May. 30th, 2008 04:29 pm
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ETA: OH, LOOK! POLICIES. And [ profile] legomymalfoy did indeed win.

Well, the election's over. I think [ profile] legomymalfoy won, but we won't know for sure until the votes are tallied. Hopefully LJ will make a post in [ profile] news saying they're tallying and addressing the various rumors that are flying around.

I'm not going to say what order my votes were in, but I did vote the fandom block. Honestly, I know that maybe one member of my flist is interested in this, but it helps me to layout my thoughts in type.
My thoughts in type )
At the same time, I want to pull my hair out a little because... This is important. It's so important, to me and to a lot of other people. LJ is our home, and this would be a more direct way of speaking to our lease-holders about our concerns. But... come on, this amount of mudslinging from the supporters has been ridiculous. Admittedly, not all the candidates have comported themselves well, but the supports have made me headdesk more than once in this past week. And death threats? What kind of moron thought that one up? This is important, but very few things are that important. I'd rather lose LJ altogether than have a single person die.

I'm not even sure how to express my thoughts on that one coherently. Everytime I try, I throw my hands in the air and give up. It's just... SO STUPID. It makes me ashamed to be a member, to think that I might possibly have some six-degrees connection to whoever did this.

Serious fail guys. Just when we needed to be mature and competent. No wonder the owners think we're all psycho.
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You know, it's almost the anniversary of Strikethrough'07?

Yeesh how time flies.

On one hand, I want to celebrate. A whole year after that utter mess and LJ has yet to do something stupid enough to drive me away! Strikethrough was the impetus that started forming the userbase into a cohesive whole; somehow we're beginning to look like something that's worth taking account of. We have the up-coming elections, a policy document that's in progress and not looking too shabby (though it still needs work). It's all... something to be incredibly pleased about. Almost proud of.

On the other hand, it seems rather crass to celebrate or remember fondly something that pretty literally brought LJ to its knees. We're still cleaning up the mess it caused. User trust (or perhaps blindness) isn't back to where it once was. There's still management in charge that doesn't really understand the eclectic group of pure individuals that form this community they're trying to market. Owner-user communications have only made a little headway. We've still not heard any official explanation for the various cataclysms of the 07-08 year.

On the business/technical end, LJ is growing only in terms of data—not use. And that data gets weirder by the day. Ad-free Basic is gone, probably for good, which was one of LJ's key selling points when pitted against other journals. "Family morals" still isn't searchable.

Over-all though, I think I'll actually call it a good year. All of the bad we've dealt with (and are still dealing with) seems to have been a catalyst for some pretty awesome moves forward. We still have a lot or work to do, but we can do it.

I suppose this seems kind of rambling, but... Well, I feel like I want to do a meme-type thing. Here it goes.
What I learned because of Strikethrough'07 )
So... what have you learned because of Strikethrough? Feel free to meme it or reply in comments.


Mar. 14th, 2008 11:37 pm
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X-Posted to [ profile] ljspeaks and my personal journal.

