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Another "I LIVE DON'T LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOOONE" post lol. I have no idea where my will to babble went. Can I blame Holmsian fandom? I've been reading a lot of Holmes/Watson fics. Hm.

In RL, there's a few things happening. I turn another year older soon (awkward; will be less awkward if coworkers manage to forget the date). But I'll get my tax refund about the same time, so yay! (You! Money! Into savings! Okay, maybe some of you goes to bills, but the rest into savings! *cracks whip*) I'm due to upgrade my phone soon, and am considering this hot little number. I may get this baby instead, if I can get over my squirms of spending more on a phone than I do on my monthly car payment.

Work is running surprisingly smoothly, other than a few drama llamas,Turnitin being annoying and the usual intrigue. (eye roll) Seriously, students, if you go a month unable to login and don't tell anyone, do not expect me to be very supportive when you wind up in your Dean's office in tears. When I say, "I'm very sorry, but if you don't call we can't know there's a problem", just know that I am facepalming at you behind my phone. ♥

In fic, I'm selling out to the Blame [personal profile] valtyr culture. I have signed up for two big bangs. This is all her fault!

For [livejournal.com profile] comicsbigbang I'm doing the Amnesia Tony fic. That one's minimum is only 10k though, and the first check-in is end of February, so it's been shuffled a little. (pets it) After having written a bit of it though, I think I'm going to do it in first person. oO Which... IDK, it bugs me a bit. First person is hard. It's difficult to manage the details, and having an interesting voice is so so so so important, since you're basically staking your fic on your character's internal monologue being catchy. But third person would be doing the fic a disservice I think. :\

For [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang, I'm falling back on my love of cliché. Always a girl Ults Steve. \o/ This is interesting, in the "fighting the characters back with a spoon" sort of way. Seriously, Gail is stomping her foot dangerously close to my muse's head. She's a persistent sort; I've actually had to not write a scene because I couldn't think of a way to keep her from taking it over. YEEK. Jumbling up the opening/backstory for artistic reasons is going to be pain though. Le sigh.

Finally, to apologize for long silence, I give you all something truly amazing and a pony )
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Hello, first day of the semester. Why are you already being mean to me? I've loved you and petted you and done everything exactly the right way. Yet my inbox has 63 messages complaining that they can't access their classes yet, the earliest dating from 6PM last night. Enrollment gets started at 8AM the day classes begin and finishes around 10AM. There are biiiiig signs posted all over the website about this. Why for do people not read? It's especially annoying in the teachers, all of whom seem to swear blue that last semester their courses were available to students early. Trust me. They weren't. I know, because I handle enrollment, and I never do it early, not for love nor money.

On the other hand, I've had a few very sweet people calling with actual problems that don't stem from reading fail. It's nice when callers are polite and understanding. Also, I have dark chocolate covered pomegranates OMG THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THE JOY THIS BRINGS. OMNOMNOMNOM.

This is what I call comfort food.

Now! A short meme!
Inside the Tin )
Okay, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, I read this. And you know what I want now?

I want an epic crossover. EPIC. Somehow, The Avengers (meaning at least Tony, preferably plus Steve and a few others) end up universe/time bouncing and land smack dab in the middle of London, specifically somewhere that will bring them to the attention of a certain detective who lives at 221 Baker. Time bouncing would be preferable, because how amazing would that be, that Holmes was pre-modern Marvel? ANYWAY. There needs to be a "Dear God, he could be your twin!" moment with Tony and Sherlock and amusing stereo one-line responses from both of the aforementioned. ("Nonsense, he looks nothing like me.") And Hijinxs, of course, must ensue. Strangely, I envision this as a Holmes fic with Avengers characters, because the Great Mystery of how these peculiar people arrived in London and, more importantly, how to make them go away again before that Stark fellow causes any more difficulties would be amazing. Watson and Steve, I imagine, would bond over certain shared troubles.

Why yes, I did see the movie. How did you guess? Fortunately, I think this is going to be a "sit back and read the shinies other people produce" fandom, because I'm not particularly Holmsian, and mysteries are something I prefer in small doses. The thought of actually writing one makes me crinkle my nose.


