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*\o/* WOOHOO!

Go me! ♪♫ Go me! ♫♪

Yes, as you've guessed, I finished NaNoWriMo. Finally. The rough draft clocks in at 85,076 words. Today I was just lazy lol. I didn't want to write. Also, it was cold. :(

I am kind of :| at how a plot appeared at the last second that will have to be tied into things. Also, Tony had the last laugh. I did not plan for this. You see, something happens at the very end, which I didn't see coming until it did. (sigh) I will link two excerpts, so you will see.
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And now that I am freeeee~, it is time to work on my prompt! EEEEE! I love my prompt so much. It is going to be cracky love. But, in the interests of keeping Secret Santa Secret, I will not be posting about it the way I did NaNo. :( You may hear the occasional ranting, but no public details and no excerpts. Sadface. Tomorrow, I will get on with the outlining. This fic will not be nearly as big, but I hope to make it a pretty solid size. Last year my exchange fics were all shortish, but I made up for it by having multiple. This year, I want to do just one biggish one, and with this prompt, I totally can. It will actually be hard to remind myself that I don't have time to do an epic!

Anywho! IDK what I will do with my journal now that NaNo is over. I have posted about almost nothing except it for nearly a month! (flail) But this is Faerii's NaNoWriMo, signing off for 2010. ♥ Thank you, everyone who cheered me on! ILU GAIS. (hugs!)
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Naked Steve is slightly less naked now. This is a sad day for us all.

I think that tomorrow is it. I'm in the closing scenes where everything gets tied up, and they are short scenes. Maybe a couple thousand words total left. It feels good, and also slightly terrifying, because once this is done, I have to go back to the beginning and start with the butchery. Hank shall vanish from the annals of this fic. The entire opening plot will be replaced. (Alas, this means Tony shall not get to dip Steve. :( Sadness.) I have a horrible terror that I have written 80k, and shall turn around and immediately edit out 30k. If I don't, this will be my longest fic ever. Which is also sort of scary, because I don't want to sacrifice quality for length.

Writing today was hard to start, because like a genius billionaire industrialist playgirl I left off yesterday at a horribly wrenching moment, and did not want to pick up again. It hurt. D: Once I got past that, it flowed much more smoothly, but getting started... ouch. Avoidance techniques including gaming and working on an Ult Tony Fanmix.

Anyway, word counts. I'm at 83,394, so I wrote 3,126. Will probably end this baby around 85k, at this rate.
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Today, I slept in (\o/). Due to various factors that I could rant about at length, Thanksgiving has been put off until Sunday. It's a bit TL;DR, but apparently my cousin's girlfriend's family > us. So. I pretty much had the day to myself, which was nice. As soon as I woke up I rallied myself and trooped into town in order to retrieve my flash drive from work. It felt kind of like being a corporate spy. I pulled in, used my keycard to go upstairs, grabbed my flash drive, pocketed it and walked nonchalantly back down to the parking lot. I did not skulk, because that probably would have brought security down on me, but never was the urge to pick the locks I have keys to greater.

In procrastination news, I finally managed to get past 4-3 in my Super Mario Bros em. I also did some work on a fanmix. Am :| at how it's turning out, but I always am. I need more types of music, but I like stuff I can sing along with and preferably that won't depress me. (I have blacklists of songs I will turn the radio off on, because they're too sad. WARN FOR DEATHFIC IN MUSIC PEOPLE.)

For NaNo, I validated today, as you can see by my shiny new "WINNER" on the sidebar. (basks) We're finally starting to see the end. Technically the climax is done, but I've got one more little uptick before things are wrapped up. I'm estimating another... oh, five or six thousand words. Two days, think? Unless something weird happens in the plot. It is actually surprisingly hard not to just end it here, even though I'm positive that it would mean my death. To say I would be hated would be a massive understatement. I hope this goes as planned, and I can sign off soon. I'm starting to lag, and have gone from hatred to a risk of apathy. Writing On the Road Home reminded me that fic can be fun! Which makes me want to tackle my Fic Exchange story even more.

Also, today was one of those days when I had to take a break from writing to cry. I hate it when my own fic makes me weepy. :| DNW, damn it!

Word count has now soared to 80,268, so I wrote roughly 3,751. Fitting what I wrote yesterday with what I wrote today was thankfully easy, though I suspect if I'd written much more it would have been Trouble.
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Nov. 24th, 2010 10:14 pm
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First off, I post a fic to [community profile] cap_ironman. Other people should do that too. Bring our comm to life!