I don't think I've ever posted directly here ([ profile] ljspeaks). I honestly didn't think I would. I'm not a 'community leader', whatever that means in this day and age. If I'm an activist, I'm a bad one because I tend to yell a lot and then do nothing. But after this latest SUP foul-up, a few things have become painfully clear. I thought I'd take a few minutes to share, and see what others think. But first, I want to lay out the basis of my idea, just so everyone can se where I'm coming from.
for the sake of cutting )
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Wow. Talk about a bad day. And just when I'm ready to veg out in front of the computer, LJ manages to take even that bit of "not horrible" away. I'll bullet this list of how my day went, because I could go into a rant on any one of them.
  • Went to bed at 5AM, then woke up at 8AM because my grandpuppy Jace had been coughing and my Aunt thought there might be something stuck in his throat. So I packed him up and we went to the vet. Well, there wasn't anything stuck, thankfully. Instead it's an upper respritory infection. So he gets a week of pills and I get to hope it doesn't turn into doggy pneumonia. He also has a yeast infection in both ears. *SIGH* I feel like a bad puppy-grandma.
  • I installed a smoke detector. My elbow has been killing me lately (I think it's a pinched nerve), so this involved much cursing and trying not to move in a way that would hurt worse than necessary.
  • IT is staffed by morons. I remotely checked into our SQL server today (because I've been babying them since this damned thing with the databases started, and I'll be damned if Spring Break is going to stop me). We lost a gig of our (very limited) harddrive space within 24 hours because the guy in charge of the SQL server hardware won't do his damned job.
  • I spent way more than I should have, between vet bill (thirty dollar blow), books at Borders (sixteen dollars after coffee for two) and the movie place going out of business sale (twenty dollars for seven dvds). Luckily, my tax refund is due in, but that really should have gone to certain short-term bills... Especially since Spring Break week isn't a paid one. Short paycheck May, here I come. Blech.
  • I got my hair done on Monday by my staylist-to-be cousin. Tonight she's home. And my inferiority complex is in full swing. *SIGH* I'd love to have her hair/nails/body/etc... but I hate myself for wanting them. Gah, what modern life does to women.
  • LJ has FUBAR'D again, this time by taking away the Free Accounts from new users. Just when I was starting to get some trust back, there it goes again... I think this is honestly worse than Strikethrough. At least then they were trying to cover their legal tailfeathers, no matter how stupid their method. This is jjust money-grubbing, and then trying to hide it! Worse, now they're insulting our collective and individual intelligence by saying they axed Basic because the sign-up table was too complicated.

I'll rant more on these later, but I'm tired, have almost no braincells to spare, and am possibly a bazillion comments behind in replying. Right now my newly-aquired trick-elbow is killing me, so I don't think I'll be replying to anything anytime soon.


Mar. 8th, 2008 11:38 pm
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Well, as I'm sure a lot of people have heard, we've finally gotten that policy update we've been promised. This is a proposed policy, which means we still have a chance to argue it before it brings the banhammer down on us all. So I've gone through it, even the bits I'm not terribly concerned about. Here's my responses.

Adult Content )

Bandwidth Theft )

COPPA Violation )

Child Pornography )

Commercial Activity )

Copyright Violation )

Evasion of Termination )

Harassment )

Hate Speech )

Illegal Content )

Impersonation )

Inappropriate Content )

Invasion of Privacy )

Journal Ban Evasion )

Missing Maintainers )

Non-LiveJournal Requests )

Non-Photographic images of minors )

Objectionable Userpic )

Requests From Parents )

Self Harm )

Shared Authorization Code )

Spam )

Suicidal posts )

Third-Party Requests )

Threatening Content )

Unwanted Friending )

Some things weren't covered that kind of concerns me. I'd like to see something about fiction, specifically saying that it's not illegal and you can't be banned for it. I'd love a way to submit complaints when you feel you've been unfairly treated by LJ (such as the issues with gay art being banned why clearly underage hetero art was passed) that doesn't require a ton of phone calls. I'd like them to define "objectionable" and to separate "adult" from "sex". Someone somewhere also needs to make a straight statement on links and how they're treated - right now we have a lot of "I think" statements, but there's nothing on it in the policy. Most of all, I'd like to see something clearly stating how and why the abuse flagging exists and how it's handled, down to and including how many flags something needs before it's investigated and some sort of indication to the content-owner. I hate having to hide my NC17 stuff behind a FLock, but I don't want people to see that damned LJ-cut either, and I know most people don't have LJs and will be really annoyed by it. But how many more people are annoyed by not seeing anything at all?

This is very clearly a work in progress, and man is there some work to be done on it! Does anyone else see anything that I missed?
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I'm feeling really, really annoyed at LJ today. Earlier I was reminded of all the crap that went on and is still going on. This reminded me of the support request I'd opened many moons ago. 11 weeks, to be specific. And I still haven't even gotten a reply. So, being an annoying bitch, I opened a support request about my untouched support request. I wonder if this will get any answer? auth=fhbt (remove the space)

ETA: Huh. That was fast. It's private again. I think they just don't like me.
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Well! Here we go again. Oh LJ, do you never learn?

