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... you realize that you have to choose between a well-written scene and historical accuracy a.k.a. every bad porn trope ever. (Definitely NSFW, warnings for everything from Noncon and Incest to Pumpkin fucking and I think I skimmed past some watersports. Fandom clearly takes cues from the Victorians.)

Needless to say, I think historical accuracy is going to need a short vacation. Prickle! Prick I can manage, but prickle is a step below "whazzit" and "hoo-ha", something I previously never thought possible. There's a limit to my dedication to accuracy, and it stops right at using words like "aperture" when describing a sex act. This is worse than Hallways. So much worse. Though I'm happy to say that apparently Tony's letter wasn't that over-the-top after all, though making Steve and Bucky brothers is, apparently, much less a barrier than I supposed.

omfg staircases now. Someone remind me why I thought this was a good idea?
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A love meme! Click the link to go to my thread. IDK why I'm doing one, but what the hell, why not?

I discovered the most delicious thing by way on Popcorn Indiana's Dark Chocolate Fudge Popcorn. Omg omnomnom, just the right mix of chocolate and salty, and also gluten-free for those on my circle who mind such things. I give it an A+ on the taste-o-meter.

Kittens grow well and strong, and have already developed a sixth sense for when I'm trying to snap a picture. :| I will achieve one where they're looking at the camera. I WILL. But their eyes and ears are open, and they've already tried to bite me (little guys don't like being flea combed).
More babbling, some on family and family health issues )
And now, I need to seek Second Dinner, because First Dinner apparently wasn't enough. Omnom.
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Emma's still here.

WHY? Why cruel world? D: Hopefully she will be leaving today, but that it what they said Wednesday. And Yesterday. :|

Question for the Circle: Is it or is it not creepy when someone hits on you by leaving a note on your car in a parking lot? The note has a yahoo email and the lines:
Hi, your nice looking... Would you like to talk more?
Email me [redacted first name with Xtreme Kool Letterz]4you@yahoo.com
Love your hair by the way. I am 33 white male.
According to my family, I am weird for feeling oogy about this. :\ But I was jumpy in the car all the way home, and I couldn't get through the door fast enough. Why is it that guys always hit on me via note? I'm not sure what bugs me more. The misuse of "your/you're" or the obviously skeevy email address.

Speaking of WalMart... Knitters of the DW, UNITE and save me from myself. One of my resolutions this year was to learn to knit again. I used to do it with Nana when I was little (I would start things for her; this was a source of much pride), but I've lost it. This tends to happen with skills learned when you're 4 and never used again. While I was in WalMart being hit on long distance, I browsed through the craft aisle looking for some sort of Learn To Knit Kit. All I wanted was maybe a pamphlet, a set of needles, a teeny thing of yarn and plans for some ridiculously easy project to get me started. I found nothing of the sort. Nothing. The internet has not helped. D: [personal profile] sophie_448 has told me that a scarf is a good first project and offered to show me some things, but that still doesn't tell me what size of needles, type of yarn, etc etc would be good for someone with 22 years inexperience. Looking over the journals of knitters I know, I know that some yarns are easier than others and needles make a difference. How and why? IDK.

So... halp? Plz? ILU all?

In work this week I have been a mix of busy and bored. When I am busy, I am very busy. Mostly, I am bored. (sigh) Students returned to my domain on Thursday, and I was also greeted with delicious scans, the gift exchange reveals, bangin' art (check out Luke!), and beautiful fic which I still need to review. I also discovered that Ao3 now allows us to use custom stylesheets for our fic, which means I was finally able to post Betwixt and Without Irony, in addition to updating . I'm pretty sure this means that all of my Marvel fic (save one) is now available on Ao3.

So overall, yesterday was a Good Day. :D And since the reveals are up, I can (not) shock you all by admitting I wrote...

