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See. This is what I do. I get wrapped up in things, go silent, and the shove it all into one post like I can make up for it all in a go. Sad, but my life, such as it is.

Flash rec: Go read DILF for a shot of fluffy kid fic. Even if you're not in Teen Wolf fandom, it's a self-contained no-werewolves AU.

For anyone who's been wondering where I've been the last week, "the depths of hell" seem to cover it. My boss and I had (unnecessary, painful, ridiculous) work training seven out of nine hours last Monday through Thursday, which meant that those other two hours just weren't enough. It left my phones completely uncovered other than one guy taking messages, because our new department manager Mike was somehow under the impression that this is our slow time. Even though he's the one who loaded us down with shit to do in the first place. I was able to move most of the teacher-work to email and get that done while everyone else was learning what a SysAdmin panel is, but the student work piled up. Add on top of that all the upgrades, changes and installations we do at this time of year and I ended up working 10-12 hours at a go all week. :\ All overtime unpaid, because it wasn't cleared by management, but my other option was to not get my work done and get reprimanded for that. So yeah. Doing what I can to keep the load down on my boss, because she seriously doesn't need this shit right now.

Another order from on high that recently came down is that my hours will be changing for a little while. Starting this coming Tuesday, I'll be working the 10:30-7:30 shift for about three weeks or so, Fridays 8-5. I am reasonably okay with this, since I'm more of a night person anyway, and working evenings will mean that I have more time to Get Shit Done after five when most of the management has gone home. At best, it will give me time to work on writing and betaing.

Fanfic Comes Along. I'm still plugging away at my Cap/IM Big Bang. Hopefully it will either kickstart into hard fast writing or remain fairly smallish and be ready by the 31st. Not sure which it'll be, truthfully. In the past few days it's morphed from amusing AU with gratuitous cultural nudity into existentialist mess pretending to be deep as it ponders the meaning of life, and I'm not really sure how that happened. If all goes well on the C/IM bang, I will likely be sliding sideways into a double Polybang and use that for a push to finish the Monster Fic of Monsters. The second polybang will probably be a short Teen Wolf puppypack thing, patched together so that if the Monster Fic doesn't get done in time I won't be empty handed come due date. (Let's be honest, I'll have to do 90k in a month, which is technically possible, but at my current writing speed I don't want to bank on it.)

Finally, 9/10ths. Holy fuck, I was not expecting that response to a 6k mostly-exposition fic. I've not started replying to comments yet, because every time I have a moment I look at the numbers and panic and then I have to run off somewhere and breathe. Seriously, those numbers are higher than the ones on my 70k dragon AU for reverse bang, which was posted ages ago. No words. No words at all.

And finally-finally, because I hate Tumblr because it gives me ideas and I can only be grateful my home internet connection makes it too hard to have one of my own.

Silence drapes over the sunny day like a shroud, leaving no room for words.

The song starts in the distance, led by the one person who couldn't attend, a mournful howl rising up as the casket is lowered. It's quickly joined, adults staring in bafflement as the pack tilt their heads back, whimpers rising into crescendo, a full-throated paean to a lost packmate, a lost friend, a lost lover. Little by little, other voices add their harmony, weres close enough to hear, wolves who don't know their loss but who are helpless not to mourn with them. Echoes carry the song long after the adults have shushed them, after the first handful of dirt is cast and the goodbyes are finished.

Somewhere in the woods, a single wolf never stops howling.

speaking of 9/10ths

Date: 2012-08-29 10:38 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I fell in love with 9/10ths when I read it, and I was wondering if you'd mind if I recorded a podfic of it. I'd put all credit in its proper place and probably upload it to the Jinjurly archive and AO3 when it's done, all that jazz. Demon!Stiles is unbelievably fun to read, I can only imagine how much fun he'd be to record.
If you're not comfortable with it for whatever reason, that's fine too.
I wasn't sure how else to contact you, hence the comment here even though I don't have a Dreamwidth account.
You can e-mail me back at ohgoditsmel@gmail.com or send me an ask at melthedestroyer.tumblr.com if you'd like.
Let me know!


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