We'll start from the top with an example. Try to search for the interest "spice girls". I'll give you a few moments.


Surprised? Would it also surprise you that the term "spic" receives the same results? Also kiddie porn, kkk, prussian blue... And a lot of others.
The Explanation )ETA 1 )ETA 2 )ETA 3 )List of Unseachables )

ETA 4: 8:30 AM EST and still no response. This kind of reminds me of the way my dad acted when the Big Questions came up. (Specifically, the, "if you can say it, why can't I?" question. I never got an answer there either.)
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Somedays I kill me. Expect to see more of this once I figure out where I want it to go. :D
Presenting... BanMan )
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Well, it's quite obvious that I have no dignity left. Sleep loss has stolen the last of it from me. That said, I bring you another work of Stan the Ban Man, pose suggested by [ profile] niko_hime. Preview:

Waiting to TOS you )
And finally... an idea that may be a preview. :D
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Well, the 6A puff now has a name, courtesy of [ profile] niko_hime. He is... Stan the Ban Man. In celebration, he now also has a magnifying glass and a name tag. XD I feel like I'm going to be playing with him a lot in the future. As always, be gentle with posting him, unless you're aiming for bannination. In that case, be as rough as you like. Stan likes it rough. He's also a vouyer. )
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Update on Aunt: Not good - and that's all I'll say. I've been poking around LJ latestest and stupidest move (the [ profile] news post where they're screening things they don't like) to distract myself.

This reminded me of some protest artwork I did that I haven't posted here yet. ^_^; If you like them, feel free to use them, but please, please don't post them where they'll get a journal you care about banned. LJ has enough opportunity to ban us all without unnecessarily giving them opportunities. The macro in the second one is from [ profile] sarahlogan, though I don't know if she made it or not. So place nice with it please.

All of that said, if you feel the urge to try for banning, have at. :D Post them anywhere you like - credit appreciated, of course.
To Art )
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As we've all heard (and rejoiced) by now, Barak Berkowitz has resigned. If you want to read the official word on the subject, here's the press release and here's the unofficial source. Both are little more than "yay team" and mindless buzzwords, so don't expect much from them. 6A, as per their usual pattern, announced it on Friday in [ profile] lj_biz and had no one standing by to handle the (relatively minor, in this case) fallout. The extremely stupid part of this mess? After leaving the post open for comments, it was rapidly turned to screened and then all comments were disabled. Since I don't see any reason for this at all, in any way, shape or form, I suspect that someone panicked at the thought of 5000 renditions of "ding, dong, the witch is dead" when they're trying to pretend everything's gravy. So what do people do? The usual. Move to the last post and start bitching.
The long and short of everything I've heard lately... )
Ahem. Onto the cheery parts. The new CEO is Christopher J. Alden, who used to be EVP and GM of the Professional Division at 6A. I don't know about the rest of LJ, but I've never heard of him. Thus, being a curious Faery by nature, I followed a link over to see what kind of smackdown we can expect next. What I saw gives me hope. Not much, mind you, but a little bit. Here's the important parts. )
What this says for "potentially objectionable" forms of self-expression is up in the air still, of course, and I'm not holding my breath over even getting them defined, much less getting an answer I like. Will he be just another Barak? Maybe. Are we going to see LJ go FUBAR? Probably. But still, I think there's some hope here. The man's only been CEO for three days, two of them weekend. I'm willing to give him some time to identify the mess Barak left him and start to address it. Not much, but even if he starts to admit there might be problems, it'll be more than we had before.

NOTE: [ profile] bubble_blunder replied to the post I linked and got a response. Okay, so it's a "let's set up a phone call" response, but it's officially more than anyone's gotten Barak (who ignored us like we'd go away if he did). I'll keep an eye on [ profile] bubble_blunder's journal to see if there are any updates.


