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ZOMG I AM ABLE TO POST FROM WORK AGAIN. :O No idea how long it will last, but YAY FOR NOW.

Just thought you might like to know.
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See. This is what I do. I get wrapped up in things, go silent, and the shove it all into one post like I can make up for it all in a go. Sad, but my life, such as it is.

Flash rec: Go read DILF for a shot of fluffy kid fic. Even if you're not in Teen Wolf fandom, it's a self-contained no-werewolves AU.

For anyone who's been wondering where I've been the last week, "the depths of hell" seem to cover it. My boss and I had (unnecessary, painful, ridiculous) work training seven out of nine hours last Monday through Thursday, which meant that those other two hours just weren't enough. It left my phones completely uncovered other than one guy taking messages, because our new department manager Mike was somehow under the impression that this is our slow time. Even though he's the one who loaded us down with shit to do in the first place. I was able to move most of the teacher-work to email and get that done while everyone else was learning what a SysAdmin panel is, but the student work piled up. Add on top of that all the upgrades, changes and installations we do at this time of year and I ended up working 10-12 hours at a go all week. :\ All overtime unpaid, because it wasn't cleared by management, but my other option was to not get my work done and get reprimanded for that. So yeah. Doing what I can to keep the load down on my boss, because she seriously doesn't need this shit right now.

Another order from on high that recently came down is that my hours will be changing for a little while. Starting this coming Tuesday, I'll be working the 10:30-7:30 shift for about three weeks or so, Fridays 8-5. I am reasonably okay with this, since I'm more of a night person anyway, and working evenings will mean that I have more time to Get Shit Done after five when most of the management has gone home. At best, it will give me time to work on writing and betaing.

Fanfic Comes Along. I'm still plugging away at my Cap/IM Big Bang. Hopefully it will either kickstart into hard fast writing or remain fairly smallish and be ready by the 31st. Not sure which it'll be, truthfully. In the past few days it's morphed from amusing AU with gratuitous cultural nudity into existentialist mess pretending to be deep as it ponders the meaning of life, and I'm not really sure how that happened. If all goes well on the C/IM bang, I will likely be sliding sideways into a double Polybang and use that for a push to finish the Monster Fic of Monsters. The second polybang will probably be a short Teen Wolf puppypack thing, patched together so that if the Monster Fic doesn't get done in time I won't be empty handed come due date. (Let's be honest, I'll have to do 90k in a month, which is technically possible, but at my current writing speed I don't want to bank on it.)

Finally, 9/10ths. Holy fuck, I was not expecting that response to a 6k mostly-exposition fic. I've not started replying to comments yet, because every time I have a moment I look at the numbers and panic and then I have to run off somewhere and breathe. Seriously, those numbers are higher than the ones on my 70k dragon AU for reverse bang, which was posted ages ago. No words. No words at all.

And finally-finally, because I hate Tumblr because it gives me ideas and I can only be grateful my home internet connection makes it too hard to have one of my own.
Trigger Warning: 130 words of depressing as fuck ficlet )
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So, Teen Wolf.

Yeah, that happened. I have opinions and thoughts on how to fix the kanima issue and have had my heart torn out repeatedly by what was supposed to be a campy fun terrible teen werewolf drama. GDI.

At least the cast is freaking adorable? Their cuteness makes up for the destruction of my soul that the show is doing. And I can't even feel bad about finding them hot, since they're mostly older than they look.

On that note, this happened (spoiler for recent eps), followed by a metric fuckton of similar things, and then I accidentally ficced. So if anyone wants to beta slightly less than 7k of Demon Stiles, I would appreciate it. SPN knowledge not really needed, since I played fast and loose with the rules.

Teen Wolf is mostly keeping me distracted from work sucking seven different ways. I'm packed full of meetings and stuff that has to be done now now now now, and I'm pretty sure the temporary VP has it out for my boss. She was out of the office on Thursday, and then walked in a half hour late on Friday. Because temp!VP had emailed her a meeting appointment while she was gone for first thing Friday morning, she missed the meeting, got in trouble and then got told she should have filled out a leave request for being a half hour late.

