Mar. 28th, 2011

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(mumbles sleepily)

I've been terrible about life. And updating. And life. Especially life. I spent this weekend cleaning. All of this weekend. My significant breaks included a trip to the hardware store and a very long bath on Sunday evening. :( I'd meant to work on NaNo and sex pollen (yes, [personal profile] cookinguptales, I haven't forgotten it!), but instead I mostly just got sore muscles and frustrated. NaNo got some editing done. From the bathtub. Which is terrible for my laptop, I know, but it's the only time I had when I wasn't getting called to do something. (And even then I'm getting called for, I just have to yell back that I'm in the bathtub.)

AU BB and C_IM BB are looking like they're going up. I'm definitely doing C_IM ([personal profile] valtyr would stalk across the Atlantic and kidnap me at pony-point if I didn't). I'm wavering on the AU BB. I do want to do it, but it looks like they're making the same mistakes that burned me last time (low word count bar, very wide rules for what counts as AU). While I adored my girl!UltSteve fic, I admit that I'm a bit :\ over how the whole Bang was handled, enough that I might just throw up my hands and save myself the pain. Plus, it's on LJ, which I've sort of forsworn other than Cap/IM and my flist, which is also a factor.

Thoughts? Opinions? Threats of dismemberment?


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