A Company that Matters
Official Press Release
About Six Apart @ Mena's Corner
Running Dog
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Hallo, loves. Long time no post. Here's the deal; work's evil (EVIL), free-time when I get home is spent napping most days (I switched to morning shift from the night shift, so I'm basically waking up about when I used to go to bed, give or take an hour or two) and weekends pain me with the pointless running about which accomplishes nothing. Still, I work tomorrow (yay 6 day work week? ;-;), so hopefully I'll have time to see about getting some things accomplished. The least of these things will be transferring my posts to my GJ (same username), and archiving them in other locations.

(The other things will be the finishing of beta-reading a particular GO fic which I've only been sporadically handling thanks to aforementioned sleeping and working. If it doesn't get done at work, it'll get done at home, one way or the other!)

Why am I doing this so suddenly? )
So I'm backing up, archiving, and basically getting ready for the big one to land. I'm not gone, but I no longer feel safe not having a back-up journal or three. LJ is just about the only place I post my fiction regularly anymore. The fact that I might be forced to abandon it saddens me more than text can show.

Finally, [ profile] rachel posted on [ profile] innocence_jihad. I replied to her (because we all know I'm incapable of shutting up, lol), and feel the urge to post it here. The topics I addressed are the LJ-to-User miscommunications and the laws which they may or may not be applying. I'll edit this if she ever replies, but as of now she hasn't. I didn't address the shady dealings with the Permanent Account Bait-and-Switch, nor did I bring up the questionable legalities of LJ's actions. That sort of thing is guaranteed to not receive a response, and I'd very much like one.

Under the cut )
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*sigh* Well, LJ has cluster-fucked again. This time they seem to have decided that Child Porn = Art. [ profile] ponderosa121 is down for posting art with "underaged minors", though any idiot can see that the particular piece stomped on only contained adults, and was chock-full of artistic merit. (I myself envy her ability with backgrounds and hands.) Basically, the LJ staff pulled a knee-jerk, went "ew, gay!" and it seems like they couldn't get passed that. I adored her work, to be honest, and I didn't even know she was on LJ. Now that she's gone I feel like I missed something good. *sigh* I followed her back in 1x2x1 on Yahoo!Groups. She's been invited back to LJ of course (they've shown they jump when users scream about particularly well-known artists and comms being banned), but I don't blame her for not coming back.

Note: After Strikethrough became a widely-used term synonymous with "LJ Fuck-Up", they seem to have changed the coding for banned/deleted journals from a Strikethrough to a Bolded. I wonder what they'll do when Boldthrough joins its predecessor in infamy? My bet is "[Suspended User]".

To be completely honest, LJ is trying to address art as "obscene" rather than "child porn", but they're looking specifically at underage-obscenity. Do we really all need to go over the whole "I know it when I see it" fiasco? Obscenity is beastly hard to prove, but they seem to have decided "better safe than sued". (Or, more accurately, "Better safe than lost advertisers," or, "Better safe than lost IPO.") Even disclaimers aren't holding up, nor is previously-deleted material. After the whole Strikethrough 2007 mess, I've been watching them pretty closely, and at this point I've made some (expected) discoveries.

Yes, this is going to be insulting. I feel the need to blow off steam, and unlike [ profile] coffeechica and [ profile] rachel (LJ staffers/offenders), I am capable of doing so in a non-official capacity.

  1. No one on the LJ staff or the 6A team is able to find their asses with both hands and a map. How they expect to cover them if they can't find them is beyond me, but I'm sure they'll at least try.
  2. Neither the LJ staff nor the 6A team is capable of making reasoned, non-biased judgments about what kind of socks to wear in the morning, much less what constitutes artistic/social/scientific/literary value and merit.
  3. Collectively, the entire paid (not volunteer) Abuse Team seems to have stopped taking art classes in kindergarten, and possibly think three plaster ducks is a bit avant-garde.
  4. Text wasn't mentioned in the changes, and since that was what caused the greatest number of cat macros in the last wank-storm, I can only assume that:
    • The Trolls aren't attacking/reporting text yet.
    • The LJ staff/6A team isn't attacking reported-text yet.
    • The Trolls are illiterate.
    • The LJ Staff/6A team are illiterate.
    • All of the above.

