Apr. 13th, 2012 09:14 pm
tsukinofaerii: I've Ugraded (Tony: Upgraded)
And I also had a fandom birthday that I completely forgot to post about, other than to write a story featuring Steve at his sluttiest. (In Steve's honor, I will be painting my nails slut red this weekend.)

I finally got around to upgrading my phone. JARVIS was a Droid first gen, my first ever smartphone and passing two years old. He still worked, but was starting to have odd little glitches, so it was time to get a new one before "minor annoyance" became "cell phone emergency". Now I'm on a Droid 4 (finally). My first attempt at getting a Droid 4 resulted in a DOA. :| I have to ship the corpse back now, ick.

My first cell phone was an EnV. Not a smartphone, but handy when I needed it; I'm considering this the Mark I. The second was JARVIS, which is technically Mark II. I'm thinking this one will either be Mark II, Mark III, War Machine or Rescue. The trick is that JARVIS might end up donated to a good cause, which would turn him (as the Mark II) in to War Machine. On the other hand, the new droid is larger, heavier, and has a lot more unnecessary accessories than Jarvis did, but is otherwise the same phone. So War Machine would suit it. Rescue I can't justify in the naming system other than my love for Pepper. Which, I should mention, is a really good justification.


In other news, I've finished the RBB. I hate naming. Hates. But otherwise, it's done and will be posted some time tomorrow, pending artist contact with the art links. (I've seen the art, y'all, and man are you going to love it. It's amazing.) I had a lot of fun with this one, I just wish I had time to explore the before/after on it.

And now that that's done, back to Echo Bazaar Fallen London, Girl!Steve (which I really need to plan two/three fics ahead for at this point) and Vampire Tony. Editing. So much editing. And also Monster Fic of Monsters. (dies)


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