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First, the important part: HAIR. The pictures do not do it justice. I will have to get people to take proper pictures later. Fortunately, lots of people at WinCon are photophiles, so pictures are generally bountiful.

Devon (the cousin) decided to go with a palette. So my hair is not nearly as random and clashy as I would like. It's still pretty though, so that's really what matters. Well, I also managed to dye myself PURPLE last night, which also matters. I always forget to take the foils out with my head flipped upside down. The good news is, I was able to scrub myself down to mostly lavender, and that almost entirely hidden by my clothing. The bad news is, I was able to scrub myself down to mostly lavender. ¬.¬

Enough about my personal humiliation. On to the hair! The colors that were put in are blue, violet, magenta and wild orchid, along with some red that someone somewhere can actually grow. So essentially, I have the bisexual flag on my head. It is awesome.
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Now, for semi-srs bsns: the anti-Beta.

WinCon has an event known as Fic Idol. It's described thusly:
Warn for leopard porn! No really. Bring the best of your worst stories (1k word limit, all fandoms are fair play) and strap on your lollerskates for this annual classic of all things cringe-worthy and ridic as missy narrates and our judges do their judgy thing. Be ready to laugh for 2 hours straight. Cocktails encouraged (and required for some judges.)
Basically, you write the worst possible fic you can imagine in a thousand words or less, and then [livejournal.com profile] missyjack will proceed to read it aloud to a group of drunken fangirls. Quite naturally, I've decided to give it my best worst shot.

Unfortunately, I can't get through line one of my fic without hanging my head and falling over with something between hilarity and shame. Mostly hilarity. (For reference, the line is "Steve!" Tony yelled and ran into the office, which is weird because Tony never yellsHe's really quiteBut this time it's importantIsn't it?) Does anyone want to brave the waters of typos, impossible characterization, improbable orgies, pages of nothing but ♥ and pictures of fish to give me any suggestions on making it even more unreadable?
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So. I was linked into this vid. And the plot bunnies charged en masse.

Warnings for AU Bang spoilers (sort of). Locked because the main story isn't posted yet, whee! Unlocked, since Girl!Steve is posted.

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