(milks the giant cow)

Anyway, today was an odd day at work. Slow on the work end, but there was lots of socializing, so I didn't get anything done. And then... And then... I left my flash drive at work. D: I'm going to go retrieve it tomorrow, but I am NaNo-less tonight. :( I started working on the next scene, but it was hard and blocky thanks to the disconnect. (sigh) So I only wrote 1,150 words, bringing me up to an unofficial 76,517. Sadpanda. Here is a teeny bit of what I managed to eke out.
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Today actually felt like progress. It's one of the first days that did. x.X Which is amazing and probably should feel creepy, because I blew ~1,600 words of writing on another fic, and also some time trying to put together a set of mixes. (In other news, why the hell don't I have any decent "screw this, I'm dying anyway, bring on the booze and sex" songs that aren't country?) But the finish line is visible, so maybe that's helping. The Scenes To Write are down to single digits, and shrinking. Huzzah!

The non-NaNo project today was a Thanksgiving fic. I wasn't planning on writing one at all, but [community profile] cap_ironman is slow as hell, and the next round of things will be posted to LJ. D: It needs contents, precious. Yes, it does. (steeples fingers)

Today in NaNo, procrastination was the order of the day. I just kept putting off working on NaNo. :\ Bad Faerii, no cookie. Well, okay, maybe one cookie. But it's a broken one. In spite of myself, I managed to achieve Words. Had fun writing them too. So yays! I need to make a note to go back in and mention that Steve is Nekkid a few more times. Otherwise, it could be forgotten, and the fact that I managed to make my icon a reality is a balm to my NaNo-savaged soul. Word count is now a whopping 75,367, so on NaNo I wrote 3,288 words. :D
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Today is a little early, because my fic is annoying me, and so I am taking a teeny break to plan something else tonight. (Do not worry, it will be back to annoying me tomorrow.)

Last night, I was treated to a strange dream. I was flying to WinCon, and HOMG TURRORUSTS (who looked oddly like Arnold Schwarzenegger) took over the plane using broken yet sharp pieces of plastic. In the dream, not only was I calm, but I was kind of pissed off. I'd gone through the whole grope fest at the airport (dream me remembered something about "oh, yeah, violate my fourth amendment baby", but alas, the dream was not awesome enough to include that), but these guys had gotten through by shoving plastic up their asses. Somehow, I ended up taking them down by using the block on my laptop power cord as a blunt instrument. It was kind of Xena-like, if that makes any sense, with swinging it around my head and clonking them in theirs. oO The dream ended when I opened a newspaper a month later and saw that the TSA had banned laptop cords.

Yeah. I've been following that particular clusterfuck a little too closely, I think.

Ficcing today was hard, at least partly because I procrastinated all day. WOE. The dramatic climax weighs heavily on me. I'm making :| faces at my PoV rotation, which is silly and nitpicky of me. Also, I'm having to pull reasons out of thin air why the villain doesn't just grab Pepper and drag her off to a life of servitude. I have a vague idea, but nothing concrete. It will have to do, because I am not letting anyone go on another 40k wild goose chase, nor am I going to tie myself down to fic 3 just yet.

Words are only 72,079, so my slacking resulted in 1,973. (sigh) I will try to hit 75k tomorrow.
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Family drama, ahoy. (eyes roll) I have no idea what our plan is for Thanksgiving. I am hoping that my uncle will be making it, because I can't afford to go out and buy everything, but IDK. He's causing problems again, which makes everything wonky and weird. Papa is going to have a Thanksgiving dinner, even if I have to buy single servings and take it out of the money I pay for room & board.

In the meantime, there was writing. And laundry. And also cleaning, procrastinating and chatting with people. But mostly writing. Things are finally starting to come to a head, plot-wise. Current plans call for eight more scenes, four of which are wrap-up. :D HUZZAH. As long as nothing goes wrong, I am almost definitely going to be finished with the initial draft by the end of the week. That will give me plenty of time to do my fic exchange story. (rubs hands with eager glee) You would be surprised how much having that dangling in front of me is making me want to finish this.

This is the "artistic" (LOL) story. That will be the fun one. Oh, yes, my precious...


Anyway, I achieved my weekend goal! Word count is now 70,106, so today I did 5,070. Not bad a'tall, if I do say so myself.
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Argh. Still sleepy. (yawn) I managed to conk out for roughly twelve hours, and I could have still managed a nap. Luckily, next week shall be both slow and short, thanks to Thanksgiving. Everyone who can calls out "sick" or takes leave for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and I'll have Thursday and Friday off.

