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Still here!

Quick update on life while my visiting mother showers.

House situation remains the same. Some day, family will return and I will be free. Fuck knows when that will be.

Richard is back in jail. State wants to keep him for five years, which (with his health) is essentially a life sentence. Currently, the other house is habitated by his boyfriend, his boyfriend's family, one of my cousins and her friend. Considering the people, blockading of the doors continues.

My position at work has been upgraded to staff! This means it shall have full benefits and possibly a raise in pay. The downside is that I have to apply and interview for it. Nothing is guaranteed, which is annoying, but it's a pretty good chance I'll get it.

In the meantime, I'm cut back to 25 hours a week. :| Unamused.

Mother is currently visiting (as mentioned above), and her existence has done terrible things to my writing/editing/etc schedule. She leaves out on Tuesday. I'll miss her, but it'll be nice having the place to myself again. I can't write when she's here. @@ I try, and fail. So I'm looking forward to getting back to work.

Next fic up for editing is girl!Steve2, followed up by vamp!Tony and then onward with the Fallen London AU, woven in and out with Teen Wolf fics. Writing is slowing significantly due to non-fandom writing obligations. (One day, I shall write about that, but today is not that day.)

And now my mom's back and I'm off! Stay safe out there! ♥
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You are going to ROCK that interview! Remember to tell them all the stuff that you've been doing in addition to what the job requires as the minimum -- home team advantage can really work in the favor of someone who has put in massive amounts of extra effort. *waves pom poms*