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I meant to do an HP7b recap post, but then I was dead weight from exhaustion and that was followed by Dramatic Family News (which is still falling out and causing more exhaustion; I feel like I need to be renamed Handkerchief since that's my primary function lately) and now I think I'm just going to hide because there's a ripple in the water of my office email and Jaws should pop out any second now. I cannot deal with home and work both exploding on me right now. The wank in Cap fandom is actually kind of relaxing, because I know I can walk away from that.

My Uncle-by-Marriage Richard is dying. We've known this for a long, long time now. He has a degenerative liver disease, an inoperable brain tumor, and on Sunday came out with that he has full-blown AIDS and has since 2006.

On one hand, I feel terrible, because Richard dying will make everything so much better for his family, and that's kind of a horrid thing to say. Both of his daughters have had their credit ruined by him, he invites incredibly dangerous people out to the property, he's constantly stealing money from my aunt and grandpa, and honestly just doesn't seem to give a fuck about anyone but himself. But even horrible people don't deserve slow, lingering deaths, which is what he's probably looking at. :\ But I'm tearing my hair out at my family. Tumor? Tears. Liver? Tears. AIDS? OMG THE GAY DISEASE THE WORLD IS ENDING TEN HOUR WAIL AND SCREAMING FEST HORROR HORROR HORROR.

Really? Okay, you're upset, I understand, but this pisses me off. And they were doing relatively well on the Not Being An Asshole front, too. One of the cousins lives with her girlfriend and I've never gotten a cold shoulder for being bi (other than the "you're just confused" thing and that comes from all sides anyway). Richard is also gay, but previously any disapproval on that end I always felt came from the Cheating on his Wife angle. But no. Gay disease. What is this, the 80s?

So I got to spend Sunday night standing around being used as a giant Kleenex while my family decided to unload their bigotry along with their grief, when all I really wanted to do was storm off and hit things. Funtimes.

Ah, hitting things. That was Sunday's other highlight. I was (finally) informed that Papa apparently had a heart attack a month ago. He's up in Chicago visiting Emma, which is how they kept it from me. And it wasn't just failing to mention it. I'd been calling every now and then to try and talk to him, and getting the run around. "Oh, he's on a walk/taking a nap/eating dinner" instead of in the hospital. I just assumed it was Emma & co being their usual petty selves. He was due back soon, which I think is why they finally told me. The doctors haven't cleared him for travel, so he's stuck for a while. And of course, Richard's news came right on the heels of that, so I didn't have a chance to scream at anyone about it.

Papa is doing fine, at least, and is out of the hospital. He misses his nurse, who was a pretty younger lady that flirted with him. I managed to get ahold of him so we could chat, thank goodness, or I probably would have used my Wincon savings to drive up there. As far as I can tell, they were telling him that I just hadn't called. Gee, thanks family. Way to make me the bad guy.

I really, really wonder why I bother staying sometimes.

My brother nearly won a Darwin award for going out to do heavy manual labor outside in a heat index of 115 and not taking along water "so he wouldn't have to pee as much". Three days of that and he's in the hospital for heat stroke. (facepalm) We grew up in Arizona. He knows better. Luckily he'll probably be fine, but I am already planning a speech for when I can catch him on the phone. Not starting with "you idiot" is surprisingly hard.

At work, we're switching to an upgraded system (again). We're to the point where we're at the tag end of the beta phase and getting ready to switch people over into the new production environment. The main problem is that we have a lot of people to switch over, and over 50% of them didn't meet their side of the migration deadline. (I'm still getting emails from people who need to finish their work, and the deadline was June 5.) As a result, there's no way we can really hit ours. Switching everyone over by hand would be both time consuming and incredibly useless because we don't have courses for them to work in. All they'd be able to do is log in and twiddle their thumbs. So our deadline was moved back to August 1. Even better, by or before August 1 there will be a system in place that will make users for us. A half hour of running a bit of code and it will save us days of manual work. Makes sense, right?

The Faculty trainer, Kim, does not approve. At all. Because she fumbled her own work, and all of the faculty training, tutorials and such that she was supposed to do over the summer still aren't done, and her solution is to skip that pesky training thing and just make sure everyone has lots of time to goof up before Fall term. Pushing our deadline back makes her incompetence harder to ignore.

From what I gather from this email, she went over our heads to the (brand new) Dean of her (brand new) department, and we just got an official email saying that the Dean wants teachers to have access to everything today, which is flat-out impossible. Chad (Department Head) is hand-wringing and trying to be nice about it. My immediate boss Jacci is currently not in the office—she's on site in the server room, and is not watching her email. I predict a small explosion when she does see it. She's had it up to her eyeballs with Kim this summer, and trying to play politics with the tech people like this is not on. Both Kim and her Dean should know better. Jacci is not a woman with a lot of patience.

You're supposed to hide under your desk when the air raid sirens go off, right?

(adjusts crash helmet) Movie on Thursday. Clinging to that so incredibly hard, because if I don't I may climb a water tower. More than two hours of sleep in a night would be nice, too, but I know better than to ask for miracles.
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