Nov. 16th, 2010

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New home, new list.

I still have the old addresses on LJ, but truth is, almost none of them watch me over here, and many have moved. :( I will be poking people who I follow on LJ (specifically the ones I know won't mind) but not on DW, but for the most part, this is no pressure. Here's how it goes:

1) You make a (screened) comment with a mailing address and a name
2) I wrap up a card and mail it to you.

If you do not want to give me your address, that is 100% a-okay. Cross my heart, I totally understand privacy concerns. Outside the USA is also 100% okay, and you do not have to give me your name. I am capable of screwing with the post-people's heads by sending it to your handle. This is not limited to people in my Circle or who I am subscribed to. I will raise eyebrows at complete strangers, but if we chat now and then, I will gleefully send you a card.

The deadline for getting a card varies based on where you live, but the sooner signed up, the better. I would like to have rough numbers in early if at all possible. ♥
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As per the orders of Mama Jazzy and Mama Mundi, my wrists are wrapped as I type this. Creepy. D: I look like a bright green and purple mummy. It is kind of distracting.

Today I dedicated to resting the hands (mostly), so I spent the majority of my creative time doing the planning I didn't give myself time for in the past two weeks. After juggling things, making notes, and generally figuring out WTF I'm doing, I figure that I will be losing one plot and four scenes, heavily modifying another three, and generally butchering the rest. I have about 14-16 scenes left to write, and have written 28. :| At about ~2k per scene, that's roughly another 30k on the docket before the heavy edits. (Still hating my prose. How many damned times am I going to start sentences with pronouns?)

This is the point where I start thinking that I should apply alcohol and make all of this seem like so much more of a good idea. I should be able to fit this is with my Fic Exchange prompt, but I don't think I will have a chance to write one of the lovely little comm prompts. :( Sadness. I have my eye on #13. D: Want so much! (FTR, it's not mine.)

I did make myself do a little light writing, just to keep momentum. Also. Um. Well, I have roughly two weeks to finish the rough on this thing by my current timeline. And that will give me a couple of weeks for the prompt. Which will immediately be followed by the beta'ing of this. So! Busy Faerii will be busy! Word count hit 51,170, so roughly 1k. Here's the excerpt.
Light writing )


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