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For recording purposes, I posted a fic titled ♥ yesterday.

There's a bit of (non-bodily) TMI in the meme below. It's hard to talk about the whys of writing, and specific instances, without poking my brain a little too deeply for comfort.

1. What's your favorite pairing to write? Is this the same as your OTP?

Right now, my favorite pairing is Steve/Tony, and it's my OTP, both for this fandom and in general. Looking back over previous OTPs, I love odd-couple pairings, and this is it. One's a WII-era soldier who believes in truth/justice/the American way! The other is a modern super-genius engineer billionaire who believes in expediency and that the ends justifies the means! Together they have really hot sex fight crime!

2. Which is the strangest pairing you've written?


Prince Eric/Goofy. Look, kink memes are crazy and it was a lonely prompt and I wasn't a very quality writer and nobody got sued so stop looking at me like that!!!

3. What pairing would you love to write but are afraid to and why?

I can't think of one, really. If I love it, I write it. It's pretty much that simple.

4. What's your favorite piece of your own work and why?

Ohgods, I hate judging my own work. I have to say that my favorite is my NaNo fic, Dying for a Drink. 1) I love vampires (as can be seen by the number of times I've played with them), 2) it was my first long fic, 3) it is currently as close as I've come to ensemble fic, and 4) I adore my OCs in that one. I like the way I wove the plots together, and left some threads hanging to tug at for another story. I adore my OCs, I like my subtext, the character movements work... I just all around love that story, and I'm really proud of it. As someone who gets a case of Old Shame around six months after the initial posting, that's a pretty big deal to me.

5. What's your least favorite piece of your own work and why?

The aforementioned Eric/Goofy. It was unbelievable, OOC and just wrong, on top of being a rape fic.

Yes, a rape fic. Don't let that sink in, or it'll poison your childhood.

6. Which piece of your writing most expresses what you believe to be your writing style?

Something Different, my first piece of femslash (Iron Man movies, Pepper/Natasha). It's Pepper's PoV all the way, and it's a very close camera, so to speak. Her narrative voice babbles and bops, wandering off in odd directions, and then wandering back to the point. Dare I say, it's a fun PoV—light-hearted and quirky, with serious moments sprinkled around, and a serious storyline as the base-text that's off-set by the fun moments. All of my own stories that I like have the same sort of pattern. The serious/fun ratio might change, but overall I write fics that cover serious topics with fun plots and voices. (Or at least, I hope I do.)

7. Which piece of your writing do you believe to be most out of character with your writing style?

What You Have Tamed, by a length. :\ Completely aside from the fact that it's present tense (which I hate writing in), it starts "bad" and then gets worse once the implications settle in. I need a happy ending in my fics, and there just isn't one there—the most that can ever be hoped for (without an asspull) is that Tony might eventually sort-of recover one day. Maybe the tone is light in some places, but that's deliberately done to off-set how badcreepyWRONG the story is. It's maybe the most stealth-dark fic I've ever written, and it covers a lot of my personal gut-punches of various types: rape (especially where the victim wrongfully thinks zie consented &/or can consent), memory loss, loss of self & personal identity, being controlled, being out of control... the list goes on. As a piece of writing, I think it's objectively good, but it hits all my DNW buttons with a hammer. I sincerely doubt I will ever write something like that again, it's so far from my norm.

8. Do you prefer to write for yourself or for other people?

Definitely to write for myself. I like prompts, and usually I can twist a plot to please the prompter and myself, but at the end of the day I write for me. If I don't like a plot, or don't feel like it needs to be written, I won't write it. I've written things I don't like before, for many and varied reasons, but I much, much prefer to twist things to my own liking.

9. How do you feel about comments and constructive criticism?

Comments are my lifeblood, but I lack of them doesn't make me stop writing. I adore comments; getting them is the highlight of my day, no lie. I just posted a short, fluffy thing, where most of the responses were emoticons, and I can't begin to say how happy that made me. I've had fic where I didn't get them, or barely got them—Something Different has three, for a 20k+ fic! And yeah, I admit that hurt, even though I know the reasons (wasn't put up on the news post even though the missing scene was, femslash isn't very popular and Pepper's major ship is with Tony, etc etc), but... yeah. Still stings.

But at the same time, I don't let it stop me. I write because I get stories in my head. I'll be sitting at a stoplight, nodding along to a bit of character dialog, or a description, or a scene. And that will go on for a while, until eventually I have to put it on paper. That's where I get my satisfaction, from the relief of having the voices in my head transferred from my skull into words. Whether or not I get reviews doesn't do a thing to change that.

Concrit, I adore. Even concrit that's off the mark makes me think about writing as a process, and that's something I love to do. I like breaking down sentence and word choices, or plot structure, or characterization. Why else would I do those meta posts?

10. Do you prefer to write slash/het/both/everything? Is this the same as what you like to read?

I prefer to write/read male-slash by a large margin, though I had fun with my femslash fic. I like both men and women, but femslash and het hit a bit too close to home in a lot of cases. I feel like I'm laying out my self for someone else to judge (this was a big obstacle in writing Something Different), and there's always this little ball of terror that I'll do it wrong. If I get it wrong with male-slash, at least I can call research failure. But if I get it wrong with the girls, it feels like that's implying that there's something wrong with me. I've already heard that way too many times IRL to be able to deal with the implications in my happy place.


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