Today was a bit weird. I slept in and ran around doing some shopping, but I also crammed for writing. As a result, I did not do laundry. Whoops. Ah, well. Tomorrow. Today ended up being a number of short scenes, instead of the longer ones I've been writing. That's kind of weird. IDK why they're coming out short, but it's just easier to get to the point? Exhaustion usually makes me more wordy.

I didn't quite manage my goal, but I came close enough. Word count is now 65,036, so I did 4,523. Not too shabby.
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Omg I'm so tired, typing is tricky. I managed to make a reasonable word count, but I'm hoping to do 5k a day this weekend. I've done it before, and the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can work on my Fic Exchange story. Words are 60,513, so I wrote 3,122. The widget is not updating for some reason. Will worry about it later.

Exhaustion was the cause of almost all of my troubles today. Thanks to Potter, I lived on barely any sleep. It made writing a struggle. Still, I managed! :D
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LOL Well, as you can all see, I saw Harry Potter last night, and as a result this is late. I regret nothing.

Writing was both curtailed and done primarily in a noisy theater. As a method of coping, I put on my headphones and played If I Die Young on eternal repeat. It was depressingly suiting for this scene (no one has died yet though), and having one song go over and over in loops helps me to focus.

I ended up deciding that I was going to restart a scene that I had already begun, in order to switch PoVs. I need to wean myself off my villains. They come off as so much more villainous to other people. It means that I have a new red-highlighted section of 800 words that has to go. (sigh) But I managed to achieve my goal in that scene, which is what's important. Now I need some way to show the passage of time before the next Big Moment comes up. I need at least a day to pass. @_@ I think that same day shipping from Jamestown to NYC is possible? Especially for a small package.

Total word count was 57,391, so I wrote 3,302 words. Quite a bit of that is ruminations on Pretty Dresses which will no doubt be cut, but I don't care. It's the minimum necessary to get this baby drafted by the end of December, and what's important is that it is written at all.
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Nov. 17th, 2010 10:23 pm
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This is quick, because I need to get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is Harry Potter, so my usual marginal hours will be a lot more marginal.;; Oi.

Anyway, today's word count is officially Weird. About half way through the scene I was working on, Tony and Jan started having a conversation that 1) needed to happen about 30k ago in order to explain certain Peppery Things and 2) worked really well to replace one of those pesky scenes that Hank was in. So I spent some time making that fit and removing the other scene. The downside? The replacement scene was 1,000 words less than the old scene. For a while, I was running negative numbers. x-X I actually wrote about 4,000 words today, but between cutting and editing, my total is only 54,089, which is only 2,919 words. Ah, well. The part that I worked on is better for it.
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As per the orders of Mama Jazzy and Mama Mundi, my wrists are wrapped as I type this. Creepy. D: I look like a bright green and purple mummy. It is kind of distracting.

Today I dedicated to resting the hands (mostly), so I spent the majority of my creative time doing the planning I didn't give myself time for in the past two weeks. After juggling things, making notes, and generally figuring out WTF I'm doing, I figure that I will be losing one plot and four scenes, heavily modifying another three, and generally butchering the rest. I have about 14-16 scenes left to write, and have written 28. :| At about ~2k per scene, that's roughly another 30k on the docket before the heavy edits. (Still hating my prose. How many damned times am I going to start sentences with pronouns?)

This is the point where I start thinking that I should apply alcohol and make all of this seem like so much more of a good idea. I should be able to fit this is with my Fic Exchange prompt, but I don't think I will have a chance to write one of the lovely little comm prompts. :( Sadness. I have my eye on #13. D: Want so much! (FTR, it's not mine.)

I did make myself do a little light writing, just to keep momentum. Also. Um. Well, I have roughly two weeks to finish the rough on this thing by my current timeline. And that will give me a couple of weeks for the prompt. Which will immediately be followed by the beta'ing of this. So! Busy Faerii will be busy! Word count hit 51,170, so roughly 1k. Here's the excerpt.
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Today was made difficult by distractions. It seemed like my coworkers would not stop talking. (sigh) But I managed to hit my chosen goal by the time work was done (seriously, slow day was slow), and have been letting myself goof off as a reward. I hate my story slightly less, mostly because of a completely gratuitous moment I got to write today. But my arms still hurt. After this, I shall seek vetwrap and, possibly, some sort of ointment. (Hidden benefit of living with an elderly person. There are always things like Bengay and Icy-Hot around.)