  5. Finally, the LJ/6A staff have no concept of what constitutes good customer service in regards to their users.
    • This makes a certain sort of sense, as we're not customers anymore. We are, however, content providers, and therefore possibly more important than mere customers. This is something they have yet to grasp.
      • If LJ loses its customers (advertisers), they can always find more quite easily. The Users will still be around, pumping out content and luring more advertisers and eyeballs in.
      • If LJ loses the users, not only is it losing eyeballs and the content that attracts them, but it won't be long before it loses advertisers. It's harder to attract new content (and users) without old content (and users) than it is to attract new advertisers with new content.

      I equate it to fishing. Any good fisher-person will tell you that bait is important. The content and users are the bait, both to potential users and advertisers. With out that, they've got nothing.

I'm not going anywhere yet, but I'm looking around for other sites. Pretty soon I'll post a link to whatever alternate-journal I'm putting together, and start transferring my stuff. LJ isn't my online home so much as my online nest. I'm comfortable here, and I've collected quite a few bright and shiny things that would be difficult to move and re-coordinate (Friends, communities, etc.), but I'm not so attached that I'll put up with abuse from Abuse. It won't be fun if I have to move, but I'll do it. Call this a precautionary measure, like collecting canned food in case of an earthquake in California. You don't want it to happen, but you know it will. The only question left is, "Will it hit me and my friends too?"

If anyone has any suggestions for journal sites I should look into, let me know. I'd rather it be free, but I can dig out a small (small!) fee from my wallet if I have to. Also let me know if an of you are planning on building safety-nests for yourself elsewhere. The location of my friends will definitely influence my decision regarding my new nest.

ETA: Greatest Journal is looking like a decent option so far. Yes, Blogger and InsaneJournal look more professional, but GJ provides a nice, simple list of what I can get by way of photos, icons, etc. I'd be more interested in JournalFen if they were open to new accounts (you would think they'd be taking advantage of Boldthrough), but they also don't have a list of service enticements. They're still a major option though, since it's safe for fans there. Also, it looks like my layouts will work om GJ as well as LJ, which would be nice. I'm looking at starting to create all of my own layouts (not that [ profile] twilightified isn't amazing, but I want to switch them up more often and I'm too lazy to go looking for truly awesome layouts every few weeks), and not having to toss my initial ventures is a definite plus. Does anyone have any experience with GJ, positive or negative? LJ isn't threatening me (yet), so I have time to make sure my next home is secure.

Also, if I do end up moving, I probably won't abandon this LJ entirely. I'll keep up with a few communities and such (mostly [ profile] hogwartsishome ), but I won't post fiction or art, and I doubt I'll really update on personal issues either.

ETA2 (Revenge of the Sporks): Mozilla plugin, Deepest Sender? Completely and utterly awesomesauce, if I can get it to work.
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If you haven't heard about Strikethrough 07, you've probably been in a coma. I'm going to assume that any readers of this are aware of what's been going on, but just in case, this is an account that I find most likely to be accurate.

After this mess, I'm seeing a fortune of responses. A lot of people seem to be happy to have gotten most of the suspended journals back. Some people are still highly suspicious. Self-deleted journals are everywhere, and the number will probably grow if Six Apart doesn't handle the situation right. Fandom as a whole is jittery, and feelings of "this is only the start" are running high. I've seen plans for a mass walk-out, plans to create our own fan-space, and even an idea to make the users part of the LiveJournal organization on the business level. These are all valid ideas, but most of them are going to take some serious effort and time. I simply can't rid myself of the feeling that Fandom needs to do something now.

