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Oh, DW, I missed you baby.

So, I have been a quiet Faerii lately, so a quick run down of life:

Everything's groovy.

No, really. I haven't seen Richard in weeks, Teen Wolf is just active enough to keep me from languishing while I wait for the Avengers to chill, and I'm very (omg so much!) pleased with my artists for the Cap/Iron Man Bang.

I'm going to [livejournal.com profile] wincon in October (leaving the 16th, return the 23rd). Current plans are to attend as one of the scarlet stockings. This isn't a costume I should have put off to the last second, so we'll see how it goes in real life.

Other than that, kittens grow well. They're more than old enough to be sent to new homes, but I can't find anyone who'll take them! If anyone has friends in the Florida Panhandle who are interested in a kitten, hit me up. If worst comes to worst, I may end up catapulted into being a An Old Cat Lady before time time. Ah, well, it was inevitable.

On writing news, the submission to the Teen Wolf contest went off without a hitch, and I will post the fic as soon as I lose the contest. C/IM Bang needs editing, but not terribly bad. It's less horrible than I expected. (Still need to add a sex scene, gdi.) I'm also working on [community profile] polybigbang. This is where it gets trickier. I'm going to use Poly Bang as an impetus to force me to finish that massive monster of an Ultimates Fairy Tale AU. But [personal profile] sunspot and I are bros and I don't want to let her down by not submitting. So I'm doing two polybangs, for an estimated total of 100k new words. Due by October 10.

With a Big Bang in need of editing.

And ears to create and sew onto hoodies.

While cobbling together a decent costume.

I'll give you a second to pantomime about how you can't believe I'm this stupid. No, it's cool, I get it.

(twiddles thumbs) ¬.¬

If anyone needs me, I'm curled up into a ball under my desk wondering how I keep doing this to myself.

ETA: VH1 is being shipped with AfterElton by Teen Wolf, after having been set up by Entertainment Weekly. I feel like we've crossed some sort of fannish event horizon.
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