Nov. 19th, 2009 01:46 pm
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(faceplant) I want to edit my NaNo. Badly. Even though I've promised that I'll focus on prompts instead and let that simmer I will never be able to spot wonky characterization without distance! And those prompts won't write themselves! (1.1 rough drafts written!) D: Why do I fail so hard?

I've been inspired to watch the Free Hugs video again. It is ridiculous how that makes me tear up. Yes, yes, I'm an old softy. :D

ANYWHO. I had a topic, but then I discovered that some genius put in a new login management protocol and didn't tell me. How fun. It really would have been nice to know that 5 misfired attempts would lock down a user name for 30 minutes. (headdesk) Way to keep me informed, IT!

Okay, going to make myself write. Really.

Day Five

Nov. 5th, 2009 10:30 pm
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Remember yesterday's prediction? Well, it happened. In spades. I think I can feel my brain melting from crunching things into a database for six hours. Ow ow ow. And I'm still not done. You see, Kim who was supposed to show me what to do, lovely lovely Kim who is getting an eraser from me for winter because of this, didn't show up until 11. This meant that I got a very late start on a very headache-inducing project and, thus, had no time to write. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.

So, what I did, was I rushed home and somehow managed to squish myself into writing. Sort of. I'm pretty sure I have an entire scene that has no point other than Jan being catty and Steve being broody. Oh, and a half-scene where I may be falling in love with a taxi driver. >>;

Totals are not the love they could have been. 13,364 is the new total word count, means I only wrote 1,329 words. However, the total due by the 8th is 13,336, so I managed to break that open.

I need sleep. @.@ Except, only one, but nothing exciting was written today, so I warn you: don't expect much.
Spoilers, of course )

Day Four

Nov. 4th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Work. I hates it, Precious. (hunches creepily and pets NaNo)

Actually, work today wasn't too stressful. People are starting to e-mail and call me directly to get things done, which they're really not supposed to do, and we have a cartridge publisher being stupid ("What do you mean, the content isn't on our servers? It damn well is on our servers! I'm looking at it!") and several intrepid teachers ventured for the first time into the great unknown of Web Based courses, but all in all it was a good day. I even got NaNoWriMo Chocolate from a co-worker. That is support. I also beat my record for coffee consumption, but that's more pathetic than anything else.

Tomorrow, however, shall... be lacking in good day-ness. I may even go out on a limb and say it will be a bad day. See, apparently there's this assignment that gets passed around annually. It's the hot potato of the school. This year, the potato landed on me. Well, it landed on my department, but seeing as everyone knows I'm a nice person who's happy to lend a hand, it landed on me. Basically, it's data entry and, going by previous years, about eight hours of it. Ouch. There's lots of reasons for me to fume about this, but when all's said and done and then said again in a louder tone, it has to get done, this is how they've always done it, and I really need to stop being the nice one.

This is why I'm glad I'm ahead of myself in NaNo. If I have a bad day, I'll still be ahead. This is important!

Today was all Steve. I think he loves me again. Okay, not loves, but he's talking to me, which is an improvement over the past several weeks. I think he's coming to grips with not having come to grips with anything. Tony, however, is not pleased one iota, other than having effectively made passes at a significant portion of my friend's list. o.O He's still grumpy. I'm sure he'll get over it in a few scenes. I'm really not happy with my Steve-voice in general. Tony tries to slip in and trip me up sometimes. Again, pushing on, pushing on...

Totals time! Total word count as of right now is 12,035! That means today I wrote 3,695 words! Biggest ever! WOOHOO! *\o/* As always, excerpts!
Spoilers! )

Day Three

Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:34 pm
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It... does not feel like Day Three. I'm not sure how okay I am with it only being Day Three. (breathes)

Today's problems were... myriad. First, there was Work. Normally, work is nice and smooth, but today I got an assignment that had me wishing for Tylenol. I really don't like taking 'most anything in a pill format, so that should tell you how big my headache got. The Boss of my Boss, in his genius, asked me to compare two things that don't exist. Yeah. Ouch. And the people at a certain office were asking for Flash Files in a paper format? I don't know what they think a flash file is, but... @.@ Oi.

