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tsukinofaerii ([personal profile] tsukinofaerii) wrote2013-05-15 12:00 pm
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Writing update!

Finally, finally posted that auction fic. It had been eating at me, and it's an amazing load off my shoulders to have it up. Hopefully, [personal profile] radiophile will like it enough that it makes up for being oh... about five months late.;;

Now to get the REST of the To Do list in order. With this done, I'm down to six active projects. Of course, other projects crept their way in (gdi brain) and I'm doing some Original Writing that takes some time. (May make a locked post about that later.) At least the official list shrinks! It was double digits! I MAKE PROGRESS.

I also decided that the Fairytale fic is just going to have to become an original. I kind of hate to do it, but trying to find places to etch on the serial numbers was killing it. So it's going to get removed from the To Do List and set aside until I have time to deal with it properly.

(flop) According to the numbers I just ran, if I can just manage to write about 45k and edit about the rest, I'll be finished with this mess and able to concentrate on new stuff rather than stuff that's been clogging the works. Guilt over unfinished fics is a killer.