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Do you see this graph? Do you see it? All green, every last bit of it! HA! 50k in 10 days! Take that, world!


Next year, I am not doing this to myself. NaNo, sure, but soooooo not pushing this hard again. Of course, I have reason, but my back and arms ache, I'm pretty sure I'm developing typing calluses, and my dog keeps giving me the same sad expression she usually saves for when I'm down ill.

The story isn't quite done yet. I estimate it's going to round out at about 55k for a rough draft, more or less. I'm at the climax, and hypothetically I just have the Final Scene and then it's just the denouement. Tomorrow I'm off work, and the only thing on my to do list is going to (hopefully) get a brake light fixed. I should have time to finish up, and maybe do some editing. This one feels like a much neater rough, so I don't think I'll have very many edges to file off before I start going around begging for a beta. The plan is to get this cleaned up and sorted out, and then dive directly into the Monster Fic. To have it done by December 31, I need about 2k a day, which I think I've proven is doable. Sustainable, on the other hand...? Guess we'll see.

Writing today wasn't hard, per se, but it wasn't easy either. Action scenes are a special kind of pain, but I didn't have to rewrite plot on the fly, and that makes life much, much simpler. I had to backtrack and rewrite the 300 words I lost, but I think that it came out better the second time through. I know that I dropped details, especially when it comes to injuries, and some things I'll have to edit out at the end of things just because I contradict them later, but it was good going. I remembered two plot coupons in time to use them, one a throw-away scene I hadn't intended to use and the other a mainstay that is classic. Between the two, the climax is going very well indeed.

Since I did about 5,000 words, that's the last three daily word counts. I'll do another one tomorrow, same as usual, but I don't expect a need for more. ♥ Thank you guys for the encouraging comments. ILU so much!
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Because my internet went on a drunken binge last night and would say it was connected and then not let me on. I updated my word count on the Nano sit by phone and then gave up. Tonight it looks like it may work, so... (crosses fingers)

Work has been a bit off the hinges. IT broke something we'd fixed at the start of the year, as IT tends to do, but unfortunately this is one of those things that everyone mistakes as my job. Even IT. >:[ So I spent a lot of time being yelled at by people, and a lot of time yelling at people. Not fun.

The cat has entered the "fuck with Mommy" stage of Pregnancy. At this point, I'm positive that everything she does is designed to either keep me from precious sleep or trick me into thinking she's about to give birth. And I fall for it every time.

Now, before I go into anything about... well, anything, I want you all to know that I'm pretty sure this is all [personal profile] valtyr's fault. I'm not sure how, but it usually is.

At my last reporting, I had reached 30,050 words. Yesterday, that was bumped up by 6,015, bringing me up to 36,065. Three dailies, almost four. That was... Not easy. There was cursing and a lot of yelling and last-second edits on the fly. [personal profile] valtyr, bless her, talked me down off the ledge a couple of times when things started to get sticky. My original plan fell through due to technofail. Seriously, I needed some sort of high tech gadget that would give me a reason for a live fire test, and I ended up going with something completely different that was literally impossible to test with explosives. :| But it was worked through, thank goodness, and I moved on to the Dramatic Climax.

By dint of working my ass off, today I tackled the first part of my Dramatic Climax. It's not yet downhill, but it's getting there, and I might even be able to pull a decent ending out of it. If you'd asked me yesterday how I felt about my planned ending, you may have heard the phrase "salt and burn". So yeah.

Anyway, because I seem to have left my self preservation instincts in my other jacket, today I forced out a whopping 8,957 words, which has done me the honor of having reached 45,022 total, another six dailies. And if I ever think this is a good idea again, someone please remind me of how badly my arm aches right now.

I'm not even sure how to handle my quotes this time. There's nine of them. Yeesh. I guess I'll pick small ones?
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Argh. Today started off well, with the time change tricking my body into thinking that I'm being sensible and switching to a later schedule (HA), and then it deteriorated when I actually had to do work. D: I spent an hour and a half with one woman over three different phone calls, gah. RL always interferes with the important things. I ended up staying late to get up to 27k, and then working until 10:30 PM at home to finish. Yeesh. D:

Also, tonight I have to turn in the rough for my [community profile] polybigbang. EEP. D: (flails)

As far as writing goes, today wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard, so a draw isn't too bad. I had to work harder than I liked to reach my personal goal, but I did reach it, so huzzah. Figuring out how to fit little bits of important plot is is going to be hard, but that's for tomorrow. For numbers, I've now written 30,050 words, so I did 4,906 today. Not too shabby, and that's another 3 dailies.

For anyone who's interested, the pregnant cat just startled out of a deep sleep and is now clinging and fluffing my lap vigorously. D: I will update on this if it progresses.
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Today I said woke up at 3:30 and drove Mom to the airport. :'( I miss her already.

