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Dearest DW, I promise I'm not ignoring you. But since I can't post at work (really, wtf is with that, work?), I'm forced to post after work. As in, in the evening.Prime writing time. :| I keep meaning to make an "I'm still alive!" update, but then I sit down and think, "Oh, I can write another thousand words" and then end up writing straight through to midnight and scrambling to hit the next k-mark before I have to sleep.

This is what my life has become. Writing. I would hate this story for doing it to me, if I didn't love it so much. After fighting with my Big Bang for the summer, it's nice to have a story that calls to me. And it's lovely to be distracted from the political shenanigans going on in the USA. (For those who don't pay attention to US news, Congress has undergone a bodyswitch with their 6 year-old parallel universe selves, and no one's yet thought about bribing them with a trip to the zoo.)

Work continues the same. Migrating systems.Spoiled teachers. So on. Family keeps on keeping on, which may be why I've had so little to whine about lately. All quiet on the eastern front. Younger cousin is currently working over the wall, as a substitute for Tamara (who's out with the knee surgery). Slightly awkward, but not unpleasantly so yet.

State of the Faerii is currently Excessively Sleep Deprived, along with a side-order of Obsessed. I'm sorry to anyone who talks to me in chat or IRL. D: The Fic is about the only thing on my mind lately. I could go self-meta and try to figure out why, but I think I'll just scream and kick my feet while cheerfully plunging down into the depths of woooooooooords. Just for a comparison, the fic was started on Friday. Last night I reached 20k. Those are NaNoWriMo speeds, without NaNoWriMo to compel me. Worse, those are NaNoWriMo speeds that only got me up to the start of chapter 4. And, in the process, I've found that I may need to stuff another chapter into my plan.


Scrivener has been a magnificent help. I don't think it's much use for "shorter" stories, but everything I've done with it over 15k has been much easier to handle. I think it's because I tend to bounce back and forth a bit as I go. Like... IDK, like Bucky in the current fic. I had to figure out how to handle His Dreadful Fate, and didn't have any idea how to even start. My original plan was to have him show back up around chapter seven in the lair of a Plot Significant Being, but that was really shaky because it would have cast a lot of doubt on Bucky's origins. (Also, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how the fuck he got there. Which was a problem.) Then around the middle of Chapter 2, I realized how to do it and bounced back to chapter one to drop hints, and then forward again to tie the loose ends up so he could make a grand entrance about five chapters early. It was just incredibly convenient being able to sort out which part had which info like that.

Um. So I suppose this is a heads up that I may end up babbling excessively about a fic that will take a few months to finish. Sorry? D:
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