Who the fuck does that?

And next week I have a fricking Basic Training Bootcamp thing for the job I've been doing for almost four years. IDK why they're making me and my boss attend, but it means that our phones are going to be entirely uncovered for the whole day. If anything happens while we're in "bootcamp", we're royally screwed. Fun. :|

Have finally buckled down on Steve/Tony Big Bang. It's haaaaaard. I'm not used to writing SciFi, so it's taking a while to get rolling in it. I'm making myself do a minimum of 1k daily. Eventually I shall find my groove. And it shall be a groovy groove.

Kittens continue growing, as they tend to do. I took some time and a half-dozen boxes to make them a cardboard kitty playhouse. They'd started climbing out of the big plastic tote I'd been keeping them in, and really, it was too small anyway. They didn't have enough room to run and play, but I couldn't risk letting them out when I wasn't home. So now they have about a quarter of the living room to play in, with tunnels, levels, a hammock and all sorts of things that jingle and bounce and sparkle. It has the added advantage of being large enough that Momma Cat is comfortable staying in there most of the time, so the dogs are less likely to be randomly assaulted.

So. My life. (sigh)
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TL;DR shit's going down at home again. I'm safe, but nervy as fuck and barricaded in until Monday. I ended up taking the cabinets off the hinges to scrub them just to ease my nerves. :\ It's a complicated mess. Richard stayed home this weekend and now we're officially On The Outs. (sighs) He's making all sorts of threats, but with any luck at all I'll get through. The cops were useless, as always, because to them Richard stealing my grandfather's car is a fucking civil issue. Luckily, this time I have the contact info of an investigator who is Very Displeased by the way things have been handled. So crossing my fingers.

But I'm not going to focus on that, because it's depressing and I have something much more happy making. [personal profile] sunspot made podfic of The Inaugural Meeting!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I haven't been able to listen yet, but go give her love guys! She's amazing! It's over here!

Penis Hats

Jul. 9th, 2012 09:50 pm
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So I finally posted that one fic, the one that was for pure funsies and had absolutely no redeeming value. Yep. [personal profile] valtyr was kind enough to give it an eye for SPaG errors, but I asked her not to sweat plot, coherence or anything similar. It was fun to write, and I saw no reason to try and pretend it was a decent story.

I blame everyone who encouraged me in this. You know who you are.

Gangráðr, Faðmbyggvir Friggjar
(Alternately, Odin Has A Lot of Funny Names That Can Sound Like A Deep and Meaningful Title When Strung Together)
Not Rated
Pairings: Thor/Jane. Background Steve/Tony, Bruce/Betty. Others.
Warnings: Terrible humor, blatant abuse of ancient cultures and sex under the influence of alcohol.
Summary: Less than a week before her wedding, Frigga warns Jane of ancient Asgardian rituals she and Thor must undergo before her marriage ceremony. Jane and Thor call on their friends for help as they face what might be the challenge of their lives.
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So. My part of the world hit over 100 degrees this weekend. And I have no working central air, just a underpowered window unit in the living room. So guess who slept in the living room last night? And spent today sprawled on the couch trying not to move? This person! I managed to get enough laundry and chores done to survive the week, but since most everything requires venturing into the rest of the house (which is best described as "oven-like", even with windows open) the counters will just have to stay unwashed.

On Friday I went and saw Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for cousin's birthday. It was surprisingly good! Kind of cracky, but Abe/Mary Todd are now an OTP. I am considering writing a short fic where Mary learns Vampire Hunting after the whole thing at Ford's Theater (vague for the spoilerphobic :P) and then goes on to kick dramatic amounts of undead ass.

Saturday was dinner with cousin + cousin's friends, and then a bar. I had fun! Not as much fun as I would have with fangirls, but it wasn't bad. Ended up abandoning semi-early because sitting around not drinking as much as I'd like (because driving), and getting drunk with not-fangirls isn't the same. So came home, died on sofa, didn't get up until 2PM because someone called on the phone. Not that I answered, but it was Noise. D: Even the dogs, who are usually reliable when it comes to waking me up, were pretty much like "Fuck it, it's hot". And then Sunday happened.

