
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Dancing around the beta_monster for this one, because I'm bored and managed 100 words exactly. :P (Unless she happens by and betas it anyways. :D) Unless I get up a collection of these for some reason, I don't think I'm posting them to [livejournal.com profile] tsukinoniwa. It's not worth the hassle for a single 100 word thingie.

Rather than make the header longer than the fic, I give unto thee the minimum:

Untitled Drabble
By [livejournal.com profile] tsukinofaerii
Rating: SNUG
Series: Supernatural
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ETA: I just found out the the pingback bot works even when you reference your own posts. Awkward.
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Five Secrets
By [livejournal.com profile] tsukinofaerii
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] lyakahime (whom I love more than words can say — grammar monster and all. :D
For: [livejournal.com profile] spikess
Rating: SNIP
Genre: Alternate Timelines/Generic
Warnings: Disturbing
Series: Supernatural
Spoilers: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Bible
Pairings: No Pairings

Summary: Five items that were never kept, but might have been. Complete drabbles.

This story is a work of transformative fiction, such being defined as a work which incorporates characters and situations which have been created by other authors/artists. No infringement of copyright is intended and no profit is being made from the creation or dissemination of this work. Supernatural was created and is owned by various people but most notably the CW. It is used with respect and admiration for the work.

Note: [livejournal.com profile] spikess won this by bidding on me at [livejournal.com profile] fics4books. <3 Much love for her patience and here's hoping she likes it.

( Secrets Veiled )
( Secrets Locked )
( Ancient Secrets )
( Remembered Secrets )
( Discarded Secrets )
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I also has a coffee, which hopefully will help me get through the meta. But considering how hard it is to type right now, probably not. ._. Please bear with me, I swear I've been thinking about this for days. Any incoherence isn't the result of it being way too early on a Monday. It's just me.

Warning for SPN Spoilers!
Possibly also some Bible spoilers.

SPN Meta of Symbolism, Religion and Headdesks of Dean )

SPN memey

Sep. 17th, 2008 08:50 am
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Well... fuck. When you see this, quote Supernatural in your LJ.
Yeah, MySpace. What the hell is that? Seriously, is that, like, some sort of porn site?
Crossroad Blues [Season 2 Episode 8]

Oh, and who can resist:
Dean, you're my brother, alright? So whatever you're carrying, let me help a little bit.
Croatoan [Season 2, Episode 9]

Do I get the extra cookie for posting 2?

Gods, I need to play with my blockquote formatting...

From this article:
Who is scarier: hockey moms who want to put tax-subsidized books about lesbian couples out of reach of kindergarteners or Hollyweird ideologues who want to ensure that homeless people can surf porn websites in your neighborhood library?

Is that a trick question?

Why me? SPN

Apr. 8th, 2008 10:52 am
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... ahem. :)


^^; I entirely and utterly blame [livejournal.com profile] clex_monkie89 for this, but I've got a new interest damnit. She's hooked me into Supernatural. This on top of [livejournal.com profile] bookshop's post about the Dresden thingamabobber and... I'm a mess. I'm a mess on about two-ish hours of sleep, which is about half of my usual sleep, which is not enough sleep dfghjkl;! I don't need new fandoms! I like my current ones just fine! (clings to them)

Gods, now I've got to convert [livejournal.com profile] shinineko1 to convince her that going to WinCon would be just as good as coming here... (headdesk) *wail* She's gonna hate me.

And probably read this. ¬¬ (posts anyway)

... I need a good panic attack icon. The panda. It is too cute for the freaking-outness. Hm.


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