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I meant to do this last week, but got sidetracked.


I officially started last week. And apparently they decided to back-date my pay? IDK how that actually works, other than that it gave me more money than anticipated and HR says it's groovy, so... uh, yay money?

In personal news... no news. Emma & co are suspiciously silent to requests for information. I'm considering this a sign that I can safely start stashing away cash for a down payment on a house. (I'm going to be in the area for years yet, may as well now that it's affordable.)

I also have yet another kitty! This brings me up to five, which I understand is the official minimum for Crazy Cat Lady status. I've filled out my paperwork and have been told my membership package is in the mail.

I spotted him on my way to work the Friday before last, trapped on a highway bridge in serious danger of being squished. D: So of course, as soon as I realized ZOMG KITTEN!!! I pulled over and chased his little ass down and dragged him into my car. I then lost him. I couldn't find him anywhere, and I'd been opening the doors in the search enough that I sort of assumed he'd escaped, so I left down some water (just in case) and proceeded with checking every hour or so until it became obvious that he wasn't there. I woke up the next morning with a weird feeling like I should check again just in case, and lo! There was a kitten behind the fucking dash board. Of course, the little shit bit me when I pulled him out, but I got him inside at least. Luckily, it had been a cool couple of days, so he wasn't in bad shape.

Since it was a Saturday and literally nowhere is open on weekends around here, I stuck him in a canvas traveling kennel with food and water until I could get him into a vet on Tuesday. There's not any no-kill shelters in my area, just a couple places that take in what they can when they can. All of them? Completely full up. I even met some other people in my same situation at the vet. So I'm taking the hint and he's alllll miiiiine.

According to the vet he was 6 weeks old last Tuesday, so he's about 7 weeks now. Teeny baby. Cupcake adores him, Pumpkin and Set Disapprove, and Duzie is ignoring him. The dogs are mostly a spectrum of fascinated to not giving any fucks. I've decided to name him Derek (the bite is a gift, bonding us through the possibility of rabies).

Pictures as soon as I can get decent ones.
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So, Teen Wolf.

Yeah, that happened. I have opinions and thoughts on how to fix the kanima issue and have had my heart torn out repeatedly by what was supposed to be a campy fun terrible teen werewolf drama. GDI.

At least the cast is freaking adorable? Their cuteness makes up for the destruction of my soul that the show is doing. And I can't even feel bad about finding them hot, since they're mostly older than they look.

On that note, this happened (spoiler for recent eps), followed by a metric fuckton of similar things, and then I accidentally ficced. So if anyone wants to beta slightly less than 7k of Demon Stiles, I would appreciate it. SPN knowledge not really needed, since I played fast and loose with the rules.

Teen Wolf is mostly keeping me distracted from work sucking seven different ways. I'm packed full of meetings and stuff that has to be done now now now now, and I'm pretty sure the temporary VP has it out for my boss. She was out of the office on Thursday, and then walked in a half hour late on Friday. Because temp!VP had emailed her a meeting appointment while she was gone for first thing Friday morning, she missed the meeting, got in trouble and then got told she should have filled out a leave request for being a half hour late.

Who the fuck does that?

And next week I have a fricking Basic Training Bootcamp thing for the job I've been doing for almost four years. IDK why they're making me and my boss attend, but it means that our phones are going to be entirely uncovered for the whole day. If anything happens while we're in "bootcamp", we're royally screwed. Fun. :|

Have finally buckled down on Steve/Tony Big Bang. It's haaaaaard. I'm not used to writing SciFi, so it's taking a while to get rolling in it. I'm making myself do a minimum of 1k daily. Eventually I shall find my groove. And it shall be a groovy groove.

Kittens continue growing, as they tend to do. I took some time and a half-dozen boxes to make them a cardboard kitty playhouse. They'd started climbing out of the big plastic tote I'd been keeping them in, and really, it was too small anyway. They didn't have enough room to run and play, but I couldn't risk letting them out when I wasn't home. So now they have about a quarter of the living room to play in, with tunnels, levels, a hammock and all sorts of things that jingle and bounce and sparkle. It has the added advantage of being large enough that Momma Cat is comfortable staying in there most of the time, so the dogs are less likely to be randomly assaulted.

So. My life. (sigh)
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So. My part of the world hit over 100 degrees this weekend. And I have no working central air, just a underpowered window unit in the living room. So guess who slept in the living room last night? And spent today sprawled on the couch trying not to move? This person! I managed to get enough laundry and chores done to survive the week, but since most everything requires venturing into the rest of the house (which is best described as "oven-like", even with windows open) the counters will just have to stay unwashed.

On Friday I went and saw Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for cousin's birthday. It was surprisingly good! Kind of cracky, but Abe/Mary Todd are now an OTP. I am considering writing a short fic where Mary learns Vampire Hunting after the whole thing at Ford's Theater (vague for the spoilerphobic :P) and then goes on to kick dramatic amounts of undead ass.

Saturday was dinner with cousin + cousin's friends, and then a bar. I had fun! Not as much fun as I would have with fangirls, but it wasn't bad. Ended up abandoning semi-early because sitting around not drinking as much as I'd like (because driving), and getting drunk with not-fangirls isn't the same. So came home, died on sofa, didn't get up until 2PM because someone called on the phone. Not that I answered, but it was Noise. D: Even the dogs, who are usually reliable when it comes to waking me up, were pretty much like "Fuck it, it's hot". And then Sunday happened.