None of which is really the important news. Last week my cat spawned! On my lap. :| Again. But there are four healthy babies, two brown and two white. Squeaky babies, which kept me awake all damned week last week. :| Only I and Zena (my doggy) are allowed near them; their Momma tries to eat anyone else. But now they're quieter, thank goodness. I keep an eye on them to make sure the heat isn't getting to be too much, but they seem fine.

There are photos, but they're on my phone and it's more than my life is worth to get up and go get them right now.

I meant to write fic. I owe [personal profile] waterofthemoon birthday fic, and also there is Fun Thor Fic which I still am enjoying poking at. Just, you know, my brains only need a little seasoning and a garnish to make a delicacy in some of the more unique restaurants around. What sort of garnish do you think Faerii Brains needs? Parsley? Maybe mint? I like mint.
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I am incapable of writing short stories any more. I started on a quick fic just to make myself get words down. 2000 words later it's still only starting and I may have to create an entire holy order.

GDI I just wanted to explore Asgardian marriage rituals.

This post brought to you by the committee for incredibly misleading posts.
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And I was having such a nice Sunday. (sigh) Making this quick because typing without my right ring finger is surprisingly awkward. So TL;DR version, we think we know how Richard got in: a locksmith, Literally that's the only way. So I pulled out a marker and wrote a big old DO NOT CUT KEY sign on the piece of wood blocking the window Richard busted, in the process getting myself stung by a wasp on the currently not-in-use ring finger. Also finally got a cop out to talk to me about Richard breaking in on Wednesday only to be told lol, nothing they can do because omg what if I left the house unlocked and well he didn't STEAL anything and blah blah fucking blah. Same thing goes for the stolen vehicle Richard is making use of. "He had access to the keys!" Because "HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING IT" has no weight, I guess. :| They're refusing to do anything there, too. The only thing that came out of this mess was an official No Trespassing Warning given to Richard, which apparently no one had done on the previous FOUR CALLS. :| :| :|

So yeah. That was my "peaceful" Sunday. (sigh) 500 words of EBZ fic, a swollen wasp-stung finger and Richard got a stern talking to. GDI. Barricading the doors tonight. Funtimes.


Jun. 7th, 2012 11:12 pm
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My life.

Richard got out of jail on Wednesday. An hour later, he called his eldest daughter from inside my home using my home phone line. Naturally as soon as I heard I zoomed home to change the locks. The creepy part is that I can't figure out how the fuck he got inside. Everything looked absolutely pristine; no forced windows, nothing broken, nothing out of place. But he used my phone. D: D: D: So yeah, I didn't exactly sleep well last night.

Then this morning on my usual call with my mom, Dad got ahold of the line and tried to harangue me about how my teeth could be prettier. Never mind the broken or abscessed ones, the important thing for me to know is that my crooked front teeth can be broken off and have crowns put on that will make them look straighter! Also never mind asking how I'm doing after someone broke into my home the day before. Nope, he had Advise and Wisdom to impart. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure we're not talking again. Even odds if he'll let mom talk to me. We'll see.

And of course, to top it all off, I started my period with a round of cramps and agony.

:| FML.
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.. jail is weekends only!
omg I didn't realize I'd spent that many words on whining )
So... Um. Yeah, that's been my month. If I sound stressed or inexplicably freaked out of small things, that's probably why. Sometimes I think my life is some sort of TV drama, and then I realize that any script writer worth their salt would toss it as too unbelievable for television. Also, long periods of "I should write/edit this but meeeeeh too lazy OMG PEOPLE ARE WRONG ON THE INTERNET" followed by brief bursts of "WTF IS THIS SHIT" is terrible pacing.
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Since all the cool kids are doing it, I feel like I ought to write an Avengers Reaction Post. I've seen the movie four times and plan to see it at least once more. It's been worth every over-priced ticket and pound of popcorn. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go do so. At the very least, it's a fun romp and a decent way to spend a couple of hours.
Now, off to find pictures of Steve's ass. For reasons.


