Feb. 6th, 2012

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I want a mainstream media outlet to quote and link to my fanfic without asking permission!


For record, I sent an admittedly snippy comment (titled Manners and Etiquette, no less) explaining that it's polite to ask and I don't really like being surprised with my stuff being suddenly splashed across a potentially hostile forum without warning.

Shockingly, I received an apology, an equally snippy comment about fair use ("I doubt you asked permission to use the characters from their owners.") and an offer to take it down. Since my real worry was courtesy, I said that he can leave it up. Legally, he's got every right to quote & attribute me without permission and there's jack shit I can do about it, but really people. Courtesy! This is not hallways! When you're using something that could get someone trolled, or in legal/parental/work trouble (which yes, slash can do all of those things) it's only polite to ask.

Now that Ms. Manners is satisfied, it's safe to sit back and bask in the unwarranted publicity for a fic series I really hated writing. (Seriously. Me and first person? Present tense?! Talk about loggerheads.)

On Sunday two of the kittens went to new homes. :( I miss the little rodents. The one that's left is the shorthair, who is sweet and needy and still nurses homg! We're going to have to do something about that. She goes to a new home on Valentines day, so I have a week to snuggle.

Fics continue... well, they continue, mostly due to [personal profile] valtyr egging me on. Girl!Steve is in beta/edits process. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, defiling all things holy in Echo Bazaar fics. I'm going to feel weird when the series is over and it takes up a chunk of the EBZ fandom on AO3. D:


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