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May. 3rd, 2013 11:28 am
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Saw IM3 and I am so incredibly happy with it. There are no words for how much glee this movie gives me. Stuff I was worried about? Not a concern, handled with aplomb and even humor in some cases.
Spoilers )
All of that being said: go see it.
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Since all the cool kids are doing it, I feel like I ought to write an Avengers Reaction Post. I've seen the movie four times and plan to see it at least once more. It's been worth every over-priced ticket and pound of popcorn. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go do so. At the very least, it's a fun romp and a decent way to spend a couple of hours.
Now, off to find pictures of Steve's ass. For reasons.
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This is an open planning post for anyone interested in meeting up to see the Avengers in Orlando this May 3rd. If you've mentioned that you're coming and I don't know when/where/how ([personal profile] derryderrydown?) tag me here so we can make sure everything flows for you!

Current Attendees
[personal profile] tsukinofaerii
[personal profile] gigglingkat
[profile] waterofothemoon

Theater Info: Alamonte 18 in Orlando FL.
Date and Time: 11:30AM, 3 May 2012
Price: $40 USD.
Movies: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor in 3D, Captain America in 3D, The Avengers in 3D.

Some of us will be hanging around in Orlando for a few days after, so there may be chances to do other things. Myself, [personal profile] gigglingkat and [profile] waterofothemoon will be staying at the Motel 6 on American Way (Kirkman Road).

If you're interested in meeting up with us, drop a line!
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The guys we shared a row with claimed watching me watch the movie was worth the extra price for 3D tickets. (blush) I may have been a bit excite. Of course, they were also trying to pick up my cousin, so they may have had an angle. But they had some idea of comics, and didn't seem to mind spending the hour leading up to the movie listening to me go, "OMG you don't know about Winter Soldier?!" and the like. It gave me a chance to babble and calm down a little. Our interactions with them ended after the movie with me showing off the Sherlock Holmes trailer and my Earth 3490 desktop wallpaper. (Which incidentally sealed my "no you can't have my number" response when the one pushing visibly relaxed when I explained about Natasha Stark—apparently it would be "weird" if it's two guys. I love it when guys are nice enough to wear warning signs.)

Okay, movie! Please forgive me if I'm not quite achieving coherence. ;a; It is early and I'm worn thin for lack of sleep; seeing Cap last night was the final straw.
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TL;DR, if I don't sleep through the weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing it again. This time with less flailing at the screen.
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Posting from my phone at the theater for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We caught a double feature, yay us, and my cough has managed to not be too disruptive. But I think I'm going to cry. You just don't get huge Fandom events like this often. I'm going to miss it more than I thought possible. Even if I can find people to go see Cap with me next week, it won't be the same.

I'm holding out hope that we get some decent gay text for Dumbledore and Grindelwald. The movies have made their fortune, maybe the director will make my night. (If we do or don't, regardless, I will post it under a spoilers cut I promise.) It would be nice for the movies to be better than JKR.

I'll pour out a shot for everyone tonight. Here's to the end of an era. To steal a line from the Brits on my circle, cheers!
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So, I saw Transformers last night!

... still want to see X-Men for the third time. As you can likely tell. Still, I got an early preview of the movie, and I suppose it's my fandom duty to share.
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All in all, no one goes to see Transformers for the people, because Michael Bay has likely never heard the word "character arc". That doesn't mean it's a bad movie, but I've been rather spoiled by X-Men and Thor. Some of the actors were decent, but the plot was clearly just an excuse to make giant robots punch each other and some poor woman run around in heels. The music makes it worth the Imax ticket, and the explosions are interesting enough to fill in for plot. Overall, I would dub this a decent movie that was about on level with my expectations.
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Holy fuck it's been a while since I posted here. This is mostly because health and work have been teaming up to kick my ass. No lie. If you follow me on Twitter, it's been a roller coaster of "I hate teachers FML" and "sick again FML". Unfortunately, this little thing called Faerii Needs A Paycheck guarantees that being falling-over ill with Probably Strep is no excuse. I essentially slapped a biohazard sign up on my door and hid away. (I can't afford to go to a doctor to diagnose it, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and my boss's kid just sprouted feathers along with the rest of his class, it's a fucking duck. And then it segued into something less painful but that includes coughing. Twice. Last weekend I had a relapse and slept through almost all of Saturday.)

