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Stolen from [personal profile] sunspot, and therefore all blame to her as well. This doesn't include anything in my Graveyard file. I have a lot of Graveyard fics. D:

The rules: Post the first 1-3 sentences of any WIPs you have.

Girl-Steve #2
The pictures flipped through his fingers, still frames showing every moment of life, from buying lunch to reading the newspaper. Modern surveillance was a wonderful thing, and he'd been able to track her every move once he'd been aware that she existed. He'd paid top dollar for them, and had received more than his money's worth.

Indecent Proposal
Steve yawned until his jaw cracked and drooped down into the sofa cushions. His eyes felt like they might seal shut at any second if he didn’t fight to keep them open. Every blink felt like it might be the last before he dozed off entirely.

Monster Fairytale of Monsterness Fic
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. There usually is.

Echo Bazaar fusion

7 November, 1865

Anthony, sometimes known as the Affectionate Devil, kept his hat low over his horns and wove through the crowds that filled Veilgarden. Though humans thronged the streets, most kept a careful arm's length from his person. London had been fallen five years and most of the populace had settled into their new lives in the Neath, but there still existed a plenitude of those who yet viewed devils such as him with disdain and fear.

Girl Steve 3
"Why didn't you tell me?"

Bucky was sound asleep in the hospital bed, hooked up to tubes and wires and things that she couldn't even begin to name. She could just make out his chest, rising and falling, but it was a hard movement. The air smelled like antiseptic and dying flowers.

Untitled Wangsty Steve
Steve stared down at his hands, spreading them on his knees. Hearing how his old friends had faired while he'd been gone was depressing, but needed to be done. If he didn't know, he'd start to wonder, and that would just be a long spiral into brooding.

Yet Another Pern AU
Cold. So freezing that it burns like dragon fire and makes his hide feel like it might shatter at a touch. Everything's a sheet of writhing, hissing white, except for a tiny speck of dark blue that won't move.

Tony's Side of Something Different
The armor wasn't really designed for espionage, so Tony had to stash it on the roof. Exposed usually wasn't a feeling Tony minded, but exposed near a ton of guns and shiny, shiny explosives made his skin crawl. He hunched down at the terminal, head low, borrowed SHIELD jacket making him sweat, and tried to look like just another grunt working away at a report.

Untitled IDKWTFE
Gods, Steve decided, were just strange.

Weddings of gods were even stranger.

NaNoWriMo 2011
Dark, dank, damned. The cells were no where good, Nick knew that much. He hadn't figured out what was up yet, but he would eventually.

Final Fantasy XII Cowrite #1 with [livejournal.com profile] moontear (Trial of Fire, Chapter 7)
Penelo hadn't gotten a dozen pages into Simple Magicks when the doorknob rattled again. In a panic, she shoved the books under the pillow and grabbed another off the shelf without looking. Her elbow jabbed into one of the book's edges as she settled, teeth locking together to keep from cursing.

Final Fantasy XII Cowrite #2 with [livejournal.com profile] moontear (Bird Song)
They were halfway up the slope leading away from the Estersand outpost when Penelo called to Vaan that they stop a minute. Both of them were dripping sweat, and a cactite was pittering about nearby under the scalding sun. It had to be one of the hottest days of the year, yet here they were, coming back from a recently killed mark, both of them covered in sand, dust, and copious amounts of bird blood.

NGL, a lot of these will probably end up in the Graveyard. D: I really should do a WIP Amnesty for Graveyard fics, but then I would have to admit that they're not happening.

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Affectionate Devil was kind of the most awesome thing.

also. *rolls around in the blame*


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