Jan. 2nd, 2012

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I'm home. I've actually been home since last Tuesday night, but finding time to sit down and type up a DW entry has been a pain. I left out around 7-ish AM and arrived home around 9-ish PM, which wasn't too bad for having to make a bajillion stops. See, the kittens are at the Escape ALL THE THINGS stage, and it turns out that there's few things more terrifying than going 80MPH down a highway and checking your rear view to see a kitten in your back window. AHHHHH. But we made it home, everyone's safe and snug, family driving me to contemplate murder, etc. So pretty much SNAFU. Which I've just decided needs to be a tag.

Kittens do well, and I really do need to take more pictures of them. They actually look like kittens now instead of rodents! Working on getting them weaned, because Duzie looks so pathetic whenever they nurse with their sharp little kitten teeth. So far, no dice. I'm keeping a close eye on them because the ever-present flea problem is still a problem, but flea combing is the best thing I can do right now. I need to chat with a vet about if some medication I have is safe for them. The box says it is, but I'd rather ask first.

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Anyway, such was my return home. :\ Happy New Year, I guess. 2011 sucked, so with any luck 2012 will be different. Of course, I said that at the end of 2010. D:

Normally I do some sort of end of the year writing summary, but so much of my writing this year wasn't published, it would just be a mess to work it out. D: I'm just going to have to crack on finishing/posting stories for a while.


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