What's In The Future )

I'm not talking about starting our own all-fan server, or lobbying to get fanfiction and fanart recognized as legal. While great ideas, those are going to take time and money. There's some simple things we can do right now that will not only help us fly under the radar even longer, but that will help us appear in a positive light when the media hits the fen.

What We Can Do )

Don't think this is some sort of "omg we're going down!" reaction to the Strikeout. Forever is a long time; Fandom will be discovered by mainstream media one day. It could be another several decades, and it could be next week. Jeez, we might even organize our own "outting" with things like [ profile] fandom_gives. No one knows how this is going to go. The above is compromised of suggestions for how to prepare ourselves for when it happens, however it happens. If we prepare for the worst-case scenario, we won't be torn apart by media-rage over copyright laws or BDSM fiction. I do think that we need to organize ourselves as a whole, with people designated as speakers to the media, lawyers and a council to mediate wank, but in until that's organized, this is a start.
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6A and its men dropped the blogs from the web
For "stuff they can't condone"
Livejournal be theirs and by the powers
Where they will we'll roam

Yo, ho, all together
Hoist the bastards high
Heave, ho, fans and users
Never shall we die

Some blogs have died and some are alive
And others self-delete
With the users in a roar and over intrests and more
Inside the fandom we meet!

Yo, ho, all together
Hoist the bastards high
Heave, ho, fans and users
Never shall we die

The coms have been raised from their undeserved grave
Can you hear the corporate groan?
After the trauma, pay heeds to the drama
And send your browsers home!

Yo, ho, all together
Hoist the bastards high
Heave, ho, fans and users
Never say we die
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I posted this in response to the news that the Strikethrough is being dealt with. I don't see it being dealt with well enough, so I'm posting it again.

The apologies and updates are here and here if anyone wants them.


This apology is not sufficient. There are several issues being raised by both fandom and non-fandom that seem to have been completely ignored. LiveJournal just landed a serious blow in their users' trust in the service, and if it wants to recover, it's going to have to deal with it immediately.

1) LiveJournal needs to address the accusations and evidence that it ignored communities and journals which encouraged and supported pedophilia until its advertising was threatened. Many people have commented that they reported those communities, and were basically informed that LJ couldn't do anything.

1a) The canned response of "we care about pedophilia and deal with each report of abuse individually" will not be enough this time, boys and girls. Actual child-protection communities report that they've complained about some of the suspended communities and were given the "we can't do anything" response. This is both worrying and incredibly infuriating, and needs an honest answer. If it was simply LJ adhering to their policies too closely until it was seriously brought to their attention and over-reacted on, it needs to be admitted and dealt with. Anything else won't cut it.

2) LiveJournal needs to address the manner in which this was handled. Pedophilia is a crime, and an incredibly terrible one at that. Instead of suspending journals en-masse, law enforcement officials should have been contacted to make sure that these predators were handled properly. This also would have prevented the mistake of suspending innocent accounts.

3) The TOS needs to be updated to clearly state what is protected and what is not. Fandom is, clearly, worried about freedom of speech and artistic expression. Everyone is concerned about being banned based on "unsavory interests". If LJ is going to suspend accounts based on the interest listings, the TOS needs to reflect this so that users can protect themselves.

4) The process of investigating and suspending accounts needs to be both more transparent and more interactive. Users should be told precisely why their account was suspended, and then immediately given an option to appeal. A live response to all inquiries is necessary so that users feel they are being dealt with fairly and individually. This will prevent further panic when illegal and dangerous accounts are dealt with.

Until these problems are addressed, I and many other people are going to find it difficult to trust LiveJournal and its crew. This pains me, because I've had a wonderful time and have met many amazing people here.

It won't stop me from deleting my journal and never having anything to do with LJ or SixApart again, if I'm not satisfied. Many other users feel the same. I can find my Freedom of Speech elsewhere, but I refuse to support a company that seems to condone pedophilia until it affects their own pocketbooks. Thank you for restoring the wrongfully suspended accounts.

It's not enough.


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