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First prompt of [community profile] hc_bingo is up. Full headers and link under the cut, but it's the Eating Disorder one, so heads up! I'll be saving them to post to the comm in a batch, so there's no issues with flooding. (Which reminds me; I need to post a link list to all the little things I've thrown out into the internet and never crossposted. Whoops.)
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[personal profile] jazzypom is amazing and wonderful, and deserves gifts of shiny things and chocolate, no lie.

I've completed the rough on five prompts for a vertical bingo, and am going to let it rest there unless I hit a block on one of the other major stories. I've achieved a bingo. Everything else will be gravy.

Today Papa is being moved to another facility. (sigh) And he just got used to this one. But apparently Medicare won't cover a longer stay at the current place. :\ Oh well, we will adjust. Just as long as we can get him home soon. He'll be sharing a room this time, which doesn't thrill me, but I suppose it'll be better for him. When he's alone, he just sort of sinks in on himself and stares at a wall, unless someone turns on a TV or the radio for him. He's been that way since Nana died, and it just can't be healthy. Daily trips continue, to the detriment of my gas bill. (I'm adding an extra 20 miles a day to my travel, ouch.)

Pepper/Natasha has reached 16,000 words! \o/ The last thousand of which may have to be cut. The crack is strong in that one. >_> [personal profile] valtyr bunnied me, as [personal profile] valtyrs do, and then it just got out ridiculously of hand and started abusing the word "ninja", though I made myself remove all use of the word "babe". Drunken!Pepper likes run-on sentences, and for some reason Natasha is adorably snuggly and deceptively capable of appearing sober when she is far beyond it. Honestly, I could cut the whole scene, jump to the after-math, and maintain mood with minor drunken flashbacks. Eh, we'll see.


Jun. 13th, 2010 06:32 pm
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With Papa again. He's watching a (American) football game. Well, he is now. When I got here he was watching the clock. :/ The first thing he said to me was "another day and no sign of Devon or Bree". I swear, the next time I see my cousins, there are going to be Words. I know neither of them deal with death or old age well, but if they don't get their asses down here to visit more often then I'm going to take a layer off of their hides. DX RAWR.

In other news, no writing has been accomplished today. Instead, I've spent most of it cleaning to the sweet sounds of the RHPS soundtrack. It's giving me unhealthy ideas about the parallels between Rocky and Cap. This is so Not Good. On the other hand I can see carpet in my room again, and when I get home I may suck it up and attempt to wash dishes.

I managed a ridicous amount of writing last night though. A thousand words on Tony + Whiskey for my bingo card (a pause for the collective D: faces) and about 3,500 words on Natasha/Pepper. I finally dealt with the Canon Relationship! Huzzah! Now I just need to figure out where "Natalie" would take Pepper to get her mind off of Tony. I so know nothing about partying, much less partying on the sort of budget they're likely to have. D: I suppose I'm just going to have to trawl Google. Or, you know, pull something out of thin hot air, but I would like to avoid that.

Only thing left on my bingo card before I have a line is Bloodloss. Having a massive vampire AU, I think I can manage that.

All in all, today has been a good day.
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(curls up into a sleepy ball) Is it Saturday yet? (yawns) I did not get much done this weekend. I meant to, but damn it, it was hot. D: All I could manage to work up the energy for was to write up an outline for a fic (a one-shot, relatively short, no sequel, thank you gods I can write without ten pages of notes), rant about Sarah Palin, and fail resisting picking some new strawberries and blackberries. (They're so yummy! :o)

I did manage some thinky thoughts for girl!Steve that make me sadpanda. Gonna cut 'em, because I know some people on my flist haven't had a chance to read her yet and would likely prefer not to be spoiled.
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(flail) FAIL, SELF. FAIL.

How do I fail? I managed to argue Tony into letting me write 1000 words last night... of the lead up to the sex scene, which I can't write at work. ;o; Which means all I can do is round out what I've got and then I'm stuck for this fic until I get home. Taking book on the chance that I'll get home and be unable to write. (headdesk) On the other hand, this means that the first rough draft is one and a half scenes from being done. That's a good thing, right? (At... 12k words x.X When did I stop being able to write short-short stories?) Well, hypothetically done. If the dragons get their way, things will go on and on. I'm arguing with Marroth and, surprisingly, Caimareth about that.

I wonder how many people on my flist I'm annoying with my flailing. (muses) Which brings up a point! I've decided to do a flist cut with my spare time today. D: I may also make a non-steak-related sticky post. I feel horribly guilty, but I hate having people on here that I don't know! If I know you in person, or you've commented or done anything remotely like interacting with me recently you're good. :< If I cut you and you don't know why, comment? Please? I'm a nice person I swear. (If you don't agree, then why are you on my flist anyway? o.O;) I have to mention again that my fic isn't locked anymore, so if anyone friended me just for that, you've still got access! It's over at [livejournal.com profile] tsukinoniwa. Have a ball. This is pretty much my own fault, for once having an auto-friend policy. I think I'm going to change that to "at least let me know who you are/why you're here" policy before I friend back. There may also be updating of the profile page. I have to do something to stay busy when work is slow. Going by someone's "Apachie TomCat Eror", today might not be a slow day.

... I need coffee to deal with this.


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