Then there was simply that I didn't want to write lol. It started smoothly. Very smoothly, actually. But then I got into parts that, when reading, would make me slap the back button so quickly you'd think I'd seen my grandparent's sex tape. At one point, I was crying over this lol. People kept poking their heads into my office to make sure I was okay, and I had to explain that I was fine, I just had to look this thing up and I'm being mean to my characters and BAAAAW.

It was kind of awesome, in a "I will never live this down" kind of way.

The really amusing thing is that I finally opened my plan back up, and according to it I am on...

(dramatic pause)

...Scene Two.

See, both of the things I focused on today weren't in the plan. I absolutely had no intention of putting them to the page. But then I realized that I couldn't do what I'm doing and not have them. It technically worked for the plot, but it was pretty unsatisfying and, bluntly, a cop-out. So I sucked it up and wrote what I really didn't want to write.

However! The blood, sweat, tears and Google paid off. Today's total is 8,340, which means I have written 3,291 since yesterday. Seeing as tomorrow's quota is 6,668, I'm creeping ahead of schedule. *\o/*

Since you all got two days of writing again, I will give you two scenes again. Once more! Spoilers!
Beware Spoilers )
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WTF with the slow day, people? We're not even a month into the semester! Where are all my students panicking because they can't access a course they only thought they were enrolled in? The instructors who have forgotten that Blackboard only allows 5MB and smaller files, and who are subsequently shocked that people in a highly rural and low income area still use dial-up? Geeze, I'd even take The Teacher Of Doom right now. (stares at the phone) ... Ring! For the love of yaoi, RING! (collapses pitifully atop desk)

Interesting conversation yesterday. The head of my department stuck his head in my office and asked how much I make. o.O I answered and he said, "That's all? What happened?" D: I don't know, just budget cuts, a massive recession and departmental mergers? Oh, and he consistently forgets my regularly scheduled review. I was due for a raise-talk at my six month mark, but that was when Blackboard was having a melt down, and then we had the Budget Cut Debacle that only promised no layoffs and... It's been a messy year! (Don't think I'm griping, because I'm not. I adore my departmental boss. He's made of shiny and win.) So his response to my helpless shrug was to go, "Oh... I'll take care of that." Could Faery be getting a raise? (hopes) I know that when we merged with IT (*HISS*BOO*GROWL*), there were noises about bringing pay levels up to par, since some IT people made significantly more than their CIT counterparts and presumably vice versa. I'm pretty sure I'm on the "makes significantly less than someone in a similar position" side of the ledger, but that's kind of a hard call. There's really no one in IT with the same position as I fill. (handwaves) We'll see. I refuse to get my hopes up. My income is keeping me afloat and that's what counts.

Also in work-related news... someone pinched my coffee cup. :( I'm hoping it was just a temporary, "oooh, clean mug ♥ yoink" thing, but I've yet to work up the strength to peek around for it. It was a pretty little black and white thing. If it is gone, I'm going to have to get a mug that's significantly more embarrassing for a Muggle to carry around.

[two hours later]

... Note to self: Never ever complain about boredom again.

homg SHOW

Sep. 11th, 2009 09:25 am
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(headdesk headdesk headdesk) I was all prepared to flail over Supernatural and then I got One Of Those Calls. Dear Person: I e-mailed you a link, person. So why did you write it down and then Google it? And wrote it down wrong, no less.

To make it worse, someone brought in doughnuts and the smell is making me feel kind of ill. Didn't we already do the icky "puking up your guts" part of this cold, body? (sighs) One of those days. I can feel it building.
okay, SPN s5e1 SPOILERS )
In fic... I wrote. D: Man did I write. 2000 words. Normally I struggle to ooze out 500 in a day. @-@ I'll probably have to re-do the porn, but IDK. I always have trouble with perspective there, and I don't even have McCaffrey to guide me, since she was fond of fade-outs. I'm starting to see why. Porn is hard! I will persevere! Somehow. (eyes it)

And of course Mom is bugging me to see what I'm doing, because "DRAGONS". This means that an extra special non-explicit version will be passing by via the internet soon lol. I love my mother, but... yeah, no. Some things you just do not share with Mommy, no matter how open-minded she is. Though letting my dad see it might be fun, if only to have him curl up into a ball of horror and denial. (Still bitter? Me? Nah.)