Apr. 24th, 2012 09:15 pm
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You know what I need? a dragons icon. How do I not have one? This is ridiculous. I should have dragons.

TL;DR on my life, I am suffering. And not elegantly, like a romance novel heroine wasting away because her beloved is off somewhere not making calf's eyes at her. More like the huddled needlessly under a blanket doing nothing useful while glaring balefully out at the world, unable to do more than browse mindlessly through the internet and answer help calls at work. Also mindlessly, because that's what help calls usually are. This is because I have a toothache. A nasty, horrible no-good toothache that only two Aleve seems to touch (sending one in alone only makes the pain laugh and then flush Aleve's head down the toilet), and even then only for about 3 hours. Which means most of the time I'm sort of left floating along because I don't like taking pills and don't want to over do it on accident. (Not being anti-meds, I just am really personally weird about them when it comes to taking them myself. The "possible side-effects" list freaks me out, so I tend to weigh those heavily against the perceived benefits. If I didn't have to sleep enough to be functional for work, I'd just swish whiskey in my mouth and wait it out.)

So I am a sad, pitiful shell of a Faerii. :(

Anyway, last night while waiting for pain to stop I finished Crucible of Gold, the latest Temeraire novel by Naomi Novik. (clutches it) It was excellent. I do have some complaints about how she didn't weave in some plot points quite well enough; there's a couple of things that we really should have been reminded of periodically that kept falling off the radar, so when they finally became important I'd thought the situation was long past. Then there's the whole back and forth and back and forth on Laurence's status. The man is a sea-saw. But the angst has fallen off dramatically, the story was fun, and it looks like she's starting to tie in stuff from the previous novels to wrap it all up in a few books. (I remember somewhere that she has a set plan? So yeah.) Roland is starting to come into her own, and the relationship between her and Demane is starting to get complicated in that glorious way teenagers have of simultaneously over- and under-thinking things. And we get a bit of a fandom goodie when (highlight for spoilers) Granby comes out as gay! Half of my ship has been assembled, woohoo!

Good book, can't wait for the next one. Now, on to the next in the To Read pile!

Or writing. I could write. I think. :\ I have one I need to have done before next week

Aaaaaaargh. I need a puppy pile right now. :( And also more alcohol than is advisable on a work night. Boo.
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So I post here a day late and a dollar short lately. Blame work's new filtering system. (They've blocked off their own Facebook page. I've taken the liberty of pointing this out, but either no one has the authority to fix it or no one knows how.) Highlights of RL, for anyone keeping score:
  • Father attempted Emotional Blackmail to get me to move to Arkansas. I shut him down. We may or may not be talking again, IDK.
  • Mary's health, mental and physical, is Not Good. Not sure what's going on there specifically, but her last stroke had some personality-changing affects. :\
  • In similar vein, Mary is refusing to ditch Richard again. This means she and Papa may be stuck in Chicago forever. :| Fuck.
  • Dogs ate one of the cockatiels. All I found was a pile of slightly bloody feathers. Fortunately, I wasn't very attached, but a Replacement Goldfish is in order. Papa probably won't notice?
  • New phone does well. Battery life is still an issue, but I'm working on that. It hasn't died on me yet at least.
  • Non-eaten pets also do well, though I'm still working on training and getting Georgie off to his new home.

Otherwise, I am reveling in being fic free for the moment. Sure, I have a bunch of stuff in need of editing, pretty soon I'll be started on Echo Bazaar again, and my fingers are already itching for words my brain is too fried to come up with. But for the moment, nothing is due. Wallow wallow wallow.

