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tsukinofaerii ([personal profile] tsukinofaerii) wrote2013-02-17 06:57 pm

An Anniversary of Note

29 years prior to this day, I was forcible expelled screaming from where I had been held captive in a uterus for nine months.

In other words, it's my birthday! And a lovely one it's been. Last night I got my hair done back up in rainbows (pictures pending, thanks dial-up internet >:[ ), went to dinner with a cousin and her boyfriend (other cousin & her attachments skipped out, completely predictably; at this point, I'm neither surprised nor hurt) and went to see Warm Bodies (good movie, not great, but worth the admission).

Today, the day of the Birth itself, was nice and peaceful. Twitter people kept saying nice things to me, and [personal profile] cookinguptales and [personal profile] valtyr both got me Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spiders in Fallen London, which were enough for me to get my very own Green-Eyed Devil and to keep one of the darlings for my own. Isn't it adorable?

I also finished reading a truly atrocious romance novel: The Naked Viscount by Sally MacKenzie. I may do a review of it, either on here or on Tumblr. Let's just say that I'm glad I only paid $0.47 for it. I can't believe there's a series, and this one's supposedly the best according to reviews. Most of that less-than-fifty-cents value was in snark.

The major downside to having read it is that I am all out of patience for questionable writing for a while. Tried to read a fic and got thrown out by one tiny mistake. :( Hopefully I will recover quickly.

Other than the above, matters move slowly. I'm inching along in the Auction Fic (20k and counting), but due to The Matter of My Birth, I've not written or done anything really productive this weekend. And it's nice.