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2013-07-31 10:59 am
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I meant to do this last week, but got sidetracked.


I officially started last week. And apparently they decided to back-date my pay? IDK how that actually works, other than that it gave me more money than anticipated and HR says it's groovy, so... uh, yay money?

In personal news... no news. Emma & co are suspiciously silent to requests for information. I'm considering this a sign that I can safely start stashing away cash for a down payment on a house. (I'm going to be in the area for years yet, may as well now that it's affordable.)

I also have yet another kitty! This brings me up to five, which I understand is the official minimum for Crazy Cat Lady status. I've filled out my paperwork and have been told my membership package is in the mail.

I spotted him on my way to work the Friday before last, trapped on a highway bridge in serious danger of being squished. D: So of course, as soon as I realized ZOMG KITTEN!!! I pulled over and chased his little ass down and dragged him into my car. I then lost him. I couldn't find him anywhere, and I'd been opening the doors in the search enough that I sort of assumed he'd escaped, so I left down some water (just in case) and proceeded with checking every hour or so until it became obvious that he wasn't there. I woke up the next morning with a weird feeling like I should check again just in case, and lo! There was a kitten behind the fucking dash board. Of course, the little shit bit me when I pulled him out, but I got him inside at least. Luckily, it had been a cool couple of days, so he wasn't in bad shape.

Since it was a Saturday and literally nowhere is open on weekends around here, I stuck him in a canvas traveling kennel with food and water until I could get him into a vet on Tuesday. There's not any no-kill shelters in my area, just a couple places that take in what they can when they can. All of them? Completely full up. I even met some other people in my same situation at the vet. So I'm taking the hint and he's alllll miiiiine.

According to the vet he was 6 weeks old last Tuesday, so he's about 7 weeks now. Teeny baby. Cupcake adores him, Pumpkin and Set Disapprove, and Duzie is ignoring him. The dogs are mostly a spectrum of fascinated to not giving any fucks. I've decided to name him Derek (the bite is a gift, bonding us through the possibility of rabies).

Pictures as soon as I can get decent ones.
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2013-07-14 09:33 pm
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Still here!

Quick update on life while my visiting mother showers.

House situation remains the same. Some day, family will return and I will be free. Fuck knows when that will be.

Richard is back in jail. State wants to keep him for five years, which (with his health) is essentially a life sentence. Currently, the other house is habitated by his boyfriend, his boyfriend's family, one of my cousins and her friend. Considering the people, blockading of the doors continues.

My position at work has been upgraded to staff! This means it shall have full benefits and possibly a raise in pay. The downside is that I have to apply and interview for it. Nothing is guaranteed, which is annoying, but it's a pretty good chance I'll get it.

In the meantime, I'm cut back to 25 hours a week. :| Unamused.

Mother is currently visiting (as mentioned above), and her existence has done terrible things to my writing/editing/etc schedule. She leaves out on Tuesday. I'll miss her, but it'll be nice having the place to myself again. I can't write when she's here. @@ I try, and fail. So I'm looking forward to getting back to work.

Next fic up for editing is girl!Steve2, followed up by vamp!Tony and then onward with the Fallen London AU, woven in and out with Teen Wolf fics. Writing is slowing significantly due to non-fandom writing obligations. (One day, I shall write about that, but today is not that day.)

And now my mom's back and I'm off! Stay safe out there! ♥
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2012-08-20 09:28 pm

Catching up!

See. This is what I do. I get wrapped up in things, go silent, and the shove it all into one post like I can make up for it all in a go. Sad, but my life, such as it is.

Flash rec: Go read DILF for a shot of fluffy kid fic. Even if you're not in Teen Wolf fandom, it's a self-contained no-werewolves AU.