I'm really happy with how my RBB came out. My artist was amazing and [personal profile] valtyr twisted my arm until it wasn't horrible. The size was painful and the world building tough, but I'm really, really happy with it. (And someone commented on the matriarchy. Eeeee! I wasn't sure how well that came through!) I think I learned a lot about plausibility and getting different character arcs to intersect outside the story, which is something I never really considered before. The stuff I planned out for the Marias, the war, the dragons, Wanda and historic backstory that were only hinted or were dropped completely at could fill books. I keep telling everyone that this is like book two in a trilogy. Maybe some day I'll write the Maria Prior's story. Not sure if I'll write about what comes after though; it's sort of a generational thing, and that would drop square into OC/original territory for the main character.

Now! Freshly stolen from [personal profile] derryderrydown... a meme! My top ten stories on AO3, by hit count. Worth noting, I did a lot of catch-up posting in batches, so sometimes dates are weird.
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Apr. 13th, 2012 09:14 pm
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And I also had a fandom birthday that I completely forgot to post about, other than to write a story featuring Steve at his sluttiest. (In Steve's honor, I will be painting my nails slut red this weekend.)

I finally got around to upgrading my phone. JARVIS was a Droid first gen, my first ever smartphone and passing two years old. He still worked, but was starting to have odd little glitches, so it was time to get a new one before "minor annoyance" became "cell phone emergency". Now I'm on a Droid 4 (finally). My first attempt at getting a Droid 4 resulted in a DOA. :| I have to ship the corpse back now, ick.

My first cell phone was an EnV. Not a smartphone, but handy when I needed it; I'm considering this the Mark I. The second was JARVIS, which is technically Mark II. I'm thinking this one will either be Mark II, Mark III, War Machine or Rescue. The trick is that JARVIS might end up donated to a good cause, which would turn him (as the Mark II) in to War Machine. On the other hand, the new droid is larger, heavier, and has a lot more unnecessary accessories than Jarvis did, but is otherwise the same phone. So War Machine would suit it. Rescue I can't justify in the naming system other than my love for Pepper. Which, I should mention, is a really good justification.


In other news, I've finished the RBB. I hate naming. Hates. But otherwise, it's done and will be posted some time tomorrow, pending artist contact with the art links. (I've seen the art, y'all, and man are you going to love it. It's amazing.) I had a lot of fun with this one, I just wish I had time to explore the before/after on it.

And now that that's done, back to Echo Bazaar Fallen London, Girl!Steve (which I really need to plan two/three fics ahead for at this point) and Vampire Tony. Editing. So much editing. And also Monster Fic of Monsters. (dies)
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This is an open planning post for anyone interested in meeting up to see the Avengers in Orlando this May 3rd. If you've mentioned that you're coming and I don't know when/where/how ([personal profile] derryderrydown?) tag me here so we can make sure everything flows for you!

Current Attendees
[personal profile] tsukinofaerii
[personal profile] gigglingkat
[profile] waterofothemoon

Theater Info: Alamonte 18 in Orlando FL.
Date and Time: 11:30AM, 3 May 2012
Price: $40 USD.
Movies: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor in 3D, Captain America in 3D, The Avengers in 3D.

Some of us will be hanging around in Orlando for a few days after, so there may be chances to do other things. Myself, [personal profile] gigglingkat and [profile] waterofothemoon will be staying at the Motel 6 on American Way (Kirkman Road).

If you're interested in meeting up with us, drop a line!
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It took me 20k to turn this fic into a shameless excuse for porn. According to my plan, by this scene they were supposed to be wrapping up the plot. Instead, they're just getting started.

:| Not amusing, self. Not amusing at all.

This is mostly just whining about how I'm incapable of planning my fics out in any way that resembles the outcome. I really do like the story I'm writing*, my artist is fantastic, and I'm not yet crunched for time. World-building on this level makes me yank my hair out in frustration (the number of times I've gone back and removed something because it exposed a world-building-based twist too soon is astounding; I lose about 200 words a day to that), but it's fun and keeps me thinking. And guessing. OMG the guessing. I can only be grateful that the house is empty because I'm pretty sure that nearly-30 or not the cries of "FUCK YOU TONY STARK, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AFTER NOT BEFORE" and "GDI STEVE WHEN DID YOU BECOME MR. INFO DUMP?!" would get my mouth washed out.