Simultaneously, this summer at work we're migrating to an upgraded, hosted system. Because the rest of the world is useless, most of the work is on the shoulders of my little department. This essentially means cleaning courses, double-checking their coding and transferring them over, which is scheduled to be my life until July 18th. I finally caught up with work, and my boss is at a conference this week and thus unable to assign me more, so (barring disaster) I have the next three days back to normal! (collapses)

Papa is still visiting Emma, and may go see his sister on the way home, whenever he comes home. Since they're both in their 80s, this strikes me as an excellent idea. But Papa not being home means Mom's canceled her plans to visit until October. (siiiiigh) Father's day was not as rough as I'd expected, mostly because when I called to wish my dad a happy one, his phone kept losing signal and he couldn't be assed to move to the porch so we can talk. (thumbs up) Good to know my priority level.

As you may be able tell by the subject, in the whirl of everything I managed to see X-Men: First Class. It is an incredibly groovy movie, and you all should see it. I had issues with it, but other people have explained them better than I could. So I'll just shoo you out the door and then wait for you to come back gushing. And after that, You should watch this. TEARS IN MY EYES.

As a result of this movie, I've 1) grown ridiculously jealous of the comment counts in that fandom 2) feel extremely smug that I spotted the epic homoerotic subtext between Magneto and Xavier ages ago, 3) decided to introduce "groovy" into my daily vocabulary, to thus-far pleasant results and 4) privately decided that Erik and Charles never broke up and kissed and got married and had adorable mutant babies forever (yes, in the 60s). Thus all of the ANGST AND TRAGEDY AND WOE AND OMG THE EMOOOOOOOO in all of the fic is totally AU and I can enjoy it without lasting repercussions.

That being said, if I don't get some happy endings in that fandom soon I'm going to have to do something drastic.

I may end up writing Avengers/Thor/XFC crack crossover of some sort, just to get it out of my system. Be warned.
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Maybe I'll just go with puppies. And kittens. FLUFFY BABIES FOR EVERYONE.
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Word to the wise: if you go to see Red Riding Hood, take the precaution of getting thoroughly drunk first. I'm convinced the movie would have been phenomenal under the influence of alcohol. If you're a medievalist ([personal profile] cursor_mundi & [personal profile] deviouslint) you may also want to take some sort of psychotropic drug.
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TL;DR, the movie was just horrible. Don't waste your money seeing it in theaters, and if you need to buy it, wait until it's in the $5 bin at WalMart.
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So, I am back from the unscheduled sort-of hiatus. Thank you to everyone who commented with support last week. (hugs you all) I am... not really better, but getting through. Building the fence to keep the rest of the dogs safe and finally getting a headstone for Jace will be hard, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. (That may be next week, if I can scrounge the money for a fence.)
Last week )
This coming week (03/07-03/11) is Spring Break for me. Mary does not seem interested in going to Chicago. :( Boo. It would have made fence building so much easier.
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By all accounts, The Dragon left the Lair around 11AM today.

It is roughly a two day drive—a day and a half if they push it.


