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Guess who's putting herself up for charity?

LJ Username: tsukinofaerii
AUCTION Offer: Fanfiction
Fandom/s: Marvel Avengers (Ultimates, Earth-616, Marvel Adventures), Teen Wolf (TV), Kingdom Hearts (up to KH2), Harry Potter, Final Fantasy XII
Bid Requirements: Fic will be a minimum of 2k, possibly higher if the bids go up. Starting at $10
Won't Write: Um. Nothing comes to mind?
Additional Notes: Crossovers and AU are completely welcome. My AO3 account has most of my more recent fics, if you'd like to see what sort of work I do.

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Perhaps the subject is poorly chosen. Hm. Nah.

I've put myself up for auction for the sake of the children. (Yes, I know, I detest children, but this is important.) I'm offering a fic of 500 words minimum each to the two highest bidders. (I'm about the only person offering not-Supernatural on there, eep!) Two 500 words is about all I can promise off the cuff with my current schedule, but I'm willing to be flexible if you're willing to wait lol. So if there's ever been an idea that you want someone else to write, or that's so strange/weird/disgusting you don't want it attached to your own name, and you think it's worth putting some money in for charity, here you go.

This is the explanation for what this is all about. If you want something else (graphics, a longer fic, a layout, whatever) and will bid for it, don't be shy about dropping me a line. Anything longer than a thousand words has a deadline of "whimper", of that's what you want. Just FYI. But auctioned items will have immediate placement at the top of my priorities list—After November 8 nothing will come out before those. I can put up another lot until the auction closes (Nov 8), and I'll be happy to do so if someone wants me to.


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