For anyone who's been wondering where I've been the last week, "the depths of hell" seem to cover it. My boss and I had (unnecessary, painful, ridiculous) work training seven out of nine hours last Monday through Thursday, which meant that those other two hours just weren't enough. It left my phones completely uncovered other than one guy taking messages, because our new department manager Mike was somehow under the impression that this is our slow time. Even though he's the one who loaded us down with shit to do in the first place. I was able to move most of the teacher-work to email and get that done while everyone else was learning what a SysAdmin panel is, but the student work piled up. Add on top of that all the upgrades, changes and installations we do at this time of year and I ended up working 10-12 hours at a go all week. :\ All overtime unpaid, because it wasn't cleared by management, but my other option was to not get my work done and get reprimanded for that. So yeah. Doing what I can to keep the load down on my boss, because she seriously doesn't need this shit right now.

Another order from on high that recently came down is that my hours will be changing for a little while. Starting this coming Tuesday, I'll be working the 10:30-7:30 shift for about three weeks or so, Fridays 8-5. I am reasonably okay with this, since I'm more of a night person anyway, and working evenings will mean that I have more time to Get Shit Done after five when most of the management has gone home. At best, it will give me time to work on writing and betaing.

Fanfic Comes Along. I'm still plugging away at my Cap/IM Big Bang. Hopefully it will either kickstart into hard fast writing or remain fairly smallish and be ready by the 31st. Not sure which it'll be, truthfully. In the past few days it's morphed from amusing AU with gratuitous cultural nudity into existentialist mess pretending to be deep as it ponders the meaning of life, and I'm not really sure how that happened. If all goes well on the C/IM bang, I will likely be sliding sideways into a double Polybang and use that for a push to finish the Monster Fic of Monsters. The second polybang will probably be a short Teen Wolf puppypack thing, patched together so that if the Monster Fic doesn't get done in time I won't be empty handed come due date. (Let's be honest, I'll have to do 90k in a month, which is technically possible, but at my current writing speed I don't want to bank on it.)

Finally, 9/10ths. Holy fuck, I was not expecting that response to a 6k mostly-exposition fic. I've not started replying to comments yet, because every time I have a moment I look at the numbers and panic and then I have to run off somewhere and breathe. Seriously, those numbers are higher than the ones on my 70k dragon AU for reverse bang, which was posted ages ago. No words. No words at all.

And finally-finally, because I hate Tumblr because it gives me ideas and I can only be grateful my home internet connection makes it too hard to have one of my own.
Trigger Warning: 130 words of depressing as fuck ficlet )
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2012-08-05 08:10 pm

Fucking Teen Wolves

So, Teen Wolf.

Yeah, that happened. I have opinions and thoughts on how to fix the kanima issue and have had my heart torn out repeatedly by what was supposed to be a campy fun terrible teen werewolf drama. GDI.

At least the cast is freaking adorable? Their cuteness makes up for the destruction of my soul that the show is doing. And I can't even feel bad about finding them hot, since they're mostly older than they look.

On that note, this happened (spoiler for recent eps), followed by a metric fuckton of similar things, and then I accidentally ficced. So if anyone wants to beta slightly less than 7k of Demon Stiles, I would appreciate it. SPN knowledge not really needed, since I played fast and loose with the rules.

Teen Wolf is mostly keeping me distracted from work sucking seven different ways. I'm packed full of meetings and stuff that has to be done now now now now, and I'm pretty sure the temporary VP has it out for my boss. She was out of the office on Thursday, and then walked in a half hour late on Friday. Because temp!VP had emailed her a meeting appointment while she was gone for first thing Friday morning, she missed the meeting, got in trouble and then got told she should have filled out a leave request for being a half hour late.

Who the fuck does that?

And next week I have a fricking Basic Training Bootcamp thing for the job I've been doing for almost four years. IDK why they're making me and my boss attend, but it means that our phones are going to be entirely uncovered for the whole day. If anything happens while we're in "bootcamp", we're royally screwed. Fun. :|

Have finally buckled down on Steve/Tony Big Bang. It's haaaaaard. I'm not used to writing SciFi, so it's taking a while to get rolling in it. I'm making myself do a minimum of 1k daily. Eventually I shall find my groove. And it shall be a groovy groove.