Did more cleaning today. D: May bake cookies tomorrow. Went and saw Tron Legacy, which included the Thor trailer. I may have stood up with victory arms and shouted "YES!!!!!". :D Brief spoilers for Tron below )
On the way home, I got pulled over for a headlight out. D: No ticket, but gods bless it. (huffle) On the plus side, the timing worked out so I saw a shooting star. So yay that.
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I will post yesterday's NaNo wrap up after I finish this. :3

For those of you who don't know, I was in Harry Potter fandom pretty extensively for a while. I've even been sorted a few times. (Slytherins represent, yo.) I have since fallen out of the fandom for the most part, but I have a tradition of going with my cousin to see the movies on opening night. It is a fun way to spend a work night being irresponsible, I always get a warm glow when surrounded by my fellow fen, and it is about the only time I can get a cousin to do Geekery with me without fail. TBH, if it were not for my cousin, I would have stayed home. The lure of the movies is simply not so great, especially since we're now in my least favorite ever. But I saddled myself up, wrapped a house scarf on (Gryffindor, because no one ever buys me Slytherin things ) and went directly from work to the theater in order to hold our place in line.

Because this seems to shock everyone I tell who does not do the Midnight Showings, I will explain our method. See, we do buy our tickets in advance. I have heard that the theater is sold out on the movie for the next several weeks, and two weeks ago when we purchased said tickets we found out that they had already sold out the iMax. Yeah. It's like that. So when I say I was waiting in line, I was waiting in line to get into the theater. They let people collect in designated waiting areas before the movie. If you get there early you will be first in, and therefore can get the good seats, instead of sitting right up front or being split up from the people you came with. So I got there early, and was able to claim a spot near the front that happened to have a handy outlet for my laptop. My cousin would be there (with dinner) around 8, bringing a friend from work and Friend from Work's Brother; I was a place holder. Note that I said near the front. I got there around 6:30, and the lines had already formed.

Since I was going to be waiting for a while, I took this time to watch the latest episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Hero. (It was lovely and lol-y in a Silver Age sort of way, though the way they're pushing Hank as The Smart One and having Tony turn to Hank for information on vibranium made me yell at my computer in the middle of a crowded theater. And I like A:EMH Hank. So, YMMV.) Once Cousin and Co got there, I made like someone who is social and put away my toys.

Eventually, we trooped our way into the individual theaters and got good seats, up in the top middle. From there, I broke out my phone and bothered [personal profile] cursor_mundi on gtalk, because she was online and everyone else was talking Hair and Highschool Memories. Urgh. Anyway, I distracted Mundi from being Responsible for a while and we shared pain about feeling old. (18 year olds should damned well know Star Wars!) During this, a bag of Bertie Botts was taken out and passed around. I proved to be a lucky snot, consistently pulling various fruit flavors, while others found themselves subject to such things as fish and gravy. Eventually, they deliberately picked out a cheese one and an onion and made me eat them. They were not as bad as the boxed (the boxed contains vomit and the like, and the flavors are much stronger), but still. ICK. You bite into it, and you can feel the flavor filling your mouth. It is honestly like biting into a fart.

The lights dimmed, and we eagerly put away the Hell-y-beans, only to be treated with half a preview. Whoops. Someone started to soon. A few minutes later, it happened again. When they actually started the previews, there was much rejoicing. And also the realization that dude, this is the year of comic book movie. Or perhaps of the Geek. We saw previews for Green Hornet and Green Lantern, Tron, Cowboys and Aliens... So much ♥.

And then... the movie. SPOILER ALERT. )
And so that was it. I collected my things and trooped on home, to arrive just past 3AM and to actually get to sleep around 3:30. @_@ Tired. Very tired. All told, it was a good movie. Better than I was expecting, but still... Deathly Hallows. (sigh)


Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:06 am
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So! My cousin bailed on me when it came to movie-going. :( So I saw Inception on Saturday night, instead of something anyone else is interested in watching with me. (Aunt thinks it looked "weird", cousin thinks it looked "too smart".) So I left dirty dishes on the counter (omg such a rebel) and trip-tropped my way down to the theater. My reaction to the movie?

Ow. Thinky thing hurting now.
Inception spoilers )
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I am back from a full and eventful weekend. \o/ With exceptionally minimal hangover, I should add.
A weekend rundown )


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