Apr. 6th, 2010

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So apparently it's poetry month? Here's one to throw out there. It's just something I dtumbled over while looking for Tony's elegy for Dying. Which means, yep, it's about death.
Vast amounts of rambling below )
Speaking of bangs, my poor artist for amnesia!Tony. D: I hope she doesn't hate me by now. That fic is a mess, and poking at it doesn't help me. I know it's missing something, but IDK what. D: And I can't figure it out. GRAH. Between that and girl!Cap, I am feeling very flaily and useless. Perhaps I should make a list of ideas for writing next to get my brain rolling. Or do a meme. Or something.

Finally... I need to get to work on my [livejournal.com profile] cap_ironman Women's Month post! (flail) Tony and Steve's mothers have so little to go on. D: I MUST WORK ON THIS.

WOW, hello rambling. (sweatdrop) Not feeling well makes me babble. Not that I need much excuse to babble, but a thousand words of nothing is pretty spectacular, even for me. I didn't even get to "HOMG WINCON IS ONLY SIX MONTHS AWAY", which is due pretty much any day now. I also have sort of good intentions of writing a "this is how I plan a fic" one day, just to make myself think about how I do it. Also the breaking out of girl!Cap costume for the wearing of to IM2, in addition to finding someone to drag along with me. Ah, intentions.

Huh. I have a lot to do. D: EEP.


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