Kittens continue growing, as they tend to do. I took some time and a half-dozen boxes to make them a cardboard kitty playhouse. They'd started climbing out of the big plastic tote I'd been keeping them in, and really, it was too small anyway. They didn't have enough room to run and play, but I couldn't risk letting them out when I wasn't home. So now they have about a quarter of the living room to play in, with tunnels, levels, a hammock and all sorts of things that jingle and bounce and sparkle. It has the added advantage of being large enough that Momma Cat is comfortable staying in there most of the time, so the dogs are less likely to be randomly assaulted.

So. My life. (sigh)
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2012-06-04 09:32 pm

In Capitalist America...

.. jail is weekends only!
omg I didn't realize I'd spent that many words on whining )
So... Um. Yeah, that's been my month. If I sound stressed or inexplicably freaked out of small things, that's probably why. Sometimes I think my life is some sort of TV drama, and then I realize that any script writer worth their salt would toss it as too unbelievable for television. Also, long periods of "I should write/edit this but meeeeeh too lazy OMG PEOPLE ARE WRONG ON THE INTERNET" followed by brief bursts of "WTF IS THIS SHIT" is terrible pacing.
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2011-09-21 08:40 pm
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The pure distilled essence of FML

I... just... IDK. I hate my life and it hates me?

These last two weeks have been hell. Just top-down, inside-out hell. So be warned: whining and a pity party below, as well as some possibly triggery stuff by way of pet death.
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2011-08-27 09:21 pm
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This week is fired

This week? This week has SUCKED.

Next week will suck worse.

I could probably spend AGES going about how bad my week was, but I'll summarize.
First World Problems Below )
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2011-07-26 03:04 pm
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Banging on the bang

Which team are you on? (You should watch as many as you can. Fabio's hair blows in the breeze... in a bathroom.)

The rough on my Big Bang is practically done. I only have to do a couple hundred words of epilogue, and since I was just given the official go-ahead to goof off for the rest of the day, I plan to get it done.
For work babble )
Plus, Bang. Bang is almost done. And really, this is the easy part. I can babble it out, no problem. Now it's just a matter of finding someone willing to Alpha and Beta, and to hold my hand when the inevitable "I HATE IT I HATE IT MAKE IT GO AWAY" happens. (This fic and I have relationship troubles.)

And after Bang... figuring out what comes next. Cap!movie makes me want to work on Girl Steve, but I had an idea for a fic with Hatemonger as the villain, and there's a few tempting prompts floating around the place... And, of course, villain Tony. Choices, choices.
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2011-07-20 09:43 am
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I meant to do an HP7b recap post, but then I was dead weight from exhaustion and that was followed by Dramatic Family News (which is still falling out and causing more exhaustion; I feel like I need to be renamed Handkerchief since that's my primary function lately) and now I think I'm just going to hide because there's a ripple in the water of my office email and Jaws should pop out any second now. I cannot deal with home and work both exploding on me right now. The wank in Cap fandom is actually kind of relaxing, because I know I can walk away from that.
Family Illnesses: trigger warnings for illness, terminal cancer, AIDS )
Work news )
(adjusts crash helmet) Movie on Thursday. Clinging to that so incredibly hard, because if I don't I may climb a water tower. More than two hours of sleep in a night would be nice, too, but I know better than to ask for miracles.
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2011-05-25 12:01 pm
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I love my family (and murder is wrong)

Later, there will be a [livejournal.com profile] wincon post of squee and good cheer, with plans, deals, weddings, tattoos and general love of all the world. This is not that post.


Emma appeared yesterday. )
Just needed to vent. (breathes)
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2011-02-17 11:22 am

Coffee, work and politics, oh my!

People know me well. Today I have been the recipient of specialty coffee and espresso cinnamon rolls. Omnomnom. This will be a great thing on Monday, when I have jury duty. Again. No wiggling out of it this time. Oh, how I suffer for a fair judicial system.

I am currently fighting a cold, I think? It's hard to tell. I am extra tired and achy, and there is a weird pain/tightness in my chest/throat. It is not sore, but it feels like there is a lump or something there? Except there is no lump (I checked, just in case). It hurts when I breathe, swallow, move, etc. Is it possible to pull a throat muscle?