Hopefully the rough draft will be done soon. (hums happily) Why can't I write like this more often? I am not looking forward to when this goes away.

ETA: Edited non-pornographic version shipped off to Mommy! @-@ She's probably going to kill me when she sees where it leaves off. It's her own fault for wanting it naonaonaonaonao.


Aug. 24th, 2009 01:09 pm
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(breathes) I finally have a few minutes. Okay, so they're technically minutes I'm supposed to be spending eating, but I don't ever actually get a lunch break worth calling it, so oh well.

Word to the wise: Never, ever give your instructors benefit of the doubt when it comes to technical issues. If they say "the system ate it", what they really mean is, "I accidentally deleted it and am too embarrassed by my incompetence to admit the deed". The doozy today? Someone deleted his students. And, of course, blamed us, because someone we magically told the system to login as him and recycle his course (including students) and then copied the material back in from his Master (sans students). (facepalm) No. Just no. The other fun call today was the guy who demanded to speak with a male technician. Oh, that was fun. (growls) I'm sorry my lack of a Y chromosome offends you, bub, but there's only two of us, we're both women and I'm the nice one.

In short, I hate first days. Half of the people completely dropped the ball and the other half have been affected by the first half. So, in short, the whole campus is always screwed. *sigh* Plus parking and traffic were pains in the ass. I may have to leave a whole half-hour early tomorrow instead of just fifteen minutes. I also hate walking in to a full voicemail inbox, which is made even worse by a full e-mail inbox. And, of course, most of both are marked just after 5 on Friday and reference things that had to be done by Monday. (headdesk)

I just have to remember that I love my job. I love my job. I love my job... (repeats)

I'm not caffeinated enough for this BS.
Adopt one today!
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lol I love my job, even when I use my wrist cushion to pillow my headdesks more than I do for typing. I had the same person call three times in a row because she didn't know what to do next in a relatively standard "do it yourself" course. Of course, my first question in such cases is always "did you read the instructions". She got all huffy and told me of course she had, and how dare I imply that she didn't and etc etc, so on and so forth. To which I can only reply that I'm sorry, but if she had read the instructions, she would see that she needs to click the next button. Her second and third calls were along the same lines (what now??? D:?), but much meeker.

Untitled Kink Meme Thing is almost done. (owns up) I think there's maybe... two parts? Possibly three, depending on if Tony gets pushy and demands a PoV spot again. There's something worrisome when my characters start making demands. IDK, I kind of like him, even if he does creep me out a little too. It'll be sad to let him go. Steve will be relieved though. He really doesn't know how to handle a pet, especially not one as well programmed as Tony. And then I will take it and stash it away in my "NEEDS BETA NAO" folder, because I want to flesh out setting details and change the tenses and... gah, the typos. ._. I kind of also want to do that moment where 616!Tony gets back to his own world and is like "MASTER! :D (clingcuddlewrapsaroundshamelessly)" and Steve is "o________________o" and Logan laughs his ass off until he realizes how serious it is. But that is for a later day.

I feel significantly less pain for Tony than I do for Steve. >>;; Which is weird because Tony's the one who'll end up curled up in a corner in agony if Steve ever actually gets mad at him.

Is anyone else getting doubled comments from LJ? Very odd. Very odd indeed.

Okay, I think that's the end of my random thoughts for this morning. The coffee pot in the employee kitchen should be done brewing. (zooms to caffeine)

Gr face

Jul. 21st, 2009 11:06 am
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You know, I usually love my job and coworkers, but right now I'd really just love to (verbally) ream the lot of them, and I can't even really call them out over it because the topic of conversation isn't a protected class.

Long story short, the question of homelessness came up. (It might be significant that this topic arose among the higher-earning, white, middle-aged employees, but maybe not.) The three participants hold opinions I find very offensive, namely that homeless people are either mentally ill or just trying to make an easy buck and that they could get jobs if they tried. I'm not even going to start with everything that's wrong with this, because I'll just get upset and I'm not really sure anyone at work even knows I can get upset except perhaps Melanie (who is my cousin's girlfriend and straddles the "co-worker/family" line). I'll just say that I'm very well aware that in any given situation there is going to be someone trying to take advantage of people. In this case (as someone who does give money to people who ask for it when and if I can afford it), I feel that it's better to be wrong 199/200 times, just to be right that once.