In other news, I got my [community profile] cap_ironman fic exchange prompts! (cuddles them) I already know which one I am doing, and may use planning it in order to give my brain occasional breaks. Not too much. Word count for my NaNo story is still a push this month. I want to either finish this thing in November or see how high I can get it in 30 days. (gulp) I am also thinking of doing a multi-media project that will involve audio, manips and fic, worked into a seamless whole in an attempt to get a one-shot blackout on my [community profile] fanbingo card. Once started, this will take effort, careful scripting, and a full flexing of my multimedia skills. Before started, this will take the acquisition of multimedia skills.;;

Drum roll, please! (Dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah) Today, my word count reached...
50,085 words!

Last year, I hit my 50k on the 15th too. Next year, maybe I will aim for the 14th, or the 16th to keep from developing a pattern. I only wrote 2,943 words, but hey! I topped 50k. :D

Since I'm past the big five-oh, I am still going to keep track of what I write in numbers, but I will post excepts at a whim. At least one a day. IDK how long this will go on. I still have quite a bit of in-fic time before I can get to the climax. When I go back through on the revisions, I will have to take a look at tightening it up quite a lot.
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Ow. Ow ow. I think I have writer's wrist or some sort of traumatic typing injury. D: I type on a laptop in my comfy chair, which is admittedly not good for preventing carpal tunnel or for supporting the wrists. Not much alternative though. My elbow and wrist now feel funny. Sadpanda

Anyway. Every year on the NaNoWriMo forums, someone posts the five Stages of NaNo. Sometime around 3PM today, I hit stage four: Despair. I kind of hate my story to a thousand tiny pieces right now. I hate my characterization (it is wobbling somewhere between Ults and 616), I hate that I can't bring New York to life the way I did Phoenix (I cannot use googlemaps on dial up), I hate that my plot is so damned jumbled and I hate that I have no fricking clue what happened to Thor. RAWR. My Big Bads are neither big nor bad, and in fact have lost whatever badassitude they had in the first fic. The action scenes? LOL. Blow. And my prose is stiff as hell. I'm already dreading the revisions, because I can easily see having to rewrite more than half of what I have. (headdesk)

TL;DR. Despair.

Luckily, I'm getting to the point where I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. On at least one major plot point, I can follow it from here to dramatic climax. I'm going to have to scrap the idea of a sex scene though. It just is so not happening. Maybe in the revisions. (sigh)

Anyway, my whining is mostly so you know that I whipped myself into a frenzy writing today. I did one of those things where I'd set myself a goal, and then hit it, and then realize how close the next goal was. This kept going until I finally threw down and had a cupcake. A cupcake of FIERCE. And chocolate.

[An hour of arguing HP in AIM with seventy bajillion people later...]

Harry/Draco rules. Trufax.

Anyway lol! Word count today skyrocketed to 47,142, meaning I wrote 7,045 words. WTF is wrong with me? oO; That is 4 daily quotas, and as long as I don't slack, I will hit the big 50k tomorrow. (This is a serious question, because I just saw that the last bit of RR&R has started to be posted, and the proceeded to make catlike yowls of joy.) Also, anecdotally, I'm past 100 pages. And I'm still not at my climax. ._. Not even at the edge of it, actually. Eep. Just how long is this thing going to be? And how much of it is going to get chopped to itty bitty meatballs?

Keep in mind that I hate my story, and that reflects in the writing. Also, I completely have messed up the name of a weapon, and for the life of me cannot figure out what it is actually called. My brain keeps filling in "bandoleer", which is Definitely Not It. (sighs) They are being called ropes for now. If anyone remembers the actual name of the weighted ropes that whirl around and trap people's legs, I'd appreciate knowing?
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(yaaaaawn) More lazy. My family wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes. D: I could not resist the lure of RDJ in a waistcoat. I AM WEAK, OKAY? So I lost two hours of writing time. It was worth it. The time lost to laundry.... less worth it. But necessary. (sigh)

I realized today that I'd forgotten Clint. Whoops.;; So I resolved that, and will have to remember to resolve it more. And I will probably end up editing one of the scenes I did and shuffling it into another spot. It would fit better about 7k back, I think. (hands) Today's writing did not strike me as brilliant, but I'm pretty comfortable with it. Write or Die is my constant companion these days. It's amazing what you can do with an extra nudge of terror added in. I'm getting good at 15 minute sprints.