Since it's the start of a new year (hush, I know I'm a month and a half behind), I've been poking around at work asking about what I need to move on up. I really don't have time to do class/work full time, but needs must. Things are being reshuffled, and if I don't move I might end up on the bottom of the pile. My department is going from having an Admin to a Dean, and word in the wind is that another Sysadmin may be hired. As is, there's no way I qualify, but with how quickly things move around here I might be able to squeak through if I jump on courses now. I'm already informally doing most of the work involved, so it's just a matter of certification. At the very least, I'm already in position and trained in our system, so I have a leg up.

I'm not usually so eager to be leaping up the ladder, but that's because I like my department and my work, and I'm not willing to trade a pleasant work environment for a tiny raise. But if another Sysadmin is coming in, that makes my job suddenly less secure (since 90% of the reason it exists is to cover things when the Sysadmin can't be there). This is inner departmental and essentially just doing the same thing I've been doing in the same place I've been doing it except for more money. I can do zat!
Political and Economic Woes )
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2011-01-26 12:04 pm

Catching up on info!

Apparently once a week is all you're getting from me. ._. Burned out Faerii is burned out, I guess. Even reading is sort meh. D: I have no real excuses, and will be bludgeoning myself into getting back on track. Finish re-reading DfaD by Friday, and then start on the edits this weekend. I will not actually get money until Monday, so I have no excuse to go out and do other things.
Babbling underneath )
And that has been your State of the Faerii.
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2010-12-16 10:34 am
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Thursday blahs

Finally returned the doggy home! (collapse) Google Maps hated me. It shot me past the right address by about a mile, and traffic was terrible enough that turning around was hard. D: But doggy is returned, and all is well with at least one world. The owner seemed happy enough, at least.

Yesterday we had our holiday party at work. TL;DR, free food. Omnomnom. I sat with the two people I share a wall with, so it avoided most of the awkwardness that comes from attending office parties with people you largely don't know.

In spite of free food, yesterday was so boring that I actually got excited about paying my bills. :| I told myself that I would take a brief break from writing in order to Renew Myself. I'm finding out that Renewing Myself is Bullshit. I don't know what to do with myself when I'm not writing or avoiding writing. D: At least at home, there are Other Things to do. At work? LOL, nothing. We're so dead right now. I may even go watch the Daily Show in order to pass time. (Usually I avoid things like that at work.)

Heck, maybe I'll even start editing my NaNo. Or go beg for a new [community profile] fanbingo card. Troll the Meme That Shall Not Be Named? Something!

D: So very booooooored.
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2010-10-29 12:25 pm
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Coffee? coffee. Coooooooffeeeeeee

I decided not to wear a costume to work today. Why? Because everyone is gone. I have seen three people from my actual department. There may have also been laziness (I didn't want to get up early) and weather (it was cold this morning, and my costume is mostly gauze for the skirt D: ). I will have to dress up for Halloween and go... IDK. Somewhere. Movies, maybe? I want to see Red.

I will post a WinCon report. I will I will I will. Ya'all need to hound me about that. D:

Today, I received monies from work! I must not get too used to it though. From here until February/March, I will be coming in a week short every month (3 week paychecks rather than 4) because of the way the pay schedule falls. It happens every year, and every year it blows. (sigh) I do not even get an annual bonus to help pad the lean times, because the people who negotiated things (faculty) traded bonuses for having the holidays off. I should note that the weird gaps in my paycheck don't affect them. They're salaried; they get paid the same each month regardless of whether they work 3 or 4 weeks. And so, the time of scrimping is at hand. Any money over and above my monthly bills is getting stashed into savings. Hopefully, that, combined with tight budgeting for gifts, will help me get through.

Note to self: Open up a new Holiday Card post. There are people on DW who need them!

