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.. jail is weekends only!
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So... Um. Yeah, that's been my month. If I sound stressed or inexplicably freaked out of small things, that's probably why. Sometimes I think my life is some sort of TV drama, and then I realize that any script writer worth their salt would toss it as too unbelievable for television. Also, long periods of "I should write/edit this but meeeeeh too lazy OMG PEOPLE ARE WRONG ON THE INTERNET" followed by brief bursts of "WTF IS THIS SHIT" is terrible pacing.
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So, I am back from the unscheduled sort-of hiatus. Thank you to everyone who commented with support last week. (hugs you all) I am... not really better, but getting through. Building the fence to keep the rest of the dogs safe and finally getting a headstone for Jace will be hard, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. (That may be next week, if I can scrounge the money for a fence.)
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This coming week (03/07-03/11) is Spring Break for me. Mary does not seem interested in going to Chicago. :( Boo. It would have made fence building so much easier.
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People know me well. Today I have been the recipient of specialty coffee and espresso cinnamon rolls. Omnomnom. This will be a great thing on Monday, when I have jury duty. Again. No wiggling out of it this time. Oh, how I suffer for a fair judicial system.

I am currently fighting a cold, I think? It's hard to tell. I am extra tired and achy, and there is a weird pain/tightness in my chest/throat. It is not sore, but it feels like there is a lump or something there? Except there is no lump (I checked, just in case). It hurts when I breathe, swallow, move, etc. Is it possible to pull a throat muscle?

Since it's the start of a new year (hush, I know I'm a month and a half behind), I've been poking around at work asking about what I need to move on up. I really don't have time to do class/work full time, but needs must. Things are being reshuffled, and if I don't move I might end up on the bottom of the pile. My department is going from having an Admin to a Dean, and word in the wind is that another Sysadmin may be hired. As is, there's no way I qualify, but with how quickly things move around here I might be able to squeak through if I jump on courses now. I'm already informally doing most of the work involved, so it's just a matter of certification. At the very least, I'm already in position and trained in our system, so I have a leg up.

I'm not usually so eager to be leaping up the ladder, but that's because I like my department and my work, and I'm not willing to trade a pleasant work environment for a tiny raise. But if another Sysadmin is coming in, that makes my job suddenly less secure (since 90% of the reason it exists is to cover things when the Sysadmin can't be there). This is inner departmental and essentially just doing the same thing I've been doing in the same place I've been doing it except for more money. I can do zat!
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Warning: I am about to bitch loudly and in detail about taxes, human nature, economics, and why the Token Conservative in my household last night makes me headdesk. I have also not had breakfast (my bagel fell on the ground in the parking lot) and am feeling generally crabby because of my Bang, my NaNo and my hair still being wet this morning. So.

Here's the deal. I am Liberal. Super-Liberal, Progressive, Etc. Most of my family is. Even Papa, who is technically Republican, has not voted that way since Clinton. In my household, there is only one Conservative, my cousin Devon. She does not much like politics, and so I do not much discuss them with her. But on Election night, it's essentially unavoidable. As these things do, the subject of Taxation arose.

Her stance is that raising taxes on the rich means lower profits means fewer jobs. She is a hair stylist, and her boyfriend was a small business owner who fixed gutters for a living. (He is now a manager with a national company.) For some reason, she seemed to think that raising taxes on the wealthy will hurt them both. Besides that, it's not faaaaaair.

This is an extended version of how I replied.
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NaNo: Day 2

Nov. 2nd, 2010 11:46 pm
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Or, perhaps, a Scantron. I have been informed that I should post it, so here it is, the Slightly More Dramatic Than GTalk Version.

Okay, see. In 2008, I voted at a public library. Things went smoothly enough, othr than the raging butterflies. I get them every time I vote. I do not know why.

This year, I did all my research. I looked up people I did not recognize. I made notes on my example ballot. I looked up my voting place to be sure it had not changed. I was a good girl. Then, after work, I went, full of butterflies and determination to do my civic duty. (For the record, determination is not all that unlike butterflies.)

I got there. I waited. Oh, how I waited. Five minutes is an eternity when Butterflies Attacl. I was surrounded by people who were amused but not awkward at my hair. Someone's little girl asked to pet it. This is actually not unusual while I wait in lines. Mine is a mostly minority area, so I stood out even more than just the purple hair accounted for. And then, it was my turn for them to check my ID and make sure I was not an illegal alien sneaking into America to bring Democracy. My name is hard. I have more vowels in it than most people know what to do with. So it took a while, but I waited more, because I have lived a lifetime with a name that looks ike alphabet soup and am used to the effects.

Except this time, they did not find me.
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