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The guys we shared a row with claimed watching me watch the movie was worth the extra price for 3D tickets. (blush) I may have been a bit excite. Of course, they were also trying to pick up my cousin, so they may have had an angle. But they had some idea of comics, and didn't seem to mind spending the hour leading up to the movie listening to me go, "OMG you don't know about Winter Soldier?!" and the like. It gave me a chance to babble and calm down a little. Our interactions with them ended after the movie with me showing off the Sherlock Holmes trailer and my Earth 3490 desktop wallpaper. (Which incidentally sealed my "no you can't have my number" response when the one pushing visibly relaxed when I explained about Natasha Stark—apparently it would be "weird" if it's two guys. I love it when guys are nice enough to wear warning signs.)

Okay, movie! Please forgive me if I'm not quite achieving coherence. ;a; It is early and I'm worn thin for lack of sleep; seeing Cap last night was the final straw.
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TL;DR, if I don't sleep through the weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing it again. This time with less flailing at the screen.
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I am mostly sober! Only had a couple of drinks so far. It's been a busy day. We'll be watching SPN en masse pretty soon. D: My eyes are already heavy, ACK.

A lot of really awesome things happened yesterday and today (including my mother getting a twitter account!!! WTF she's following me!). HOWEVER, only one really stands out.
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(curls up into a sleepy ball) Is it Saturday yet? (yawns) I did not get much done this weekend. I meant to, but damn it, it was hot. D: All I could manage to work up the energy for was to write up an outline for a fic (a one-shot, relatively short, no sequel, thank you gods I can write without ten pages of notes), rant about Sarah Palin, and fail resisting picking some new strawberries and blackberries. (They're so yummy! :o)

I did manage some thinky thoughts for girl!Steve that make me sadpanda. Gonna cut 'em, because I know some people on my flist haven't had a chance to read her yet and would likely prefer not to be spoiled.
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So. I was linked into this vid. And the plot bunnies charged en masse.

Warnings for AU Bang spoilers (sort of). Locked because the main story isn't posted yet, whee! Unlocked, since Girl!Steve is posted.

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