In more news of the Random (I'm babbling, I admit it :P) I finally got the rough done on my RBB.
Now, I just need to go at it with a machete. That is always much easier said than done. But it's due on the 3rd, so I need to buckle. (tightens belt)

For NaNo, this weekend will be dedicated to figuring out WTF I'm doing. This will involve rereading the fic and taking notes; I remember most of the threads I left hanging and what I planned to do with them, but I don't remember details of specific minor characters. There may be flowcharts. I'm thinking of including a Xanatos Gambit, with optional upgrade to Xanatos Roulette if I can. Avoiding a Thirty Xanatos Pile Up if I can, because... ouch. Not enough flowcharts in the world if Erzabet, Celicia, Fury, Tony and Steve all decide to pitch in to complicate things.

Yes, I did just destroy your plans for the weekend. :D Enjoy TvTropes. Mwahaha.
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2010-10-25 02:51 pm
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Faerii. WINS.

The Fell Beast of IT has been defeated! (wields sword) YAH. They left me with a network-based account, a standard image and "admin rights". (Though IDK what the fuck they think "admin rights" are, because I couldn't even install Adblock!) Through careful and personal application of an entirely new installation of everything, I have regained control of my work PC, down to and including the static IP that IT still insists I neither had nor need. If IT wants any control of this PC, they're going to have to come down here and get either myself or my boss to sign in for them. There's not even a guest account.

(is smug)

In other, more terrifying news, I shall again be participating in that annual round of pain called NaNoWriMo. I ended up writing Dying for a Drink (AKA, that one where Tony becomes a vampire) last time I tried it, and I think that came out pretty well. This year, I think I'll write the sequel. I haven't actually outlined it yet, but I have a fairly good idea of what happens in it, for the most part, so all I have to do is whip out a plan to ignore, and I'll be set.

A huge part of what got me through last year was daily updates to my Flist. Nothing like having to publicly admit failure to get those fingers typing! So consider this a warning that I'm going to be spamming my circle for a month. The format is going to be similar to last time, where I posted my total word count, my count for the day, an except of what I'd written and also generally whined about how hard it is. Sometimes, there would be double posts as I just played with the characters and generally procrastinated.

I would appreciate any sort of encouragement or browbeating you all would like to give. ♥
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2010-10-21 08:40 am
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Current loathing levels at 98.4% and rising

I really. Really. Really detest IT.

Okay. I'm back from WinCon and I had a blast. (Shall post on that laters. I need to run around collecting pics and permissions.) Anyway, while I was gone, I was supposed to get Windows 7 installed on my work machine. I was running XP, most of the students were on 7, and the OS are different enough that it makes things confusing. Plus, my machine hadn't been upgraded since the stone age, and while it worked well enough, it pays to keep up with these things. Unfortunately, the scheduled update didn't happen. IT managed to fuck over the systems in general while I was gone, so my boss had been dealing with that all week. It's no problem, really. I can do a simple upgrade myself, I had already backed up everything important. No sweat. So I got the installation disk and got to installing.

My monitor stopped working.

Okay, I have two monitors. It wasn't the end of the world. I could wait to have it fixed. I really need two, but I managed to hobble along. I did a but of poking and figured out that the problem was with the driver for my graphics card. Simple. All I needed to do was crack my tower, see what sort of card I have, go to the website, and download. But I was feeling lazy, and this really isn't my job. So, like a genius, I called IT yesterday.
Big Mistake )
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2010-09-10 03:59 pm
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Technical Difficulties

This morning, I woke up and found that my phone had not charged. Grrrr. I plugged it into my lighter on the way to work, and that gave me enough juice for the day, but really. And then I got to work and the network was down. Specifically, the network in my office. >:[ I called IT, and they tried to say that they would fix it next week. But I need my internet in order to do my job! So I told them that, and said that if the VP called and I could not help her, I would send her their way.

Someone showed up five minutes later. (preen) It turns out that it was their fault, anyway. Huffle.

I am trying (and failing) to figure out how to end this teeny fic I am working on. ._. Teeny fic is... well. Not Teeny, but not as Not Teeny as they tend to be these days. (eyes it) It must be completed by today. IT MUST. (shakes a fist of determination) :( Mrow. Maybe I will just add nekkid people. Nekkid people seem to solve a lot of problems.

In other news, I may have a Papa this weekend! At last notice, Mary was picking him up from the recovery center. \o/ As long as nothing goes wrong, he is coming home today. :D
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2010-08-03 03:15 pm
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It's all mine! Bwahaha!