Anyway, because I've needed sleep and because I got up so early, I ended up crashing around 9 and then dozing until 1, writing, cleaning, writing more and then doing some POV clean up for Polybang (which I need to send in). So all in all, it wasn't a bad day, other than Mom leaving.

Writing was kind of iffy today. I wandered off my plan, which usually isn't such a big deal, but it feels like things are dragging. It might be because the last fic for girl!Steve was basically "action, angst, action, action, angst" and this one is pretty mild on both fronts so far. I just have to keep repeating to myself that editing is for December.

I finally reached the halfway mark by having a total of 25,144 words, so I wrote 3,101 and passed two dailies. \o/ It's all downhill from here!
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Today, writing barely happened. Barely. Mostly I spent the day hanging with Mom, and writing happened while watching Too Cute: Kittens. Bad choices, I'm good at them.

I'm leaving to drop Mom off at the airport at 4 AM tomorrow, so I'll make this quick. I'm at 22,043 words, so I wrote 1,140. That's only one daily point passed, though I didn't write the full 1667. Since I'm so far up, I find it hard to care. ;;

Anyway! Excerpt, and then bed. :( I don't want my mom to go. *whine*
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Watch my word count plummet in the coming weekend! My mom leaves on Sunday morning, so tomorrow I'm spending all the time with her. There might be some writing, and I hope to at least hit a daily, but I'm not going to be squishing words out of my soul like butter out of peanuts.

Today was haaaaaaard. D: I succeeded only with the gracious help of [personal profile] deviouslint and [personal profile] valtyr, who let me babble pathetically at them for a while. It was a near thing, too. I rushed the last thousand words to get it done before leaving work, and just now went back and fleshed it out a bit. I've made a note to myself on changes to make in earlier chapters too, but I'll handle that in the edit. Moving, moving, moving, keep those fingers moving!

So, the totals! Today, I reached a grand total of 20,904, so I ended up writing 5,693 words. That's another three dailies! At this rate, the fic will be finished somewhere on the 12th at latest, with edits. Then I'll ship it off for beta while I kick into gear on the Monster Fairy Tale and cruise that until the end of November or the end of the fic, whichever comes first. Finally, I wrap the month up by editing last year's NaNo (holyshitfuck) for a break, squishing out my Fic Exchange, and then finishing up the Monster in time for New Year's. Going to be a busy December.

Rambling done, onward with the excerpts. :D
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(collapse) Today was not as wonked out as yesterday with the long calls, but I still feel like I could have gotten more done. Which is completely wrong because I'm writing way more than usual daily for NaNo, so it's probably just frustration talking.

Frustration talks really loudly, just so you know.

When it comes to personal drama, Richard finally got out of jail. He doesn't look good. I think he lost about 70 pounds? :\ But anyway, he's back, things are back to normal. Cat still hasn't popped out a litter, but I have a horrible feeling that she's nesting on me. D: I swear, if I wake up covered in afterbirth I'll end up thinking I'm Tony Stark (ALL THE WARNINGS EVER ON THAT LINK).

And I will also call in sick to work. Because ew.

Today I reached a grand total of 15,211 words, so I wrote 5,027 words. And they don't feel like enough. Yeah. This is pretty good because it means that when I inevitably skimp on the weekend, I won't really be falling behind at all, woo!

Mostly today I had trouble making myself slog forward. It felt like nothing happened, even though plenty actually did. It just happened by way of talking instead of exploding. I may add some action soon just for the sake of it. I actually have an excuse for "random monster attacks New York, OH NOES". Not that I really need one (thank you, comics!), but it's nice to be able to point at it later and say "it ties in here, see". But the fun starts soon, so maybe I'll be able to keep extraneous boom to a minimum.

Anywho, since I wrote so much today, that brought me past another three daily markers, so three excerpts!
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Sweet merciful fuck I'm tired. It's been one thing after another today, and it's coming on midnight.

TL;DR version, today I wanted to write the hell out of the fic, and amazingly I did. I ended up on long calls with helpless people who really, really needed some basic computer courses before taking web based courses. So I got off to a good start, but then got a bit bogged. I need to get my hands on some Gregory Stark comics before this goes into beta. He's kind of OOC now, I think, and I need to weigh how that's going to work. The motivation is right, but the lines have a very thin line to walk between "omg it makes sense now" and "what the fuck".

Um lol. Anyway, through blood, sweat and a lot of coffee, I managed to reach a total word count of 10,184, which means I wrote 6,105 words. That might be a record for me in one day. It also brings me past day 6, so four excerpts!
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Today I began my annual 30 day homage to self-inflicted pain. (A.K.A., NaNoWriMo.)

