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Finally, finally posted that auction fic. It had been eating at me, and it's an amazing load off my shoulders to have it up. Hopefully, [personal profile] radiophile will like it enough that it makes up for being oh... about five months late.;;

Now to get the REST of the To Do list in order. With this done, I'm down to six active projects. Of course, other projects crept their way in (gdi brain) and I'm doing some Original Writing that takes some time. (May make a locked post about that later.) At least the official list shrinks! It was double digits! I MAKE PROGRESS.

I also decided that the Fairytale fic is just going to have to become an original. I kind of hate to do it, but trying to find places to etch on the serial numbers was killing it. So it's going to get removed from the To Do List and set aside until I have time to deal with it properly.

(flop) According to the numbers I just ran, if I can just manage to write about 45k and edit about the rest, I'll be finished with this mess and able to concentrate on new stuff rather than stuff that's been clogging the works. Guilt over unfinished fics is a killer.

Penis Hats

Jul. 9th, 2012 09:50 pm
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So I finally posted that one fic, the one that was for pure funsies and had absolutely no redeeming value. Yep. [personal profile] valtyr was kind enough to give it an eye for SPaG errors, but I asked her not to sweat plot, coherence or anything similar. It was fun to write, and I saw no reason to try and pretend it was a decent story.

I blame everyone who encouraged me in this. You know who you are.

Gangráðr, Faðmbyggvir Friggjar
(Alternately, Odin Has A Lot of Funny Names That Can Sound Like A Deep and Meaningful Title When Strung Together)
Not Rated
Pairings: Thor/Jane. Background Steve/Tony, Bruce/Betty. Others.
Warnings: Terrible humor, blatant abuse of ancient cultures and sex under the influence of alcohol.
Summary: Less than a week before her wedding, Frigga warns Jane of ancient Asgardian rituals she and Thor must undergo before her marriage ceremony. Jane and Thor call on their friends for help as they face what might be the challenge of their lives.
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So, Gail has been sitting in the back of my brain being nosy. I blame the Cap movie, and my unabashed longing to have seen her in it. (sigh) This is the result.

Return to Sender
Part of the No Soldier Unwounded series)
Rated: General
Warning: implied character death
Pairing: Stevie/Gail

Summary: Gail's last four letters to Stevie were returned unopened.
IMAGE HEAVY version )
Text Version available on AO3
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Emma's still here.

WHY? Why cruel world? D: Hopefully she will be leaving today, but that it what they said Wednesday. And Yesterday. :|

Question for the Circle: Is it or is it not creepy when someone hits on you by leaving a note on your car in a parking lot? The note has a yahoo email and the lines:
Hi, your nice looking... Would you like to talk more?
Email me [redacted first name with Xtreme Kool Letterz]4you@yahoo.com
Love your hair by the way. I am 33 white male.
According to my family, I am weird for feeling oogy about this. :\ But I was jumpy in the car all the way home, and I couldn't get through the door fast enough. Why is it that guys always hit on me via note? I'm not sure what bugs me more. The misuse of "your/you're" or the obviously skeevy email address.

Speaking of WalMart... Knitters of the DW, UNITE and save me from myself. One of my resolutions this year was to learn to knit again. I used to do it with Nana when I was little (I would start things for her; this was a source of much pride), but I've lost it. This tends to happen with skills learned when you're 4 and never used again. While I was in WalMart being hit on long distance, I browsed through the craft aisle looking for some sort of Learn To Knit Kit. All I wanted was maybe a pamphlet, a set of needles, a teeny thing of yarn and plans for some ridiculously easy project to get me started. I found nothing of the sort. Nothing. The internet has not helped. D: [personal profile] sophie_448 has told me that a scarf is a good first project and offered to show me some things, but that still doesn't tell me what size of needles, type of yarn, etc etc would be good for someone with 22 years inexperience. Looking over the journals of knitters I know, I know that some yarns are easier than others and needles make a difference. How and why? IDK.

So... halp? Plz? ILU all?

In work this week I have been a mix of busy and bored. When I am busy, I am very busy. Mostly, I am bored. (sigh) Students returned to my domain on Thursday, and I was also greeted with delicious scans, the gift exchange reveals, bangin' art (check out Luke!), and beautiful fic which I still need to review. I also discovered that Ao3 now allows us to use custom stylesheets for our fic, which means I was finally able to post Betwixt and Without Irony, in addition to updating . I'm pretty sure this means that all of my Marvel fic (save one) is now available on Ao3.

So overall, yesterday was a Good Day. :D And since the reveals are up, I can (not) shock you all by admitting I wrote...

Engaging the Enemy by [personal profile] tsukinofaerii for [livejournal.com profile] brilligspoons
Universe: Marvel Adventures: Avengers AU
Beta: [personal profile] penumbren
Rated: PG13
Warnings: None
Prompt: AU in which villain!Tony pulls Steve's metaphorical pigtails to get his attention! (AKA: The best prompt evar homg.)
Summary: Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to find out more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.
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Update on the car: it turned out to be a radiator hose. Altogether, this mess cost me a bit under $300 (for the fix, the part, antifreeze and the tow). On the plus side, I'd been told by another mechanic that the motor on my radiator fan was going, but after the hose was fixed that problem seems to have vanished. Maybe it was a domino effect of some sort—I don't know cars well enough to be certain. But fixing that could have run me over $600 (the part seems to run about $300+), so this is very good news. I had $800 in savings that was supposed to help me get through the holidays, so money will be tight, but I'll be able to keep eating. \o/

The foundling is still with us. We looked around for his owner, but no one had had put up signs in the area we found him or called the shelters, and he didn't have a microchip. The people at the shelter took my information, and said they'll contact me if anyone calls looking for a lost chihuahua. Tomorrow I'm going to put up ads on Craig's List and in the paper. On the advice of the shelter people, it'll only say "lost chihuahua", so no one calls and fraudulently claims him. A real owner should be able to identify him by his markings and what he had on him.

In the meantime, he's been following me everywhere, and may as well be attached to my hip. My right arm aches from trying to type around a lap full of puppy. Also, he insists on sleeping under blankets, and does not appreciate it when I leave openings for air. Breathing is optional, I guess. My aunt has taken to calling him Bum, and it seems to be sticking. x.X

Speaking of typing, I have finally finished the rough draft on my fic. (I say "finally", when it's really only been a couple of weeks.) Is there anyone out there in Cyberspace whose goodwill I can shamelessly take advantage of? It's roughly 22k, and probably PG13 at the worst. A few curse words is all. I'll need it done inside a week, to meet the deadline. Anyone want to help a Faerii? :D?


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