I feel good. Today was super-slow, so I cleaned and rearranged my office. I've had this job for over two years, and I never got around to removing the detritus of the previous occupant. SO. It is now mine. The only thing I have left to do is clean the drawers.
Picture! )
I will be adding more posters soon. I just didn't like the ones I had available. I don't do appointments, so looking professional is moot, and I've been encouraged to decorate. My boss has Gundam models on her shelves, so I will go by her example.

Someone at work gave me a copy of Rolling Stone with RDJ on the cover. (This is how deep undercover of a fangirl I am. Random coworkers know I'm an RDJ fan.) Inside is a picture of Rubber Ducky Jr. on a grungy sofa, and the story title, "Robert Downey Jr. Hardass, Flake, Superstar. He's Anything You Want Him To Be, And An Iron Man Too." Then you turn the page and it's RDJ in a wet white t-shirt. Omnomnomnom. Should not be having these thoughts at work! Clearly, the author knew precisely who would be reading.

This is proof that I am loved.

I have not been writing. D: This is bad. But Undeleted Tony holds no interest. D: D: D: Writing holds no interest! EEK! So I need Flist to help. Here! A meme!

Never Will I Ever meme: Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
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2010-07-28 12:34 pm
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A collection of ramblings and a rant about Online Education


Okay, that's out of the way. I am tired and extremely cranky right now, but I want to focus on the positive. Like the bunch of Robin Hood (Men In Tights) gifs I just skimmed off the internet. And also, this example of a kickass Aunt May. It totally explains why 616 and 1610 are split into separate universes. If they'd put Gail and May into the same continuity, they would climb out of the pages and take over the world with awesome.

I have a freakish urge to put Stevie onto a motorcycle. There's a gorgeous visual in my head of her taking a tight turn with her knee nearly scraping pavement, and no helmet so half-grown hair is all over and dirt smudges from a fight and... guh. Muscles. Trick riding. Leather (flail) I am so shallow. I'd also like to have Tony ride behind her, but I'm pretty sure that would be a convenient method of Tony-murder. He would be drooling. I've never even owned a motorcycle, and the idea of moving that fast without any significant protection scares me. D: WTF self.

Hmm. I really need to make a mod icon. :\ (lazy)

To cheerlead and beta, or no? I typically don't open myself up for beta work. It's just taxing, and different authors have different standards, and I admit that grammar/spelling are not my strong points. I will completely miss common misspellings or typos, and with grammar I can usually say "this sounds wrong" but I can't say why. (hands) IDK. I shall think on it.

One of these days, I am going to give DW monies.

(bounces and stares at bank account) Come on! Give me monies! I need to buy my plane tickets before it goes up any more! (bounce bounce flail)

Here be rambling on the State of Education in the USA, or Why I Love My Job and Yet Despair )
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2010-04-29 09:25 am
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May 8 - Girl!Cap


I had to get that out. *g* Since TurnItIn went batshit on our system (it was mixing up student identities sahddasjh;klsjdsaj NO) we switched to SafeAssign. Which has now gone batshit on our system. Thankfully, it's in significantly less frightening ways. It just won't work now. (sighs heavily) So yesterday, I got many, many calls from people who are apparently unable to read the notice we posted. We're also in finals week, so there were the usual "I tried to upload this last week but something went wrong and now it's due in ten minutes HALP" calls, and the ones that aren't actually supposed to go to me but do anyway for some strange reason. This includes textbook pricing questions.

I'm working on putting together an OST (FST? Can it be an FST when I'm the author?) for the girl!Steve fic. I want to use all female vocalists if I can, which is making this kind of awkward (damn you, internet, for not having a female-voiced version of Girl in the War). Also, a surprising number of my girl!power songs are... not Cappish. >_> Though her reaction to Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy would be comedy gold. Posting date is May 8! \♥/

In other news, LJ has done something stupid. Again. (facepalms forever) Dear LJ, please to stop making me want to move permanently to DreamWidth. I love you. All my friends are here. But this is really, really close to too much.