Engaging the Enemy by [personal profile] tsukinofaerii for [livejournal.com profile] brilligspoons
Universe: Marvel Adventures: Avengers AU
Beta: [personal profile] penumbren
Rated: PG13
Warnings: None
Prompt: AU in which villain!Tony pulls Steve's metaphorical pigtails to get his attention! (AKA: The best prompt evar homg.)
Summary: Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to find out more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.
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Yahoo Fucks Us Over, and fandom is shocked. In related news, water occasionally falls from the sky. How does it happen? Is it real, or a hoax? Our team of top scientists investigate!

Before anyone panics, let me just reassure everyone that we have no closing dates yet, so there is time to investigate alternatives in a reasonable manner. Also, exporting is possible, so your bookmarks can be preserved. I haven't personally explored any of the alternatives available, but so far there's no DW to Delicious' LJ.

Here you can find a discussion of building a fen friendly alternative site, and here is a petition to Open Source Delicious (for whatever good it will do). What I would really like is for DW to develop a feature that would sub for Delicious. And I want a pony. One that doesn't bite.

I need a general Internet Fuckery tag. And now I have one.

ETA: Watch Yahoo Backpedal! They now are not deleting it, but looking to sell. This is better.

NaNo: Day 2

Nov. 2nd, 2010 11:46 pm
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Or, perhaps, a Scantron. I have been informed that I should post it, so here it is, the Slightly More Dramatic Than GTalk Version.

Okay, see. In 2008, I voted at a public library. Things went smoothly enough, othr than the raging butterflies. I get them every time I vote. I do not know why.

This year, I did all my research. I looked up people I did not recognize. I made notes on my example ballot. I looked up my voting place to be sure it had not changed. I was a good girl. Then, after work, I went, full of butterflies and determination to do my civic duty. (For the record, determination is not all that unlike butterflies.)

I got there. I waited. Oh, how I waited. Five minutes is an eternity when Butterflies Attacl. I was surrounded by people who were amused but not awkward at my hair. Someone's little girl asked to pet it. This is actually not unusual while I wait in lines. Mine is a mostly minority area, so I stood out even more than just the purple hair accounted for. And then, it was my turn for them to check my ID and make sure I was not an illegal alien sneaking into America to bring Democracy. My name is hard. I have more vowels in it than most people know what to do with. So it took a while, but I waited more, because I have lived a lifetime with a name that looks ike alphabet soup and am used to the effects.

Except this time, they did not find me.
Cue Horror )
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I have been a pest to my bosses lately. Yesterday, I was officially given permission to:

1) Dye my hair whatever crazy color I can think of. I have been under a false impression that we have a dress code; this is, in fact, a lie. We had a dress code, which only my previous boss continued to enforce after our prior director moved on. I have been officially informed that "blue hair is not unprofessional, and [my boss] is not interested in policing self-expression". I translate that as, "I am not interested in policing self-expression enough to not allow your blue hair, so don't please don't make me have to" and I can roll with that. Current plans are for purple and blue highlights. WE SHALL SEE HOW THAT TURNS OUT.

2) I am allowed to take October 14-18 off from work, so long as I remain available on GTalk for [other boss] to occasionally beg for help when id:10-t errors happen and she needs someone to complain to. THIS MEANS I WILL BE AT WINCON THURSDAY THROUGH MONDAY. FUCK YEAH.

3) Stop cheering that I have a vacation. Really, permission to stop granted. Some of us have kids, and see "a vacation" as any time they're both asleep for more then two hours at a time.

4) Take off my heels when walking over a hard surface, as the clicky-noises make everyone think A Certain Person is coming to corner us all in a desperate attempt for attention, and it makes them jumpy.

5) Converse with Marlynn over our shared wall, as long as we are careful and cease all attempts at amiability at the first signs of any disruption in the time-space continuum.

TL;DR, I love my place of work.
The Wincon Babble )
Marvel Folk: Has anyone seen a piece of art floating around where Steve has cowl-lines instead of tan-lines (or sunburn lines)? I have been reliably informed that it exists somewhere, but I am feeling leery of posting a search at the comm, for both reasons of laziness and another reason I don't want to drag out. (Suffice to say, I am feeling ignored in a specific instance, and right now I have only the energy to handle this by not doing anything that would usually attract attention. It makes sense in my head.) I will, however, search there if my flist comes up empty-handed, because I want that art.