With luck, I will have this finished by the time I go back to work. Without luck, it'll keep expanding into some formless blob that would be fic one day. Just in case, I have a sweatband ready.

Maybe I should just cram less into my fics? If I didn't have so many A-plots, they wouldn't need to be so big!

.... LOL, no.

*At the moment. This will almost definitely change once we get past the current scene and I have to come up with WTF happens between now and the plot point that suddenly got shifted back 10k or so. I blame Tony.
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(buffs shiny new icon ficbypen@tumblr made for her)

So, next week I have Spring Break. ._. I'm torn between \o/ SLEEP and /o\ DO ALL THE THINGS?

I've been writing up a storm on my Reverse Big Bang. Not NaNoWriMo levels of coffee-fueled frenzy, but I've set myself a daily 2k minimum to force myself to keep on rolling. Here's hoping it'll work. World-building. Humbug! (Which is to say, Tony is arguing with me and the plot is suspiciously valid at this point and refuses to degenerate into an excuse for porn. I blame the Victorian Pastiche. Writing like a normal person again is hard.) In order to accommodate RBB, I've had to temporarily set the Most Earnest Report to hiatus. Don't worry, I'm finishing it! Just when I don't have a deadline to beat.

Also, I finally finished a set of mitts I started back in December. (snuggles them) They're cheap polyester yarn, but they were a good learning tool for thumbs and color changes. Now, to do a pair that aren't ugly as the back end of a pug.
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From [personal profile] gigglingkat. Because reasons.

1. Put Your iTunes/Windows Media Player/ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.
6. Tag 5 friends (be sure to comment in their LJ to let them know you tagged them!)
Winamp don't fail me now! )
And this is what happens when you use the word "Clown" in reference to sex...
Don't click this )
And this is the kind of conversations we have. You're welcome.
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... you realize that you have to choose between a well-written scene and historical accuracy a.k.a. every bad porn trope ever. (Definitely NSFW, warnings for everything from Noncon and Incest to Pumpkin fucking and I think I skimmed past some watersports. Fandom clearly takes cues from the Victorians.)

Needless to say, I think historical accuracy is going to need a short vacation. Prickle! Prick I can manage, but prickle is a step below "whazzit" and "hoo-ha", something I previously never thought possible. There's a limit to my dedication to accuracy, and it stops right at using words like "aperture" when describing a sex act. This is worse than Hallways. So much worse. Though I'm happy to say that apparently Tony's letter wasn't that over-the-top after all, though making Steve and Bucky brothers is, apparently, much less a barrier than I supposed.

omfg staircases now. Someone remind me why I thought this was a good idea?


Feb. 12th, 2012 12:28 pm
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So I meant to be productive today. Then I woke up and the house was freezing and the heaters are doing a bang-up job of nothing. (huddles) Well, okay, hyperbole aside, the heaters are keeping the edge off, but a couple of space heaters aren't really good in a place with poor insulation. It's 43 degrees. You can't expect me to function when it's that cold!

... Stop laughing at meeeee. It's cold for me, okay?

So instead I'm going to curl up under a blanket and write more ridiculous Victorian-esque adventures wherein everyone has pretty much slept with everyone and Steve is kind to rats, cats and urchins, in no particular order. I've too many plot lines to juggle. (sigh) The Steve/Tony plot is a big one, obviously, but things are never simple in the Neath. :\ Honestly, I'm not sure I'll be able to do the complexities of it justice. There's a certain looseness of the game that's d--ned hard to replicate in prose, simply because a narrative must have a logical progression (except when it doesn't) and a game doesn't much care if you're working with the constables to arrest smugglers one second and then being a smuggler the next, or being Intimate with Devils while having Firm Convictions regarding souls and actually working to recover them.

Also, Steve is inconveniently moral. :| If he were anyone else, he'd have been killed so many times he'd make Tomb Colonists wince.

After writing, maybe make I'll cupcakes for Valentines day. I want to try making Red Velvet from scratch, except it's going to be rainbow velvet because I'm developing a dislike for normal colored cakes. Blue makes them taste better, I swear!


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