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The guys we shared a row with claimed watching me watch the movie was worth the extra price for 3D tickets. (blush) I may have been a bit excite. Of course, they were also trying to pick up my cousin, so they may have had an angle. But they had some idea of comics, and didn't seem to mind spending the hour leading up to the movie listening to me go, "OMG you don't know about Winter Soldier?!" and the like. It gave me a chance to babble and calm down a little. Our interactions with them ended after the movie with me showing off the Sherlock Holmes trailer and my Earth 3490 desktop wallpaper. (Which incidentally sealed my "no you can't have my number" response when the one pushing visibly relaxed when I explained about Natasha Stark—apparently it would be "weird" if it's two guys. I love it when guys are nice enough to wear warning signs.)

Okay, movie! Please forgive me if I'm not quite achieving coherence. ;a; It is early and I'm worn thin for lack of sleep; seeing Cap last night was the final straw.

To start, Captain America almost definitely arrives in the modern world as a virgin who's only been kissed twice. FUCK YEAH, GET IT FANDOM.


The movie has some fairly mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and I can see why. Johnston wasn't a good fit as a director, and it shows. He tried to do a cinematic angle on a character-driven story and it left the movie hollow at points where it should have been gripping. But if you manage to fall in love with Steve (which it's fairly impossible not to, in my opinion), you can let yourself be carried forward by tides of oh my baby Steeeeve and omg omg omg omg THIS PART I KNOW WHAT THIS IS OMG.

Steve. Steeeeeeve. Omg Steve. I loved him. Loved. Chris Evans nailed it like a carpenter. I just... (flaily hands) There's not enough words. Squeaky noises. It's in the expressions and the eyes (omg puppy eyes) and the body language; Chris never ever loses that Back Straight Shoulders Back Determined Chin stance, and I think it really helps blend the character from skinny!Steve to buff!Steve, because by the time you see the woof you know the character, and his shoulders speak for themselves.

Peggy Carter was freaking love and I am so pissed that she's going to be a one-movie wonder. Haley Atwell rocked it, and the inevitable attempts to shoehorn in Sharon are already creepy as hell to me. (sigh) Maybe, just maybe, we'll get lucky and they'll find another character for the inevitable Romance plotline in future Cap movies.

Howard Stark was Tony's dad, down to cool explosions in the name of making more cool explosions and his incredible yet cheesy pickup lines. I fully expect the fandom to make excellent use of the word "fondue". It touched me that he was still looking for Steve at the end, even though they must have assumed he was KIA. There's something there, not quite slashy, but on the tip of my tongue. It's like the tingle just before you bite down on a lemon.

Red Skull was suitably terrifying, though I think they could have hit that harder than they did. He did a lot of striding about and looking menacing, but IDK, there was just something missing for me. He didn't have the glee that I would expect from a villain like Skull. Too cold.

Arnim Zola was oddly sympathetic, and it didn't sit with me. I shouldn't have felt a little bad for a guy who was a fucking Nazi. They also left him too wide open. He literally just vanishes from the narrative, and while I can suspect that it's so he can pop up in the modern world working for the US government, it was still poorly handled.

The Howling Commandos were as amazing as I'd hoped, and even if they didn't spend as much time building them up, I'm hoping that they might see fit to dip back in. The narrative showed enough to suggest there's plenty of stories there to be told if anyone takes interest in producing the movie.

Bucky... Bucky, Bucky, Bucky. I saved him for last, because he's possibly the character I feel most conflicted about. I went in expecting to find myself reluctantly shipping it in a teeny way. That did not happen. Instead, I kind of found him to be an asshole, and that made for a huge gap in the movie. I understand that they were going for the Ultimates Style older brother-esque relationship, but Ult Bucky blows Movie Bucky out of the water. If Movie Bucky is Steve's older brother figure, he's the older brother who pantses you on your 14th birthday in front of the neighbor's college-age daughter that you've had a crush on for ages, and then asks her out right there. Yeah, that guy is your brother and you love him, but it doesn't make him less of an asshole.

I could see the actors trying to create some sort of bond, but the script just didn't leave them room to maneuver, and the director has no hand for personal relationships. On his last night before shipping out, Bucky goes on a "double date" with Steve and two girls. This translates as "two girls fawn over Bucky, Steve gets left in the cold". He doesn't seem to get that Steve's reasons for fighting have nothing to do with proving himself or macho posturing, and he doesn't really try. He puts down Steve's dreams. He tries to steal a woman (Peggy) Steve is obviously crushing on right out from under him, and then complains that he feels like Steve when she ignores him. If we'd had a few scenes of the camaraderie that I know must have been happening, it could have been just a Guy Friendship and I could have written my :( off as having been spoiled by X-Men.

