Mar. 22nd, 2010


Mar. 22nd, 2010 12:35 pm
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News News: This is relevant to my interests.

Writing News: In other interests, I'm finally finished with the rough for Amnesia!Tony. Well, I say finished, but I still need to go in and edit Tony, which means mark-up times! This gives me two longish stories to finish up, one at 37k and the other at about 28k. And then I want to get cracking on a Valtyr!prompts and sequel!vampires. And overused!exclamations is somewhere in that list too. With intentions to fluff. I want to write a good fluff fic. This will likely involve crack. Or, at least, kittens.

Puppy news: Zena is doing well. She's taken to crawling into bed to cuddle at 3AM, when she seems to think I am too conked out to notice. (Protip: I notice.) She's always back on the floor by the time my alarm goes off, so I suspect this is some sort of stealth maneuver, designed to satisfy her emotional needs while still punishing me. The cone is still on, and an object of much hatred and disdain. And yes, I'm still feeding and watering by hand. (is whipped)

Kittt News: Duzzie seems to be doing well. Bladder issues may have been me being panicky, but I am still keeping an eye on her. After having my water tumpt due to kitty inquisitiveness (my glass tastes better than their bowl, I guess) I have invested in a reusable aluminum bottle. This too has already been toppled. My cats do not approve of this escalation in our usual arms race.

FFXII News: I have Balthier and Fran to finish leveling. After that, I can wrap up my Clan Points and it's smooth sailing to the finish. (Watch. Vayne is going to kill me dozens of times, I know it. It'll be worse than that damned Demon Wall.)

Now, I'm off to play Robot Unicorn Attack, toy with FAQs, upload fics to AO3 and generally acknowledge the uselessness of Monday.

ETA: QUESTION. Should I or should I not upload my Halloween Drabbles to AO3? There's 15 of them! D: And they're tinies. Is it worth it?


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