I still want fic.

Finally: Doom/Loki OTP. FML.

Icon post

Mar. 26th, 2010 01:33 pm
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I hate data entry. No, really, I hate it. I've spent the last two days mired in it up to my eyeballs, and it's making my head spin. This is making the editing of Amnesia Tony go very, very slow, as I typically do not want to think after a long day of data entry.

Zena had her stitches out yesterday, much to the relief of all involved. She was also supposed to have a follow-up, but my Aunt (who offered to take her so I didn't have to miss work) missed the appointment. (facepalm) Anyway, it took three people to keep her pinned for stitch removal. I shouldn't be so amused that a Shih Tzu gave them that much trouble. She's tinies! Well, she's 15 pounds of muscle and grit and fur, but tinies! (And Greebo is an old softy, I know. ^~)

Hopefully, this shall be a quiet weekend, during which editing shall be accomplished. \o/

But none of that's why I posted. My reason is my icon. YAY ICON.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:35 pm
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News News: This is relevant to my interests.

Writing News: In other interests, I'm finally finished with the rough for Amnesia!Tony. Well, I say finished, but I still need to go in and edit Tony, which means mark-up times! This gives me two longish stories to finish up, one at 37k and the other at about 28k. And then I want to get cracking on a Valtyr!prompts and sequel!vampires. And overused!exclamations is somewhere in that list too. With intentions to fluff. I want to write a good fluff fic. This will likely involve crack. Or, at least, kittens.

Puppy news: Zena is doing well. She's taken to crawling into bed to cuddle at 3AM, when she seems to think I am too conked out to notice. (Protip: I notice.) She's always back on the floor by the time my alarm goes off, so I suspect this is some sort of stealth maneuver, designed to satisfy her emotional needs while still punishing me. The cone is still on, and an object of much hatred and disdain. And yes, I'm still feeding and watering by hand. (is whipped)

Kittt News: Duzzie seems to be doing well. Bladder issues may have been me being panicky, but I am still keeping an eye on her. After having my water tumpt due to kitty inquisitiveness (my glass tastes better than their bowl, I guess) I have invested in a reusable aluminum bottle. This too has already been toppled. My cats do not approve of this escalation in our usual arms race.

FFXII News: I have Balthier and Fran to finish leveling. After that, I can wrap up my Clan Points and it's smooth sailing to the finish. (Watch. Vayne is going to kill me dozens of times, I know it. It'll be worse than that damned Demon Wall.)

Now, I'm off to play Robot Unicorn Attack, toy with FAQs, upload fics to AO3 and generally acknowledge the uselessness of Monday.

ETA: QUESTION. Should I or should I not upload my Halloween Drabbles to AO3? There's 15 of them! D: And they're tinies. Is it worth it?
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How is it Friday? o.O Where did my week go, damn it?

Zena had a follow-up vet visit yesterday. Needless to say, it cost me money. She had to have her stitches done again. We're keeping the cone on her, but she's moved from trying to chew to just rubbing her butt on the carpet. (facepalm) My dog is smarter than I am. So now she has an itch relief spray and sedatives. Here's hoping.

On the issue of the stone that they removed, I... am not really sure what the vet said, because it was complicated and contradictory. Apparently there were two types of stones, and one caused the other. But she's going to be on a special diet, maybe for the rest of her life. :x Oh well. I can afford to give her a special puppy food.

Last night, I finished the Bazaar in Final Fantasy XII. THANK YOU RNG. (flail) I'm over 300 hours in. Five of my characters need two more levels and I need around 800,000 Clan Points. Then I just have to finish the final dungeon and I can move on with my gaming life.

Amnesia!Fic is... Well. Let's just say ya'll are going to hate me, I think. ¬¬ Almost done on the rough, but... I figured out how to resolve a worry I'd been having. It will work, and it will work well, but I'm so going to get yelled at.


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