Apr. 14th, 2009 11:49 am
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At least it's only on my work PC. My home computer is still safe from the horror. (cuddles it) We're having a series of really random errors, that only seem to occur in IE7. Thus, I have to upgrade. Even though we don't recommend IE7 for our system, it's installed on the campus computers, so we're kind of screwed. *sigh*
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*sigh* MS Office 2007 came out how long ago? And people are still confused about .docx files. (Also resistant to using .pdf, which is so much more convenient for our purposes that I could scream. Why? "I don't do it that way." ARGH.)
My Beef. Let me show you it. )
The point of this is, for the sake of my quickly growing headache, if someone in a tech support position tells you "don't do that", please please please don't argue with them unless you're buying their aspirin. If you really, really think you're right, ask to speak to someone else. It may not save lives, but it keeps the dents in desks from growing too big.
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Pardon me while I headdesk.

My job, in all of its intelligence and glory (LOL) has updated our password security regulations. Not to give away secrets, but the new rules made everyone facepalm to a certain extent. They're so complicated that it's going to result in password rota lists stuck under keyboards for a lot of people. Now that's security, right?

Long story short, I had to update my work password. No big deal, right? Except that was the network password. I have a dozen other places that don't update based on the network, so I had to update them too. Which wouldn't have been so annoying if 1) there weren't so many of them and 2) if I even remembered what half of them were. I have emergency access to a lot of things, just in case my boss is out and the world starts to end. This means that I don't access that stuff 99% of the time—I just sort of assume that if I need it, I have access. This meant tracking down all of our little off-network servers and services to double-check my access and update if needed. Logic states that they should be different—so if my work e-mail password somehow falls into the wrong hands, they won't necessarily have access to the servers. This would not only be completely impractical based on the number of things I need access to, but it basically means that I would have to come up with and keep track of over a dozen different passwords every few months, many of them mostly unused. Without the password list, if I really care about security (which I do). This also disregards the seemingly random way some of the services/servers are or aren't hooked into the network, which means some of them update with my network password and some don't. Yeah, I think I'll have one work password, thanks.

Fun times. @.@

I'm taking advantage of what's turning out to be a mess to get my personal passwords updated and on a schedule. Nothing is going to tell me to update my personal e-mail password, but if I just get into a habit of doing it every time I have to change my work passwords (which is enforced), life will run much more safely. And less annoyingly. But if I haven't logged into something in forever, it's hard to remember which password it is, which means I've been doing a lot of "help! forgot my password!" stuff. The downside of this is, again, remembering where all of my accounts are lol. So far it's 11 . :o I may have more work accounts than personal. That is a sad, sad thing.

Oh, but I do have a list. It's a list of places to update next time my password expires! Thanks, work. <3 /sarcasm

lols raeg!

Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:00 pm
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People amaze me. *sigh* Here at work we've given people two weeks to do something that not only takes five minutes, but that shouldn't even have taken that if they'd done what they were supposed to be doing. And now we're still having last-second issues. (headdesk) People!

In other news, FFXII! :D I'm passing through the Salikawood, and of course I had to make a run for the Zodiac Spear. Worst comes to worst, I die horribly and wait to try again later, right? So I made a jump into the Nabudis Deadlands... and I survived! Not easily, I admit, but I managed to make it to the incredibly annoying Crystalbug in the center of it. Of course, I killed the thing (eventually) and saved. Yay! And then I pressed onward, because I am nothing if not stupidly stubborn. And, again, worst thing I could do was die before I got to the Spear.

I made it to the Necrohol. I made it through the Necrohol. I made it to the Cloister of the Highborn. It took me hours after that last save. Hours of hacking through enemies that just keep coming. Of using Raise like it was breathing. Of giving Penelo a distance weapon even though she's my highest-level character because she's also got the best magic and I needed her alive. (I got sick of her dying everytime I turned around, so I leveled her way up. Fran is next.) My Bestiary was getting all sorts of new entries and everyone had gone up at least a level. I'd even picked up some good equipment and gambits. I guess I could have just thrown down and made a break for the next room to save myself some time, but I wanted the EXP, LP and Bestiary. Not to mention the loot.