Um. Usually I babble about it for a while before, but it snuck up on me. And now there's new people. D: People. Subscribing to my journal. (flails) No one new has really commented though, so IDK how many are actually paying attention? (hands)

For NaNoWriMo I usually do a daily post, or try to. I babble a bit about my day and the writing process, give my word count total and the daily count, and then I post some of what I did that day. That's about all there is. I mostly do it to self shame motivate. When there are people reading me, it forces me to sit down and do at least a daily word count rather than have to type something like "I did 15 words because I spent all day playing Destruct-o-Match on Neopets". Surprising how well that works.

Anyway, this is NaNo, so if you have questions, comments, concrit, ideas, or just want to babble at me, please feel free. Because my work's decided that Dreamwidth is a file sharing site (srsly work, WTF) I can't comment easily during the day, and my hours at night are restricted by time, so I might be slow responding.

And now, the daily. The NaNo Widgets are down, so I'll have the one on my DW updated as soon as they're available. The fic I'm doing is the next one in line for my girl!Steve Ultimates AU. I've been meaning to follow through on that, and I might as well since Vampire Tony AU needs superedits (the beta has been run through, but I need to actually edit the monster) and I'm just too busy ATM. So, girl!Steve got the call. I'm either going to call it Brothers at Arms or Brothers in Arms, which will be hilarious to me alone, I suspect.

The major difficulty I had was just getting stated. I was so sleepy. D: I ended up picking up at scene 2 and then going back for the tricky writing at the opening once I'd gotten into the flow. Write or Die and Scrivener are my new best writing buddies. Scriv is keeping my writing organized and Write or Die forces me too keep going. Work was slow (I suspect most people were too hungover to call for technical support), so I was able to get a good start going.

Today's word count, and the monthly, are 4,034 words. That's just a bit over two dailies of 1,667, so huzzah! Two excerpts today. I'd hoped to write more tonight, but my Mom's visiting and I'm sleepy.
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So, Gail has been sitting in the back of my brain being nosy. I blame the Cap movie, and my unabashed longing to have seen her in it. (sigh) This is the result.

Return to Sender
Part of the No Soldier Unwounded series)
Rated: General
Warning: implied character death
Pairing: Stevie/Gail

Summary: Gail's last four letters to Stevie were returned unopened.
IMAGE HEAVY version )
Text Version available on AO3
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The guys we shared a row with claimed watching me watch the movie was worth the extra price for 3D tickets. (blush) I may have been a bit excite. Of course, they were also trying to pick up my cousin, so they may have had an angle. But they had some idea of comics, and didn't seem to mind spending the hour leading up to the movie listening to me go, "OMG you don't know about Winter Soldier?!" and the like. It gave me a chance to babble and calm down a little. Our interactions with them ended after the movie with me showing off the Sherlock Holmes trailer and my Earth 3490 desktop wallpaper. (Which incidentally sealed my "no you can't have my number" response when the one pushing visibly relaxed when I explained about Natasha Stark—apparently it would be "weird" if it's two guys. I love it when guys are nice enough to wear warning signs.)

Okay, movie! Please forgive me if I'm not quite achieving coherence. ;a; It is early and I'm worn thin for lack of sleep; seeing Cap last night was the final straw.
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TL;DR, if I don't sleep through the weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing it again. This time with less flailing at the screen.
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Okay, that's out of the way. I am tired and extremely cranky right now, but I want to focus on the positive. Like the bunch of Robin Hood (Men In Tights) gifs I just skimmed off the internet. And also, this example of a kickass Aunt May. It totally explains why 616 and 1610 are split into separate universes. If they'd put Gail and May into the same continuity, they would climb out of the pages and take over the world with awesome.

I have a freakish urge to put Stevie onto a motorcycle. There's a gorgeous visual in my head of her taking a tight turn with her knee nearly scraping pavement, and no helmet so half-grown hair is all over and dirt smudges from a fight and... guh. Muscles. Trick riding. Leather (flail) I am so shallow. I'd also like to have Tony ride behind her, but I'm pretty sure that would be a convenient method of Tony-murder. He would be drooling. I've never even owned a motorcycle, and the idea of moving that fast without any significant protection scares me. D: WTF self.

Hmm. I really need to make a mod icon. :\ (lazy)

To cheerlead and beta, or no? I typically don't open myself up for beta work. It's just taxing, and different authors have different standards, and I admit that grammar/spelling are not my strong points. I will completely miss common misspellings or typos, and with grammar I can usually say "this sounds wrong" but I can't say why. (hands) IDK. I shall think on it.

One of these days, I am going to give DW monies.

(bounces and stares at bank account) Come on! Give me monies! I need to buy my plane tickets before it goes up any more! (bounce bounce flail)

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