NaNo: Day 5

Nov. 5th, 2010 11:40 pm
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The TMI Part )
TL;DR, incoherent rage, ow. Also, it is cold, and we finally started using the heater.

In NaNo, I struggled to reach today's word count due to the above, but managed eventually. It took some effort. :\ I originally planned for this, the first action scene, to be a scene. It is now at Scene 3, over 6k words, and growing. I suspect I may end up having to cut Scene 1 and 2, and work them in later. Or something. IDK. I kind of like the idea of jumping straight into the action. We'll see! :D For now, I think I have another 2-5k of this before I get back to plot. oO WTF me.

Word count today is 10,627, so I eked out 1,871 words. They are words. So I am not complaining. Except about the cold. And the TMI. >:[
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For recording purposes, I posted a fic titled ♥ yesterday.

There's a bit of (non-bodily) TMI in the meme below. It's hard to talk about the whys of writing, and specific instances, without poking my brain a little too deeply for comfort.
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For the past two days, I have had data entry, which I finally just finished. *rawr* Luckily, everything else is slightly less rawr. I woke up to only mild bitching from my girl bits, and in a few days should even stop hemorrhaging from them. My car is running. Papa proceeds well. The coffee pot has been replaced by one from The Other House. (It is a long, long story, but basically we have a whole second house on the property that no one lives in for various reasons. It's kind of creepy, and reminds me of Roanoke a bit. There's still a glass on the coffee table, but whatever was in it is long gone.) Pepper/Natasha is slightly less blocked. I have achieved two squares on H/C Bingo, and will attempt a third today.

Beta? Anyone? They are short. (dangles) Pica!Tony and a bit of Natasha/Pepper that won't fit in the story.

All in all, I am notably in a better mood. :D I haven't growled at anyone today! The only downer right now is that my aunt has asked me to put my credit on the line to purchase a riding lawn mower. Just so this is in context, we currently have at least 5. All of them are broken ("but they'll be fixed one day!"), because they're badly misused. One of them lasted only three months in winter. And I'm supposed to purchase a sixth and trust that she'll handle the payments, when her husband keeps screwing everyone else's credit over by ignoring his own bills. (And of course, if I say "no", I'm an ungrateful bitch who doesn't remember/care how much trouble she went through when I was a kid to make sure I could visit. Can't forget that—the only reason to be nice to people is so they'll owe you. Family Unfriendly Aesop!) I have an appointment to meet her in a half-hour. Hopefully, this will fail miserably.

In the writing meta (still untitled), I have two written up roughs, and am considering jumping to headers & betaing. Betaing is a current topic, since Cap_Iron had a post on concrit recently, and... Well, what is a beta except really good, deliberate, begged for concrit pre-posting? On top of that, it's important now, since people are hardly going to wait months for me to bestow my questionable wisdom before writing/posting. Whereas setting/characterization/etc are the sort of thing you have to think about while you do it. It just feels a bit backwards, since that's post-writing work and I'm starting at the beginning on everything else. Grah!

As a contrast to Cap_Iron's ancient November 2009 post on beta reading, I was thinking of offering up one of my own shorts as an example. Five hundred words, ruthlessly posted on LJ in all their unpolished glory, with the beta notes included (with permission from the beta, of course). Beta reading is hard, and everyone's different in how they handle it and what they expect. So I figure, the academic approach is good, but sometimes an example is good too, you know?

Also, will someone please stop me from signing up for [ profile] werewolfbigbang. Please? It's four months to write 10k, which is easy-peasy if it would just stay 10k. But Pepper!femslash is going to be 20k (I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE 10k!!!), Amensia!Tony2 is going to be 20-30k probably, then Vamp!Tony2 will be another Huge Fic Of Pain and Angst and I can't forget girl!Steve2...




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