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Because writing style is so individual, this part is going to be very short not as short as I expected, and mostly contain tips for noting problems. Even Google doesn't seem to have much consensus about writing style, so I'm winging it. (flap flap)

Style is one of those things that you can't really learn, and no one else will ever do exactly the way you do. There's two forms of writing style that are going to affect you most: the whole story and the words themselves. The story style is, essentially, what you like to write. Do you like slow, introspective stories that are more about internal movement than action? Do you like boy meets boy Steve meets Tony romance? Humor? Supernatural? Straightforward or mind-screws? This sort of thing only emerges over several stories, and it's extremely fluid, when it exists at all. Some people don't have a strong preference for story type. Others become really attached to some plots or tropes, and bend them a thousand different ways. For example, we all know what Mark Millar likes to write (hint: it goes Boom).

Over long fics, style can be a serious concern. During the course of a few months or a year, style can change and grow dramatically. Concentrating on keeping it steady in a single piece takes effort, but it can also make the story flow more smoothly for the reader. In a shorter fic, playing with different styles can be a fun exercise, and yield some very interesting results. Especially important in longer fics is to keep an extra close eye on your style if it's one you're not familiar with yet.

Word choice is tougher. A lot of people tend to develop one style and stick with it, but it can vary from fic to fic too, sometimes deliberately and sometimes not. Sentence structure and scene formatting draw it together into a coherent whole.
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That does it for my paltry attempt at explaining style. D: Plz not to be hating me? Next up, scene elements!
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ETA: Flocked to prevent confusion. Open post is on LJ.

Last time, I harangued you endlessly about researching your canon. Rejoice, for that is the last you'll hear about research (for a while, mwahahaha). This time, I'm going to touch on something I don't really think that I've seen much meta on: the audience.

When I say "audience", I mean "reader" for the most part, though most of this applies across multiple media formats, from fanvids to podfic. Thus, inclusive language is all for the good. (It usually is.) Fanfic, like any other form of story telling, is rooted in communication. You (the Writer) have this awesome/crazy idea in your head, and you want to share it. That's writing, in a nutshell.
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There is absolutely nothing you can do that will keep every reader reading, and end with every reader happy. But trying to keep an eye on your fic from the reader's perspective can help a great deal. You know what you're trying to say—remember that, and be willing to adjust your methods when the message might not be coming across as clearly as you'd like.

That's it for this piece. Next time: On Shipping, where I'll cover the varied types, how to handle it and exactly what makes it all so damned shiny.
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I wasn't planning on posting today. There's cookies to bake, clothes to wash, floors to mop, Papas to visit, etc etc ad infinitum. But I was poking around [community profile] metafandom and missing the various men who I can't spend Father's Day with. Wheels started turning, as wheels do, because one of those men is my godfather Ronny. He passed away last year, so this is really the first Father's Day I'll have when I can't call him up. I'll tip out a drink in his honor tonight, but that hardly seems like enough for someone who had such an effect on my young life.

So, thinking of my godfather (who I should probably mention was African-American), I'm going to jump ahead into my planned writing meta by a billion posts and discuss writing characters of color. There have been a lot of thoughtful, amazing meta posts on what not to do, and so I'd like to toss my two cents in from the other side of the well.

In accordance with the laws governing the internet, I'm probably about to put my foot in it while trying to explain how not to. As always when I touch on a topic that I have privilege in, calling me on my BS is appreciated.
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Useful writing resources for fanfic authors. If anyone has any suggestions for additions to this list, please drop a comment!
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