I technically hit two quotas, due to the way the numbers played out, though I didn't write two days worth. But, I am in the home stretch, for today I hit 40,097 words, having written 2,881. A bit better than yesterday. Maybe Sunday I'll be less lazy lol.
Onward! )
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Another lazy sort of day. (yawn) I am looking forward to achieving sleep again tomorrow. Sleep is a precious thing in Faerii Land. It should be kept safe. (It is a testament to how sleepy I am that I just closed my eyes and went all dreamy.) Watched some A:EMH today, and Hank is still adorable, Tony is still wooby, Jan is awesome, Thor is gnarly and Cap is sweet. ♥

Used Write Or Die pretty extensively today. I was just procrastinating, as I tend to do, so it's All My Fault. But hey, I hit word count. :D Okay, barely, but that's what happens when I goof off. Total was 37,216, so I wrote 2,041. Only passed one quota.
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I'm weak, okay? I'm sure weak. :( But this is going around the AIM chat I get dragged into, and... Well. NaNo counts! And you can hit multiple squares! I wish I'd gotten this card over the summer, because I totally could have nailed a bingo with just Girl!Cap.

This is [community profile] fanbingo. And I rec it. :)
The Card! )
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I won! I finished my fic, published it, and now Marvel has been so impressed that they are immediately printing an arc where Steve and Tony start dating—


Wrong universe.

Today, I got to sleep in. That was nice. :D I really don't have much to report tonight, TBH. I'm sleepy, it is late, and today was just a nice and peaceful day. I would like more like it. Word count was 35,175, so I wrote 4,057. That's three different dailies!
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I'm thinking, a tragic shovel accident.

Hank is just... (twitch) I had plans for him, and I have abandoned them. He's just too much of a hassle. Every scene that has him in it turns into an argument, which is not bad, except that there are other things that need to be focused on. Even more annoying, he's in the dark about the whole vampire thing, and no one is willing to explain for obvious reasons. :\ Ult Hank just blows. I give up.

So I will be removing him after all of this is done, and letting Jan handle the SCIENCE in everything I write from here on out. And suddenly, it's all much, much easier. I will write Jan in a gratuitous lab coat to make up for it. (nodnod)

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day in the USA, so I am off work. Sleep! \o/ And I will be using it to write as well. An excellent thing all the way around (except for lost money). I've been catching up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and I'm kind of in love with them all. When Thor admitted to following Jane, he was stroking his hammer. Come on, that's a gimme. And I still love A:EMH Hank. :( So very much. Also! Jan's stingers have some kick! :D "We're superheroes!"

Love love love love.

Okay, I am sleepy and rambling. I passed two points, and am now a week ahead of myself. :DToday I got to 31,118 words, so I wrote 4,041 words. Many of which will end up revised to hell because they included Hank. :| Also, Steve has colluded with [personal profile] valtyr (though Valtyr could not have seen it coming) to destroy an entire subplot, resulting in chaos and nekkidness. Why is it always Steve that trips me up?
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Faerii is buzzed!

You see, I did not sleep well for the past few nights. :( And the result was that I was falling over today. So I made a deal with myself. I would reach a maximum word count, and my reward would be alcohol, which will lead to sleep. Seriously, if this doesn't work, I'll have to get some Wal*Mart brand sleep drugs, and I really hate taking meds. Like whoa. I don't even like aspirin. Yes, okay, alcohol is bad, but at least I know those side effects.

One of those side effects is making Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes even more amazing. I lol'd, screamed and yelled at the screen much more than it was worth, truly. Kind of loving Hank. "I'm mapping an insect genome. What could be better? :D" It's so nice to see a Hank that I like!

Aaaaaaanyway, writing today was hard. Very, ridiculously, painfully hard. Sleepy Faeriis do not do well with words. Sadpanda. I ended up trashing around 800 words. They were very, very Bad Words. :( Also, I really hate writing certain PoVs. They are either hard or the character makes me wish to drop anvils on them. I would say that I was uninspired except, TBH, one of the things NaNo is working on teaching me is that there really is no such thing. You just sort of sit down and do it, even though it sucks and you end up scribbling it out. Inspiration, to me, is that point where you've thought about it so much that you know what you have to do. So it seems easy, because you're just transferring the idea. It's once you get past that idea that things get sticky, because then you start making it up as you go in a lot of ways. The grand art of Bullshit. (hands wave) Anyway, today was a bullshitty sort of day, and I am incredibly grateful to my cheerleaders ([personal profile] valtyr, [profile] devious_lint & [personal profile] jazzypom) who listened to me whine. Special ♥ to [personal profile] cursor_mundi, who is RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, discussing Tony and a possible TechnoCock with me. Because Tony Stark needs a penis that detaches, vibrates and glows.

Word count today was 27,077, which is actually over my max of 27k, but what was I going to do? I wrote 2,004 words. Only passed one limit, but that was the point today.
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