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.. jail is weekends only!
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So... Um. Yeah, that's been my month. If I sound stressed or inexplicably freaked out of small things, that's probably why. Sometimes I think my life is some sort of TV drama, and then I realize that any script writer worth their salt would toss it as too unbelievable for television. Also, long periods of "I should write/edit this but meeeeeh too lazy OMG PEOPLE ARE WRONG ON THE INTERNET" followed by brief bursts of "WTF IS THIS SHIT" is terrible pacing.
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Sleeeeeeeepy. Lately I've started feeling wrung out way early in the evening. I'm not sure I approve. :\

Polybang is over and done with, and there was much rejoicing. (Yay.) I am officially out of deadlines, which means its time to work on editing, the Monster and a little side-something to keep me interested while I'm beating other fics into submission. We'll see how that goes. I'm planning on releasing things in chapters and parts, to buy me time to work on the next big thing. Eventually, I hope to be caught up. We'll see.

Richard problems continue. On Monday I came home to a missing riding lawn mower. It's been reported stolen, and he's been pitching a royal fit about it ever since. It's a John Deer that's registered with the parent corp as stolen, so with any luck we'll get it back and Richard will be implicated. In the meantime, I'm just trying to hold down the fort.

Other than all of that, life has been rather Samey. It's kind of amazing. ♥
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I am exhausted and stressed and Richard's ass still isn't in jail. (sigh) And I wasn't able to get a restraining order, so I'm pretty much just left waiting for him to fuck up again.

(takes a shot)

Other than Richard, I'm enjoying having the house to myself. I have the bathroom, the hallway and the laundry room sparkling. I also have the sewing room, kitchen and back bedrooms crammed full of stuff I took out of the other rooms. One room at a time, Faerii, one at a time. But it's lovely to be able to make dinner and not have people sniping out of my plate even though they'd already eaten, and to clean without being nagged, or to not clean because there's no point in scrubbing counters when tomorrow I'll be covering them with junk. I could get used to this, minus the freaky asshole uncle part.

Kittens grow well. I'm going to miss the little shits. D: I wish I could keep them. They're snuggly and sweet and go through fire and babygates to follow me around. Two more weeks. :( If I had a house of my own, I probably would keep them, but with a zillion dogs and two cats already it's just too much.

While I was showering, I had an epiphany about how I think I can get my vampire NaNo to work. \o/ It will require a fuckton of rewriting, but I think it'll flow much better. And it'll set me up easier for that universe to click together. Polybang is completely and utterly done and turned in and all is shiny, but if it weren't this is what I'd write about it: In Polybang, I came up with a name. It is a wonderful name. I also have four and a half scenes to write, two and a half of them containing porn. I got some written today, and some yesterday, and if Faculty Training will just stop being so useless I might manage to get a good chunk hashed out tomorrow. (crosses fingers)

Finally, if you're in South Carolina, vote Stephen Colbert Herman Cain in the primaries. You know you want to.
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Later, there will be a [livejournal.com profile] wincon post of squee and good cheer, with plans, deals, weddings, tattoos and general love of all the world. This is not that post.


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Just needed to vent. (breathes)
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We lost one of our dogs today. It was Jace—the one with cerebral palsy. My uncle Richard ran him over while I was out picking up groceries for my birthday dinner. Apparently they weren't even going to tell me at first. I'm not even sure what to think about that. What am I, six? And Mary tried to hide that Richard was the one who did it. As if I couldn't make the connection between his drunken ass on the couch and one of the dogs dead.

No one else seems to really give much of a damn, and I'm the bad guy for being upset. Apparently I'm behaving childishly, and ruining my own damned birthday party. (I may have also told Richard that the next time he hurts one of the dogs I'd take a sledge hammer first to his car and then to him, but I was the bad guy before that so it hardly makes a difference. This is the second dog he's killed this way that I know of, and he's crippled three others.)

Anyway, I have jury duty tomorrow, and I'm waffling between incoherent rage and tears, so I'm not going to be good company for a while, when I'm available at all. Head's up and all that.
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People know me well. Today I have been the recipient of specialty coffee and espresso cinnamon rolls. Omnomnom. This will be a great thing on Monday, when I have jury duty. Again. No wiggling out of it this time. Oh, how I suffer for a fair judicial system.

I am currently fighting a cold, I think? It's hard to tell. I am extra tired and achy, and there is a weird pain/tightness in my chest/throat. It is not sore, but it feels like there is a lump or something there? Except there is no lump (I checked, just in case). It hurts when I breathe, swallow, move, etc. Is it possible to pull a throat muscle?

Since it's the start of a new year (hush, I know I'm a month and a half behind), I've been poking around at work asking about what I need to move on up. I really don't have time to do class/work full time, but needs must. Things are being reshuffled, and if I don't move I might end up on the bottom of the pile. My department is going from having an Admin to a Dean, and word in the wind is that another Sysadmin may be hired. As is, there's no way I qualify, but with how quickly things move around here I might be able to squeak through if I jump on courses now. I'm already informally doing most of the work involved, so it's just a matter of certification. At the very least, I'm already in position and trained in our system, so I have a leg up.

I'm not usually so eager to be leaping up the ladder, but that's because I like my department and my work, and I'm not willing to trade a pleasant work environment for a tiny raise. But if another Sysadmin is coming in, that makes my job suddenly less secure (since 90% of the reason it exists is to cover things when the Sysadmin can't be there). This is inner departmental and essentially just doing the same thing I've been doing in the same place I've been doing it except for more money. I can do zat!
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