And then I got the Spear.


And then I died. And I'm going to do it all over again tonight!

Good times. :D

ETA: Related to work... beta browsers are the bane of my existence.

ETA2: But they make for excellent stories. XD OMG LOL.

ETA Strikes Back: I misspelled Necrohol. o.o!


Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:05 am
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Oh gods, this is a mess. Setting aside the fact that I slipped on a morning update and created a few hundred classes accidentally, which we are unable to delete (yes, I'm not perfect—just damned lucky my boss is nice), other things are going on which make me sort of want to hide under my desk and whimper.

This is all work stuff, so sorry if it's boring as all hell. Right now we have three things wrong with our system. 1: Not enough diskspace. We need at least twice of what we have just to continue limping forward into the bright new dawn. This has already caused us innumerable problems in the way of database corruption. 2: Only two servers. This may not sound horrible, but one is an application and one is a SQL. 3: A forthcoming upgrade of the application.

Now, problems one and two are fairly simple to take care of. We have new servers, including a load balancing system that cost a small fortune but dear gods do we need it. \o/ A clean transfer of the database to those servers will get us cheerfully up and running at full speed. It starts getting messy when the upgrade is considered. We're not ready to upgrade yet. And the best way to upgrade is to simply start with the new system. Upgrading over a current system is part of the reason we're in trouble now. But we won't be ready for about a year—so what do we do? Install the old system and let it run for a year, creating a year's worth of mess that we'll have to figure out how to handle later? Or continue oozing along and praying nothing breaks irreparably?

I say this like I have any say in the matter. Thankfully, I don't. Never before have I been so glad to be a peon (though I'd like a bigger paycheck, plzkthx).


Apr. 7th, 2008 11:26 am
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tsukinofaerii: headdesk (Headdesk)

I want someone's head on a fucking platter and I want it right the fuck now Gods damn it!!!!!!!
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C/P'd from my raves in AIM, because I'm lazy and it sort of gives the gist of things. (privately hopes her new owner boss never finds out her LJ ID)

tsukinofaerii: Where to start? @-@ Basically, I got an 8-hour cram session on the school's webservers and how they function. I've realized that I have at least five different passwords and desperately need to streamline that ASAP. I'm going to be horribly, horribly alone almost immediately (my manager could pop any day now) in a job they usually train people for weeks in. I have more fucking access than a faculty member and can, in fact, consider myself somewhat of a god compared to them, since I can delete and create them at will. I can make classes if I want, and have been encouraged to do so for the learning experience. I AM A GOD.
tsukinofaerii: Also, I've been encouraged to stay on AIM all freaking day in case my boss wants to contact me from home or her office. I'm in the process of creating a second AIM account for that, so I don't have an inappropriate buddy icon too early in the game.
Shini Neko1: o-O;;
tsukinofaerii: Yeah. O-O; She says it's because it's easier to just IM her if I have a question while I'm on the phone with a student.
tsukinofaerii: Also... I HAVE AN OFFICE. (is in shock) And a phone number all my own. With VOICEMAIL. And official stuffage like that! OMFRIGGEN GODS. x.X
Shini Neko1: *smiles* congratulations.
tsukinofaerii: So the office is dingy and desperately needs to be cleaned, and it's only not a cubical because it has a door and real walls. I'm still trying to recover. (clingu)
tsukinofaerii: Thank you
Shini Neko1: *chuckles*
tsukinofaerii: As soon as I get the number, I'll hand it over
tsukinofaerii: If it tells you anything about what I can expect as far as business, my predecessor had World of Warcraft installed on the PC in the office.
Shini Neko1: *Sweatdrop*
tsukinofaerii: So I'm thinking he was really useless, or had a lot of freetime.

In a side-note... I think the guy before me just got a new job... so in theory, he was good enough not to be fired, and his WoW time went unnoticed. o-o I'm not sure whether to be totally panicked because this is way too good to be true... or panicked because the opening tasks are daunting as hell and I'm rushed because of upcoming aloneness at a new job.

Updates will be coming. :3

OMG OFFICE! (dies)


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