Bucky's "death" (obvious Winter Soldier set up is Obvious) was written just as ham-handedly as the rest of his character. The train scene didn't have enough lead up to warn you that Something is Wrong, so there was no building tension. Immediately after the fall, the next scene is all about Zola, so there's a break between the death and the grief that blunts the impact. The CGI and greenscreen work in that scene were wretched—it couldn't have been more obviously just thrown in there to surprise the comic readers if they'd put up signs that said "shocking twist!!!". All in all, Bucky disappointed me. I'm looking forward to all the fics that fix it, because I really do want to see some brotherly bonding there. I'll even put up with OTP-breaking porn for it. (Which may indicate how badly Joey-J broke things.)

I adored the entire first half, with skinny Steve being so earnest and determined, and Erskine being a father sort of figure. I wanted to smish him and feed him, and then smish him some more. My favorite part was in the teeny!Steve sequences, because he's so earnest and adorkable, before the director pulled out the camera scope. The flag moment was highly Mulan-like, and ♥ on that. You can watch Peggy falling for him, and then the moment when he's all woof and she's visible going "oh shit good bye pure intentions" and barely keeping from climbing that like a tree. It's so much more attraction to him than his body, and I approve whole heartedly.

Way too much time is spent flipping off the fans. The entire USO piece can be summed up as "director gives fans everything they asked for in the most insulting way possible". We get the Hitler punch, the wings, the original shield and even Steve as an artist... and the troops react exactly the way I predicted. The movie set Cap up as a hero, and then dragged him down into a joke before building him up again. It was completely and utterly unnecessary. Better to have just enlisted him as a normal soldier and had him hare off on his own anyway.

The One Man Rescue Mission was heavily reminiscent of the Fighting Avenger, and I Approve. Steve is exactly the sort of guy who gets told "it's suicide" and then goes off and does it anyway. The moment when he comes back leading a small army of rescued men is perfection. It's uplifting and inspiring and 100% pure Cap. (smishes him)

The War Sequence, I think, was a bit dull. It was too cliché and broke up the tension. It's also when the director started to really pan out and try to capture the essence of War Movie. Watching Steve battle Hydra is awesome, but it wasn't enough for a movie that had previously hitched its wagon to character attachment. All of a sudden you're expected to think in terms of World War Two when you'd just been thinking omg Steeeeeeve. Top it off with way too much time spent caring about the Villain's Plans and it slows things. Bucky's death was just the emotionless icing on a bland bite of cake. Boom and Howling Commandos helped make up for it, granted.

And then the foreshadowing. Cellular regeneration and advanced metabolism: Steve can't get drunk, clearly hinting about his survival after the end. Steve's girl troubles. Missing Bucky. That bit of Bucky & Steve's relationship hit hard, and it's a damned shame it happens with only one half of the friendship there.

Finally... The End. The attack on the Skull's plans and Steve's final mission. Action was tight, tension was there, plan was... shaky. Really shaky. But end of the world, time limit, it makes sense as long as you don't think about it too hard. Even though I knew Steve lived, I cried when he took the plane down. Cried. Atwell and Evans' performances were stunning, and it was a tight, heart-felt wrap on a doomed love. I hope Fury was able to save his locket. Crying all the tears.

Bookends! I am not sure I approve the method in this case, because it sort of gives it away, and someone out there somewhere has to not know that Steve ends up on ice. Was there a different director for those bits? The tone was wholly different. Sharper, I think. And the CGI was much less iffy. Could have been the magic of Samuel L. Jackson on scene.

Fandom considerations are interesting. I don't predict this taking off with slash the way Thor or X-Men did, primarily because the primary potential ship of Steve/Bucky fell utterly flat. The secondary ship of Howard/Steve had some very good moments, but they didn't get all that much screen time. With luck Peggy/Steve AUs will take off. They have the same tragic touch that Magneto and Xavier did, but the tragedy is because that one half of the pair gets declared KIA after their first kiss. When the appeal is depending on the permanence of the cockblock, it'll take some careful fangirling. Dear fandom: don't let me down on this.

I admit, I'm a little thrilled that so much of my fanon resisted movie-verse Jossing. My whole girl!Steve arc nuzzles up comfortably with the movies for being Ults (dancing!), Steve's virginity is something of a kink, and I think that the entirety of Something Different is still open. I wish we'd gotten to see Tony, but I like the angle they took, so not complaining heavily.

TL;DR, if I don't sleep through the weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing it again. This time with less flailing at the screen.

Date: 2011-07-22 04:08 pm (UTC)
snowynight: Kino in a suit with brown background (Default)
From: [personal profile] snowynight
You get to see the movie so early, I'm jealous

Steve sounds adorable in he movie. I may be satisfied with this.

Date: 2011-07-22 10:11 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] deviouslint
I have squeed with you, so I will not squee too much more, but I have already started fitting in the Howard/Steve scenes we didn't see. (LD surprised me on her willingness to jump in on this one. I surprised me with my sudden, intense desire to write iiiiit. We will try to bring in fondue.)


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