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Which team are you on? (You should watch as many as you can. Fabio's hair blows in the breeze... in a bathroom.)

The rough on my Big Bang is practically done. I only have to do a couple hundred words of epilogue, and since I was just given the official go-ahead to goof off for the rest of the day, I plan to get it done.

Today was... Urgh. I usually love my job, and even when it's exhausting and messy and full of brainless busywork it's a good job. It started when I woke up at roughly 8:15. Work starts at 8. Yeah. As far as I can tell, it wasn't even my alarm that woke me. The coffee pot beeps when it turns off the burner. My phone wouldn't pick up a connection, so I just drove in and planned to explain. Apparently I should have taken time to smoke signal. Poor Jacci was checking traffic reports on my route for accidents, and a couple other coworkers were about to call local hospitals. Makes me feel loved, but ahhh! D: This is what I get for being reliable.

The day spiraled from there into a mess of crying students, enraged teachers demanding a pony, and us desperately trying to juggle it all. We had to leap two weeks ahead of ourselves because Faculty Training some people went over our heads in a massive case of CYA. Teachers have pelted our inboxes with demands that everything be done now. Now now now now now and omg why isn't the course they requested a month and a half after the deadline last week available yet and we are clearly not doing our jobs and OMG REPLY TO ME IMMEDIATELY HDU WAIT AN HOUR I'M A BUSY PERSON. (These sorts of emails usually include at least one demand to know why their Super Special Thing wasn't done yet, of course. I have not yet said "too busy replying to emails") A student who is suffering from a bad case of Bullshit tracked us down to cry at our doorstep about how her teacher is sooooo mean (I'll give her that) and she knows she took the test (she didn't) and this is wrong and that is wrong and whyyyyyyy.


But I have a stash of Shame Candy from Faculty Training some people that was offered to Jacci and refused (she says she doesn't eat tainted chocolate), people are keeping me plied with coffee, and I'm ignoring Mary's whining about switching the horses to a new pasture. (Our pasture is huge and fine, we do not need to put them in the neighbor's half-acre, thank you.) Also, I may have gotten actual permission to put up a doorplate on my office that says Rescue, and to change the Department plate to read "Avengers Tower". It came about because of a teacher whining that we don't have name plates, but who cares? So all's well, even if my nerves are strung tight.

Plus, Bang. Bang is almost done. And really, this is the easy part. I can babble it out, no problem. Now it's just a matter of finding someone willing to Alpha and Beta, and to hold my hand when the inevitable "I HATE IT I HATE IT MAKE IT GO AWAY" happens. (This fic and I have relationship troubles.)

And after Bang... figuring out what comes next. Cap!movie makes me want to work on Girl Steve, but I had an idea for a fic with Hatemonger as the villain, and there's a few tempting prompts floating around the place... And, of course, villain Tony. Choices, choices.
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