None of which is really the important news. Last week my cat spawned! On my lap. :| Again. But there are four healthy babies, two brown and two white. Squeaky babies, which kept me awake all damned week last week. :| Only I and Zena (my doggy) are allowed near them; their Momma tries to eat anyone else. But now they're quieter, thank goodness. I keep an eye on them to make sure the heat isn't getting to be too much, but they seem fine.

There are photos, but they're on my phone and it's more than my life is worth to get up and go get them right now.

I meant to write fic. I owe [personal profile] waterofthemoon birthday fic, and also there is Fun Thor Fic which I still am enjoying poking at. Just, you know, my brains only need a little seasoning and a garnish to make a delicacy in some of the more unique restaurants around. What sort of garnish do you think Faerii Brains needs? Parsley? Maybe mint? I like mint.
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I want a mainstream media outlet to quote and link to my fanfic without asking permission!


For record, I sent an admittedly snippy comment (titled Manners and Etiquette, no less) explaining that it's polite to ask and I don't really like being surprised with my stuff being suddenly splashed across a potentially hostile forum without warning.

Shockingly, I received an apology, an equally snippy comment about fair use ("I doubt you asked permission to use the characters from their owners.") and an offer to take it down. Since my real worry was courtesy, I said that he can leave it up. Legally, he's got every right to quote & attribute me without permission and there's jack shit I can do about it, but really people. Courtesy! This is not hallways! When you're using something that could get someone trolled, or in legal/parental/work trouble (which yes, slash can do all of those things) it's only polite to ask.

Now that Ms. Manners is satisfied, it's safe to sit back and bask in the unwarranted publicity for a fic series I really hated writing. (Seriously. Me and first person? Present tense?! Talk about loggerheads.)

On Sunday two of the kittens went to new homes. :( I miss the little rodents. The one that's left is the shorthair, who is sweet and needy and still nurses homg! We're going to have to do something about that. She goes to a new home on Valentines day, so I have a week to snuggle.

Fics continue... well, they continue, mostly due to [personal profile] valtyr egging me on. Girl!Steve is in beta/edits process. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, defiling all things holy in Echo Bazaar fics. I'm going to feel weird when the series is over and it takes up a chunk of the EBZ fandom on AO3. D:
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A love meme! Click the link to go to my thread. IDK why I'm doing one, but what the hell, why not?

I discovered the most delicious thing by way on Popcorn Indiana's Dark Chocolate Fudge Popcorn. Omg omnomnom, just the right mix of chocolate and salty, and also gluten-free for those on my circle who mind such things. I give it an A+ on the taste-o-meter.

Kittens grow well and strong, and have already developed a sixth sense for when I'm trying to snap a picture. :| I will achieve one where they're looking at the camera. I WILL. But their eyes and ears are open, and they've already tried to bite me (little guys don't like being flea combed).
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And now, I need to seek Second Dinner, because First Dinner apparently wasn't enough. Omnom.


Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:12 pm
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:( I has a sick. I'm all stuffed and oozing and achy. (Like Tony Stark's dick after that thing in college with too much booze and not enough attention paid to who and how he was getting laid. So, like Tony Stark in college, really.) So work kind of sucked. Yesterday I ended up passing out way early, and I will probably do so again today. Running a low-grade

The kittens continue well. Still squeaky and rat-like, I hope to see them open their eyes soon. :D

I may or may not have descended into Fallen London with [personal profile] valtyr. It's a marvelous time waster, while at the same time making it hard to waste all day by the limits. Right now, I've seduced a struggling artist and am moving on to his model. I'm a bit aimless, truthfully. Just building up stats and being an opportunist. Nightmares are a bit of an issue (I managed to reach 4 on day one. 4! HTH), but my goldfish helps. Being an Intimate of Devils, however, probably isn't going to do me any good. Well, except the goodies they toss my way sometimes.

I am having trouble choosing the options that look most fun. I keep looking at them and going, "Cap wouldn't like that. :(" Which I think we can all agree is a silly thought when I'm deciding between things like whether to give some poor heartbroken artist the blood of the guy who betrayed him or slip him a bit of mine instead. I mean, really now.
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I've been meaning to post this and failing horribly. TL;DR, Saturday saw the Sweet Miracle of Life happen on my bed and me. :| Yeah, ew. She wanted me to hold her, which was so sweet and so gross. I'm pretty sure she's decided that this is a co-parent thing, because she made me take care of the placentas too, which a less strange cat should have eaten. But nope, that got to be my job. Ick ick ick.

The whole litter was six, but we lost three. Two were huge and got stuck, and I just couldn't get the third to breathe. :( But that leaves us three squeaking little rodents, which all seem to be doing fairly well. Duzie is a shockingly good mother and barely leaves the box (now that I've convinced her that the box is a good thing, and she's convinced me to sleep with my arm dangling off the bed into it). She lets me pull them out and handle them all I need to, but gets hissy when anyone else even looks in. I feel special, even if it's nerve-wracking that no one else can get at them in an emergency.

Unfortunately, all of this combines to mean I've gotten precious little sleep total since Saturday evening, and will probably have to self-medicate tonight (alcohol) if I want to sleep. D: If their little cries aren't keeping me awake, their sudden silences snap me out of a dead sleep every time, and when I do manage to sleep it's only for a half hour before I have to check on them. I do this every time there's furry grandbabies in the house, but still. I'm dead exhausted. Their mother can take care of them for once. Grandma needs rest.

Now, for what you've been waiting for! Pics! (Warning: they really do look like rodents.)
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